rumplestiltskin's letter


HAPPY RUMBELLE SECRET SANTA @sydnam!!  Her prompt was “Why is it so hard?” and I couldn’t help but think back to early Season 2 when Belle had to learn about the World Without Magic and all of its curious technology.  I imagine she learned about some things the hard way. XD

It’s extremely important for me to note that I did NOT write that letter from Rumplestiltskin.  It’s an Untold Story tidbit from a OUAT Facebook game.  I myself hadn’t played the game but I came across the letter from this tumblr post and it was my inspiration for this comic (along with sydnam’s prompt).

Originally, I wanted to have Belle toggle the light on and off a few more times in the lamp panel, but photoshop said that the file was too big when I tried it.  Sadly, I don’t really have anything else for animating. :/

(I have no idea how long it takes to microwave tea; I don’t think I’ve ever used a microwave to reheat my tea)


Two funny weeds part 1 | part 2

RCIJ 2016 gift for @jadzias-spots, who prompted: Childhood Sweethearts, Language of Flowers.

The poem they’re reciting:

Five Little Seeds
Five little seeds,
Five little seeds.
Three will make flowers,
And two will make weeds. Under the leaves,
And under the snow,
Five little seeds are
Waiting to grow. Out comes the sun,
Down comes a shower.
And up come the three,
Pretty pink flowers. Out comes the sun,
That every plant needs,
And up come two,
Funny old weeds.

anonymous asked:

((My 5 year old daughter watches OUAT with me, she saw all the gifs and said "hey! That's Rumplestiltskin!". I said " do you want to write Rumplestiltskin a letter? She dictated the following: )) *From a 5 year old girl* Dear Rumplestiltskin, *shyly* Hiiii. Can you come to my house? You can play with my toys. I have a Toothless toy. Can I have some purple and yellow flowers? Where do you live?

Hello there, little one. I am afraid I can’t come by, I have a very important quest that I have to go on, and I can’t get you flowers either. Maybe when I return home again. I live in Storybrooke, a very magical place.