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KK so I know everyone likes these, so let’s get it poppin’ and pump out some more!

-Kirigiri’s ‘death’ scene took forever because Kirigiri kept moving in some way or another (I.E. her keg shaking, her mouth opening and closing, her chest rising/falling, etc.).

-Iruma and Kiibo’s 'sex scene’ also took forever to film because Iruma kept laughing and crying that this was too dirty and Kiibo kept crying bc he was being 'Deflowered’.

-Souda finally telling off Sonia for ignoring him 24/7 and then crying and apologizing with the others in the show laughing.

-Oogami’s 'ASAHINA’ yell takes popping up every 5 minutes of the blooper reel with everyone laughing and giving their input.
-Bonus: Imagine Togami yelling 'NAEGI’ to show Oogami how it might sound like.

-In Akamatsu’s 'execution’ scene, you can hear Saihara screaming 'MY WAIFU, NO!’

-This vine on Sayaka/Kyouko’s vine channel:
Hinata: Is that a hamster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Komaeda: *Takes out knife*
Hinata: Oh, shit, nope! Its a knife! *Runs away*

-Or this one:
Mikan: *Strides up to Junko with a flirty smile* How old are you?
Junko: *Looks up from her phone* 15.
Togami/Syo/Hinata/Komaeda: *Screams no and drags her away*

-Souda, Fuyuhiko, and Akane chanting 'One of Us’ when one of the other actors are running late.

-In the scene where Fuyuhiko’s holding Peko while she’s beat up, they kiss on camera and everyone screams in joy.

-Syo and Komaru having an argument bc 'Listen, Dekomaru, I’M Deadpool! You can be Captain America!’ and Fujisaki just shrugging and saying that she’s Spiderman.
-Bonus: Syo yells that now she’s definitely Deadpool bc Spideypool’s fucking canon.

-In Celes’s execution, one of the pop-up flames fall and hit one of the costumed Monokumas in the audience. She unties herself and helps them with Togami (The camera man) laughing loudly.

-Hinata and Souda arguing over which cereal is 'Bomb’ or 'Lit’, with Hinata on Fruit Loops’ side and Souda on Frosted Flakes’ side
-Bonus: Komaeda being on Hinata’s side and Gundham on Souda’s side

-Fujisaki filming Fukawa and being like 'Look at this cute thing, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet omg’.
-Bonus: Fukawa doing the same thing when Fujisaki’s in the screen.

-Naegi calling Togami 'Dollface’ and Togami calling Naegi 'Tough Guy’ behind the scenes.

-Sayaka filming the actors and saying things like 'My brother’, 'My sister’, or, for Kyouko, 'My sweet girlfriend’.

-Togami filming the episode on his TV, thn switching to himself scowling in an exaggerated scowl when a Naegiri scene pops up.

-Every actor- even the stoic characters- doing the 'Eh eh eh’ thing where they wiggle around every time their face pops up on the TV.

-Natsumi and Sato glaring at each other, but once the director calls cut, there’s a lot of cute pictures Sayaka and Chiaki took of them eating ice cream together and watching the scenes laughing together.

-Komaeda running away with Hinata’s shirt screaming 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea!’ as Hinata screams in an exaggerated way after running after him.

-Souda filming Gundham on break and narrating his actions like the crocodile hunter.

-There’s a lost video of the DR1 cast and DR2 cast doing a music video for 'I don’t dance’ from HSM2.

-Asahina filming Celestia sitting in Yamada’s lap and doing his bloody makeup for Naegi’s hallucination with them laughing and Yamada booping Celes’s little nose.
-Bonus: Yamada curling Celes’s drills for her while she irons his jacket. Asahina films all of this in full detail.

-Hinata and Komaeda swapping clothes for an episode and all of the fans noticing so the directors had to reshoot the whole episode with the correct outfits.

And that’s pretty much all I can think of rn! I hope its good!

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Hi :) If you're not too busy could I please give you a request? Its from 10 Things I Hate About You, where Kat tries to get Patrick out of detention & lifts her shirt. The reader feels bad that the boys are in detention because of her (maybe they defend her from some Slytherins, its up to you). So she decides to help them out (by getting them out of detention or something) & in the process gives them an eyeful. lol. And you can decide how the Marauders react ;) Thanks so much :)

I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! That scene is iconic hahaha

“Are you kidding me,” you said in frustration as a sharp tapping on your window woke you up from what would have been a long, well-deserved nap after the week you had.  An owl was flapping on the windowsill, anxious to get inside.  Sighing, you got out of bed and opened the latch, shivering when the owl flew in and brought a gust of wind with it.  You untied the letter, rather, the tiny scrap of parchment tied to the owl’s foot and let it help itself to a couple of Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans on your nightstand.


Stuck in detention with Carleton.  Cleaning the bathroom w/o magic.  1st floor, help!

-M, W, P, P”

You read the note again and couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image of your four best friends scrubbing U-bends and trying to figure out how to snake a drain.  Leave it to them to get in trouble with the new professor before even Halloween.   Professor Carleton had taken over the Care of Magical Creatures position so Professor Grubbly-Plank could spend a year doing research in Montenegro–apparently there was a new species of hinkypunk there that needed classifying.  

Carleton was middle-aged and fair as teachers go, but he assigned homework every day whereas usually in Care of Magical Creatures lessons, all work was done hands-on.  It was him you had to thank for your exhaustion this week.

As much as you’d like to crawl back into bed and pretend the owl had never arrived, you knew you owed one to James, Sirius, Remus and Peter.  They’d gotten you out of a tight spot last week when some of the Slytherins thought it would be funny to have an owl deliver you Devil’s Snare.  Luckily the package had arrived in the middle of the day while you were in the courtyard with the boys, and they quickly brought you to Professor Sprout, who was livid that someone had stolen from her greenhouse and straightened you out right away.

“Fine,” you muttered to yourself.  You didn’t know how you were going to get them out of such a strenuous detention, but maybe you could just distract Professor Carleton long enough for them to slip out the door. You threw on your robes and hurried out of the tower, completely forgetting your wand in the process.


“Miss Y/L/N,” Professor Carleton said, facing you with mild surprise as the four Marauders’ heads flew up behind him at the sound of your voice.  You stifled a laugh–James had toilet paper stuck to his shoe, Sirius’s sleeves were soaked up to the elbows in Merlin-knows-what, Peter stopped in the middle of wrestling a plunger out of a toilet to smile at you and Remus simply waved from where he sat on the ground, wringing out a graying sponge.  “I’m afraid now’s not a good time if you need to meet with me…perhaps later this evening?

“It’s important,” you said hastily, locking eyes with Sirius and then glancing pointedly at the window behind him.  He got the message and gave you a thumbs-up.  “I’m still working on the essay you set that’s due tomorrow, and I wanted to clarify whether red caps are actually cognitive or if they just lure people astray out of instinct.”  It was a silly question, all magical creatures have cognition, but with any luck Carleton would have a lengthy answer.

He raised his eyebrows and leaned against one of the stalls as he thought.  Behind him, the boys had carefully unlocked the window.  “Well, their actions are based on instinct to some degree, but such behaviors as dyeing their caps with the blood of their victims is purely choice, so to answer your question, yes, they are fully aware of what they do and the choices they make.”

You had written essentially the same sentence in your essay already.  The window creaked loudly as Peter opened it wide enough to hop out onto the ground a few feet below.  

“But Sir!”  you said loudly as Carleton began to turn around to see what the noise was.  “Does that mean then that they also perceive beauty standards?  Since, you know, they’re disgusted by their appearance when someone hits them with a Beautification Hex?”

Again, the professor raised his eyebrows, but this time he looked annoyed.  “You’re the best in my class, Miss Y/L/N, surely you already know the answer to that.”

“W-well,” you stalled, tapping your foot anxiously as Remus gave Peter a leg-up.  Couldn’t they get a move on?!  “If they hate looking beautiful, then that means they think our idea of ‘beautiful’ is their idea of ugliness.  So they must have their own standards–” you gasped as Peter slipped and Carleton almost turned around again but you coughed loudly and he stopped.

“Are you quite alright?”

“Yes, sorry, it’s just the–the fumes in here!”

“Then perhaps you should go, and come by my office later if you’d like to continue this discussion.  I, in the meantime, have a detention to administer…”

“WAIT!” You shouted again, starting to panic.  All but Sirius had snuck out the window now, but you could see their faces pressed against the glass to make sure he got out safely.  “Um, uh…” If only you had remembered your wand, you could Confund him!  Wincing inwardly, you did the next best thing.  You hooked your thumbs under your shirt and pulled it up, smiling apologetically as your teacher–sweet Merlin, your bloody teacher!–started at your chest like it was a magnet to which his eyes were immediately drawn.  It was like a bad broom crash–he didn’t want to keep staring, but couldn’t look away.  You gave it five seconds, which was enough for Sirius to escape and for all of the boys to run away, then pulled your shirt down and bolted.  

You met the Marauders out on the courtyard and they fell into step with you, determined to get as far away from the castle as possible right now.  

“That,” Remus said breathlessly, “was incredible.”

“Yeah, and getting us out of detention was nice too!” Sirius said with a wink.  You rolled your eyes with a suppressed smile; you hadn’t meant to flash them too, but you’d seen their eyes widen from outside the window right before they ran.

“Nice ‘red caps,’ Y/N!” James joked.

“Will you stop acting like a second year who’s just seen his first pair of tits?” you laughed, and the boys chuckled sheepishly.

Remus smirked.  “I mean, for Wormtail that’s pretty accurate!” he teased, and Peter blushed crimson.

“Oh please, they’re just nipples, you all have them,” you quipped.  Sirius looked surprised, as if this fact had only just occurred to him, and subconsciously rubbed his chest in wonder.   You shook your head amusedly; there were bigger things to worry about than your friends seeing you topless–like facing Professor Carleton in class the next morning.

“Think you could help me on that essay later?” Remus joked, and held up his hands in surrender when you shot him a look.

“I think I’ve helped you lot enough for one day.”

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GOT7 on New Year’s Eve

Mark: somehow got into that really hip, super expensive club without having a ticket ?? ends up at on top of Steve Aoki’s table dancing to EDM with like, someone dressed as santa and a mariachi band

Bambam: dives into the pool first, even though you’re not really supposed to. yells “EASSYYYY” as he goes and somehow becomes the catchphrase of the party. Kim K tweets about it sometime after midnight

Jackson: gathers every girl without a date at midnight to kiss each one on the cheek. runs away screaming. rips off shirt and dives into the pool with bambam. ensue mass chaos

Jinyoung: goes to one of those posh, stuffy parties. leaves before midnight with the girl of his dreams. wakes up the next morning to find out she’s disappeared & that she might be a ghost & he needs to save the world - THREE PART MINI SERIES COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU IN 2017 

Jaebum: convinces you to stay in. it’s cold, bars are crowded and drinks are expensive plus he really just wants to spend the night with you. playing a puzzle and *ahem* listening to Prove It. 

Youngjae: gets hype on red bull before the party and ends up in a serious heart to heart with jackson at some point. does a cannon ball into the pool and spends the rest of the night apologizing to the group of partygoers he soaked

Yugyeom: out on the dance floor the entire night. misses the midnight toast. yells to his friends around 1:00 am that THE NEW YEAR IS ALL ABOUT ME, B*TCHES!   

Babe (Mingyu)

A/N: My first Mingyu fanfic…. 

Genre: fluff 

Word Count: 1,534

Summary: Mingyu and you were inseparable. Just two best friends acting like how they usually would, since childhood. But that’s not what everyone else thinks, they think that you are lovers, hugging each other, hold hands, and showing PDA. To you and Mingyu, it seemed like a normal thing, that how all best friends acted like, right? 

Warning: Cursing

Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3


Babe. A word I heard more often than not, coming from my best friend. No, not my boyfriend. It was a word that we called each other daily, like how couple may call each other cheesy nicknames, but Babe was only used for us. Mingyu and I. As kids we played a lot of House and I was always the mother and Mingyu was the father. We would call each other honey, sweetheart and all that, but I think Mingyu and I liked babe the most. Which may be why it stuck with us, even when we weren’t playing House.

“What now, Babe?” I rolled my eyes in a slightly annoyed, looking at the latter. I was currently laying in his bed, waiting for him to get ready for our weekly movie and TV show marathon.

Mingyu walked out from his bathroom with only a towel covering his bottom half, “Have you seen my favorite pajama shirt?” he asked as he walks to his closet look for clothes to wear.

I wasn’t really fazed by Mingyu being shirtless, since I have seen it so many times. But maybe, if and only if, I wasn’t so close to Mingyu, then maybe, maybe I’d be drooling like the how all the other girls look at him. But of course, I had enough decency to look away when he was changing his bottoms cause I’m not THAT comfortable.

“Which one?” I raised a brow at him. That’s odd, he didn’t usually like to wear shirts to sleep.  

He was currently looking through his closet like a madman throwing clothes here and there, after putting on some pants, “the oversized baby blue one with the cute unicorn balancing a pole on its horn,”

My eyes darted up, “WHAT?!” it came out more like a yell than question. I’m not shocked at the fact that this 18-year-old sleeps with a shirt that screams 8-year-old, but at the fact that that shirt was mine and it was also one of my favorite that I thought I have lost.

“Oh. Nevermind, I think I foun-”

I cut him off as I screamed, “You ass! That’s mine! You stole it from me didn’t you?” I looked at the shirt he pulled out. It was mine! The exact same one, with the sauce stain on the bottom right, that I had made when I was eating spaghetti but now with a few new additions of stains. What the fuck Mingyu? What did you do with my shirt?

“Oh shit!” Mingyu cursed before letting out a guilty laugh and running away with my shirt still in his hand.

“Get back here, you ass!” I pointed at him, chasing after him around his house.

I followed the sound downstairs as I could hear him stomping down the stairs with his loud ass steps. Luckily for him, no one was home except for us so he wouldn’t get in trouble for running around, since his parents were out on one of their Friday date nights to keep their sparks going, I don’t even want to think about what they might be doing but whatever floats their boat. Mingyu’s house was pretty big, but since he was so tall there wasn’t many places that he could have hidden. Knowing Kim Childish Mingyu, he probably would’ve hidden in one of the closets, and sensing that he hadn’t made much noise after coming downstairs it was probably the one closest closet.

I turned right, tip toeing to the closet that was close to the main entrance of the house. I was going to get revenge, he stole my favorite shirt and didn’t even ask. I was going to scare him since he was the biggest scaredy cat I know, despite his somewhat cold looking outer appearance and taller frame. As I approached the closet, I could hear his muffled laughter, probably trying to use his hands to silence his laughing but the situation was definitely not in his favor. You little shit.

I quickly opened the closet trying my best to make “Boo!” sound scary. What was I thinking? I succeed for a few milliseconds seeing him make his adorably yet ugly derp face he did when he was scared but only to have him jump in fright and fall down on me. His body, heavier and taller than mine, landing on top of me.

“Ow.” I grunted from the pain that hit me when I fell, I couldn’t even see properly “You asshole. You’re heavy. Get off of me,”

As my vision cleared, I soon realized that he was hovering right above me with his 2 hands on either side of my face and his body still on top of mine. I tried to move my way out of his imprisonment but more like struggled since it wasn’t helping that he was taller and stronger than me.

His face displayed a devious smirk, “Only if you give me your shirt,” he negotiated.

“Um…” I pretended to think for a minute, “how about NEVER?” I stuck out my tongue at him while making a face. He was not going to get away with stealing my shirt, so I made an offer back “only if I can take one of your sweaters then we’ve got ourselves a deal,” I looked at him jollied, there was a jumper that I saw him wear a few days ago that I wanted for myself.

Mingyu was thinking furiously, knitting his brows together “Fine,” he gave in and sighed, getting off of me and patting himself down from the dust on the floor.

“Ew. Put on some clothes, you indecent human,” I jokingly made a disgusted face as a got up.

“I know you love all of this,” he cockily shot me a smug look.

I didn’t really care that he didn’t have a shirt on but I was tired of looking at him with no shirt. Other people wouldn’t be but I didn’t really care for shirtless guys, especially Mingyu. Eww more like Ming-ew. Seeing him put on the shirt that he stole from ME, I couldn’t but laugh at the sight before me. He normally wore dark coloured shirts or monochromatic black from head to toe, to apparently show off his current “bad-boy” concepts that he said was in. And now he was wearing a childlike baby blue shirt that, although big on me, fit him perfectly.

“Hahaha! You look like a fool!” I commented, trying to catch my breath from laughing to hard.

“I’m only a fool for you, babe” He winked at me, showing his adorable canines that I will never admit.

I fake gagged before letting out a smile, “Okay, babe.” I rolled my eyes at him in a playful manner “we’re going to miss the episode if you continue to play around,” I started heading to his room knowing he’ll follow after me.

Arriving in his room, I noticed the mess that he had caused early and tried to help him clean up because that boy was a mess and always disorganized. Within the pile of clothing that I had cleaned up, I found the grey jumper that I had my eye on.

I guess Mingyu saw that the jumper that I chose was also one that he treasured since he shook his head furiously saying “No,“

I looked up at him from my shorter height, “Please…” I begged, intentionally forming a pout and batting my eyelashes at him. I knew his weakness was my aegyo, no matter how much I hated doing it, I really wanted this jumper.

“Fine” he complied, “don’t ruin it. It’s my favorite,”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and squealed into the sudden hug, like a little girl going to Disneyland for the first time, “Thanks babe. You’re the best, you know that?”

“Only when it comes to you,”

It was currently 2 am. I was snuggled up to Mingyu, on his bed. We finished watching the last season of our favorite show and we ended up watching movies back to back, ranging from romance to horror. But we mostly skipped horror movies cause we both had low tolerance for scary stuff, and if we felt daring enough, we usually end up playing a game with each other, whoever screams or jumps first, loses. This always brought out our competitiveness even though we wouldn’t win anything except bragging rights. Most of the time I would win. Of course. But not totally as sometimes Mingyu would get so scared that he’d scratch me, leaving me with a few scars that will probably stay there for a few days before fading away.

“I’m tired,” I said yawning, trying to shifting my position to a more comfortable one. I laid my head on Mingyu’s chest, his one hand wrapped around my shoulder and the other holder the controller. My eyelids started to feel heavy as I was about to fall asleep to the motion of his chest rising up and down. The last thing I remembered was the latter pulling me closer to him and telling me something but I I couldn’t hear him from my drowsiness.

It was probably good night anyways.

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Birthday Solangelo

Nico stared at the sweater in Will’s hands. Some how Will found out that it was Nico’s birthday and he wanted to give him a present.

“Sorry this last minute. I didn’t know it was your birthday until today.” Will said to Nico was a sheepish smile. The sweater was way too big for him, it was bright orange and had Camp Half Blood written on it. Nico had a suspicion it was one of Will’s old sweaters but Nico couldn’t seem to say no to him.

So Nico forced a smile and said “That’s alright Will. Thanks for the present anyways.” Nico wanted to know how Will found out about his birthday. He never told anybody at camp and if he is to be completely honest, he hasn’t really celebrated a birthday since Bianca died. I guess Chiron may know about it……but that’s about it for people who would know, Nico thought.

Will smiled at Nico and told him “I found out from Chiron. I asked if anybody had a birthday today and he told me that you’re birthday was today. I didn’t have time to really get you much of anything but here’s a present anyways.” Nico tried to force a smile at Will. He didn’t really want the sweater. He’s not much for sweater, much less camp half blood sweaters and even less so a used camp half blood sweater. Will hands him the sweater and gives him this puppy dog look like Please put it on. Nico sighed and put the sweater on. The sweater was way too big for him and it was too bright and it just wasn’t him. Will looked happy though and that’s all that mattered to Nico.

“You like it?” Will asked with puppy dog face.

“Yeah I like it Will. It’s a bit big though.” Nico told Will with a small smile. He’s pretty sure they both know that this is Will’s old sweater so of course it’s going to be big. Will’s like 6 feet tall and Nico’s like 5’3. Will kissed Nico’s hair and smiled.

“I gotta go take care of some things at the infirmary real fast but afterwards we’re going on a date and I expect you to wear that sweater okay?” Will told him with a smile on his face. Nico nodded and smiled at him as Will kissed him gently on the lips and then walked away. Nico started walking back to his cabin in the way too big CHB sweater. As he was walking back to the cabin, he noticed the sweater smelled like Will. Will smelled like sunshine and Nico has come to like the smell so Nico decided the sweater wasn’t horrible anymore because it reminded Nico of Will because it smells like him. Nico walked back into his cabin, sat on his bed and pulled the sweater up around his nose and just breathed in the smell of Will. Nico smiled at the smell of Will and waited for Will to come to set up the date. The more Nico breathed in the smell of Will, the more he decided he loved the sweater. He doesn’t care if it’s huge on him or if it’s bright orange and says CHB on it, it reminds him of Will and that makes Nico very happy.

After a while Nico decided to start walking to Will’s cabin but Nico decided to stop by the bathrooms before getting there. When Nico walked in he heard a familiar voice singing in a running shower. Nico smiled as he recognized Will’s beautiful singing voice. Nico saw Will’s shirt sitting outside the shower waiting for Will to put it on. Nico immediately went and grabbed the shirt and smelled his shirt. It smelled just like Will. Nico smiled and kept the shirt up at his nose. Nico was about to take off his sweater so he could put on the shirt when Will walked out and smiled at Nico.

“What are you doing with my shirt?” Will asked with a smirk on his face. Nico looked up from smelling Will’s shirt to see his shirtless boyfriend leaning against the entrance of the shower. The only thing covering his lower half is a towel tied around his waist. Nico’s face turned bright red. Gods damn it. Why does my boyfriend have to look so freaking hot right now, Nico thought with his cheeks bright red. Will, still a bit wet from the shower, walked over to Nico and wrapped his arms around his waist and Will smiled as he rested his head on top of Nico’s head. Nico’s face was bright red from embarrassment of being caught.

“So I’ll ask again, what are you doing with my shirt Neeks?” Will asked while kissing Nico’s hair. Nico’s still holding onto Will’s shirt and pulls it up to his nose and smells it. Nico smiles even though his face is bright red. Nico loved the smell Will had and Nico just wants to put his shirt on and keep smelling his scent in.

Will laughed as Nico smelled his shirt. Will thought it was adorable that Nico was smelling his shirt. “Why are you smelling my shirt? You like the way it smells or something?” Will asked with huge smile on his face.

Nico had a huge blush on his face and said “Yes. It smells like you. I love the way you smell.” Will smiled as he kissed the top of Nico’s mess of black curls that he calls his hair.

“Well I would let you keep the shirt but I actually need it so I can get back to my cabin so I can change for our birthday date. So can I have my shirt back?” Will asked with a smile  on his face. Why is he is so cute?! Nico thought. Even though Nico’s face is bright red, he squirms out of Will’s grasp and runs away with Will’s shirt out of the bathroom. Will laughed lightly, held onto his towel on his lower half and chased after Nico.

Nico ran back to his cabin and pulled off his sweater, took off his shirt and put will’s shirt on instead and then put his sweater back on. Nico sat contently on his bed and took in the smell of his boyfriend. Will walked into Cabin 13 and walked up to Nico on the bed.

“Neeks…..Why’d you steal my shirt?” Will asked with a small smile on his face. Nico sat on his bed and smiled and just breathed in the smell of his boyfriend.

“I like the way you smell. Can’t I keep it Will? Please?” Nico asked with a small smile.

“Neeks, I need it to get back to my cabin so I can change for our date. I need my shirt back” Will said with only a slight annoyance in his voice.

Nico got up like he was going to give Will his shirt back but Nico just went into one of his drawers, pulled out a old shirt and threw it at Will. “Here you go Will. Now you have a shirt.” Nico said with a small smirk on his face.

Will just laughed and put on the shirt. It was a bit small for him but he figured he wouldn’t be wearing it long anyways. “Thank you Neeks. Although I would’ve preferred my shirt, I guess this works as well” Will said with a smile. He walked over and kisses Nico’s cheek. “Well I’m going to go get dressed for our date. I suggest you do the same because when I get back, I expect you to be ready for our date” Will told him while giving him several kisses. Nico smiled as he kisses Will and watched him walk out.

While waiting for Will to show up, Nico mostly sat and enjoyed the smell Will’s sweater and shirt. The only thing Nico really did for the date was brush his hair so it didn’t look so messy, although it still looks messy. Nico smiled and thought about how lucky he is to have Will. Nico heard a knock at his door and saw his surfer boy walk in. Nico blushed when he realized that he was still wearing the shirt he threw at Will. Will walked up to him and kissed the top of Nico’s messy hair.

“Did you even get up or did you just sit there and smell my shirt while I was gone?”  Will asked with a small smile. Nico nodded and blushed at Will. Will just laughs and kisses his cheek.

“If it helps I like the smell of your shirt so I kept it on. It smells like pomegranates and I love it. Now let’s go. We’re gonna have a picnic at the beach.” Will told him with a smile. Nico smiled and kissed him back.

“Well you smell like sunshine surfer boy. I’ve learned to love the smell because I love you.” Nico told him with a huge blush on his cheeks. Will smiles and kisses Nico repeatedly. Nico pulls Will onto the bed with him and keeps kissing him.  

About an hour later the two boys were laying side by side on Nico’s bed. Nico smiled and kissed Will.

“I love you too ghost king. Now come on. We need to go on our date.I planned it special because it’s your birthday.” Will told Nico with another kiss. Nico smiled and kissed Will again. Nico got up pulled up by Will and he wrapped his arms around him. Will smiled as he grabbed the picnic basket full of food and wrapped his free arm around Nico. He kissed his cheek and as they walked towards the beach.

“Also happy birthday my little ray of darkness.” Will told him with a small smile.

“Thanks sunshine.” Nico told him with a smile and then stood up on his tippy toes and kissed Will. He hadn’t celebrated his birthday since Bianca’s death but maybe he’ll start celebrating it again with Will. He smiled as they walked together to the beach to have their picnic. Nico couldn’t be happier.

“Come over here and make me.”

with Deadpool

„Wade give it back! Are you fucking serious?” You scream while he runs away with your shirt, “Who even let you in?”

You had just wanted to take a quick shower, chasing deadpool through the mansion hadn’t been on your to-do-list. The guy was lucky he couldn’t die because pissing off a bunch of mutants could end badly.

“I invited myself.” He yells back at you.

You run down the steps, along the corridors and out into the garden all while dodging people appearing in your way.

“Y/N you’re naked!”

“Thanks Logan I noticed.” You reply with sarcasm not bothering to stop. True, a bath towel wasn’t the best way to dress but you weren’t completely naked, so it was better than nothing.

Wade finally stopped and turned around towards you. You paused as well, a bit away from him ‘cause you never knew what kind of shit he was planning.

“Stop right there and give me my clothes back.”

“Come over here and make me.”


GOT7 JR Scenario

Just a glance at him makes you flinch in disgust. You narrow your eyes at him and scrunch up your nose, not caring that your friends have the opposite reaction.

“___, stop making that face. He is such a sweetie pie.” you friend tells you as she smacks your shoulder. You are not sure when it began but ever since you first laid eyes on him you felt a natural distrust. Something about him just didn’t seem quite right.

Everyone always commented on how awesome and fun he was. Guys and girls alike. Girls especially fluttered their eyelashes and puckered their lips at him, but he kindly declined them all. He even had a bit of bromance going on as you saw how he played around with his friends kissing them on the cheek. You shiver at such a memory.

You glared at the back of his head devising a plan on how you would uncover his truths, or at least make him suffer a bit through embarrassment. There was definitely no way on this Earth that a guys was actually this nice and sweet.

The following day you bring an old whoopee cushion, an immense grin on your face as you anxiously wait for him to take a seat. He steps into the classroom looking all clean and fresh as if he just showered. You even catch a whiff of his clean masculine scent as you look up at him innocently. He smiles and waves at you before taking his seat.


All heads in the room turn in your direction as they try to locate the origin of the sound. Jinyoung’s face, or JR as his friends like to call him, flushed scarlet as he laughs at what had just happened. The whole class erupts in laughter, but no one is laugh as hard and hysterically as you. He stands up and reveals the whoopie cushion.

“Nice one, you guys!” he jokes with the whole class and starts making fart jokes with the guy next to him. As well as the pranked turned out it was short lived and it didn’t exactly turn out the way you wanted to. You wanted him to be so humiliated that he had to exit the room. Whipping a tear that had escaped from laughing so hard you began to device plan B.

When the lunch time bell rang you quickly untied your shoes and practically glued yourself to Mark, one of JR’s friends. You made sure to get tomato soup stand right in between JR and Mark since he always waited for him before sitting down. Gosh, you hated how you were being such a creepy stalker but it was all part of the plan. Leaving your shoe purposefully untied and with a backup sandwich in your backpack, after the lady punched in your order you “tripped” over your shoe laces. The orange liquid of your soup splashing onto JR’s white uniform shirt and his lunch. Pretending to apologize you wiped at his shirt with napkin, surprised by how squishy and muscular his torso was.

“___, it’s okay. I have an extra shirt in my locker” he said pulling your hands away from his shirt.

WHAT!? Nooo. He had an extra shirt! Disappointed at the turnout of events you trudged to the library pettily taking bites out of your sandwich. You had done so many little evil things that you just didn’t know what else to do. First, you waited for him by your locker sneakily sticking out your foot so that we would trip but he mere stumbled as you pretend to be playing on your phone in front of your opened locker. Then, you managed to get an open glue bottle to spill in his backpack, but since he had everything so neatly organized in plastic folders you barely did any damage to his homework. How could he handle these incidents so well?

Since you apparently had to step up your pranking game, you paid your cousin who happened to have gym with JR to kidnap JR’s shirt and leave behind a note.

The guys in the locker laughed and joked as they discussed the winning move in the game, changing from their sweaty gym clothes into their school uniform. However, when JR opened his locker he only found his pants and a note reading:

If you want your shirt, meet me at the entrance of the tennis courts.

~Your Bully

Amused by such a letter and curious about his “bully” JR borrowed a jacket and headed towards the tennis courts.

You contemplated on whether or not you should have worn a mask. As much as you hate Jinyoung and really wanted to bother him and set him straight, you also did not want to reveal your identity. But it was too late for that since you saw his figure approaching you.

You cleared your throat when he finally reached you. He squinted his eyes at you in slight confusion.

“Have you seen someone else walk by?” he asked peering behind you.

“No,” you grunted. “But if you’re looking for your shirt I got it.” You said with a smirk on your face. JR raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“You have my shirt?” he questioned placing his hand against the fence, blocking your side. You glared at him, god how you hated him. He had never done anything mean to you but just by having him this close to you made you want to punch him in the face.

“So you’ re the one who has been bothering me lately, ___” he teased placing his other arm on the other side of you so that you were trapped in between. Your body tensed as he stepped closer, exposing part of his chest since he didn’t bother to zip up the jacket all the way up. You gulped.

“What?” you stammered trying to sound strong.

“Nothing. I just thought you would be a guy, but since you’re a girl I guess I could go easy on you.” he says against your ear, sending a shiver all over your body

“You know, there is a reason why I have been turning girls down lately,” he comments gazing down at you.

“Why would I care?” you cut him off. “ I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely hate you. Don’t think that just because you act all innocent in front of everybody, they will all fall for it.” you inform him, “And to make matters even worse for you I don’t even have your shirt.” you continue,  threatening to pull the zipper of his jacket down.

“___, don’t be like this, ” he pleads, covering your hand with his to block you from pulling it down, but you enjoy bothering him too much and pull it down anyways. You squat down and made your escape, despite being quite flustered by the sight of his toned chest. You dig in your backpack for his shirt and wave it around him.

“Just kidding!! I do have your shirt, but if you want it back, you have to reveal your true self!!” You yell while running away with his shirt in your hands.


Hoping he has given up on following you, you lean against the tree trying to catch your breath. You smile down at his phone which you have successfully kidnapped. Despite the love-hate relationship you seem to have, mainly due to your continuous efforts to make his life miserable, he always treats you well. Actually, lately he has been more touchy feely with you for which you have punished him by running away with his precious phone. “Ha! Do you think I’m that easy,” you tell the phone shaking it a bit. Before you realize what’s going on you find yourself pinned against the tree.  A soft warm hand rests on the back of your neck and your lips rest in between two oddly soft and fleshy lips. Jinyoung continues to caress your lips with his, licking your bottom lip as he opens his eyes to look at your expression.  You never imagined you would be enjoying this,  but you felt his touch all the way to your toes.  You squeezed your eyes shut as you attempted to fight your emotions,  but he brought his lips back to yours and that was all it took for you to drop his phone and have your hands tangled in his hair. Finally, separating your lips from his, Jinyoung took your hands and smiled at you. “I love it when you bully me,” he confessed picking up his phone and leading the way back to school.

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Today was the last day in Osaka!

pansexualjamestkirk  asked:

Imagine Jim orchestrating a ship wide version of the Selfie Olympics- only the contestants have to take selfies with Spock and/or Bones


people running up, snapping a picture, and running away before the blue shirts can hurt them

#meandthegooddoc!! #ivebrokenthreeribs #docsaidhellbreakthreemoreifikeeptakingpics

#meandspockinthelab!!!!! #lasttimeitriedthisiwasvulcanpinched #herestohopingitdoesnthappenagain!!!

the winner was someone who got both spock AND bones in the same pic

she ran up while they were arguing, put herself between them, and snapped a pic