run in the snow

Yellow: One of the most terrifying things I’ve ever had to do was the opening shot of my fight with Lance.

Yellow: They wanted to get this feeling of something being behind Yellow, and something in pursuit of Yellow.

Yellow: So they decided the only way to achieve that effect was to chase me on a quad bike through the snow.

Yellow: And they had a guy running alongside saying: “The only reason I’m here is if you fall over, I’ll get the quad bike to stop.”

Yellow: I mean, thanks very much, I don’t know what they’re paying you but it’s not enough.

Super excited to be able to post the cover art for my upcoming novel Run In The Blood! Natasha Snow did an amazing job capturing the wintery isolated vibe of the book’s capital city, Ghara. 

The book will be released by @ninestarpress on December 25th, and should go up for pre-order next week. (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as it does!)

Inside this cover, you will find:

- Magic and mayhem in a non-Western fantasy setting

- An interracial Bi/Pan WLW romance

- #Ownvoices queer and questioning rep 

- Corsairs! Nagas! Spearguns! Found Families!

Hope you’ll give it a shot :D

A comprehensive list of Steve Harrington defending and protecting people in Season 2. 

Scroll to avoid spoilers. 

  • Goes to those sad monthly diners with Bab’s parents
  • Tries to keep the mood light and happy to help Nance
  • He just wanted Nancy to stop drinking and get home safe
  • Drives to Dustin’s house to deal with the monster dog. 
  • Walks into the basement because Dustin is scared. 
  • Dating, emotional and fashion advice all in one
  • Heavy work to bunker up the bus
  • Turns himself into bait for the monsters
  • Stands in front of Max when a monster is climbing down into the bus
  • Makes sure everyone gets into Hopper’s car before getting in
  • Stands in front of the kids with his bat when the house is attacked
  • Volunteers to babysit
  • Just wants the kids to stay home and be safe
  • Fights Billy (and does damn well until that little shit cheats)
  • Gets his ass beaten protecting the kids from a bully
  • Goes into the tunnels with them
  • Leads said adventure to make sure they’re not attacked by anything
  • Goes back for Dustin after the plan spits on him
  • And for Mike when he gets stuck
  • Shouts “get behind me” like a million times
  • Blazes the vines while the kids stand at a safe distance
  • Helps everyone out of the tunnel knowing damn well he’ll be last
  • Hugs Dustin as the monsters run by (even lifts him off the ground)
  • Pre Snow Ball Pep Talk!!!

TL;DR: steve put himself on the line of danger more times than I can count even though he’s not even directly linked to this simply because he was trying to keep a bunch of kids safe and could’ve easily died and my heart hurts


STARK WEEK: Day V - One Quote
Jon messed up her hair. “I will miss you, little sister.” Suddenly she looked like she was going to cry. “I wish you were coming with us.” “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Who knows?” He was feeling better now.