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The thing is about mental illness is that for some symptoms, objectively, we can control them and stop them. But it’s not that simple. Objectively some with depression could get out of bed, some with anxiety could make that phone call, some with bpd could not lash out etc. Some have the physical ability to, so could. But it’s not that simple. Imagine you’re running a marathon and you’re EXHAUSTED. You’ve run miles and need to stop and take a break to breathe and rest. Objectively, if you’re not injured, you COULD keep running. But you don’t. Because it’s exhausting. Maybe now and again you can run that bit further, but if you did it every time you’d have no energy, and it’d hurt. There would be a lot of negative effects. That’s what it’s like for a lot of people and symptoms of their mental illness.


My mother is a die-hard conservative Republican. When I told her I had registered to vote, she rolled her eyes at me. When I asked why, she told me that “the worst thing for America is young, stupid liberals voting.” Liberals in the U.S. outnumber conservatives. The only reason Republicans win is because more of them vote. If you want us to win this upcoming election, get to the polls and vote, especially if you’re voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Hillary has a lot more money and name recognition than Bernie does, so the primaries will be very important. Even if Bernie doesn’t win the primaries, Hillary being president will be a lot better than Donald Trump or Jeb Bush running this country further into the ground. Abstaining from voting in the general election because you don’t like Hillary will give the Republicans a victory on a silver platter and that is the worst thing that could happen right now.

Ellie’s tattoo and speculation megapost

Moth; The seeker of light in the dark. Determined to find their way to what guides them, even though the darkest of times. Also, quite mesmerised by said light, maybe overly focused on (or blinded by) the light. Often connected to spiritual guides, guidance and fighting for something important for you.

Ferns however, I do not know for certain. Some connect it to rain, protection, shelter (as the leaves often protect animals from downpour). Ferns are also considered wilder than other plants and flowers. It’s like a walk on the wild side. But at the same time, and let me quote “Finally, ferns are very often used in contemporary floral arrangements to amplify the faith in the magic of love. After all, love and light are all that are needed for humans to heal”. Then again, I’m having issues with seeing what kind of leaves these are. So thus, not certain.

I am making a wild hypothesis that the moth is the seeker of light, love and healing, and it’s looking for leaves as protection.

Ellie has lost her mother before she even knew her, Riley whom she loved and cared about, Sam and Henry whom she bonded with and got saved by, Marlene who took care of her as a child and was a mother figure, Tess who believed in her and protected her with her life as well.

And Joel

Joel, she hasn’t lost in the first game. But he is the only currently living person that she has a strong, nearly unconditional bond with. Joel is her father-figure and guide as well as friend. He’s seen in the trailer, yes, but as many speculate – and in connection to the tattoo, rightfully so – he may be dead. We can’t know this for certain, either. It may very well be that the remaining Fireflies kill Joel and maybe raid Tommy’s place as a revenge for what happened at the end of part I.

What we do know is that Ellie will be on a warpath of sort in this part of the story. She’ll be driven by hatred and revenge, kill mercilessly until the last of those who wronged her and the people she loved are gone. Whether these people are remaining Fireflies or a completely new faction remains to be seen.

In retrospect, the tattoo could be a connection to what has already happened in the first game and DLC, but very well something that could have happened in the 5 years between the games or the start of part II. Ellie will be walking on the wild side – or literally in the wilderness, which the world has by now become – and try to get revenge for loss that hurt her so deeply that she has tipped to the merciless, dark side of herself that we see in the trailer.

Whether it’s loss we already know about, or the loss of a guardian and friend that is Joel, is as said unknown. She will hurt, she will kill, she will not be who she would’ve been had she grown up without losing people on every step of the way. But she will be determined to fight and determined to find the light in life, the shelter she had or wishes for.

The motto of the Fireflies was “When you’re lost in the dark, look for the light”. But she’s never been one of them. She’s someone else entirely, and so is Joel.

This brainstorm needs to mention one last thing. The connection many – including myself in a widely shared post – noticed, which is how Naughty Dog plans ahead.

I know the window with the ivy leaves that is seen in the main menu of part I isn’t exactly the same as the one seen in the trailer, but think for a second. They both have white, slightly worn and torn curtains, ivy leaves climbing in and some mentioned that in the background of the main menu of part I, one could hear water, possibly from a dam.

Now, I will jump to conclusions here but what if the place we see Ellie in, is her returning to Tommy’s dam at one point. There are killed men likely from the enemy faction, at least from Ellie’s point of view. There is the window where she, after completing part I, puts her switchblade on.

What if the place, the room with the bed and guitar that we see Ellie in the trailer, is a room of the place she and Joel used to stay in? What if she returns there and kills the men who killed Joel (or if not, hurt her in some other way because she returned and hunted them all down). She picks up the guitar, plays like Joel taught her, keeping his promise to her.

The Joel we see in the trailer can be alive, and will act as a guide throughout this part of the story, but if he is dead, his role will stay the same – although, he will just be a memory to her, a painful fresh wound that bleeds and makes her react the way she does. Either way, he may very well be the reason for the moth.

Ultimately though, these are all speculations. I know the promo pictures and posters for part I depicted both Joel and Ellie, but the so-far shown concept art and posters for this part only show Ellie. Even the 1-1.5 year old concept art of her sitting and strumming on the guitar, jeans torn, shirt and tee on and soldiers in the background may be a hint. We know they hinted at her tattoo on Outbreak Day, why wouldn’t the rest be just as telling?

Just leaving my two cents for today. More is certain to come when my brain cells come to life.


So, Scooby just finished stuffing a bulldog’s head into a bucket.

‘Cause the Scooby does as the Scooby wants.

He walks out of the doorway, and… huh, funny, that’s an awfully-weird mark on the wall. 

Doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the walls in this spooky mansion, but hey, I won’t nitpick.

We cut to the other side, where the bucket dog is- oh, hey, the mark is there, too? Exactly the same? With identical wall color and pattern? What are the odds!

Bucket dog runs even further down the hallway, and slams into Shaggy…

…and who woulda guessed, there mark is there as well!

I think we all learned an important lesson here today, kids: if you’re going to just keep using the same wall for every shot, don’t get bored and doodle weird, distinctive shapes on it.

Or else some bugger on the internet will call you out on it 45 years later.

Why Keith and Lance belong in Gryffindor

a.k.a. “watch Kayser spend three hours on an AU theory post that will never be relevant to canon and then resume to regret their life.”

So, let’s do this.

While there’s been a fair amount of discussion regarding the House placement of all of the Paladins, Keith and Lance have certainly been the most debated. They are both very complex characters and I figured that without a huge fucking theory post, no one could ever come to a conclusion on this. And that’s why I’m here, because if there’s anything I do best it’s spending hours compiling evidence for something that won’t matter in the long run.

Without further ado, let’s start with the Sorting Hat and its process of determining the house that students belong to.

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I know there has been quite a lot of controversy regarding the latest Marvel blockbuster, Doctor Strange due to the casting choice of the Ancient One being a white woman. But I am offering you to stop thinking about the controversies and just listen to me for a second–this movie hit really close to home. At least, for me.

I have Peripheral Neuropathy. The specific type of peripheral neuropathy is still unknown until I run further tests, but all I know is that this illness has affected my life in many ways that I have never thought possible. I was a skilled guitarist, and a fervent artist who specialized in digital art. I was always in a creative, ongoing flame that never seemed to burn out. That was, until one day, my autoimmune thyroid–I didn’t know I had that at the time– created hyperthyroidism in me. From a struggle with lupus (that I don’t have anymore, thank God) to a struggle with loosing my hair and rapidly loosing weight, my life was turned upside down out of nowhere. After controlling my wacky thyroid, I ended up with sharp, debilitating and excruciating pains all over my hands and feet. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think straight, and I had to be taken to various doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. Thousands of dollars later in medical analysis, it was found that I had Peripheral Neuropathy. This was about three years ago.

And now, seeing a superhero on the big screen who was skilled in what he did, and be affected by nerve damage to the point of not being able to do what he loved and was pushed to the limit to find a new purpose in life… really, really hit close to home for me. I had never felt so connected, so understood in a movie. I went through what Strange did. I, too, was furious at life for taking away from me what I loved most. I couldn’t play guitar anymore, and I couldn’t draw like I used to. I used to take my skills and talents for granted, even if I worked hard to achieve them; and, when I saw Stephen Strange go through the same process I went through in regard of his development as a character, I was touched. I was angry, I was depressed, I was desperate and I wanted to try and grasp the only thing that made me, well… me. I didn’t want to let go of my talents, just like Stephen didn’t want to let go of his amazing neurosurgeon skills and the level he had worked so hard to get to. 

He was angry at life and even lashed out onto others, isolating himself… until he found the strength to change. A new purpose. He didn’t need his hands to feel fulfilled or successful. He had to let go to be able to have. And, in that sense, the movie really spoke to me. I had to let go, for at least two years, the things I loved and find myself in the midst of this chaos that had dawned upon me. Who was I, outside of music and art? Who was I, outside of the things I had dedicated my life to? And, for a moment, I was lost. Until I learned that life goes on beyond any illness, or beyond any limitation. You are your own limit. I grew in strength and in character, after so much turmoil and despair, thanks to God of course… but I found myself. And it wasn’t easy… but I love how well they represented the turmoils of not being able to do what you love anymore thanks to an illness or a disability that just comes unto you without asking for it. I was so happy to see that, finally, in a movie, someone represented people with nerve damage and that they were able to move on and find a new purpose. Because it is exactly what happened to me, and what happens to thousands of people who deal with this illness daily like I have to. 

Would I change this part of who I am? Like Stephen, he had the option to change who he was and maybe heal his hands… he could just heal himself through his magic. But he decided to stay like that… because it was a reminder for himself. That, to be able to find yourself, you have to let go. He would never forget how much he gained just by losing. And, that, in a sense, spoke to me. I would LOVE to be healed, because this illness is debilitating. It fills me with despair and depression. I am in an almost constant state of pain. But… would I change that? Of course. But… in the end, if I can’t, that’s also okay. Because it has become a part of who I am. I am stronger than Neuropathy, just as Stephen became stronger than his nerve damage.

Just a couple of thoughts out there, from the point of view of someone who has nerve damage, not only in her hands, but on her entire arms and legs, and the pain is spreading across all of my body. Sometimes we focus too much on what the movie didn’t do, that we forget about what the movie did.

When It Mattered

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x fem!Reader Warnings: kind of angsty, okay, not kind of, this is just angst for ya Author’s Note: I was listening to The Shortchange by Thomston on repeat while writing this, cuz Thomston is perfect, anyway, I hope you enjoy and I definitely accept requests ********************************************* A hard sigh leaves your lips. You have been waiting on Peter for the past three hours at the food court in the mall. This is the final straw for you. The first date, you could understand, but the two of you have been together for a year. It’s like the farther you reach, the further Peter runs away. Not anymore. All of those times your mom told you that settling wasn’t what pretty girls like you do, and here you are, settling for forgotten dates and someone who runs away from you when things get a little too serious, all of what? Because he’s cute and puts a tingly feeling in your tummy that you could never quite shake? No. Not anymore. Snatching up your purse and throwing out your sore feelings, you go back to the school. Your peers greet you as you make your way through the mansion to Peter’s room. Knocking softly, your heart threatens to whimper when Peter opens the door, his face dropping when he realizes that he forgot. Again. Too bad though. You threaten your heart right back, you are not afraid to part with it. “Y/N, I’m sorry, I was -” With a small smile, you shake your head and wave off his concern, “It’s fine Peter, no worries. I didn’t come here to scold or punish you, I actually just wanted to tell you that I can’t really do this anymore. Yeah.” You turn around and start to walk away, but before you can get anywhere, Peter is in front of you, blocking your way, “Wait, what? What do you mean you can’t do this anymore? Do you mean us, because that - that sounds a lot like a punishment to me.” His words, the way his eyes are trying hard to stay glued to your face, the way his voice breaks while he’s talking, it almost makes you want to kiss him and tell him it was all a big joke, duh. Almost. And everybody knows that almost does not count. “Yes, I mean us. Don’t get me wrong. Peter, you’re cute, funny, and you can be the sweetest guy on the planet, but whenever you aren’t being the sweetest guy on the planet, you’re standing me up, or getting into trouble, or running off when I’m trying to have serious talks with you, talks that probably could have prevented this. I understand Peter - I really do - that you’re a busy body and lots of times, things skip your mind, and that you prefer to be laughing or joking around that talking about something serious, but a relationship is about give and take, and all that really happens in our relationship is you taking, all of the time. It’s exhausting and it hurts and I don’t deserve it.” By now, you’ve started crying, and Peter’s eyes are sad and his eyebrows are furrowed, “But I’m listening now. I’m staying still now, I’m willing to give.” Shaking your head, you go around his figure, “It’s too late, Peter.” Peter doesn’t block you this time, but he calls after you, “Y/N, please don’t leave me, don’t - but I love you.“

Those three words are enough to stop you cold in your tracks, his first I love you. They make you cry even more, out of both sadness and anger, "Peter Maximoff, take it back, and don’t say it again.” You say to him, spinning on your heel so the two of you are face to face. Peter closes the space between the two of you quickly, “Why? Is it because you think I don’t mean it, because I do Y/N, honest.” Wiping your eyes and sniffling, you shake your head, “Because you didn’t say you loved me when it mattered.” You whisper before walking off.
2017 (a motivational post)

So here it is. Seventeen habits and goals for this new year, things to live by for the next 12 months. We’ll see how it goes.

1. Eat Healthier. I mean, you’ve been working on your distasteful eating habits for years, girl, and it gets better ! So keep up and do your best.

2. Run. Run more, run faster, run longer and further. You like it (well, most of the time) and it helps you to deal with your unmanageables stress levels. Put on these trainers and go running. 

3. Do what you like. You’re going to graduate this year, and you’re still not the down-to-earth, responsible, and pretty dull adult everyone told you you’d become eventually. Maybe you’re just like that. So don’t try to be someone else, stop pretending you actually consider working in a big company and sit behind a computer all day so that you can afford a nice flat and expensive shoes. You don’t even care about decoration and shoes. So be brave, and go for what you are actually passionate about.

4. Learn how to play guitar. Come on, you own two of them and you’re not even able to properly play Wonderwall. So get off your ass, stop fantasizing about being a rockstar and teach yourself a song of two. 

5. Learn a new language. And don’t expect to be bilingual by June. Be consistent and maybe one day you’ll be able to have a conversation with someone in Italian or in Russian. 

6. Knit the Doctor Who scarf. Yeah. It’ll take a while so you might as well start now. 

7. Move abroad. This is the first year of your independent life so DO IT. Don’t be scared. Be the adventurous person you want to be !

8. Be organized. Get yourself a new bullet journal and have som discipline. You’ll be less stressed out all the time, you know it. Consider opening a studyblr, whatever works. You’ve been getting better at this in 2016 so you know you can do this.

9. Chill out. Set your priorities and stick to it, and stop worrying about useless shit. It’s ridiculous. 

10. Travel more. You love it, it makes the best memories, and it makes you spend quality time with your family and friends so explore the world, go on adventures and take lots of pictures !

11. Write. Write articles for the magazines, write articles on your blog, write here on tumblr, write in french and in english, write about the things you love, about music, art, write about your life. Try a bit of journaling everyday, maybe a bit of fiction ? Use that bullet journal of yours that always end up being half empty at the end of the year. 

12. Take care of yourself. Pretty self-explanatory but yeah : pay more attention to your well-being, your feelings are important too so maybe take some time to reflect on your life. Pay attention to your appearance, wear the clothes you want to wear, clean your room, spend some time alone, go for a walk… 

13. Document your life. So this is linked to 10. and 11. but yeah : take pictures, keep movie tickets, write a journal, write a blog, leave a trace. You’ve been wanting to make a travel journal for years so maybe this year is the time to start.

14. Draw. Try to improve your skills, maybe put your art on here ? Or draw in that badass journal / travel diary you’re supposed to start ? Learn to draw buildings, take lessons if you find the money.

15. Tell stories. So maybe this one is the most important of them all : tell stories to the world. Keep on taking notes for that book you want to write. Document your life, your travels. Make videos. Get better at photography. Instead of talking endlessly about stupid things to your friends, focus on telling good stories to the whole world. It can and it will work, I’m sure. 

16. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to create things that are different, that make people look at you like you’re some kind of weirdo. You are some kind of weirdo, darling. 

17. Try new things, meet new people. Don’t be afraid of what people think (you’re too old for that shit anyways), be fearless in what you do, and go out in the world (or on the internet) to meet people who are different or similar to you, interesting humans with interesting stories to tell and a world of their own living inside them. 

You have one year, future me. I’m watching you. 

so when ginny says “trade talk” is the getting in the way of them focusing on the game, what she really means is the sexual tension that is slowly strangling them both to the point where she leaves in the middle of a date that’s going really well to be with him, and then dancing around the issue that he had actual thoughts of moving across the country so they don’t cross a line that’s clearly been so far crossed already they can barely see it anymore.

and then they’ll proceed to list every single thing they love about each other cloaked in facade of “annoying habits” that they pretend to find irritating but really find endearing.

paired with their bodies becoming so close his breath whispers across his face, with a kiss so inevitable they both stand a frozen in the same position for what feels like minutes, silently trying to plead with the other to just go for it, run further across that line, only be broken apart by a phone call.

and had that phone call not happened, they’d have kissed.

and i’d have died.

but sure, yeah, you guys don’t love each other.  you’re just teammates.  right…