rumplestiltskin fan art


Once Upon a Time in Modern Clothing 

Here are all of them! And I am assuming, sometime in the future, I will be drawing all the regulars again in fairy-tale land clothing. 

From top to bottom: Emma, Regina, Henry, Snow, Charming, Rumple, Belle, Hook, Robin, Zelena. 


Ruby Lucas


Drawing my pain away.
Durza and Rumplestiltskin portrait WIPs; The Shade and the Dark One… two vastly different, but also inherently similar characteres both played wonderfully on screen by Robert Carlyle \m/
Ok so I KNOW I NEED TO COMPLETELY REDRAW THE MOUTH it’s shite oh gods, but the eyes, and nose, I like (so far) we shall see if it’s worthy of being signed by him at Storybrooke. I’d love to get a Durza pic signed as that’s the role that really got me into him as an actor.

…quick, someone change him back, this is freaking me out. 


I’ve talked with a few people about how concerned I am for what ‘Pure Heart Rumple’ is gonna be like. xD The rainbow bunny kitty flower monstrosity above is the worst case scenario. He’s so nice … it’s gross. Let Rumple still be Rumple pls. Also, thank you for the 600 (+22) followers!