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okay wait in a universe where Felix & Adrien are brothers
& Adrien is chat noir
& Gabriel is hawkmoth

Adrien is explaining how he discovered their dad was a super villain w a vendetta against him & his girlfriend & Felix goes

“you mean you didn’t know?”

Felix really wished he hadn’t just overheard that, especially not while eavesdropping as an unwanted guest in a vampire’s home.

Ronan turned to him, clearly not coping very well with the events unfolding around them. “Shhhhh…”  Felix raised a finger to his mouth, and while Ronan was trying not to lose his shit, he moved a little too far and a little too fast and a board creaked beneath him.

“What was that?”  A voice hissed from the other room.

All they could do was run.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt. 14

A/N: Yall…..this chapter is wild lmaoo. That’s all I can tell you, plus there’s A LOT of dialogue so sorry, but not sorry. Today marks my second day of school and due to being an AP/honors student I literally already have hmwk and stuff, but I’ll try to get the next chapter out at least by this weekend. As always get this to 100 notes and PLEASE send feedback because I need to know your reactions to this cause y'all funny asf. I hope you love bugs enjoy💕

Also, this takes places a few weeks later since a lot of you get confused with the timing. They’ve already moved into their new apartment and she’s almost eight months pregnant now.

**WARNINGS**: Sooooo much profanity

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Joy, this is so good.” You practically moaned as you stuffed your mouth full of alfredo.

“I’m glad you like it, but slow down, Y/N.” she laughed, placing a kind hand onto your shoulder.

With you being seven and a half months pregnant, Joy and Mali thought it was the perfect time to have a baby shower. The two of them had took the time to cater everything themselves and everyone else pitched in on multiple gifts that would later come in handy. Some of your other friends had also passed by to congratulate both you and Calum as well as leave a gift for you. David had even said he’d help Calum and the boys out in getting the nursery together for your baby girl.

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Something I wanted to share with you guys and gals and nonbinary pals!

Now this is a bit of a long post but pwease read up it’d mean a lot to me! owo
Ok so I’m sure a good bunch of you have heard of Blackgate? The non linear novel with furries and an interesting story?

Yep! So about a week ago I found this novel in the likes of BG called Welcome to Moreytown in the app store and didn’t think it was all that much, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. Now let me tell you I was far from disappointed!! In this game you play as a ursine, feline, or canine character; bisexual, gay or straight.

I am sure you can be transgender or at least something other than male/female as well but I’ve not explored that path yet.
I won’t tell much about the story as I fear I may spoil something for nyall. The game is, yes, paid. But out of 13-ish chapters 5 are free, and very fun. It costs 5$ but the replay value is through the roof, and the lack of pictures took no negative effects on how much I enjoyed it.

Myself and my great friend @the-big-bad-wulf have played it and it’s really good! You can feel free to message me about what path you took in the novel, in case you decided to try it. I’m really curious as to what other furs would do on it! Thank you so much if you read it this far and I hope the novel tickles your fancy if you decide to try it out!!!

Also consider sharing this post! It’d be of great help to the artists that made the game possible and I’d love it if you did!!

Episode 1: The King’s Weakness

“Is that blood?”


“That’s not a question you are supposed to answer with another question.”

“Then, what do you expect me to say? That there’s a red liquid coming out of your bloody head?” You replied sarcastically. 

But little did you know, Pan was genuinely asking.

Fear that what you said was true, he placed his hand on his head. As he pulled it back to the front of his face, his eyes widened at the sight of red goo that now covered his palm. 

Not long after, you saw Pan’s face turned white-wash and his lips turning blue. A sense of worry started to kick in. “Pan, are you alright?”

No reply.

Instinctively, you walked over to his side and tapped on his shoulder. “Pan, can you hear me? Are you alright?”

Pan started to sway for a moment. Knowing well what would happen next, you swiftly stood behind him and caught him just in time before his body could slam the ground. Unable to hold his weight, you slowly sat down and placed his head on your lap. You shook his body, trying to pull him out of his fainting spell.

“Pan! Pan! Wake up!” You heaved a sigh of relief as Pan gradually opened his eyes.

“Why the bloody hell did you push me out of the way?” From your tone of voice, Pan could not determine whether you were scolding him or just merely your way of showing concern.

“Seriously?” Pan spoke faintly. “You are… blaming me… after… I saved you…?”

Watching Pan in terrible pain, a sense of guilt seeped in your heart. If it were not for his actions, you would be the one lying on the ground with an arrow in your heart, literally. Who fire that arrow anyway? You pushed away that thought for a moment as you turned your attention back to the major problem in your hand, literally.

“Can you use your magic to heal yourself?” You suggested after recalling seeing him treating the boys’ injuries time and time again.

Pan tried to reach out for his head, trying to heal himself with his magic as you suggested. However, the pain was draining his energy away. Feeling obligated to help the guy who had saved you from a terrible fate, you quickly came up with an alternative plan to heal Pan.

You reached out for your walkie-talkie that was strapped to your belt and pressed a small button. After allowing the static sound to clear, you spoke into the black rectangular box which has an antenna protruding out of it. “Felix. Felix. Do you copy?”

Moments later, which felt like centuries in emergency like this, a roughed voice was heard from the other end. “Yes, y/n. What’s wrong?”

“There’s been an emergency. Pan is…” Before you could continue, Pan shook his head and looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Understood his facial expression, you nodded.

“Y/n. Y/n. What happened to Pan?”

“Err… Pan and I are backing out from the game.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Where’s Pan? Should I call the boys in?”

“No!” You blurted out. “Don’t. Just continue with the game and act as per normal.”

You looked into Pan’s eyes, telepathically asking him if Felix should be told. Despite no words being exchanged, it was as if you knew what you were going to say to one another. Knowing that Pan has given his consent, you continued. “Once you are done, come to Pan’s treehouse. I’ll tell you more then. Just don’t say anything to boys, aites?”

Felix took a moment to think. “Alright, I trust you. If you need me, please call me out immediately and I’ll come right over. Got it?”

“Yes, Felix.”

With that, you switched off the device and turned your attention back to Pan who was starting to drift away. “Pan.” You gently shook his body. “I need you to stay with me, alright? I’ll fly us back to your treehouse. I think I know how fix that head of yours.” Pan slowly nodded, agreeing with your plan.

“Great. Now, I need you to stand up. Can you do that?”

He nodded again. You placed your hand behind his neck and the other in his hand.

“Good. On the count of three. 1… 2… 3.” On three, you pulled him up, helping him back on his feet.

Pan leaned on you for support, placing almost all his weight on you. You struggled to get a stable position to hold up his weight. In these moments, you could only be grateful for the creation of pixie dust. If there is no way for you to fly, it would be almost impossible for you to bring Pan back to camp alone.

You grabbed a handful of green, sparkling dust from the bottom pocket of your shirt. I believe, you closed your eyes as you affirmed that believe in your heart. With that, you threw the dust over yourself and Pan. The next moment, you found yourself flying towards Pan’s treehouse.

Throughout the journey, there were not much exchange of words between yourself and Pan; just once in a while to make sure that he stays awake; perhaps mostly because of the anxiety that was consuming you by the minute. What’s worse, you were not certain whether your plan is going to succeed. All these while, it was Pan who healed the injured using his magic. Now, it was him who were badly wounded and none of us have the powers to heal him. You could only pray hard that you will succeed.

Halfway through the fly, a sudden realization hits you. 

No… It can’t be… 

But how’s that possible…?

Urgh! Why so many questions today? Oh… I’m so going to kill the person who fired that arrow?

With Pan’s treehouse coming to view, you ignored your worry for a moment and checked on Pan once again who seemed to be awake, but only just. You landed in his balcony and walked Pan over to his bed. Carefully, you laid him down on his bed. You hurriedly walked over to a shelf that stood by the wall across his bed.

“Now… where did you put it?” You rummaged through his stuffs in the shelf, looking for a small glass bottle. You could have sworn you saw it somewhere on the shelf the last time you were there.

“What are you looking for, honey?” He spoke with his little energy left.

“The water from Neverland’s spring. Where did you put it?”

“Wait… How did you kn-?”

“Never mind that. I’ll explain it to you once you are well. Quick. Tell me.”

“It’s in the white box, top row.” He said as he pointed at the top shelf.

Instantaneously, you reached out for a white box with a red cross on it right at the place where Pan mentioned. “Why would you even keep it in a first-aid box? Ah nevermind that.”

You opened the lid and found the glass bottle that you were looking for. Yes! The waters from Neverland’s spring! This should help him. With no time to lose, you placed the box back on the shelf and ran back to Pan.

You lifted Pan’s head anxiously and placed it over your lap, raising his head a tad higher. “Drink up.” You whispered while unscrewing the lid with one hand. You poured the glistening clear liquid into Pan’s mouth. Drinking it all in one gulp, you placed his head back down on the fluffy pillow.

Soon after, you could see Pan’s lips lifted upwards and his dimples faintly showing through his cheek, telling you that the waters did its magic. For the first time in years, never had you felt contented to see the sweet, charming smile on his face. Without realising it, he infected you with his smile as you grinned.

“I never knew you cared so much about me.”

“Huh?” You stared down at Pan, who was looking at you with a gaze you could not quite comprehend. But yet, this look invited a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

“I thought you hate me.” Pan repeated.

“Who said I hate you?”

“Well, let’s see. First, you don’t like to follow whatever I’ve instructed you to do. Always love to do the opposite of everything that I said. Second, you could tell all the grandmother stories to the boys that they had to stop you from talking more. But when it comes to me, you only gave me a one-word answer. Also, you were so kind to the boys. But when I asked for your help, you treated me like I’m a tosser.”

“You are actually.”

Pan stared at you with widened eyes, surprised by your bluntness. Throughout the hundreds of years that he became the king of Neverland, never had any of his lost boys talked back at him. But instead of anger, he was intrigued to know you even better.

“Alright, fine. I’m a tosser.”

“You are! Only a tosser like you save others instead of himself.” You paused. “Why did you even push me out of the way? If I was the one injured, you could have healed me with your magic. Instead, you got hurt and no one here have even the slightest power to heal you. Imagine if I hadn’t spot your stash of Neverland’s spring. How am I going to save you then?”

“Sorry, honey.” Yes, you felt outraged at him for caring about you more than himself. But his guilty eyes charmed you, making it hard for you to stay mad.

“It’s alright.” You responded while brushing through his hair, looking for any open wound. You let out a short breath, glad there wasn’t any. “Try and get some rest. We’ll talk more once you are well.”

“Can I put you and Felix in charge of the boys for now?”

“Don’t worry about them. They’ll be in good hands.” Assured by your words, he closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep slumber.

Watching Pan recovering fast, you heaved a sigh of relief, glad that the worst was over. Quietly, you walked away from Pan and head for the door, trying your best to avoid even the slightest creak of the wooden floor that you were standing on.

As you stepped outside, you could see Felix running towards you.

“What… was… the… emergency…? Are… you… guys… okay?” Felix queried, breathing heavily in between his words.

“Yeah. We’re both fine.” You replied briefly, still in deep thoughts. Despite the worst being over, there’s another worry that you can’t seem to stop thinking about. 

After mustering up enough courage, you finally spoke to Felix with regards to your concern. “Felix. I need to talk to you. It’s about Pan.”

After inhaling a final deep breath, his breathing finally stabilized. “Yeah? What about him?”

“Pan almost died today.”

Deadly Nightshade pt2


Warnings: Kinda fluff, angst, very light smut in flashbacks, swearing, injury, mentions of a dead body.

Word Count: 1,436

Flashbacks in bold italics.

Gif not mine

The sky was dark and the raindrops were fat and cold.

Peter must be really upset.

I considered turning back but I knew if I looked at him I’d be unable to stop from crying.

I know it wasn’t his fault. But there was still that image of him with her.

She held his face to her chest and he stared up at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

I couldn’t get the image of them out of my head.

I tripped on something I couldn’t see in the darkness and fell into a puddle of mud, slipping a little and hitting my head on the ground.

  “Shit,” I hissed, wiping mud of my face.

I stood up carefully and wiped the mud from my hands and legs as best i could.

I shuddered in the cold, looked down at my muddy clothes and decided it was time to head back.

I made it back to camp as the rain started clearing and made a beeline for the fire.

  “Y/N,” Felix stood from his seat by the fire when he saw me. “What the hell?”

  “I fell down,” I mumbled, not looking at him.

I stood as close to the flame as I could get without catching fire and stared blankly at the embers in the pit.

  “I’m going to go get Pan,” Felix said.

He was gone before I could stop him.

I moved the small log he’d been sitting on closer to the fire and sat down, still shivering.

I noticed some of the boys looking at me worriedly. It confused me because I shouldn’t have looked that bad. What’s some rain and mud to the Lost Boys?

Felix came running back with Peter in tow after a short time.

  “Y/n, are you okay?” Peter’s voice was so filled with concern.

He put his hand on the side of my head and I winced, noticing only now, just how much my head hurt.

  “I’m fine,” I muttered, unable to keep my voice from breaking. I took a deep breath and tried again. “I’m fine,”

  “Come inside,” he put his hand on my shoulder. “It’s warmer and dry,”

I didn’t say anything but I nodded and got up, heading to the treehouse without looking at him.

The room was dark before Peter lit the candles around the room with a wave of his hand.

   “Here,” he said and held out a blanket for me.

I took it and wrapped it around my shoulders.

   “What happened after you left?” He asked. “You’re filthy and bloody,”


I looked at him confused, then I looked down at myself and noticed a few blood droplets on my shirt.

   “What?” I mumbled as I examined myself, trying to find the source of the blood.

   “Your head…” Peter said quietly. “The side of your head is bleeding,”

   “Oh,” I put my hand to the spot where I hit my head on the ground earlier, and pulled back with my fingertips covered in blood. “Whoops I guess,”

   “Felix said you fell down?” He asked.

   “Yeah,” I looked down at my muddy self.

   “Y/N,” he said slowly. “I’m so sorry,”

   “I know,” I said quietly before moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

He sat down next to me, just barely close enough that our shoulders touched lightly.

   “Y/N,” he whispered. “I know you won’t ever forgive me-”

   “There’s nothing to forgive Peter,” I looked at him. “You did nothing wrong. She did that to you,”

   “Then why did you run away from me?” he looked at me with glistening eyes.

   “Because seeing you like.. that… with someone else… it…” I took a deep breath. “It was really confusing and while I’m not upset with you, it was a very upsetting thing for me to see,”

I stared blankly ahead of me as I recalled what I had seen.

She straddled his hips with her dress hitched up around her thighs.

He held her in place with his hands on her thighs under her dress.

She held his face to her chest and he stared up at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Originally posted by heartbreakhur

Peter gently wiped  stray tear from my cheek and moved kneel on the ground in front of me.

   “I’m so sorry you had to see what happened,” he put his head in my lap. “And I’m so lucky to have your brilliant knowledge of magic like that or you wouldn’t have sensed anything wrong and she would have devoured me,”

When he said that I was remind of something I’d totally bypassed.

She could have devoured him.

I could have lost him forever.

   “Peter,” I put my hands on his head and guided him up to look at me. “Peter she tried to take you from me,”

He looked into my eyes with a sad smile and rested his cheek in my hand.

  “I’m sor-ry I ran away,” I sobbed. “I’m sorry if you thought I was mad at you,”

He quickly stood high on his knees and wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his chest.

   “I was selfish,” I mumbled. “I only thought about myself and how she hurt me by taking you. I should have thought about you. She did that to you. She tried to kill you,”

He just stroked my hair and shushed me.

A knock at the door caused Peter to stand and leave me a crying mess on his bed.

   “Yeah?” he said to Felix when he opened the door.

   “We have a problem,” Felix looked slightly worried.

   “What’s wrong?” Peter asked. 

   “That Bella girl,” Felix began explaining. “Her body, we tried to burn it. Nothing’s working. She’s perfectly in tact save for the knife wound in the neck but nothings working to dispose of the body,”

   “Bring her to mermaid cove,” I instructed wiping tears from my face as I stood. “And put her on a raft,”

Felix nodded then left quickly to go retrieve the body.

After he helped me get cleaned up, Peter and I made our way to the beach in our own time, simply enjoying each others company in the quiet.

Many of the lost boys had gathered on the beach.

They stood in a group all waiting for us, Some were talking among themselves but most were standing awkwardly some distance from the obvious dead body on the shore. She was laying on her back on a roughly made wood pile bound with vine ropes.

When the boys noticed Peter and I the all turned and waited for further instruction.

   “Who’s got a bow?” I asked.

Curly shouted an odd yelping sound and raised his bow high above him.

   “Get ready to set her afire,” I told him.

Then I walked calmly up to the pyre and pushed it so it was in the water.

   “Y/N…” Felix said slowly. “What exactly are we doing? Fire didn’t burn her remember?”

I continued pushing her out until I was knee deep in the water and then I gave huge shove and off she went.

  “The fire isn’t to burn her,” I huffed. “It’s to attract the mermaids. She’s a succubus and therefore mystical. Just like mermaids. They’ll get pissy that we had some sort of funeral thingy in their waters and destroy it, most likely tearing Bella apart in doing so. There are some theories that only mystical beings can truly destroy another,”

They all looked slightly astonished at my plan but they didn’t argue.

   “Is she far enough out?” Curly asked.

I turned and saw that the pyre was roughly in the center is the cove.

   “It’s good enough,” I said and pulled my flint quartz from my pocket. I sparked them over Curly’s arrow and he set it loose high over the water. 

There was a few seconds of tension that vanished when the arrow landed true, creating a huge fire in the middle of mermaid cove.

No one said anything for a while. I saw Felix open his mouth to speak in the corner of my eye but before he could get a word out there was a strange screeching sound. 

The water around the flaming pyre became very rough very fast. There were a few tails seen flipping out through the spray. A huge boom sounded from bellow the water and water burst upwards. 

When the water calmed there was nothing on the surface of the water anymore.

   “That’s in then,” I wiped my hands triumphantly and smiled happily at Peter.

   “That’s it,” He smiled back.

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yes, this is EXACTLY what i had in mind!!!

done chasing ;;

Summary: How do you chase after someone who’s chasing someone else? 

Word Count: 3,192

Tags: Bridgette/Felix ; Identity Reveal

ao3 won’t post this right now; will add link later.


There was never a doubt Bridgette loved Felix.

She loved him more than anything; he had been kind to her when no one else had, made her feel welcomed and to an extent, loved. She wanted nothing more than to return the favor; let him know he was wanted, had someone he could depend on.

Sure, she came on strong but Bridgette wasn’t one to back down easily.

Not when he rejected her offer to go to the park; or the library; or the music festival; or the café down the street. Not when she got doused with water from that puddle; when she burned her tongue on the tea she had gotten to impress him.

She kept going on; telling herself that it was all worth it if he ever said yes. And Bridgette believed he would; as long as there was even a chance he’d say yes to her - just once, if only to get her out of his hair - she would keep charging on.

That’s what she did; leapt into action and let her heart guide her.

So why was she hiding behind a column, listening to her mind for once?

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asteriodd  asked:

Do you have any more fic refs? The last one you recommended (metamorphosis) was so amazing and other things you recommend I always fall in love with. Is there anymore?

Wow I didn’t know I was good at recommending stuff :P  I’ll give this a shot though.

@artisticflutter‘s Metamorphosis series is great though.  I’m in love.  And the third installment Cocoon just went up last Wednesday, so definitely go check that out if you haven’t yet.

Conflict of Interest by @amyeatscake is another of my favourites.  Ladybug is a spy trying to figure out if Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth so Marinette works at his fashion company and Chat Noir is an assassin who technically works for Hawkmoth but also not really, and Marinette is kinda half in love with Adrien and Chat but isn’t allowed to be with either and I just love it.

@amyeatscake’s other fic To Be A Hero was also really good.  I read it a while ago so I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but Marinette, Adrien, and Alya go to a future where Marinette and Adrien have basically gone crazy and destroyed Paris and killed a bunch of people and there’s murder and conspiracies and human sacrifices and it’s dark and gritty and great.

Over the Wall by @imthepunchlord was really good.  Marinette gets banished over the wall (like in the title) to pretty much die in this murder forest but then she makes it out of the murder forest and meets Chat Noir and they have crazy adventures running away from Prince Felix who wants to lock Chat Noir up for generally being evil and doing a bunch of evil things that he either didn’t actually do or did by accident.  And they fight monster using a dragon.  Which is pretty cool.  It’s super cute and fluffy and definitely recommend.

Le Papillon Rising by @sophiacrutchfeild is also good.  Adrien is Papillon and the bad guy and Gabriel is Chat Noir and Ladybug’s partner slash the head of the PTA pretty much and Marinette is torn between being in love with not-actively-evil-but-slightly-creepy Adrien and literal supervillain Papillon everyone is not quite sane and nobody makes good decisions but they’re usually funny decisions.

That’s all for now since I’m terrible at keeping track of fics I like but I hope this helps! :)