run away with my heart

You completely destroyed me. You shattered my heart into a million pieces and didn’t even help me pick them back up.

But now there’s a new guy who actually cares about me… although that will never change the fact that whenever he touches me I will always feel you. When he runs his fingers down my leg all I want to do is cry, when he kisses my lips I want to scream, his gray eyes somehow turn into your brown ones, and when he grabs my hand I want to run away and never look back. But I need to tell my heart to relax, because I know he won’t break me like you did.

And can you try to explain that to me? Even though he gives me the world when you couldn’t, I will always be helplessly brought back to you. You treated me like dirt but I will always love you with every piece of my broken heart.


“Colonel Baird. Where’s Mr. Carsen?”

How’s it feel? How’s it feel with your broken heart?
Can’t reveal, can’t reveal all these fucking scars
Hurt me now, kill the pain, this is just the start
Kill me now, numb the pain, I just wanna stop
Run away, run away from my broken heart
Kill me now, numb the pain, this is just the start
Run away, run away from my broken heart
Kill me now, numb the pain, this is just the start
Heart broken, no one can feel me
Heart open, with an incision
You broke it, too many faces running
I’m nothing, I’m nothing different


Sometimes I wish I have a warning sign across my head saying “Please don’t fall in love with me.”

Please don’t fall in love with me, I am cruel, cold, distant, heartless, and unemotional. My guards and walls are way up high in the sky, and it will take too much of an effort for you to climb it up, much more to destroy it all the way down.

Please don’t fall in love with me, I will cringe every time you touch me, and I’ll remember all the horrible ways I was touched before. I’ll always have my slippers and my bags packed, ready to go, and my heart ready to run away from you. And I will not look back.

Please don’t fall in love with me, I will always protect myself first before thinking of loving you, and most of the time I don’t even know how to love myself for me to know how to love you back.

Please don’t fall in love with me, unless you’re prepared to share your one beating heart with me. A boy had stolen my heart a long time ago, and he never gave it back to me, and I wasn’t able to retrieve it again. And if you do share your heart, expect me to be possessive, jealous, and moody for I will not accept any other occupants of your heart.

Fall in love with me only if you’re ready to give it your all, only if you’re ready to battle with all of my demons, and only if you love me despite all that I am and all that I’m not.

And to the boy who had stolen my heart, please fall in love with me.
—  cynthia go // Please don’t fall in love with me [80/365]

I needed to doodle something from that Naruto host club drama track, also if you haven’t already listened to it here it is 

How’s it feel? How’s it feel with your broken heart?
Can’t reveal, can’t reveal all these fucking scars
Hurt me now, kill the pain, this is just the start
Kill me now, numb the pain, I just wanna stop
Run away, run away from my broken heart
Kill me now, numb the pain, this is just the start
Run away, run away from my broken heart
Kill me now, numb the pain, this is just the start
Heart broken, no one can feel me
Heart open, with an incision
You broke it, too many faces running
I’m nothing, I’m nothing different
My Princess - Wonho Mafia AU (chapter 9 smut)

Warning: SMUT

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Y/N’S POV [February 14. 7:00 pm]

“Let’s run away”

I looked at him in shock, “Are you crazy?!” I whispered loudy.

He looked at me, his eyes never leaving me. “Y/n you’re the best thing that has happened to me, I don’t want to loose you. Please come with me, I can make you happy, you don’t have to marry Kihyun… You can marry me. Not now but whenever you’re ready but please just let’s run away.”

By now I felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest any second now. I’ve never felt like this for anyone before and I probably won’t for decades. I cleared my throat, “Alright let’s run away.” He got closer to me and began to explain the plan.

WONHO’S POV [8:30 pm]

Adrenaline ran through my body as I held one of y/n’s hand while I used the other to drive. Escaping has too hectic but we managed to do it, only Shownu knows where were heading, after all he’s the only one I can trust. The boys promised to keep her dad distracted at least until midnight to give us an advantage. Y/n was quietly sitting next to, she hadn’t said much since the car ride began. She didn’t know what to expect and neither did I.

Currently I was heading to my old home, the place I used to live before I joined the business. No one knew about, neither did the boys. It was almost 5 hours away from y/n’s house which was great, it gave us a better change of not being found.

Y/N’S POV [1:45 am]

I woke up to someone lightly shaking me, where we already here? Quietly and still half asleep I managed to get out with the help of Wonho’s help. Quickly we rushed inside, the car was parked inside the garage for safety. I looked around, “where are we?” I whispered. 

“My old house, no one knows about it so we should be here…” He says as he sets my backpack down. It was clean, maybe he hired someone to keep it clean. Gently he took my hand and lead me to the bedroom I began to feel nervous, I never shared a room with a guy before… He didn’t seem to notice since didn’t say anything. 

We took off our shoe and sweaters and then headed to change into the comfortable clothes we managed to bring with us. Once I was done I walked back to the bedroom, there he was, shirtless. Oh god help me. I tried my best o not look, I knew I would blush if I did but it wasn’t easy to keep my eyes to myself. Slowly I sat down on the corner of my bed and braided my hair. When I was done I got under the sheets with Wonho. 


I gently pulled her body closer to mine, I couldn’t believe it, she was officially all mine. With the palm of my I rubbed her back softly, no reaction. “Are you okay?” I finally broke the silence. She nodded, was that all? With my finger I lifted her chin so she was looking at me. “Everything’s going to be okay, I promise.” I leaned down and kissed her. She kissed back and little by little the kiss began to get heated.

My hands began to wander, they shouldn’t but they couldn’t help themselves, they were curious. I stopped and pulled away from the kiss, I didn’t want to pressure her into anything. 

Is this okay or should I stop?”

“It’s okay”, she says with a blushing forming on her cheeks.

I let out a chuckle and kissed her again but this time with more passion and love. A soft moan left her and with that I took advantage, my tongue slided into her mouth. I placed my hands on her hips and moved to place her on top of me with breaking the kiss. My hands then began to go lower and lower, she was addictive and I needed more.

Take it off” she said between kisses, without hesitation I removed her short shorts and began to feel her, a moan left me just thinking about what was going to happen tonight. Together we threw the sheets off us, I flipped us over so I was on top, My lips left hers and began to make their way to her neck, I began to mark her. The way she moaned only turned me on. 

I pulled away to see my creating, “perfect” I smiled at her. My hands made their way under her shirt to only pull it off. By now she was only in her bra and panties, she looked gorgeous, from head to toe. “You’re a piece of art.” I complimented. She blushed, man I love doing that. 

I moved to slide down my sweats, a bulge clearly showing through my boxer. She blushed again as she saw the size of my member. “It’s all yours princess” I informed her. Slowly she nodded, I removed everything she had left, she got closer and began to shyly remove my boxer. 

She’s brave, I love it. Once she saw the actually size her facial expressions changed. Maybe it was her first time, “don’t worry princess it’s not going to hurt a lot..” I laid her down on her back and with my fingers I began to rub her, she seemed in complete pleasure, I wanted her to be ready before I entered her. When she was wet enough I hovered over her. “Ready?” I asked softly.

On her cue I slowly entered her, I cursed of how tight she was. Her nails began to dig into my back, she was going to leave scratches behind but I didn’t care. After all I was completely hers. When she was adjusted to my size I began to thrust gently into her, moans leaving the both of us. She felt amazing around me. I wanted her to feel the same pleasure as I did. 

Carefully I leaned to kiss her as I continued to thrust. Soon her walls began to tighten around me, causing a curse to leave me. I picked up the pace until she reached her high, soon after I reached my own. I pulled away and laid down next to her, I covered us with the sheets and let her cuddle into my side. There was much to go on the next day.

They did run away and did the deed! What do you guys think is going to happen to them after her father finds out that their gone? Let me know, feedback is always very much appreciated!


my heart is a car crash
one in which i am the sole survivor
and the guilt chews me up
spits me out
and i can’t look away.

my heart is the child
running full speed
at the shiniest object
and my brain is the cautious parent
holding it by a lead
saying no, not too fast
no, not without a plan
no, not without a defence.

my heart wants to stay
never knows the meaning of ‘too much’
says, i will love you
years after
the last time i have told you.

my brain is the first person
to leave the party
tells the same old story of
broken glass
and beer
and the kissing
that happens because we are tired.


my mouth is a pandora box
of places my feet are too afraid to go.
in it lives the wall that cuts through
my motherland,
the pacific coast highway
of california,

my brain wills my feet to stay
says, this is all you know
and you are safe here.

my heart tells my mouth secrets
and it can’t stop talking 
spilling them to
strangers in bars.

brain says, stay.
feet says, okay.
brain says, good.

heart says, no run while you can.
mouth says, okay.
heart says, not you.


You want to quit all this and run?

Okay so just because I can, I’m going to post headcanons whenever they pop into my head, even though they’re likely to change at the drop of a hat.

First up is the lovely Ignis, because dear lord the poor guy has grabbed my heart and run away with it.

  • He absolutely loathes sweet things.  If he makes any sugar-laden foods for Noct and/or the others he’ll always have a small dish of something totally different prepared on the side for himself.
  • He’s that one person who can tell if you’ve used the same teaspoon to make his coffee as was used to put some sugar in a cup of tea without being rinsed off first.  Prompto swears the grimace of distaste makes him look constipated.
  • His s/o doesn’t realise this when his first birthday since they became a couple rolls around.  He makes a valiant effort to stomach a slice of the cake they made him - and he can see there’s so much effort behind it and the level of decoration is so much that he might be just a touch envious - but he really doesn’t like sweet stuff.  So he and s/o ditch the cake for Noct and Prompt to polish off while they hit the nearest café or bakery and s/o treats Ignis to something more to his liking.
  • He is ridiculously susceptible to catching colds and hay fever, but for all that he suffers he’s only a little more insufferable with his sarcasm and dry wit than usual, and he begrudges letting the symptoms affect his duties.  It’s not uncommon for the guys to all but bully him into resting, with a fair few threats of having Gladio sit on him.
  • It’s mandatory for the Crown Prince to be able to dance.  Properly.  After witnessing Noct’s atrocious pair of left feet Ignis took it upon himself to teach him.
  • If Ignis meets his s/o before the events of XV it isn’t uncommon to find him dancing with them a couple of times throughout any social gatherings and parties hosted at the palace.  Unless he needs to save Noct from situations where a faux pas is almost guaranteed, or to pluck him from the hawk-like attention of the dignitaries trying to coerce him into “meeting” their daughters.
  • Don’t think he won’t hesitate to use his cooking utensils as impromptu weapons if the camp is attacked while he’s preparing a meal.
  • Carries two journals with him during the events of the game - one for recipes and one that becomes a bestiary of sorts with all the details he learns about the fauna they come across.
  • Is not above being petty when it comes to revenge department - there’s still pink thread and hearts patching up that unfortunate tear in the seat of Gladio’s trousers after the one morning when the Ebony ran out.
  • Is the one who writes details on the back of any photos Prompto has developed when they stop off at Lestallum, because he remembers the details.
  • Can go days without styling his hair but absolutely must shave, because the initial growth of stubble feels like a hundred and one ant bites he can’t ignore.  Extremely irritable if he’s prevented from shaving for any reason, even after the morning caffeine.
  • Has a very nice singing voice but he’s very shy about it.  Even his s/o has a 5% chance of sweet-talking him into singing something.  He’d probably only cave on an anniversary or something.
  • Wears gloves so often because his hands are always so freaking cold.  It’s a running joke that Shiva actually favours him over Noctis.
  • Also should not be trusted with fire magic if it can be helped because shit tends to explode even after every foe is dead and accounted for.
  • Studied astronomy as a side project and loves star gazing when time permits.
  • 100% a cat person.

Spoilers ahead

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I have a confession to make…I can’t even watch more than 2 sec of the promo without screaming and flailing and running away from my phone. I’m relying on gifs because my westallen heart cannot take watching a video with actual audio. I’m weird I know. I’m basically watching a second, then pausing it, walking away to collect myself and coming back to play another second.

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We got married (종현♡승연) « Jong hyun’s sweet proposal that made Seung Yeon moved to tears 


@dreamy-94 so i decided how Buddy will look like 

Dig will remember dat clothes cuz i stole her design muhaha

btw 4give meh

(((because it is hot  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i gave up on the last one because my friend gave me back my wacom tablet and i tested out wacom tablet can do much better than previous one.Then you’ll see the 1st and the 3rd pic are a bit different.((Personally i think 2nd is good too :P

“Good morning, Dr. Spencer.”

“Dr. Lothario.”

“Is that a new blouse?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“It looks nice on you. Makes your eyes really pop.”

“Thank you Don.”

“So, have you decided to leave your husband and run away with me forever yet?”

“Stop it you rascal.”

“You’re breaking my heart, Sheila.”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m sure.”

“Are Mr. Goodie’s labs done?”

“Yes, I was going to send them up.”

“I’ll take them.” 

“Trying to get on Doctor Cox’s good side?”

“Is that possible?”

She just chuckled.

“Results are on the clipboard on the table. I’m going to go get some coffee.”

“Okay. Thanks Doctor Spencer. Say hi to Gus for me.”