run apollo run

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

Tbh that must be terrible to be a 4000 year old Greek God and get put in to the body of a teenage boy. Exactly how teenage? Is he a child like thirteen or fourteen? Rick always starts his kids out young- Percy at 12, Kanes at 12, Jason and them were sixteen but that didn’t count, but Hazel and Nico are still only like 13.
Are gonna have a thirteen year old making off color jokes and high jacking at least one car (off screen like Percy in son) probs not bc it’s a kids series, but I can brainstorm about it and cringe that’s a terrible awful punishment
The Olympians should gang up on Zeus he’s an the biggest jerk in the entire series. See how much Zeus likes being a teenaged kid, that dudes bad enough as an adult just imagine what kind of consequences he’d have to deal with if he was stripped of his power and authority and turned teenaged