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Okay yes, hello, fitblrs please.

So I’ve noticed there are tons of fitblrs that are either bots or just selling things or just not personal blogs. So I’m looking for REAL PEOPLE running fitness blogs so if you could pleaseee reblog this and add a short message so I KNOW YOU’RE A REAL PERSON, I would like to follow you 💜💜💜


Sweaty Gif complete! Struggle run!

Today’s our last day visiting Arkansas, and I managed to get in a run or work out every single day that we were here! I’m really happy to have the facility that they have here down in Benton! I used this ancient abacus scale and I think it lies hahaha

We are heading back to the airport in a couple hours, hate leaving my Mammau (grandma) and the rest of the family! It was an excellent visit!

Hope y'all are doing well, having a great weekend!


care package


4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Received this care package that I’ve been waiting for in the mail today, and just what I asked for inside!

15 miles in the park and around Buffalo this evening ahead of the Syracuse Half on Sunday.  Not sure how much time I’ll have to run tomorrow and it’s supposed to be wet, so glad to get in the miles today.  Was a little concerned about no speed work this week and not being rested, but then remembered that the half marathon will be the speed/tempo run of the week, and must remind self that this isn’t the goal race…so run it well, smart, and not be too concerned about time and placing…instead thinking of it as more of a romantic getaway…


I’m loving using runkeeper so far. It’s also nice that everything is an achievement since I just started using it. This was about the same as my longest run though, so it’s decently accurate.

I’m really happy with this. With so much time not really running and being sick, I was a little apprehensive about running 5 miles. I ran one mile, walked a minute and then repeated. The whole thing took about 55:30. I’d love to get my pace under 11 minutes, but I’ve overall pretty happy with it especially with the way I’ve been feeling.

It was also beautiful out which was good for the sole, but I should have worn a hat and goodness do I need running shorts!

Next run on the schedule is a 6k. I also need to do some cross training either tomorrow or Monday depending on how I feel with my test.

Also, had to wear my USA shirt (should have gotten a pic with more of the shirt in it!) in honor of our 6-0 conquering last night 🇺🇸⚽️

Time for a super yummy lunch!

March total: 14.28 miles
2017 total: 61.09 miles


Okay so, about a month ago I posted about running for the first time in a while and how I was able to make it a full half mile before stopping and making a 12 minute mile.

So, tonight, I ran again. And seriously–I’m still not totally sure what happened. But I ran over THREE MILES IN THIRTY MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE. I think it was a combination of being 5 lbs lighter, upping my kickboxing classes, some serious mental shit, and the perfect combo of sports bras. TBH, I hate running because I wear a 34H and it’s not easy to keep these bad boys strapped down without seriously constricting my breathing. But after tonight, I LOVE IT. I feel like I beat running. I feel so fucking proud, I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am right now. Look out for many more running posts. I’m going tomorrow night again, and aiming for five miles. :)

Motivation is broken into two parts: wanting something and believing you can achieve it; you need both to be successful in whatever it is you’re aiming for. Always believe in yourself. Call me crazy, but I think that is more powerful than anything.
—  one of my doctoral supervisors when discussing the importance of helping our clients find their strengths