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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the Daniel Way era of Deadpool?

I guarantee I don’t dislike it as much as most do. I read an article just earlier today referring to Way’s run as the “over-exposure” era of Deadpool – which is absolutely bogus, because the over-exposure era of Deadpool is right now. (cough, Deadpool the Duck, cough). 

The boxes can get grating, and just – the humour can be cringey. You know that a lot of the more frustrating fan-interpretations/misinterpretations of Deadpool take root in this series. But I’ve got a soft spot. I like the self-reflective tone it takes at times. It’s got – well, it can be thoughtful, when it isn’t throwing distractions at you. It has it’s moments. 

So canon it hurts :”D