I ran the other night (and got stomach cramps which slowed me down – but hey a runners first!) and I did not take Beckett with me.

Once I was back, he made sure to let me know how he felt about that 😂

Oh and I beat my last 3.15 mile time by 4 minutes and 55 seconds!


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Boston Marathon 2018: UNREAL! …Man runners are tough AF! 👊🏻 Everyone was bad-ass today! 💦🤪💨Those are the most ridiculous conditions I’ve ever raced in! Finished with a 3:17:25 (~6min PB!?! What?) Marathon #6 done! 🦄🦄🦄 Shoutout to all my amazing friends for all the love and support 😘😍💙💛💕

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