run 10k

New Years Resolution Inspiration


  • Be able to run a mile/5k/10k/half marathon
  • Run without intervals
  • Walk 10,000 steps ____ times a week
  • Go to the gym/run ___ times a week
  • Be able to lift ______kg/lbs
  • Lower resting heart rate 5/10/20bpm
  • Beat best time at running/cycling/swimming
  • Get on a team
  • Do physiotherapy every day
  • Squat/lunge/do sit ups every day 
  • Be able to run up stairs without puffing 
  • Eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day
  • Don’t eat sugar 2 days a week
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Eat no/one/two packet meals a week max 
  • Give up meat/animal products/junk food 
  • Forgive yourself if you accidentally eat meat/animal products/junk food
  • Sleep eight hours a night 
  • Wake up at 8am 
  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t drink more than one caffeinated drink a day
  • Don’t drink alcohol for a week a month/two days a week
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day


  • Meditate every day
  • Pray every day
  • Read every day
  • Read 50 books this year
  • Read 10 classics 
  • Find new music you love
  • Make art once a week
  • Write down something you’re grateful for every day
  • Take more photos of things that bring you joy
  • Take time to be with yourself 
  • Write a journal every week
  • Create a blog
  • Write every day
  • Listen more
  • Make five new friends
  • Go on a date a month (while single obvs)
  • Stay off your phone for an hour a day
  • Learn to say no
  • Grow a plant from a seed
  • Don’t be judgemental
  • Cut down your belongings
  • Love yourself


  • Maintain GPA/grades
  • Get a 3.6+/4.0
  • Get ______ at GCSE/AS/A Level
  • Get into university
  • Read an academic paper per day
  • Hand in all homework on time
  • Start coursework before the day before it’s due
  • Do all of the reading 
  • Talk Spanish/French/Mandarin/etc every day/week
  • Give up what you procrastinate with (eg TV)
  • Get 1000/5000/10000 followers on studyblr
  • Post every day on studyblr
  • Join a society at uni become involved etc


  • Do laundry regularly
  • Keep your room/flat tidy
  • Hoover once a week/month
  • Wash up immediately
  • Save £50 a month
  • Don’t shop just to make yourself happy
  • Bring a pack lunch to campus 
  • Change sheets every two weeks 
  • Get a job 
  • Get an interview for _________
  • Get LinkedIn 
  • Find free things to do in your city 
  • Learn to cook 5 basic meals
  • Learn to cook to a standard where you can have people over for dinner
  • Cook from a cookbook once a month
  • Throw a dinner party 
  • Make a budget (and stick to it!)
  • Make bed everyday
  • Make a bujo
  • Make a todo list every day
  • Learn how to contour

Little note: obvs all the numbers are super changable I just like goals that have objective values

Uphill Running Tips
  • Shorten your stride
  • Keep your head up rather than focusing on your feet
  • Swing your arms up and down (not side to side)
  • Lean slightly into the hill
  • Don’t compensate form.  Don’t over-rotate your trunk in an effort to get momentum, you’re just wasting energy!!
  • Maintain a consistent effort up the hill…don’t trail off just before the crest.  Keep your mind on the goal and push through

Today I started 10K training! I didn’t want to because I was tired, sluggish from a weekend of crappy food, and hadn’t even finished my first bottle of water by 12:30 when I started (I’d prefer to have 2 done, which is 50oz), but I did it and I’m happy now!

I switched from couch to 5k to the 10k program, so I started on w9d1 today. It was 54 minutes long and I did 4.7 miles which is INSANE and is the farthest I’ve ever ran. I didn’t feel great when I was doing it, but I’m super happy and proud of myself now. The street I added for the extra distance was super hilly so I have like 50 floors right now. Crazy.

So excited for the leaps I’m making on this journey. It’s still a little about losing weight, but I’m doing things I never thought i’d be capable of at any weight, so you know what? This weight ain’t so bad. 

Here’s my workout, accountability buddy @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld


I was a little hesitant to run today after being sick, but I did it! I changed the end of my route and ended up with prettier houses to look at and less hills. I was so close to 5 miles! It was weird though. My watch initially said 4.95 miles. Fitbit now says 4.94, but if you look within the mile splits on Fitbit, it adds up to 4.96. It definitely doesn’t really matter, but kind of silly.

W9D3 ✅

February: 20.91 miles
2017: 33.91 miles


First 10k race done and I don’t know how to feel about it. The course was basically just up- and downhill, and most of the hills were brutally long and steep so I nearly got a cramp in both my thighs at some point, and none of the course was paved, AND on top of all of that my Garmin’s battery died before I even reached the 5km mark. SO it really didn’t go as planned, especially since I crossed the finish line after 44 minutes.. But it was enough for 3rd place overall and 1st in my age group and I enjoyed the race so I am happy! My lungs and heart definitely could have run faster however my legs really couldn’t because of those hills so that was kind of unfortunate, but I’m running another 10k in 12 days on a flatter course so I am hoping for a much better time there :)


Yay! It’s Presidents’ Day and I’m “off” school aka I’ll be home doing more school work than if I had school. But I got up and run!

W10D2 of 10K training. I think I’m still a bit weaker than normal from being sick, but this was much better than Saturday and I hit 5.02 miles!! A new distance record.

My ankle hurts a bit. I’m now wearing a light brace and may pull out one of my more intense ones. I’m also stretching it out more and icing it after running. It didn’t bother me while I ran though so I’ll take it.

I’m also about to risk it and have coffee because I have missed it SO MUCH.

February total: 30.7 miles
2017 total: 43.7

Absolutely smashed my 10k today. I cannot believe that I was capable of getting through it, let alone achieving 2 personal bests (25:47 5k and 54:07 10k).

I was certainly challenged that’s for sure. There were 2 hilly sections 1 of which we covered twice. I had to walk a couple of bits on the hills and I had times where I wanted to cry/be sick/cry more/pee, but I made it to the finish line! And smashed my target of a sub hour 10k by over 4 minutes (official time will be about 55:40ish)!!! Considering the route was so tough, that’s remarkable for me. It means I could potentially run the Bristol 10k in just over 50 mins!

One thing that I never expected to happen was for the race to reassure me. I half expected to be completely intimidated by all these fancy professional runners, all super fit and lean and just so much better than me. But actually it was completely the opposite. Sure, there were people who were excellent, but I overtook people, I ran at a super pace, I ran for the whole of the first hill and other people had to walk. It wasn’t easy and I LOVED that we were all unified in that. There were people of all shapes and sizes and ages. It made me realise what running is about. It’s not about sprinting or never stopping, it’s just about being and doing and trying and I love that. It’s about challenging your mindset and realising that the barriers your own mind creates aren’t necessarily true.

I am so proud of myself and so so thankful for Alice and Ollie who I ran with for sticking by me and encouraging me the whole way, I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. Now for the next one 😉