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I like to think if Kiragi transforms for the first time he'll be all super excited and be running around in circles like a puppy, while Takumi is panicked because oh my god my son is a dragon and this is before Corrin and Kana saw this.

Kiragi would NOT stop running around and testing his abilities! Trying to fly with his wings and breathing black fire and Takumi’s just there freaking out and he doesnt know what to do at all? where’s corrin when you need her?? get the poor child a dragonstone?? and YES HE’D BE LIKE A PUPPY?? running around like LOOK AT ME PAPA IM A DRAGON!!! he’d be non stop dashing around, laughing!! an absolute cutie and a dork at the same time. Corrin would just laugh and be absolutely in love with her son because he takes after her!! 

Still listening to this and the social reciprocity behaviors tried in one of the studies that showed improved interaction with autistic children (basically when you imitate how the kid plays and go along with what they want to do) is what I already did with my younger autistic cousins and my family is always mystified like “your cousin likes you so much I think you’re their favorite person in the world no one connects with them like you do” and its just like … we play the games they want to play and I … pay attention to what they want to do.

Sometimes that means watching my cousin play minecraft, sometimes that means letting my other cousin drive me around on a golfcart on a tour of the farm, sometimes that means running in a circle or playing tag and then watching Taylor Swift music videos for four hours and doing a Let It Go sing along.

Very few people did that for me when I was a kid and the people who did were the People I Instantly Attached Myself To.  My bus driver listened to me rant about Lord of the Rings for Four Years and treated me like I was worth listening to, and I still remember her name, life details, and most of the bus route she drove.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, but its good to see it validated.

Though some of the descriptions of ‘therapy’ (that the writer rightly drags) are pretty, uh.  Scary.

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Come up to meet you,tell you I'm sorry,you don't know how lovely you are,I had to find you,tell you I need you,tell you I set you apart,tell me your secrets,and ask me your questions,oh let's go back to the start,running in circles,coming up tails,heads on a science apart,nobody said it was easy,It's such a shame for us to part,nobody said it was easy,no one ever said it would be this hard (adoro questa canzone!) -L

Scientist - Coldplay

Anche a me piace moltissimo come canzone… però è triste, nel senso… la ascolto sempre se sono triste, quindi è un po’ che non la ascolto ahahah

Mi fa pensare ad un amore distrutto… a due persone che hanno provato ad amarsi, ma a causa di molte cose hanno finito per complicare tutto.

Pregiudizi, malintesi, incomprensioni… a volte anche le piccole cose contano per mandare tutto a monte.

e a volte si… tornerei volentieri al principio anche io.

I’ve seen posts about the paladins making up their own memes while in space, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in regards to them referencing Earth memes and confusing the shit out of poor Allura and Coran. 


*everyone hears about Hunk’s cooking at the space mall* *proceed to throw Gordon Ramsey jokes everywhere*

Pidge, running in circles: “WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE???”

Keith, holding Lance’s face between two pieces of bread: “What are you?”

Lance: “An idiot sandwich”

Shiro, squinting at a plate of food goo: “This goo is so green, it could be coming out of your nose.”

Allura and Coran: ??????


Lance, to Keith after an argument: “Catch me outside, how bou dat???”

Allura: “We’re in space please do not exit the castle????”


*Lance slips and falls on something*

Pidge: “I can’t believe Lance is fucking dead.”

Coran, befuddled: “He’s perfectly fine all of his suits functions show-”


*loses Keith in a crowd* *Lance climbs onto a chair*



Lance: “There he is”

Allura, to Hunk: “Do humans often scream self deprecating sentences over crowds of strangers?”


Allura, in the middle of a fight: “WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP”

*cue paladins singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley*

Allura: “We are in BATTLE”


Coran, discussing infiltration plans for Galra base: “And then Shiro and Keith will enter in through the main doors.”

Shiro: “One does not simply walk into a Galra base.”

Coran: “That’s…that’s what I just said. Were you not listening?”

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Make a hot chocolate, spend the day in your underwear. Most things can wait.

Taurus: No, screaming and running around in circles isnt terribly effective at solving problems but its cathartic dammit and thats the point.

Gemini: Did you know you can pretty much dance wherever you want? Most people are too uncomfortable to ask you to stop. Dance away you mad thing, dance.

Cancer: You cant unbreak an egg. You can try. But you will have a horrific creation of super glue and scotch tape and nobody wants that.

Leo: If you’re making curry, make sure to chop the veggies really fine grate them if you can, and let the curry reduce 50% longer than you think it needs too.

Virgo: If you ever cant relax, sit your ass down and find yourself a fuckin coloring book. 

Libra: There is time enough for that. There is time enough for rest too.

Scorpio: With good timing, curses can be reflected with baseball bats.

Ophiuchus: Everything has a darker nature.

Sagittarius: What most people call mistakes, great artists call style. You are your imperfections.

Capricorn: After enough time, one knows exactly how much cereal to pour into a particular bowl. Zen.

Aquarius: The twirling of the room is no danger to you. It means its time to sleep.

Pisces: Your heart should always have a couch for others to crash on. 

so i’m sitting at a restaurant with my grandma and my friend smokey, and this racist shitlord from one table over starts making a scene. he points at my friend (who’s black btw) and starts asking when they started letting dirty pigs eat here, so on and so forth. the guy’s like…. really obnoxious about it, even calls a waiter over and ignores what the waiter says just to throw his tantrum

smokey’s uncomfortable and at this point i’m pretty pissed. literally everyone knows this guy’s in the wrong, and even my grandma called him out, but he’s so far up his bigoted ass that he won’t cut it out. while i’d usually ignore people like that, he wouldn’t let up, and even threw a drinking glass at smokey

now i know it’s not appropriate but i’ve got a short temper and i hate people being dicks to my friends, so i start a bit of a fight. and really, this guy’s a piece of cake. i’m running circles around him in the literal and metaphorical sense, and could probably pummel him into the dirt even without a weapon, but since my granny’s here i didn’t want to get ahead of myself. i just played with him a bit, did some clever maneuvering, and then had him wreck his hand on the hat rack behind me, and that ugly racist starts screaming before running off with his tail between his legs

and then the whole restaurant clapped

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Any chance we can get some Anabasis or DAV in celebration of Triduum/Holy Week?

Late reply is super late, but better than never I hope.

I’m working on the next DAV fic which would actually be a perfect fit for the Passover / Easter season, with its focus on themes of liberation, but it is, alas, not finished yet.

So in lieu of that (and by way of apology for being gone so long), here’s a snippet of Anabasis.

This one is pretty spoilery, tbh. But Holy Week for me is all about liberation and new life, and this part of the story is definitely that. So when I finally publish the whole of Anabasis, you all can pretend to be surprised…

[In which Anakin finds Palpatine’s collection of Sith holocrons…]


The place was dim and musty, and it clanged with the distant echoes of crumbling old machinery. Padmé’s hand drifted uneasily and came to rest on the blaster at her hip. Just in case.

The door Dinsa had stopped before was the seventeenth in a line of identical doors, each unmarked and wholly unremarkable, the sort that might be found in any number of abandoned factories or warehouses in the Works.

But Padmé didn’t fail to notice the way Dinsa stood well back from the door, or the way she and Sabé watched Anakin closely, alert and ready for any sudden directive. Anakin himself was focused intently, seemingly unaware of anyone else around him. Padmé shifted from foot to foot, watching him stand perfectly still, watching the light of memory burn in his eyes.

“Anakin?” she whispered, hesitating only a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder. Warmth bled through his clothing and into her skin.

He blinked slowly, just once, then turned from the door to face her. His mouth curled, far too vicious to be called a smile.

“This is the place,” he said. “I can feel it.”

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“They were rescued from certain death back when they were very young, and I raised them as my own spiritual children. I don’t even call them rats. They are my daughters—Her Royal Highness, Princess Herpes the First and Her Royal Highness, Princess Herpes the Third.
I wanted to find out if they are just biological robots—simple creatures without any souls, as some people say—or if there is a meaning to their life.
I built them an entire paradise so that they could run around and explore. In the process of watching them grow, I realized the immense complexity of these simple creatures. Each of them have different personalities. Their dominance changes with time. One of them has anxiety and she eats to compensate. The other one is an explorer and tends to get depressed if she doesn’t get intellectual stimulation. When I make even small changes to their paradise, she just blooms. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. These attributes started to make me see them as almost human-like.
In a recent research paper, I read that you can actually tickle a rat and it will make laughter noises. They laugh at a higher sound frequency. I bought an ultrasound detector so I could hear them laugh. After I tickled them, they would run around in a circle, doing this special little hop of joy. It surprised me so much because people’s vision of a rat is of a dirty, vicious, ugly animal. And here is a social creature that needs other rats to be happy, that looks for maybe a little bit of love from me and can really react to getting tickled.
As I played with them, I thought, ‘Maybe the human journey is the same as the journey of the rat, the same as the journey of an insect. Just because I have a bigger brain and consciousness doesn’t mean that my journey is completely different from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are just getting there in different ways. Maybe every creature, no matter how small or simple, has a destiny and a meaning that should be respected.”

Lexington, MA

I’m not the person I used to be.

But, I still remember “that person.”

Like the back of my hand; I remember every single detail.

I remember the nights screaming and crying at the moon.

Trying to find a safe place when I was running in circles around it. I think parts of me ran around it, instead of going in it, on purpose.

I was scared of feeling safe and secure.

I was scared of letting myself be happy.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #21 // @loveactivist

Just Another Bucky Smut

Summary: Just a Bucky x Reader smut. There really isn’t much of a story, it’s mostly smut.

Warnings: Dom!(ish)andJealous!Bucky, smut

A/N: My brother walked in and saw me writing this and just sighed so I hope you enjoy the second hand embarrassment that comes with my life.

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