rumsey wells

‘type a’

the piece of work i did for the submit & exhibit, art in the underbelly exhibition at the rumsey wells (12th-31st jan 2012)

it was supposed to be the start of a typography based project. however i have not had two days off in a row from my other job since i did this piece so haven’t managed to get my butt into gear! i love words and drawing words so i am going to produce 26 alphabet based images. starting off with the style i feel comfortable using i want to explore new approaches and techniques. there is no time limit but keep your eyes peeled.

so this is the first one :)

i now have 3 days off in a row and im going to draw until my hand withers…

Farewell from Art in the Underbelly

Art in the Underbelly is closing. Over the last two years the space has hit capacity in numbers and temperature as people clamoured to get a first look at the shows, stand sweat swappingly close to the bands, find just enough space to dance to our DJ’s and snap up one of our exclusive free giveaways.

Some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with are now doing great things. Alec Cumming, recently had his first British Council showcase in India, Dan Tombs has been working with the likes of Gold Panda, Factory Floor and Four Tet, we even had a secret performance by Luke Abbott who shook the walls of the Underbelly and the bar upstairs with his tunes. Our walls have seen work displayed by artists from around the UK and as far afield as India and the USA. AITU has squashed in performances by the likes of Death of Death of Discotheque and Inlay and DJ’s like Penny Arcade, Tom L, The Anthropologist and DJ 78.

Peel back the plaster on the walls and you’ll unearth remnants of TXLW & AsOne’s street art characters, Alec Cumming’s abstract paintings, Phil Cooper’s wheat pastes and the faintest glimpses of all the holes that have been drilled into the walls to hang the 100’s of works we have displayed. Sadly, this is the end for AITU. I want to thank everyone who worked with us and took a leap of faith with me on working in a very unusual space. To Dan and Katie, thank you for trusting me and for asking me to take it on in the first place. It’s been an honour, the last three years have been an incredible ride.

We’ll be having a big send off on the 19th of February, with a chance to see Andy Reeve’s exhibition, hear some twisted, bleepy sounds from poppa and some ace DJ’s. Plus, Jo Stafford of Stew Print Rooms is producing a one off limited edition run of commemorative t-shirts. Each one will be individually numbered and we’ll be giving them out on the night, FOR FREE.

So from me and Art in the Underbelly, it’s thank you and goodbye. See you on the 19th.

Luke Emery – Art in the Underbelly Curator and Manager