Okay, so I don’t really do much on Deviantart anymore (due to disliking the environment it had disintegrated into).  However, I decided to upload my Noodle talk sprite (I still upload some of my art there).  I then randomly thought to check who faved it.

And I saw Rumrock’s name in that list.


I know, they’re not one of the super big name Gorillaz fanartists like Lora (I think that’s how you say her name?), but they’ve done some fanart I LOVE.  

Not familiar with the name?  Maybe you may have their work at some point:

and my personal favorite

I know, I look like a friggin’ dork fangirling like this, but I never thought I fanartist I love would ever even SEE my stuff, mostly because it looks dumb compared to most of what they do :’)

Seriously though, I reccomend ALL of my Gorillaz followers go to their Deviantart.  I normally wouldn’t direct someone there anymore, but Rumrock’s one of the exceptions!

/freaking out