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Try to rip people off with shady flipped houses? Watch me flip your bank account.

So I don’t think this is entirely pro, but this just happened and I’m quite pleased with myself. Sorry for how long it is, I’m a wordy person.

Background: my girlfriend and I have been trying to buy a house for a month or two. Housing market where we live is tough, we don’t have a huge income, most houses sell within 24 hours, etc so it’s been a struggle. About a month and a half ago we found a house that was PERFECT. In the neighborhood we wanted, 2 bed 2 bath, at the very top of our price range but still doable, etc etc. Best part is that it’s beautifully renovated, new roof, everything is new and gorgeous! We put in an offer, but get outbid by someone else (which is crushing, if you have yet to experience that).

We mourn and then continue searching for other houses….until we get a call from our agent saying that the other buyers backed out and the seller is offering it to us first before putting it back on the market.

A quick important note here: the seller is the owner, but is also acting as his own real estate agent, and he runs his own business buying foreclosures and flipping them. This is important later.

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Just Tattoo of Us

A/N: Well, hello there. It’s been a while. This request has been sitting in my inbox for decades and I’ve only just found the motivation, inspiration, and dedication to write this up. What in damnation. This one… It’s not my favourite, let’s just put it that way. And also, I’ve made Harley seem like such a bimbo in this so I apologise, it was just a writing technique to create a contrast. But anyways, this was fun to write, taking some inspiration from my muse in my RP’s, thank you very much, @thekrazykeke and @i-got-that-smilex my darlings, I love you. So enjoy this one, my loves, and I’ll see you next time x.

Request: Hi! If you’re still doing requests could you do one where the reader is Mr. J’s tattoo artist, the only one he hasn’t killed. Maybe have a jealous Harley in it.

Warning(s): Swearing, slight (sexual) violence i.e. choking, sexual references, light dirty talk, Cheater!Joker, Jealous!Harley

Word count: 2,166

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character) /  Joker x Harley

Originally posted by there-and-always-back-again

          The bell dinged, signifying yet another customer entering the already crowded tattoo studio. Mind you, it was a Saturday at 1:19pm in the middle of a busy city - Gotham; to be exact.

City of Crime.

Has a ring to it.

Even though the dangerous city had quite the crude reputation to be… crooked, let’s say, she loved living in it. It was just something about living life on the edge - never really knowing whether the next day would be her last - that excited her and she couldn’t get enough of the rush that came with it.

Though of course, the perks also came with a few disadvantages, that many would say would be a little too colossal of a problem and would turn them away from moving to the crime-ridden town.

You know, just a tad of a turn-off.

She had run into - well, saw at the corner of a street and then swivelled in the other direction as fast as she could - many a criminal during her occasional strolls through the underworld.

Don’t take a midnight stroll on the wrong side of town, I’m telling you. It’s not a good idea.

There was one special occasion, however.

Meeting the one, the only, the infamous, Joker: Clown Prince of Crime - the ‘Jester of Genocide’, if you will - under the pale moonlight oddly drew her being towards him in some sort of way. Which way that was, she didn’t know herself yet. Maybe curiosity, maybe incredulity, maybe attraction, but she was certainly intrigued by the acid-washed man.

Now, the woman wasn’t an idiot, nor ignorant, at that. She had acknowledged the presence of his partner in crime - his Harley Quinn - nevertheless, she persisted in trying to get into his circle of trust, to be his friend, in an obscure form.

You would think being his tattoo artist wouldn’t get her very far, huh?

She was the only tattoo artist within a 3 mile radius of his unknown location in which he and Harley lived.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the tattoo studio was crowded. How much do you wanna bet getting a micro-sized rose on your ankle is? Joker made sure she was earning as much as your standard lawyer or doctor in the city by taking the liberty to act on some pretty drastic measures.

Basically, he execute every other tattoo artist in the general area, to put it simply.

How sweet.

But as one can imagine, his significant other would be slightly suspicious, and that was to be expected when your man paid special and notable attention to another woman. Yes, jealously wasn’t exactly an aspired trait in a normal relationship. But anyone who knew about them and their past knew that Harley Quinn and her Joker were anything but ordinary.

Jumping into a VAT full of bubbling acid to prove your love for a psychopath who manipulated you?

No thank you.

Although, with saying that, the adrenaline-addicted tattoo artist from a family background was seemingly willing to do anything and everything but.

“I was thinking about a new lip tattoo, whaddya think?” A deep yet velvety voice broke her from her trance and snapped her back to reality where she noticed she had just been staring out of the recently cleaned, sparkling window, wielding a tattoo pen that was still whirring from inscribing her art onto her last customer - she had forgotten to turn the machine off before spacing out.

Quickly switching the it off, she swallowed before looking up at the blindingly green-haired man standing in front of the mirror and pulling at his bottom lip, inspecting.

“Well if you want it to say "P U S S Y”, count me out.“ She retorted with a quick wit, something she never really understood if it was a gift or a curse. Her sharp tongue usually got her into some hefty trouble more than a few times. But hey, she was comical.

Her comment earned a chuckle from him which in turn made her smile to herself. Making him laugh was always a daily mission for her. To see him smile because of what she did or said was always an achievement.

"That’s why I like you, doll. You always have some sarcastic remark. It’s refreshing. Hearing the words "yes, Daddy” and “play with me, Daddy” from Harls everyday gets repetitive over time.“ He sauntered over after checking himself once over in the mirror - vain bastard - and sat on the extended tattoo couch, now level with her, as she had been sitting in her spinny chair, whilst she discarded of her old rubber gloves and put on a new pair, the sound of the material smacking against her skin as she pulled on them.

"Oh, I’m sure it must be very tiring to have kinky sex on the daily, J.” She rolled her eyes as she used his nickname that only certain people were allowed to call him. He normally only allowed others to refer to him as “Joker” or “Mister J”. She snickered at the glare he gave her before continuing, not adhering the warning. “I’m serious! Ya gotta use the handcuffs, the ropes, the ice, the foreplay, the whips… I would imagine fucking your tailor-made girlfriend who obeys your every command would be absolutely tedious.”

His hands were around her throat and squeezing within seconds after she had finished her sentence, making her stand up with him and letting him push her back into the wall with a thump, a constricted grunt of slight pain resounding from her closed throat. Her doe eyes looked up and met his narrowed ones with only a few inches between them.

“I don’t think you want to know just how interesting I can really be with my toys, doll-face, so I suggest you shut up about my sex life unless you want me to prove to you that you’re wrong.” His threat was laced with a presence of sexual tension. The sensation of his fingers around her neck and his breath fanning her face with seducing threats that came with his body mere centimetres away from hers almost made her knees buckle from underneath her and she had to stop herself from releasing an audible moan of desperation and anticipation from thinking about what he could do to her right then and there.

The two of them must’ve stayed in that position - staring each other down with nothing but their laboured breaths filling the room - for a solid five or so minutes until the door to the room slammed wide open and a bustling bleached-blonde skipped in, the sound of her heels tapping against the floorboards jolting the woman held against the wall back to life and she tried pulling away, but to no avail. Keeping his grip tight, but not tight enough to cut off the airways, he continued to gaze intently into her eyes. His glazed over with a fire burning deep inside of him that he didn’t conjure with his girlfriend any longer.

“Puddin’?…” A mixed tone of anger, disappointment, and rejection was detectable from Harley as the nickname for her lover spewed from her red lips. Walking into a secluded room to see the man she loved with a woman she had already been jealous of, in a position she thought was only reserved for her in the bedroom, brung out the worst in her as she felt the rage bubbling up inside at an increasing rate. Ready to pounce at the bitch trying to steal her boyfriend, she was stopped by the voice she had fallen in love with.

“Harley, sweetums, I want you to go home and be ready for me for when I get back, okay? Daddy’s going to get a new tattoo and I was just in the middle of telling our artist here exactly what I want. Detail… by… detail.” The reply had a sickly sweet underlay to it which, to any typical person, could’ve been easily picked up on and scoffed at - something she almost did - but to Harley, blinded by her emotions towards the criminal, it was just another demand for sex which she gladly complied to every time. She looked past everything she had just witnessed only minutes ago after hearing the pet name she had been called, convincing herself that the man dangerously close to a woman that wasn’t her, still loved her in his own way.

“Alright, Daddy, but don’t be long. I’ll be waiting…” An exaggerated grin, accompanied by a giggle, was sent in his direction before she turned on her heel and walked through the doorway, shutting the door with a click after her.

Shoving his body off of her, the trained tattoo artist dramatically gagged and stuck her forefinger inside her mouth. She was amazed yet disgusted at the same time at how submissive a woman could be towards a man. Never in her life did she witness such obedience without question to someone who was clearly not right in the noggin’.

“You’ve messed her up, J. Like real bad. She worships the ground you walk on. She’s just your fucking sex toy and she doesn’t even realise it, thinking you "love” her and shit.“ A rant had been building up inside of her until finally it started to be projected. "I kinda feel sorry for the girl. She was a psychologist, a good one at that, with a Ph.D, and you’ve somehow manipulated her and worked your way into her mind so that now she’d do anything for you. She’d die for you.”

“And that’s how I like it. People in this city respect me, all becau-.”

“That’s not respect! That’s psychological torture and I’ll be damned if I end up like another one of your 'dolls’ you can have fun with one minute and couldn’t give a fuck about the next.” She didn’t notice but she had begun to yell with pent up anger flowing out of her, she didn’t even register entirely what she was saying.

She had wanted to be by his side for as long as she could remember after meeting him, as his companion, his partner, his lover. She had thought she could replace Harley and become his new Queen of Crime. However, after seeing what previous Dr. Harleen Quinzel had now become under his hands, she begun to have second thoughts.

“You think I would treat you just like some random woman I picked up from the club? Oh, no, no, no. You… are one of a kind. You’re unique… You’re mine.” As he spoke  these enticing words in a sultry manner, he came closer. Each step forward he made, resulted in one step backward for her until the back of her knees hit the chair and she fell back into it, now laying down. She watched as he placed his hands either side of her on the arm rests and wedged his knees beside her, crawling up her body until he was hovering above.

Her breath became uneven as she tried to stop herself from giving in and looking down at his crimson lips that looked o so kissable. “I want you. And the things I want, I get, no matter how. I know you’ve been wanting me since the first time you saw me. I know you touch yourself at night at the thought of me doing dirty things to you. When you’re alone in bed and your mind keeps drifting off to think about what I could do with your body. And I know how badly you want to feel full. You want me inside you. Isn’t that right?”

The way he spoke her thoughts aloud without caring who heard him made her cheeks turn a shade of red so deep she didn’t even think it possible and her core slick with want and need. The rough nature of his gravelly voice mixed with the undertones of lust and greed for her, visibly shook her as goosebumps appeared on her skin. Hearing all of these sinful words whispered from the mouth she had tried to resist earlier made her reach up to pull his head down as she just couldn’t take the teasing any longer, connecting their lips together in a heated, passionate kiss.

A growl was released from the depths of his throat as he shifted his body weight onto his elbows either side of her head and pressed his lower half into her, allowing her to feel what she did to him without touching him once. Hands moving to grip his shirt around his torso, she opened her mouth to grant him access to explore with his tongue before moaning gently.

Amongst all the fiery desire and passion the both of them were sharing, she had managed to remember a specific moment that had happened during his visit to the studio earlier before which made her pull away from his hungry lips to add her sarcastic rebuttal, as she always did,

Play with me, Daddy.”


Dean Winchester came back just when you thought you had let him go for good. He left over a year ago, telling you he had family business to take care of. You knew what Dean’s family business was like. It meant that he might never make it back to you. What Dean did for a living wasn’t normal and definitely wasn’t safe. 

Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Fucking Business. 

Now, here he was a little over a year later, begging you to come with him. 

“Y/N, I need you. You can’t go,” Dean swallowed, staring you down. “Not now.”

You stared back at him, running your hand over your face in frustration. You couldn’t believe after everything that you were even letting him talk to you. He had no right to ask you to stay. 

Not now. 

But here you were, listening, because you loved the damn son of a bitch and that would never change, and you fucking knew it. 

“Please?” he begged as he took a tentative step toward you his hand reaching out for yours. 

You stepped away out of reach.

“I’’ll do anything,  sweetheart,” he continued, his eyes full of sorrow and regret. 

You swallowed the knot of emotion that was building in your throat. You wanted to believe him. Your bones ached with need wanting to accept the words that were coming from his mouth, but his actions had spoke volumes. 

“You left,” you managed, blinking slowly, meeting his gaze. “You left. I begged you to let me come with you. I begged you to let me help find your dad, and you walked away.”

Dean pursed his lips as he furrowed his brow. “ I didn’t think…”

“Damn right you didn’t think, Winchester,” you half yelled, shoving him in the chest with conviction.  “I’d do anything for you. I’d go anywhere with you. I’d give my damn life for you, you idiot. I love you, Dean.” 

Dean’s eyes widened with hope at your words. 

“You love me?” Dean asked, his voice full of hope. 

“And you sure as hell don’t deserve it after telling me that you couldn’t take me with you,” you added, closing the gap between you and grabbing his shirt. “Dean I knew everything. I could have helped,” you choked, your fist clenching his shirt tightly. “I hunted with you and your dad. I could have helped.” Your voice was cut off by the emotion that had been building deep in your chest, pressing in on you, suffocating you. 

“I know,” he whispered, his hand reaching up to caress your face hesitantly. “I know that now,” he said, looking away from you as he tried to blink away the tears that were building in his eyes. “I should have known it then. I’m so sorry.”

His face was inching towards you. Everything inside you was screaming for you to walk away. To run as fast you could in the other fucking direction. Do to him what he did to you, but your body had other plans. 

You met his lips half way, all the emotion of the last year and half bursting out of you in a single kiss. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s shoulder and held him desperately to you, shaking uncontrollably with all of the feelings and emotions you had been so afraid to feel and express. 

“I’m sorry,” Dean pulled away and breathed before kissing you again. “I need you,” he managed between breaths, his lips capturing yours again hungrily once he had uttered the words. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. 

Your eyes flew to his. 

“Take me with you.”

It wasn’t a question, and this time Dean didn’t hesitate. 

“To the ends of the earth, Y/N. I’ll always protect you. I’m never letting you go again,” he murmured before his lips attached desperately to yours once more. 

“You’re gonna have to prove it, Winchester,” you managed, your voice thick with emotion. 

“I’ll spend the rest of my life doing just that, princess,” he whispered, pushing your hair out of your face and kissing your temple tenderly. 

This time you were going with Dean Winchester. His baby brother needed saving, and you were going to be there every step of the way, like you had so wanted to be there when John disappeared. You would prove to Dean that he never should have left you in the first place. 

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 4)

Hey guys! Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 is in the works, no worries! The ending is a bit better than the other chapter so enjoy! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!







When The Voltron Team are about to escape Prince Lotor with Lance with them, his heart stops. The team is so close to the Castle. But can they save him in time?

Chapter 4: Well, Damn.

Keith had noticed how quiet Lance had gotten when he strapped him into the seat in the back of the Green lion. But he was busy grabbing the first aid kit and wrapping up his bleeding hands, preoccupied. But Lance’s hands were cold, He had been sweating the entire time during the escape but now he wasn’t. Then Keith looked up from wrapping one of his hands, looking at Lance’s face and realized he wasn’t breathing.

Keith’s hand flew up to Lance’s neck searching for any kind of heart beat. Nothing. Lance’s heart wasn’t beating.

FUCK! Pidge I need you to go faster!” Keith shouted.

“What? What happened?” Pidge shouted her eyes not straying from where she was flying.

Keith’s voice rose, panicked, “Lance’s heart just stopped beating!” He screamed.

There was a moment of pure silence before Keith jumped up, undoing Lance’s straps and throwing his body to the floor. Keith kneeled beside him trying to remember every CPR class he ever had at the Garrison. Keith placed his hands over the middle of Lance’s chest and pumped hard and fast counting in groups of thirty. He was determined, there was no way that he was going to let this idiot die when they were so damn close to saving him.

Shiro’s voice came on over the comms, filling Pidge’s ears and bringing her back to reality.

“Okay, Keith is performing CPR. Hunk cover Pidge, keep anything trying to hit her off of her. I’ll take care of anything in her way. Pidge, I need you to go as fast as you can! Allura, we’re coming in hot!” He said.

The yellow and black lions were at her side in an instant and Pidge pushed Green even further, going faster than she had ever dared to fly her. Keith’s counting was like a panicked drum beat against her ear. Shiro cut down anyone who came in her way and Hunk protected her. She had to get to the castle.

Keith kept pumping, pausing a beat or two to check Lance’s pulse. Nothing. He kept pumping. He looked up, briefly and had never been more thankful to see the castle and the hangar only seconds away. His arms were screaming, sweat pouring from his head and silently begging Lance to come back. Lance’s face was so so pale and he didn’t twitch, he didn’t do anything. He was just lying there limp. Keith kept pumping.

They were landing in the hangar, Pidge let go of the controls and practically ran out of her seat to sit next to Keith anxiously grabbing Lance’s arm. The green lion landed herself in the hangar, opening her mouth immediately as seconds later Shiro and Hunk were running up the ramp, all gathering around Lance.

Shiro said something about being on board and Allura created a wormhole and they left the galra behind. Keith kept pumping. Shiro tried to take over but Keith shook his head. It was his responsibility just a bit more, he could do it. He silently begged Lance to open his eyes, to do something. 

As if Lance somehow heard his thoughts, he took a sudden breath and began to cough. They all cried in relief.

Lance!” Pidge shouted.

“Oh my god Lance.” Shiro said.

“Lance, buddy!” Hunk said through tears.

Keith remained silent, breathing hard himself, just sitting back as Lance rolled onto his side still coughing violently. Shiro placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, avoiding the burns on his back as he winced in sympathy. Lance was still coughing, trying to breathe normally.

“Lance, it’s okay just try to take slow breaths, you’re fine now.” Shiro said soothingly.

It took him several tries but his breathing did become normal again. So he just laid on his side breathing for a bit before rolling onto his back again. He was so happy to see everyone again. Lance smiled and didn’t even notice that he wasn’t in any pain, too happy to see his friends again.

“Hey guys.” Lance said voice scratchy.

Keith huffed, “Don’t hey guys me! You fucking scared me just now! Who the hell told you that you were allowed to stop your heart huh?” He said, exasperated. But there was no heat in his voice, just concern.

Lance looked at Keith, turning his head so that he could see him with his right eye.

“Yeah sorry dude. Thanks for the save.” Lance laughed weakly. He raised his hand and Keith took it gently, mindful of the wounds.

Hunk spoke up, “Lance how are you dude? You look like a mess.” He stated.

Lance laughed a little, “Thanks bro. I’m feel fine I guess?” Lance said, sounding confused by his own statement.

Shiro felt a jolt going through his heart, sudden panic.

“Lance, what do you mean you feel fine?” He asked, “Be honest.” There was no way he could feel even remotely fine in his state.

Lance moved his eyes slowly to Shiro whose face was just above him.

“Like, I’m not in pain. Or maybe more like I can’t feel anything.” He said, Shiro went pale and Lance was about to ask why when sudden pain in his abdomen made him choke. 

Nevermind, scratch that he was in a lot of pain. It was a stabbing pain so horrible and sudden, he slapped Keith’s hand away grabbing his left side and curled in, god why did it hurt so much?

“Lance. Lance!” Shiro shouted, trying to move Lance’s hands and see the problem. Hunk grabbed Lance’s hands, pulling them away by force. Pidge grabbed the end of Lance’s black suit shirt and pulled it up. Lance’s side was swelling badly and a dark shade of purple had blossomed across his swollen stomach.

Shiro swallowed the lump in his throat before he began to give orders.

“Lance is internally bleeding, we need to get him to the healing pod now. Hunk help Lance onto my back, I’ll carrying him to the healing deck. Princess, I need you and Coran in the healing room NOW.” Shiro was practically shouting. Hunk grabbed Lance by the shoulders, helping him sit upright.

“Buddy I know you’re in a lot of pain right now but we have to get you on Shiro’s back so we can get you fixed up okay?” Hunk said gently but all serious, moving Lance’s body into position. Lance wasn’t making any sound, just biting his lip and becoming paler by the second.

After some maneuvering Lance was on Shiro’s back. Shiro started running with Pidge, Keith and Hunk following closely behind. Shiro could hear Lance’s breathing in his ear, erratic and short. He ran as fast as he could through the castle, finally getting to the healing pod room with Allura and Corran arriving from the other direction. Shiro ran inside, Allura followed behind and Coran stopped the other paladins from entering.

“It’s best if you wait outside. As soon as he is in the pod we’ll let you back in.” He said before closing the door behind him leaving Keith, Hunk and Pidge waiting in the hall.

Shiro laid Lance down on an examine table as gently as he could. Allura helping him her face pale at the sight. It was truly horrible.

“How long was his heart stopped?” She asked, grabbing equipment as she spoke.

Shiro paused thinking, “Three minutes, Princess.” He shuddered as he thought that, Lance had been dead for three minutes.

“Alright. He’s lost a lot of blood by the look of his hands. We need to remove his suit so I can reach his injuries and prepare him for the pod.” She stated.

Shiro nodded, grabbing the top of Lance’s shirt. With how much fabric had been burned off his back it was amazing that Lance’s shirt even managed to stay on. He was about to rip it off when Lance’s hand stopped him.

“W-wait, give me a minute to- to…” He couldn’t really finish his sentence but he didn’t have to.

Shiro noticed that his injures on his hands and up his arms were covered by the fabric. They hadn’t bothered to remove it. So when the injuries healed the scabs had fused with the fabric. So when they rip it off… Shiro swallowed, it’ll be like tearing off a layer of skin.

Okay, it’s okay Lance you just tell me when you’re ready. It’ll be as quick as I can make it.” Shiro said.

“Like ripping off a Band-Aid?” Lance asked, smiling slightly but his eyes were wide.

Shiro nodded, “Yeah like a Band-Aid.”

Lance’s eyes closed, breathing in and out trying to slow down his breathing. But eventually he nodded. Shiro grabbed one side of the shirt, Coran the other and they ripped it off in one quick motion.

Lance let out a scream so loud, Shiro thought he might never get the sound out of his head. It was the sound of a wounded animal. A split second after Lance shut his mouth, tensing, the scream muffling in his throat before it stopped entirely. Lance’s head rolled to the side, limp. Shiro panicked, checking his pulse and let out a sigh of relief when he felt it fluttering under his fingers. Lance was just unconscious. 

Oh, oh Lance.” Allura whispered.

Shiro turned finally looking at the paladin’s body. He couldn’t look away. Lance’s arms and hands were covered in deep cuts that overlapped one another on every inch of available skin. The cuts stopped at the bicep of each arm but the skin was angry and red and now blood flowed freely from the cuts. Coran moved to stop the bleeding as Allura grabbed a jar of some jell and started putting it on the open wounds. It stopped the bleeding when the cuts made contact with the jell. Giant purple bruising and swelling covered Lance’s left side but the bruising continued across his chest and onto both of his wrists. His skin was pale and Allura couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her face but continued to put the salve on Lance’s wounds.

Shiro and Coran worked Lance’s pants off of him, purple bruising on his ankles. His legs looked skinnier than usual but other than the bruising they seemed okay. Some good news.

Shiro and Coran worked the white suit for the healing pod onto Lance, waiting for Allura to put the rest of the salve on before shoving his arms into the sleeves as gently as possible. They sat the unconscious Lance up and Allura gasped.

Lance’s back was horribly burned and Allura could only stare at what was left of his distorted skin.

“I-I don’t know if…” But she didn’t finish.

“Princess, you don’t know what?” Shiro asked.

“I don’t know if the healing pod can fix this.” She stated, hand hovering just above Lance’s back.

Shiro was shocked into silence for a moment, “Wait what do you mean? The pod can’t fix burns?”

She shook her head, “No, no not burns. This wound… it’s already healed. Not completely and certainly not correctly but it’s healed. Anything that’s been healed can’t be undone. The healing pod can’t fix this. That’s why it doesn’t fix the scar across your nose, Shiro. Because it has…”

“Already healed.” Shiro finished for her. Allura nodded. Shiro looked at Lance’s back, the patchwork of disjointed skin.

“So… so what? He’ll be scarred? He’ll keep this burn on his back?” Shiro asked.

Allura nodded, “Yes. I think so, most of it at least. Some of it might heal but it will remain. He might keep the scars on his hands too. I don’t know how much the pod can do for him in that sense. We’ll just have to see.” She said, sounding disappointed, in what? Herself? Probably.

She gently zipped up the back of the white suit, Lance’s scar peaking up over the suit on the back of his neck. Coran and Shiro carried him between them gently and placed him in the pod. The glass door shut and Lance was suspended in blue light. All they could do now was wait.

Keith, Hunk and Pidge waited anxiously in the hall. Pidge seated next to the door, Keith standing on the other side and Hunk directly in front of the door his hands wriggling around each other in a nervous dance. They didn’t say anything to one another, just stood there.

But they heard Lance scream, so full of pain that Hunk tried to tear his way through the door to get to him. Keith and Pidge stopped him but their combined strength was no match for Hunk. But they pushed him back as best they could.

“Hunk. Hunk! Wait!” Pidge begged pushing against his waist.

“Hunk stop!” Keith said, pushing his chest.

“Let GO! He needs me! He’s hurt! He’s… oh my god LANCE!” Hunk cried, tears streaming down his face. But the emotion eventually became too much and he stopped fighting. But Keith and Pidge didn’t let him go, hugging him close as he collapsed against them.

“Hunk, they’re not hurting him. Lance is going to be okay. They’ll put him in the pod and it’ll fix him up. Don’t worry.” Pidge said, tears of her own streaming down her face.

Hunk nodded and the three of them stayed like that for a while before letting go. Pidge kept a hand on Hunk’s arm and Keith one on his shoulder and they waited.

Finally the door opened. Coran stepped out looking pale but smiled.

“You can come and see Lance now.” He said.

Hunk barreled his way through the door making a beeline to Lance’s pod with Pidge and Keith on his heels. Lance was suspended in the pod just like they had seen him several times before, expressionless but alive. They looked at Lance for a while before turning to Allura and Shiro who stood several feet away watching them, Coran eventually joining them.

“How is he?” Hunk asked quietly.

Allura answered.

“He’ll be fine.” They breathed a sigh of relief before she continued, “However there may be some complications.” She said finally.

“What do you mean?” Keith asked confused.

Allura swallowed, “Some of Lance’s wounds have already healed. Like the burn on his back for example. Even though it hasn’t healed correctly it is still healed.” She stated, “So the healing pod can’t reverse it.”

“So like if you broke your leg and it healed wrong, it’s still technically healed. That’s why you have to break it again and set it before it can heal properly, right?” Said Pidge.

Allura smiled slightly, “Yes, exactly. Some of the scarring will likely lessen thanks to the healing pod but it won’t go away. The same can be said for his other injuries. I don’t know to what extent they’ll be healed until he is released from the pod. However the bruising and internal bleeding will be healed within the next couple hours. But there are other things that concern me.” She said.

“Pidge when you downloaded the files on Lance, you sent them directly to the ship and in the last couple of minutes I was able to look at some of the data. I haven’t gone through the whole thing but what I have looked at has disturbed me.” A hologram came up with the 52 files that Pidge had found. Allura opened one, although none of them could read Galran but Allura explained.

“It looks like for the entire time that Lance was on board Lotor’s ship he didn’t need to perform any bodily functions… like eating for example. It was like they had somehow kept Lance’s body in some sort of suspended state where he didn’t need to perform such tasks to stay alive.” She said.

Woah woah woah, not eating? That includes sleeping right? How can the galra even do that?” Hunk asked, eyes wide.

“That’s what concerns me. According to this Lance was allowed one hour of sleep per day, sometimes less. It’s a tactic used to create a sort of kinship with the torturer, making the subject more willing to give up information. Giving him a little sleep in exchange for cooperation. However Lance never once gave them any information and never gave them answers to their questions. However this right here,” She pointed to the bottom of the file, “They describe the process in which they give Lance large amounts of quintessence directly into his blood stream.” Allura said.

What?” Shiro said, shocked. “Quintessence prolonged Zarkon’s life, right? What does that mean for Lance?” He asked.

“That’s my concern. Quintessence is an extremely powerful substance and essentially it’s pure life energy. The Balmera can produce it naturally through its crystals but the substance given to Lance is enhanced, about three times as powerful as what the Balmera can produce. I believe this is the reason Lance didn’t need to eat or sleep during his time on Lotor’s ship. However from what was described, the process of giving Lance the quintessence was… extremely painful.” She paused, “He would being in pain for hours, seizing, screaming. This substance is so powerful and to put it directly into a human’s blood stream…” She shook her head, “It would be like pouring an extremely hot liquid metal into a thin container. The container would be able to hold it for a while but eventually…”

“It would melt.” Keith finished.

Allura nodded, “Yes.” She said.

There was a long silence. The concern for their friend was palpable.

“What happened once it was in his body?” Pidge asked.

“He absorbed it slowly, like it would with a vitamin or medicine but it’s why he would be in pain for hours. But I have yet to figure out how is changed his body chemistry.” She said.

“But wait.” Said Keith, “When I was injured I accidentally poured some of that stuff on my hand and I absorbed it, it healed my wounds. Why didn’t it do that for Lance?” Keith asked.

Allura turned looking at him, “Keith, you’re part galra. We don’t know how much but at least some of your DNA is Galran. Galra can easy absorb quintessence in small amounts which is why you absorbed it quickly and it healed your wounds. However Lance is completely human and so we don’t know how it will affect him, human physiology is rather frail compared to other species. I can’t even begin to say what may occur, if anything. It is possible that there will be no changed of any kind but we won’t know until he wakes up.” She said, sighing.

“How long will that be?” Shiro asked.

Allura paused, “Three days, in your Earth time.” She stated.

Three DAYS?” Hunk asked shocked, “None of us have spent more than a couple of hours in the healing pods before! Even when Lance was injured after the explosion he was only in there for half a day!” Hunk practically shouted.

“Hunk, please listen. Lance is both physically and mentally exhausted. His body needs to spend more time to recover. However he will be much better for it. We’ll just need to wait.” She said.

They all looked at Lance, suspended in the blue light of the pod. All they had to do was wait.

Big Brother Knows Best

Winchester x Sister!Reader // Demon!Dean

A/n: I’ve been watching old episodes and getting fic ideas so bare with me and my little shit fics. I really almost didn’t post this one.

Warnings: Blood, Dean is a demon, Angst, mentions of death, violence?

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa   @dean-baby-Winchester  @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate@fabulouslycassie@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25

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A firm hand gripped your own sweating one. Pulling you around the corner away from the taunting calls behind you.

“Can’t run from me forever, Sammy.” The voice speaking wasn’t that of your brothers, rather something entirely opposite. “And pulling our little sister into this wild goose chase? Not hardly fair at all.”

Words couldn’t express how badly you wanted to rush into your oldest brothers arms. Beg him to come back to you and be the man you knew he was. Every part of you knew Sam would keep you as far away from him as he could. He’d throw himself in between the two of you if it came down to it. No questions asked.

Your mind was snapped back into the current events when Sam grabbed hold of your shoulders and shook you.

“Hey, don’t zone out. Not now.” Taking a giant gulp of fear you nodded shakily. “Go.” His head nudged in the direction of a closed door.

“What? Are you out of your damn mind? I’m not leaving you here to get your head whacked off by our demonic brother.” With your right hand you held on tightly to his left arm. Just above his wrist.

“I’m right behind you, Y/n.” There was no use arguing with him. He wasn’t going to allow you to stand there next to him.

A bad feeling rested in the pit of your stomach. In every horror movie you watched when somebody said they’d be right behind someone, they were always lying. And they usually always ended up dead.

Bright red flashing lights beamed from unknown areas of the bunker, startling you. Just as your hand reached out to open the door it was swung open. Sam was breathing heavily and pushing you onward to continue running.

Dean was always the brother you thought to go to first when something is wrong. It was a natural feeling of pure protection when you were around him. Now he was hunting you down in your own home.

“Come on guys! Lets have a nice long chat. Crack a beer…go over things.” Hearing how carefree and reckless Dean was just in his voice shattered you.

The hallways seemed to be long and endless. Like a a giant maze. You had no idea which turn would lead to where, but you followed on the direct path Sam pushed you on. After all, big brother knows best. Your small scared body was shoved into a door which was locked after your entry.

Sam? Sam, open the damn door!” This particular door was the only one hidden in the bunker. It was a secret escape route Cas and Sam discovered after Dean had bailed off with his new demon buddy, Crowley. The one way he had no knowledge of.

Heavy but slightly silenced breathing came from the other side of the metal sliding door. “You need to get out of here, Y/n. I won’t let him hurt you.” Their was a hint of fear mixed with strength in Sam’s voice. You knew what he was planning, yet hoping he wouldn’t have to do.

“I won’t let him hurt you either! You can’t lock me up and fight for us both, Sam! He’ll kill you. He’ll take his time and enjoy it.” Every word that poured from your mouth was at a whisper. Trying to prevent Dean from catching wind of the conversation.

“That’ll leave enough time for you to bail.” Sam had no intention of leaving Dean. He never did. But you didn’t plan on leaving either of them.

“Wonder what’s behind door number three?” A booming voice roared.

The sound of an axe hitting against the once perfect door protecting Sam was being hacked apart.

“Don’t come through that door Dean! You won’t leave me any choice.” You heard something coming from Sam. Something you hadn’t heard in awhile. Defeat.

Dean merely laughed and kept hitting away. “Or what? We both know what choice you’ll have to make. And we both know what that choice will be, Sammy.” The smile on Dean’s lips could practically be heard it was so loud.

“Dean! Please stop this!” Both of your fists began beating on the door as your voice yelled as loudly as it possibly could. “Fight this sickness inside of you. I know you can.”

“Personally, Y/n. I like the disease!” Another swing of the axe. The door was practically able to be entered through.

Footsteps ran away from the door. Sam was bailing, knowing Dean would follow for the thrill of the chase.

“No! Dammit stop it!” The edges around your balled up fists began to bleed from beating on the door so violently.

Another set of footsteps trailed off in the same direction. And the chase began. You could stand by and do nothing. Demon or not, it was your brother.

Quickly you scanned the room for a way to open the door, until a bright red switch revealed itself. Instantly you flipped it and the door slid open. The moment you turned to the left to run after them both, a strong set of arms grabbed to your chest from behind while the other snaked around your lips to prevent noise from coming out. Dean. .

Fear took over your body completely. “Sh sh sh.” His words silenced the tears and the small muffled noises coming from your closed mouth. “Walk.” A sharp object was poked lightly into the center of your back, forcing you to walk.

“Call to him.” He was going to use you to draw Sam out of hiding.

“It’s a trap don’t come out-!” His firm hand regained position on your lips, forcing you to stop speaking.

Hopefully- hopefully, Sam would listen to you for once and run as far and fast as he could in the other direction from your crazed brother. Of course this wasn’t the case. Instead his figure slowly crept out from behind a corner. His eyes widened as he saw a blade being pressed hard enough to draw blood against the skin underneath your chin.

“Let her go, Dean. It’s me you want dead. Not her.” Sam did his best to try and talk Dean out of his dead set plan. Hands being held up as a sign of surrender.

“Are you kidding?” The voice behind you laughed. “Why deal with one when I can deal with both?” As his lips spread into a smile, you couldn’t see it, but you knew it was there.

“Do it.” You finally found the courage to speak.

Sam scoffed. “Y/n, shut up.”

“Do it, Dean.” You pressed against the blade willingly, drawing even more blood.

“Shut. Up.” Sam protested. Trying to get you to stop encouraging it.

“You’re not the bad guy, big brother. You’ll always be my hero. I’ll always see you as my Batman and nothing can change that.” Slowly you closed your eyes, preparing yourself to feel the skin slice open even more on your neck.

A little movement happened behind you. By some miracle Dean’s grip on you was now gone. Instead Castiel held him from behind. Eyes shinning bright as he held your furious brother.

“It’s over, Dean.”

anonymous asked:

Your drabbles are my absolute fave! Since that clip this morning I've been trying to imagine Yousef/Sana in any capacity. Could you write a hc about them? Anything about them, really... The first time they met, them praying, when they were lil kids, even an overprotective-Elias-macho-older-bro-hurt-her-and-i-will-end-you type thing. These kids are getting under my skin, man.

Ya know…. I’ve been staring at this one for a bit, trying to choose one to do and then I realized- yo jill this is your blog, do whatever tf you want. So I”M DOING A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING. (also thanks to @imansmeskinis for the nickname help)

  • Sana can distinctly remember the first time Yousef was thrown into her life. 
  • She was ten and commanding a troupe of neighborhood girls on the playground- all of them laughing and playing chase, running fast and hard in order to catch each other. Sana was running them all down, tagging girls left and right, drunk on the knowledge that she was the fastest in the land. 
  • Then a scrawny boy barely starting his growth spurt, with strands of inky-dark hair windswept in all directions and wearing the football uniform, came into view. He was arm in arm with Elias, so Sana thought she had an excuse to stop in the middle of her race to tag-out the last girl. And she just kind of blinked for a few moments, lost in the unfamiliar pinch deep in her stomach.
  • But then Elias catches her eyes and is all what is this shaqiqa? You just going to give up in the middle of your game?
  • And the boy next to him kind of half-grins and his dark eyes meet her and she’s just-
  • She takes off after the last girl like a thunderbolt and has her tagged down within 30 seconds. And the girls are all cheering, but Sana hears none of them and instead looks to her brother and his friend.
  • Elias rolls his eyes, but comes over to sling an arm around her shoulder. And the boy (Yousef, according to her brother’s cheery explanation) smiles.
  • From then on, Yousef is everywhere.
  • He’s there when she gets home from school, playing video games with Elias; he’s there in the mornings when she’s woken up, bleary eyed and sat down at the breakfast table. He’s there when she’s done praying; when she’s relaxed and warm in her peace. He’s there.
  • He’s there when the girls Sana used to get along so perfectly with begin to taper off- startled now by the difference between Sana’s culture and their own. He’s there when Sana rebuilds and makes new friends, better and stronger, at Nissen.
  • He’s there everywhere; in her house, in her head, a constant stream of yousefyousefyousef
  • And he doesn’t seem to notice it. He just smiles at her when she walks into a room and delights in dragging her into the activities of his and Elias’s ever expanding friend group.
  • (truthfully, as clearly as Sana can remember him coming into her life, she can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t in it. It’s like her life is divided into Pre-Yousef and Post-Yousef and everything Pre is just static.)
  • One day, when Yousef comes over, Sana is doing homework in the living room and he just- plops down beside her. and she’s all Elias is in his room and Yousef shrugs and says, yeah and he’ll still be there in ten minutes. I have a bit of time. and then don’t you want to talk to me Sana? I’m hurt.
  • And Sana will roll her eyes and maybe flick her pencil at him or something and he’ll lean down and eye her notes and mention that something or other is wrong. And she’ll just lay her shrewd gaze on him and wait.
  • Then, after a good fifteen minutes, Elias will come down stairs and stop at the entrance of the living room because Yousef and Sana are huddled together- not, like, indecently, but still close- discussing Math. And Elias just bites his lip a bit because he has an idea where this is going.
  • (maybe he’s had an idea for awhile now)
  • So he intercepts Yousef and drags him off to his room, but can’t quite bring himself to warn him off Sana. Not yet. He will, because Yousef isn’t good enough for his baby sister- it’s not personal, no one is good enough for Sana. But not yet.
  • (but he does subtly insist that Yousef get to know Sana’s hot blonde friend a tad better. Noora? That could work.)
  • Only it doesn’t and Sana is suddenly not smiling as much and she can’t meet his or Yousef’s eyes anymore and there is far more here than Elias anticipated.
  • And it’s not like Sana is angry that Yousef likes Noora- everyone does. She’d blonde and beautiful and smart and mostly kind. But it’s Yousef and whether she knew it or not, Sana set her heart on Yousef a long time ago. So Sana right now is struggling to reconcile that with the current situation.
  • (If only Sana knew that Yousef had his heart set on her for just as long.)
things ive noticed about the signs // harsh advice

aries: they’re just here for the fun of it. fucking hilarious, but usually in their own way, so they’re funny to just themselves and their close friends. wants to be more independent than they are. shitty drivers. dont have much of a filter. extremely adept at overcoming life’s bullshit, mainly because they do not have time for this. quick thinkers. // learn how to own up to the shitty things you do everyone is sick and tired of calling you out just apologize and be done with it

taurus: able to adapt to new environments. hard workers. good at everything they try. not always trusting of or open to new friends, but when they care about someone, steadfast doesn’t even begin to cover it. they aren’t going anywhere. // i swear to fucking christ if i catch you shit talking yourself one more time im gonna punch you in the throat(in a friendly loving way)

gemini: whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert, they know how to talk to people and make friends easily. 95% of people have a crush on them at some point solely for their magnetic personality. is a giant fucking loser but somehow pulls it off. makes good grilled cheese sandwiches. doesn’t really want to be the team leader, as they have a better view from the back, but they’re pretty good leaders. // if you make one more shitty pun im going to check you into a wall

cancer: fluid personality, often shifting quickly from sensitive to uncaring. they want to feel safe, whether this is emotionally, romantically, or financially. they love surprising people with gifts. they have a laugh that you can never forget. open about their feelings. if they love you, you will know. smarter than they’re given credit for. // for the last time, your day was not ruined because you stubbed your toe please calm down and quit crying

leo: they soak up all the attention within a 5 mile radius of wherever they happen to be standing. they want to succeed and be recognized for their achievements, but they would never think of dragging anyone down with them. positive and creative thinkers. persistent. weirdly flexible. natural leaders. when they speak, people listen, partially out of respect but also because leos are naturally likable. // QUIT YELLING AT PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST!!!step in someone else’s shoes for fucking once, goddamn

virgo: contrary to popular belief, not actually that excited about school. their room is generally a mess but like, theres one part of it that always has to be clean. they like to make friends, they like to be liked, but they know when thats not an option, and they will not hesitate to cut someone off to protect themselves. if you’re a virgo with a resting bitch face, i am so sorry and i understand. me too. // WHY DO U DO THAT THING WHERE U THINK UR BETTER THAN EVERYONE???U AINT BITCH THE FUCK

libra: ambitious. sometimes seen as shallow but theres often a lot more hidden under the surface. charming when they want to be. one of the funniest people you know, but you dont realize it until they’re mad at you. also, their anger is terrifying so watch your back. if they make a mistake, please just forgive them, because chances are they’re beating themselves up about it. like a lot. make great brownies. // YOU GET PISSY ABOUT THE LITTLEST THINGS. SHUT UP

scorpio: love making other people happy. sometimes manipulative, but a lot of times by accident. spend all of their energy worrying about others, but never themselves, and then some. loyal to the last breath. weirdly good at dancing. always a little bit confused about whats going on but pretends to know whats going on so they look smarter. compassionate. they love new beginnings, clean slates, and fresh starts. // stop dancing around what you wanna say and fuckin SAY IT

sagittarius: adventurous. just because they’re quiet doesn’t mean they’re shy. bad at listening to others sometimes, but they’re doing their best, really. curious. not bothered by a lot. probably would marry a good glass of chocolate milk. tries to be optimistic in most situations, but if they start crying just let them get it out okay they need a good solid cry rn. big hearts. sometimes nosey. want to make a difference in the world and to the people around them. // i have called your name three times you piece of shit PAY ATTENTION STOP ZONING OUT THIS IS IMPORTANT

capricorn: witty and self-depricating. loyal friends but bad at texting back. they dont shit talk people often, but when they do, its because that person is really, really awful. probably a fucking weeb. if they aren’t, then they’re a furry. if they aren’t either of those, then they’re lying. down to earth(literally, they’re an earth sign). they will kick your ass at cards against humanity. accept that they are funnier than you and move on. great hair. // you’re a passive aggressive little shit and you know it

aquarius: independent. talk when they’re nervous. excellent liars, but also brutally honest. alien fuckers. EXTREMELY perceptive, often seeing things you didn’t want them to, or that you thought you had hidden well. organized. probably runs an aesthetic blog. the only people that can lie to them are themselves. hate feeling dragged down by others. // QUIT FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT TINY SHIT LIKE PEOPLE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN!!!!SOME PEOPLE ARENT ALWAYS HAVING A GOOD DAY OKAY

pisces: resilient. always wants to stay busy. honestly some of the sweetest people ive ever met, occasionally a bit misunderstood. obsessive. emotional, which sometimes pulls them in confusing directions. determined to get what they want. the supportive friend that just needs a hug. whatever skills they have, they’re just naturally talented. tries to be mysterious, usually ends up tripping over their own feet. // you’re some of the worst procrastinators of all time get your shit together buddy

Not All Wounds Heal (Part 4/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 3

By the time you reached Leipzig, the battle between your friends, your family, was well underway. It was hard for you to distinguish teams though, as there were so many insular battles happening within the whole of the fight, that it was hard to track just where the loyalty lines were drawn. Maria had brought you in as close as she could get you safely, her vehicle taking a descent hit when a truck barreled through the air and landed in a massive fireball only a few feet away.

“Are you kidding me right now?” you hollered out to her over the chaos, with her in the driver’s seat next to you.  “This isn’t just some argument!  They look like they’re actually trying to kill each other!”

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Just thought everyone could use some fluff

“Please don’t leave me!”

“I have to. Yura, if I don’t they’ll kill you. I can’t let that happen.” Otabek reached out and cupped his fairy’s cheek in the palm of his hand.

“Take me with you. Please, Beka. I can’t do this alone.” The blonde began to cry, his wings trembling with every sob. The expressions of pain on the lovers’ faces could make anyone weep with sorrow.

“I… If I could, I would, Yura. Baby, please believe me. I would never choose to leave you. I need you too. But if I don’t leave you here in the forest, you’ll be hunted down and killed.”

“B-But…” Yuri couldn’t even finish his sentence. He latched onto the knight before him and held on like if he let go, they’d both die instantly. Otabek responded instantly, embracing his beautiful lover tightly and allowing a few tears of his own to fall.

“I’ll come back for you. When the war is over and you’re free, I’ll marry you. I’ll take you in my arms and hold you tight. I love you with all I am, Yura.” He paused.

“Be strong for me, love.”

“Promise me… promise that you’ll come back alive.” Yuri stepped back just enough that he could stare into the chocolate eyes of his lover.

“I promise. I’ll do everything in my power to live. For you.” A long, gentle, loving kiss was shared. Hands tangled in hair. The breeze gently ruffled the leaves of the tall trees. A perfect moment.

When the couple broke apart, Otabek placed a chaste kiss on Yuri’s forehead, then turned and walked towards his horse. He knew that if he hadn’t left right then and there, he wouldn’t have left at all.

Yuri stayed put and watched his knight ride off with the other soldiers. As soon as he could no longer see them, he dropped to his knees and sobbed.

A year passed.

Yuri grew more anxious by the day.

“Look! The soldiers! They’re back!” Yuri heard someone call. In the blink of an eye, the fairy prince jumped off the wall where he sat and bolted towards the oncoming troops.

A familiar voice called his name.

“Yuri!” Faster now. The teen was running towards the direction of the sound as fast as his legs could carry him. He screamed the name of the one he loved over and over again. Until finally, he saw him.

Tall and strong. Running towards him.

“Beka!” They collided and Yuri jumped into the arms of his soulmate. His other half. Otabek Altin. They kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours. Both of the boys cried and clutched at eachother.

“I thought you’d never come home,” Yuri whispered when they paused for air.

“I made a promise.”

“Marry me. Marry me now!” Again, a passionate kiss.

That very day, they wed. The night following that blessed occasion was tender, and gentle. A perfect expression of how the couple loved eachother.

And they lived happily ever after.

E: Look at this cute ass shit this is the fairy tale we all wanted 

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 


NOTES/WARNINGS:  I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thank you all for the likes, comments & shares. Your kind words definitely encourage me to continue writing this story.

The faint traces of sunrise hinted over the horizon, and I unclasped the windows to open them widely. The curtains began to flap rapidly as a cool, and powerful, gust of wind funneled into my room and stung my raw left cheek.
I dropped my bag down onto the ground outside and I hastily followed.
I never wanted to see him again. I never wanted to return to this place where I was unwelcome.
And these thoughts were what propelled me to run as fast as I could from Heathcote Manor.

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CASUAL | part one

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.”

Words: 3, 165

- angst, smut (next part)

Originally posted by kths

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How each group member would react to you going missing and finding you covered in wounds:


Originally posted by omgkcjade

After you wouldn’t return from a run he originally wanted to accompany you to, he would be furious about himself for not insisting on coming with you and would go outside, knowing that he wouldn’t return before finding you.
Seeing you then, leaning injured against a tree, he’d storm over to you not thinking about anything as he would hug you seeing tears in your eyes before carrying you in his arms back to the car.
He’d then keep an eye on you the whole time while driving back and wouldn’t leave your side when you get your wounds treated back in Alexandria and until he knows that you’re alright again.

He would worry that much about you, that he would even go that far to suggest to go alone outside to search for you but in the end would know that the chances are higher to find you when he has someone with him.
He’d finally go outside with Abraham and wouldn’t stop walking trough the forest, doesn’t matter how much fear he has, before he finds you.
Finding you then covered in wounds sitting on the ground would directly shock him and would let him crouch down next to you, and just take you in his arms while telling you that he’s sorry and will get you safe and sound back home as he would feel some tears falling over his cheek

He would do everything to find you and wouldn’t even think about quitting when he wouldn’t be able to find you at first.
As he would then see you walking stumbling over the road into his direction while having problems keeping your legs moving he would directly run over to you, on the one hand glad that he finally has you back, on the other hand extremely worried about seeing you that way.
He would prop you, to get you back to the car as fast as he can and would let you down in its back while holding you and stroking over your hair while calming you down and listening to you before driving back.

She wouldn’t give up trying to find you after you went missing and would ignore every doubt she’d hear about you still being alive or not telling the one that you’re not dead until she sees it with her own eyes.
She’d ask Rosita to help her searching for you, knowing that four eyes see more than two, but would know that doesnt matter if she has to find you on her own or with someone else, she will do it.
When she would finally find you covered in wounds and stumbling towards her she would gasp and would directly run to you, tears in her eyes while being glad that you’re alive but extremely worried about all your injuries.
As Rosita would drive the both of you home, she’d sit with you in the back of the car, holding you and telling you that everything’s gonna be alright.

She would feel sick through not knowing where you are but would tell herself that you are strong and know how to survive while she would keep on searching for you, determined to find you.
As she would then see you in the middle of the forest, covered in wounds would  let pain shoot through her body before she would immediately run into your direction to not let anything or anybody else hurt you.
She would hold you, telling you that she’s now with you and she won’t go before she would get you as fast as she can to Alexandria.
After returning she wouldn’t leave your side and and would listen to what has happened as soon as you’re ready.

After you wouldn’t return for way to long after beginning a run he would already act around grumpily and worried while shouting down anyone who would just attempt to assume that you’re dead before going outside himself.
As he would then hear your weak voice calling for him he would turn around just to see you covered in bruises and wounds and would storm cursing towards you to hold you before your weak legs could give in.
He’d get you to the car, holding you and listening while you’d tell him what happened before telling you what an asskicking badass you are for surviving that shit and would get you home to get your wounds treated as fast as he can.

While looking for you, she’d knew that she wouldnt give up searching for you while she would feel sick through all the worrying.
As she would then see you she’d run towards you before she would realize that you’re injured and covered with bruises.
As she’d see that, she’d kneel down next to you, hugging you through seeing that you need nothing more than that after all what you’ve been through, before she would get you as fast as possible back to Alexandria and promising to bake you as many cookies as you want to get a smile onto your lips. 

Doesnt matter whats going on in Alexandria, he would pass the tasks and responsibility to others just to go searching for you himself, knowing that he wouldnt come back before finding you.
Then seeing you that weak and injured would make him feel horrible and he would just try to show you that he’s now there and will protect you from anything else.
In the car on the way back home,he would take your hand while driving and kiss its back to calm you down while listening to you about what has happened.

Being on another run herself while you would go missing, she would hear through the others talking to her over the walkie that something is off.
When they’d tell her that you’re missing and they just can’t find you, she would immediately forget about the run and would try to find you.
As she would find you that weak and covered in wounds, her concern about you would overflow the anger she has for the others for not directly telling her that you were missing.
In the next days, after she directly got you back to Alexandira, she wouldnt leave your side as you’d lay in the bed in the improvised hospital, while she’d care about you and do everything to make you feel better

When you would go missing while she’d be on a run with you, she would worry and blame herself, while knowing that she won’t return to Alexandria without you.
As she would then find you after a while injured and covered in bruises she would feel panic coming up in her but would control it for you, to help you and calm you down.
While bringing you back to Alexandira, she would hold your hand, telling you that she’ll never let anything like that ever happen to you again and that she just can’t lose before not leaving your side once you’re back.

Father Gabriel
As you would go missing he would finally decide to go outside searching for you no matter how insecure he is about not being able to fight every danger out there.
He would pray to just find you safe and sound while he’d be determined to find and protect you and would try to not think what could have happened to you.
As he would then find you covered in wounds he wouldn’t hesitate to run towards you and carefully take you back to the car and calm you down while holding you and telling you that he will do everything to get you better

He’d be stressed when you wouldnt return for longer than expected while not knowing if you’re well or not before not being able to wait for you to return and beginning to search for you.
He wouldnt care what anybody else would say and would go out, armed with his stick as he would search for you.
As he would finally see you he would first feel relief before seeing that you’re injured.
He would try to stay calm for you, trying to show you that everything is gonna be alright, even though he would suffer seeing you that way and would extremely worry.
He would do everything to get you as fast as he can to Alexandria and wouldnt leave your side before listening to you while you tell him what has happened

When you wouldnt come back from a run she would first try to tell herself that everything is fine even though she would begin to be worried sick with every moment she doesnt if you’re alright.
She’d finally go searching for you, hoping instantly to find you safe and sound.
When she’d then see you injured and weak she would drop her gun shocked and would just run to you, to prop you and somehow get you back to Alexandria while telling you that she’s now with you and won’t let something like that happen to you ever again.

He wouldn’t stop trying to find you when you’d go missing, he would try suppress every thought of something happening to you and would be determined to find you no matter what.
As he would then see you, that weak and injured would hurt him but for you, he would try to stay strong, doesnt matter if its on the way back home or in Alexandria itself.
He would try to give you the feeling of safety doesn’t matter if its through holding you or just his presence and would stay with you the whole time until he knows you feel better again.

When you wouldn’t return from a run he would worry extremely before not being able to wait longer trying to find you.
Seeing you then covered in bruises would let him stand for a second there in shock before he would walk trembling over to you hating to see you that way before falling onto his knees next to you and pulling you close.
He’d then get you back to the car, while trying to cheer you up and promising you to make you feel better even though he’s still worrying and just wants you to be well.


The room is dark. Muffled. Cold. 

Jason slips his shoes off near the door, socked feet padding across the hardwood floor. He blinks his eyes.

Ah. There.

A mattress sits in the middle of the living room, blankets flat across her chest.
Jason makes his way to the edge of the carpet but stops. He swallows. He clenches his hands, knuckles swollen and cracked with blood. He swallows again, but this time there’s something in his throat. 

Son of a bitch, he swears to himself. He rubs at his eyes. Flinches. Those are swollen too. 


Jason freezes. Damnit. His bawling baby noises woke her up. 

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by taestylips

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

Darkness surrounded you from all sides as you sat underneath the blanket fortress you had made for yourself. The cold managed to seep through and found it’s way through the cracks of your skin into your bones. Shivers and trembles ran down your spine, leaving your a mess within the blankets.

There was a sound of a door closing and your attention was brought to the feeling of someone sitting beside you. The heater had broken hours before and the cold winter air had been seeping through the cracks in the insulation. You couldn’t help but take another shaky breath as your body wracked with shivers.

You didn’t want to think about the way the body shook beside you in silent laughter. Irritation ran through you at the motion of his body.

“Stop laughing.” You muttered, drawing his attention completely to you.

“Sorry, you’re just so adorable.” Namjoon said, the laughter finally sounding out loud. You didn’t hesitate to yank the blanket off your head and glare at your boyfriend. The smile on his face was enough to make you crack. No matter how much of a twit he was, he always managed to cheer you up.

You could see the sweat sticking to his forehead and collarbones, reminding you that he had just finished dance practice with the boys.

He was meant to be here sooner but ended up staying later as the instructor didn’t want them to leave until the routine was perfect. Comebacks were coming quicker than expected and all of them were working hard to make sure it was the best one they’d had so far.

You stared at him and he laughed before getting up and disappearing into the front hall. You didn’t say anything, just staring off into the direction Namjoon had gone. He hadn’t said anything, but you could still hear the faint sounds of him laughing.

There was a bit of ruckus before he came back in, bearing your winter jacket, hat, mitts, and scarf. You glared at him and he just smiled widely. His dimples shone brightly and you could feel your resolve cracking as you looked up at him. His smile seemed to change your entire perception.

“Put your stuff on and meet me by the front door.” He said. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at his ridiculousness as a small smile came over your own face.

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Protect You

I seriously can’t stop watching the HDS video, a few more times and I’ll know every part by heart. It’s insane. (I already said in the Tyler imagine that I will be giving other names to imagines then just Josh Dun imagine or so, and I will do imagines about other celebs too, when my request box is empty :) so hope to do that tonight after I finish studying or some time next week)

Title: Protect you
Requested? No.
Plot: Imagine being there with the guys when they were filming the Heavydirtysould music video and you decide to take a walk down the highway as they got some equipment ready, so you could warm up and you get attacked.
Warnings: Attempted rape (not too graphic)
Word count: 1109


“Can you see my mllttens?” Tyler said, changing the word mittens with his tongue, making Josh laugh and repeat the word. You were all together, on the east side of Columbis, Ohio, where Twenty One Pilots were filming the video for their song Heavydirtysoul. It was really cold, considering it was January, but you really liked the scene, a remote highway that the director Andrew Donoho picked for the shoot. Andrew actually directed the video for Heathens with Josh and Tyler, so they were comfortable working with him again.

You and Josh have been dating for two years now, and you were really happy to be here, hanging out with him, Tyler, Jenna, who is like a sister to you, and the rest of the crew. You and Jenna were drinking hot cocoa and giggling to yourselves and talking as you listened to the boys and the rest of the crew laughing and debating about possible and plausible. It would be an understatement to say you were not a fan of Josh wearing the thin white shirt, with the sleeves cut off. But you were even more worried about the car repeatedly almost hitting him and the drums being on fire for real.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Josh just laughed it off and embraced you in a tight hug, placing a kiss on the top of your head. The shoot was going great, and you were calming down as it was going along. But the snow on the ground meant it was freezing and you had tried everything to get warmer, but nothing seemed to work. So as you talked to Jenna, you got this idea to take a speedwalk down the highway, to get warm. Josh was filming his part, as Tyler jumped up and down and did his weird dance, and you told Jenna you will act apon your idea and started walking.

The cool wind was hitting your cheeks as you walked down the highway, admiring your surroundings. You could still hear the music and Josh hitting the drums in the distance, but you thought you would walk just a little more and then make your way back. You got caught up in your thoughts a little and at one point noticed the sounds of the video shoot were even more distant then you thought. Even though you wondered where the highway would take you, you decided to make your way back, knowing Josh would get worried if you are not back soon. You smiled to yourself, the feeling of how lucky you are to be here and to be with Josh flodding your mind. Suddenly, you felt someone grab your waist and pull you into the woods, causing you to scream.

“Hey, where’s Y/N?” Josh asked Jenna once he finished his set and noticed you were not next to her. She told him you went for a walk, but that you should have been back by now. Josh frowned at her, but his eyes grew wide and he snapped his head towards the highway once he heard your scream. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in the same direction Josh was looking at, quickly switching their attention to Josh as he started running down the highway, others following quickly behind. Josh was frantically trying to find you, but he couldn’t hear anything after your initial scream. Dark thoughts filled his mind.

He wondered if you were hurt or if someone was hurting you. Then he heard his name being shouted out by you and ran in the direction of your voice. He ran as fast as he could, as you were trying to fight off a guy who was forcing himself on you. His lips were roughly kissing your neck, as one of his hands was pinning you down, and the other one on your mouth, preventing you from screaming again. Your shirt was ripped and your attacker was trying to get his hand in your pants. Your eyes wide in shock and you bite his hand. The man yells out and you take the chance to scream for Josh. Your attacker put his hand on your mouth again and threatened you he would kill you if you did that again.

“Get off of her!” You hear the voice you never thought you would hear again and you cursed yourself for going that far. The man was pulled off of you by your Josh and he started hitting him with his fists, as you cried for him to stop. He did attack you, but that doesn’t mean Josh should kill him. You heard the rest of the crew run over and Jenna quickly embraced you in her hands, tears falling from her eyes as seeing you like that crushed her heart. The boys ran over to Josh and Tyler hit your attacker himself, instead of helping the others get Josh off of him.

One of the crew members calls the police officer who they talked to in order to get the ability to shoot on the highway as the others hold Josh and even Tyler. The fans know he’s not the strongest, but he was still angry enough for the adrenaline to make him stronger. You were like his little sister and it terrified him what could have happened. The officer came in and arrested the attacker, and as soon as he calmed down, Josh ran straight over to you as Jenna ran over to Tyler. He held you tightly in his arms and you could hear him sobbing as you cried into his chest. He thanked God that you were alright, after he inspected you and you assured him the man didn’t hurt you. 

He held you close as you walked back to the set. There, you take a clean set of clothes and wash your face. Josh was reluctant to leave your side and continue the shoot, but you assured him Jenna would be with you and that you were here, close to him. It was understanding he wanted to be close to you now more than ever. But he somehow agreed and went out to continue filming. Josh came in from time to time to check up on you and give you a kiss. When the shoot was over and you were all on your way home, to where Josh’s parents lived currently as Tyler and Jenna went to the house of Tyler’s parents, Josh held you close, more that humanly possible. His mind was set to never, ever let you get hurt again. He was gonna do his best to protect you for the rest of his life.

Heey <3 Hope you like the imagine.  I was full of inspiration :D
More imagines of a lot celebs coming soon <3

Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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not my division!// old man logan

Originally posted by hqrryhart

There are next to no Old Man Logan gifs that I haven’t used.. So I’m just going to start using ones of Logan both old and young. This prompt was so amusing to think about that I just wanted to start with this one! This is ¼ requests for the day, but bear with me.. I’m sick as a dog. Enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Would you mind doing an insert set during Logan, were the reader is on her monthly  and he’s so inexperienced with dealing with her human mood swings? He makes a fool out of himself buying her lady products, etc while Laura tags along? 

Warnings: mentions of blood, Logan being completely inexperienced with women and menstrual cycles / It’s really short compared to the other ones I’ve written. 

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Prompt: Imagine that the first thing your soulmate, Steve Rogers, ever said to you was “hi”.

Pairing: Steve/Reader - First Words Tattoo Soulmate AU

Words: 1034

Warnings: None? (I didn’t mean to insult anyone who likes Fifty Shades of Grey.)


You looked down at your wrist, reading again the word even if you didn’t need to. You memorized it as soon as you learned it’s meaning.

After all, it was the first word your soulmates were going to say to you. Both of them.


And you were definitely going to slap them for it. 

At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Lots of people had “hi” as their soulmark(not both of them, sure) and still found their soulmates, right? Well, that’s what you thought before your first year of school, when you realized the amount of times you would hear that word every single day of your life. You couldn’t keep freezing every time you heard your friends saying hi to each other, just because you thought it could be your soulmate saying it to you, or ask to check the soulmarks of everyone new that said hi to you.

What if you and your soulmates said very common things and neither of you realized you were actually soulmates, never meeting each other again? Okay, maybe that was dramatic, but it certainly could happen.

So you made up a plan.

It seemed like a stupid plan at first, but as the time passed you noticed that it avoided a lot of confusion. It was simple, really. You just made sure that you said the strangest things to everyone in your first meetings. Everyone.

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Not as bad as I thought

Originally posted by bellamyblako

Summary/Original Request: One day you join Bellamy’s group out exploring the woods, when you all then get surprised by the acid fog. Bellamy doesn’t hesitate and pulls you with him towards a cave where you’re safe. You stay there for the night but it gets terribly cold, so you and Bell cuddle close together and keep each other warm. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1550
A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind!! :) And I hope you like it!

It had been late in the afternoon when Bellamy had summoned a small group from the Camp to investigate further into the woods with him. 

He had carefully chosen the people he thought could be of use, some of them carrying knives and sharp objects they had torn off the dropship to defend themselves if needed. Bellamy, his gun securely kept in his jacket, walked close behind (y/n) the whole time, keeping her in sight. 

Now that it was steadily becoming dark they were on their way back, after having tried to gather more information about the Ground. Or – how they probably should start calling it – their new home. For Bellamy knew, there was no returning to the Ark. At least not for him.
Thus, Bellamy had decided that it was best, if they knew as much as possible about it. One could never know when the extra knowlegde might come in handy.
After all, within the few weeks they had been on the Ground, he had seen more definite dangers than he could list.
And he wouldn’t accept anyone else being hurt by them. Especially not Octavia. And definitely not (y/n).

His possibilities had been letting her stay at the dropship with the others and more precisely with Murphy, or taking her with him, where he at least knew he could protect her. His decision had been easily made. He didn’t trust Murphy and his friends as far as he could throw them.
Actually he had wanted to take Octavia with him also, but she hadn’t agreed on coming. And so he had decided, that she was safe with Clarke, rather than out in the woods with him, where she would probably end up running off alone.

Slowly their small group made their way through the woods, and though their initial enthusiasm had vanished, they were still more than wary about their surroundings.

Suddenly (y/n) stopped. „What is it?“, Bellamy asked, stopping right next to her, shoving his hand into his jacket, ready to pull out his gun.
But she didn’t answer, and instead put a finger to her lips to shush him. Bellamy looked down at her, before lifting his head, straining to listen to whatever she just had heard. And then he did, too. A horn.
„What is that?“, she asked and turned around, but seemed to get an answer to her question almost immediately, as her eyes grew wide. Quickly Bellamy turned around too, finally realising what was happening. 

„Acid fog!“, he shouted, and out of instinct grabbed (y/n)’s hand, pulling her with him, before he started running as fast as he could.  
He saw the others all running in different directions, trying to find shelter. But in this moment he couldn’t care for all of them. Now he had to save himself, and even more important – he had to save her.
„There are caves over there“, he cried over his shoulder, as both ran as fast as possible without tripping, away from the fog, that had already drawn close enough to waft around their feet. Bellamy could already feel the slight burning sensation spread over his skin.
Finally they reached the caves. Just in time Bellamy pushed her inside, following her as deep as they could inside it.
She panted heavily, supporting herself against the cave wall, lifting her head to look at – or rather – past him. „Are you sure it can’t get inside here?“ Panting as heavily as her Bellamy nodded, putting his hands on his hips, until he managed to catch his breath again.
A few minutes (y/n) sighed, and sat down on a small rock formation. „Looks like we’ll be in here for some time.“

Bellamy just nodded. He had just realised that this meant, he would be alone with her. But as quickly as it had come, he had swallowed the thought again. It was no time to be thinking about his feelings for her.

Over the past few days he had found his eyes drifting to her figure more and more often, his body conscious of her presence without meaning to, and even though he had tried to avoid her as best as he could, this feeling seemed to grow steadily. But he also knew, that she didn’t approve of most of his actions. Therefore she would most likely turn him down. And this was the exact reason he didn’t tell her. 

Frustrated Bellamy kicked a small pebble through the cave, before sitting down also, staring at the opposite wall, deeply wrapped in his thoughts.
„When do you reckon it is safe to go outside again?“, (y/n) asked into the rather uncomfortable silence that had formed.
Bellamy stopped staring at the wall, and turned his gaze to her instead.  He shrugged.
„A few hours I guess.“
She stood up, and went through the room, stopping in front of him, before she sat down on his side. „I guess this means we’ll spend the night.“ Bellamy nodded, clenching and unclenching his fists at the thought. Sighing she leant back onto the cave wall. „Cozy.“

(Y/n) had stood up again, and was now pacing the small room, much to Bellamy’s annoyance.
It made him nervous. 

„Would you stop that, please.“
She stopped for a moment, but just placed her hand in her pockets, before continuing to stroll through the small cave. „(Y/n). Please“, he said again, leaning his head against the cage wall. „You should try to sleep a bit instead.“
She nodded, but didn’t look very convinced. And she didn’t sit down. Bellamy opened his eyes and looked at her.
Not before that he realised suddenly that she was shivering. 

„You are cold“, he said, both a statement and sudden explanation for her pacing through the cave.
Licking her lips in slight embarrassment, (y/n) nodded.
He hesitated, but then scooched over a few centimeters, gesturing for her to sit down. She seemed suspicious. „Sit down“, he said, staring at her, until she eventually did as she was told.
Hesitantly she sat down beside him, making him very aware of the fact, that her shoulder was touching his. And as embarrassing as it might have been for both of them, this wouldn’t help much to improve the fact that she was cold.
On that account Bellamy carefully placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. First he felt her body stiffen at the sudden physical contact, but not long after that she started to relax against him.
„Thank you“, she murmured.
Bellamy nodded. And then he sighed. „You should try to sleep now.“

And to his surprise (y/n) indeed did rest her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. Bellamy couldn’t get himself to avert his gaze, as he watched her slowly reaching out for the hand he had slung around her shoulder, taking it in hers.
Gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb, Bellamy leaned back, so she could lie more comfortably against him, all the while anxious not let go of her hand.
Slowly he rested his head on hers.

A few minutes later, though, she shifted, causing him to lift his head again, and look down at her. Gently she squeezed his hand, and he returned the pressure, as he watched her turning to face him.
Weakly she smiled up to him, making his heart miss a beat. All at once he realised how close his face was to hers, and was painfully aware of every part of his body that touched hers.
And before he knew what he was doing, completely forgetting the fact that she had probably wanted to say something, he crossed the remaining distance between their faces and pressed his lips softly on hers. 

Barely had his lips touched hers, when she completely surprised him by returning the kiss.
Gaining confidence out of her response Bellamy put more pressure on the kiss and felt her smiling against his lips. 

After he reluctantly pulled away from her, he rested his forehead against hers and slowly opened his eyes, directly gazing into her (e/c)irises.
She let her eyes wander over his face, before a smile started to form around the corners of her lips.
„I love you“, Bellamy breathed, gently resting his free hand on her cheek. Her eyes widened slightly at his words, as she leaned into his touch, her lips parting slightly. But just as soon, her featured relaxed once more into a smile and her lids fluttered closed.

„I love you too“, she whispered, before opening her eyes again, letting her lips brush over his again.

Gently Bellamy stroke his thumb over her lips and cheek, before pulling her close to him once more.
After they broke the kiss she shifted back into her earlier position, closing her eyes as she relaxed against his body. „Maybe staying the night isn’t as bad as I thought“, she whispered, before her breathing slowly became steady as her body relaxed against his.

Bellamy pulled her closer, resting his chin carefully on her head, after pressing another kiss on her hair.

He never thought he’d admit something like this, but maybe the time on the Ground wouldn’t have to be as horrible as he had expected. At least not with her around.

requested by @diving-down-to-wonderland

A grumpy, antisocial policeman is forced to live with one of the witnesses for a while.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever said it but - Jaymes Young’s music has strong TsukiYama vibe for me. Here’s another example of that - the idea came from this song.

As I’ve said before in previous posts - I’ve decided to make a poll when readers can decide which of my works they want to read next. The fics listed in the poll are already finished. There will be only TsukiYama ones to vote for and I will be slipping some other pairings or fandoms (*cough*Klance*cough*) in between posting the ones from the poll. You can vote here. And this one is the fic that won in the first poll (whooping four votes out of thirteen).

SFW, TsukiYama, police au
Words: 4120
Also on ao3.

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