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Hi again! Can you update the mating runs tag? Thank You!!!

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The Preserve by claiternaiter (1/? | 1,877 | R)

By International Decree, all newly presented omegas must be sent to the facility where they will be kept safe from the dangers of the outside world. The facility raises and educates the omegas in a safe and comforting environment. Then when they are old enough, their names are entered into the lottery. It’s the dream of every omega at the facility to win the lottery. Winning allows them to leave the facility where they have spent most of their lives and to have a family again-one that will be able to keep them safe on the outside.

But when a new omega is rescued from the outside and brought to the facility, the omegas will learn that nothing is ever as is it seems.

Heat’s Receipt by GSWritings (1/? | 2,332 | NC17)

Long before Stiles ever had his first own one he’d learned that heats were meant for pleasure and joy. Yet there had always been a trace of fear when people talked about strong heats, a carefulness that couldn’t be explained by pleasure. Growing up there was something else he learned about heats, along with rules forged into his memory until he knew them better than his own name: Fear the feral Omega. If there are only the slightest signs, ensure security, call the cops and wait for their arrival. Ferals had been stories from the news until Stiles’ life slowly started to grow into a nightmare. There’s only one chance left for him now, no matter how dangerous. But will he be able to get grumpy alpha epitome Derek Hale to help him? Or is he lost?

Foiled by Gimmie (1/1 | 4,722 | R)

The run is mandatory for omegas, but Stiles isn’t going to let an alpha claim him. He just has to get through four annual runs without being caught, and he’ll be free to be his own omega for the rest of his life.