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Valentine's Day
  • Sebastian: As today is Valentine's Day, I predict the young master will have another one of his bouts. Everyone be prepared.
  • Finny: *shuddering* Last year was so scary!
  • Snake: Does Smile hate Valentine's Day? Says Emily.
  • Ciel: *appearing from around the corner* Don't be foolish, Snake. I LOVE Valentine's Day.
  • Sebastian: Oh, young master... We were just having a meeting about today's events-- no need to concern yourself with the detai--
  • Ciel: Do you know what makes Valentine's Day so great?
  • Snake: Um... Other people? Says Osca--
  • Ciel: The PROFIT. I'm running a candy and toy company after all. This truly is the most glorious day of the year..!
  • Bard: Oh my god he's at it again.
  • Mey-Rin: Young master, please calm down!
  • Ciel: In fact, today is so important that I'm giving all of you the day off-- even Sebastian. Plus, I made you all Valentine's cards.
  • Bard: You sick freak!
  • Finny: *sniffling* Where did the young master we know and love go? What if he never comes back?
  • Ciel: Anyway, I need to go call Elizabeth. Enjoy your day off.
  • Ciel: *leaves*
  • Sebastian: Now that the young master has left, I suggest we orderly evacuate the manor in favor of our Valentine's Day safe house in the woods.
  • Snake: Shouldn't we--
  • Sebastian: No. RUN.

anonymous asked:

I read some theories and there are some fans assumes Yana said that our Ciel wouldn't live to see his 14th birthday. I'm so confused. Is it true? Thank you in advance.

Mmm, no. I don’t recall such statement from Yana and I doubt she’d say something like that so explicitly. I mean, it would be one big spoiler for the ending, don’t you think?^^;

I guess the “Ciel will die before/on his 14th birthday” is just a rumour that started somewhere in the fandom at some point, but imo it’s not as groundless as it might seem at first! There are scenes in the manga that suggest that Ciel is running out of time. And also, Yana once described Ciel’s life as follows:

“I believe he [*Ciel] was born to live like a shooting star, i.e. moving in a straight line and then burning out.” (source)

To me this doesn’t really sound like Ciel will live long. I rather imagine that his life will be short, but intense (at least, that’s my image of a “shooting star”).

So this rumour (fan theory?) isn’t that groundless, but it’s not confirmed at all, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much (yet)! xD

The signs as things in the black butler movie

Aries: Sebastian has to deadass makeout with Ciel to save his life in a very dramatic fashion. 

Taurus: Sebastian leaning against a wall with a cat (which he somehow found in a high security building??) while Ciel runs away in a panic because the building is about to be gassed out. 

Gemini: Sebastian leaning in really really far like nose to nose to tell Ciel he’s a brat 

Cancer: Ciel’s angst 

Leo: Ciel is a 17 year old girl pretending to be a boy

Virgo: James Bond opening

Libra: Sebastian eats maybe 12 poison ball things but he does it like really fast for some reason like he’s poppin pills

Scorpio: Ciel is dying and Sebastian has the antidote in his pocket but just chooses not to use it until Ciel is literally on the verge of death.

Sagittarius: Ciel throws a bomb off of a building in slow motion. 

Pisces: Random inexplicable cut scenes to a church full of white people in this Japanese movie 

Aquarius: Sebastian watching a dying Ciel climb up a flight of stairs with a bomb

Capricorn: Sebastian honest to god tells Ciel to kill himself within the first fifteen minutes 

anonymous asked:

Demonio x Apostasia please! <3 With AP sleeping peacefully and DM hugging him tightly from behind, smelling his hair, kissing his shoulder and leaving marks on his neck, and AP slowly waking up to it but not stopping him. <3

He was cute, like this, Ciel thought, running his stained fingers through Ain’s snowy hair.

Usually Ain was so cold and stern, rather like Ciel himself.  But when he was sleeping, all that melted away.  He looked vulnerable like this.  Adorable.

Without really thinking, Ciel tugged his mouthguard off and leaned down to press a kiss against Ain’s cheek.

Ain hummed and snuggled closer.  Ciel gladly let him, unable to stop himself from pressing kisses all over Ain - his collarbone, his neck, his hairline, his lips.  He left marks with his teeth, too, breathing in that calming scent that was purely Ain.

He knew when Ain woke up - his unhurried breathing hitched, and he stirred slightly.  Ciel barely even paused in his kisses.  And Ain didn’t stop him, simply laying there, tilting his head for better access and even humming slight encouragement.

Ciel worked his way up to Ain’s lips and rolled him over onto his back.  Ain’s calm eyes looked up at him, his mouth slightly quirked in a peaceful smile.

Ciel smiled back, and then kissed him.

Prompt: The Mall

The Kuro characters run several neighboring stores in a shopping mall. Ciel runs an upscale ice cream parlor and feuds nonstop with Sebastian, who runs an organic, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt store with an obsessive focus on “food purity.” Then there’s the epic battle between William, the well-dressed manager of a designer clothing boutique, and his overly dramatic window dresser, Grell. And all of them hate Undertaker, whose dark, spooky aesthetic jewelry store sends customers running scared to the other side of the mall.

But everyone bands together to fight Bravat, who swoops in one day to shut down their eclectic small businesses, take over their spaces, and install a Hard Rock Cafe in their place.

An anon sent us a single phrase that inspired this prompt– “mall workers.”


So this is the line art of an obvious reference from an easy to know movie.

I'll color it if I have time. 

Anyway, besides that. I just ran away from a date. Like literally. I walked into the restaurant with a red dress… I even brought a purse and everything! 

I am prepared to run a marathon with heels now.


The characters!

So, the following are the characters who are on this blog who you can ask questions to!


A guardian angel who has lived with the curse of being unable to know which human she is meant to be guardian of. She is next in line to be the head angel once her grandmother, Alessia, passes on because of her mother becoming a fallen angel and was sent to hell.


(Name is short for Chysanthemum) He is the deputy head angel, and head angel of Ciel’s branch of guardian angels in the human world. He has a desire for Ciel, and so, he doesn’t wish for her to discover who her human to protect is because if they keep meeting their untimely death, Ciel has to marry him and forfeit her right to be next in line to him. Also he’s a kinky little shit.


Ciel’s father. He was a human turned into an angel by Ciel’s mother, which is an illegal action within angel society, and so he bears the burden of being responsible for his wife becoming a fallen angel and for Ciel being cursed. Doesn’t like Alessia, because she decides what happens in Ciel’s life without telling him first.


Ciel’s grandmother, and overall head angel. She is overprotective of Ciel, and that leads to her making decisions over her granddaughter’s life without telling her or Kian in advance. She is aware that her time is running short, and if Ciel is unable to protect her human on time, she has no other choice but to have Ciel marry Chrys in order to keep the angelic society running smoothly and without anarchy.


Ciel’s friend, and also a co-worker as a guardian angel. She is supportive of Ciel, but at times, she acts a bit suspiciously…


The human which Ciel is initially unaware that she is meant to protect. Chrys hates his guts. He is a newly recruited weather reporter. He doesn’t like his boss.

A Summary of Black Butler
  • Chapter 1: Sebastian must make up for the silly mistakes of his staff by preparing the perfect dinner. Ciel is a devious chessmaster.
  • Chapter 100+: Sebastian must single-handedly annihilate a pre-WWI German super tank, while fighting off mustard gas and an army of undercover soldier scientists. Ciel runs around the forest in a medieval maiden's dress.