Am I the only one that didn’t see the lie?

People keep saying Rumple lied to Belle in the dream, Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find the lie. He approached Belle with the character he was given. In her dream he was the owner of the Dark Castle. But he also approached her as a man who loved her. He is a man who loved her.  I realize this might be a bad thing to do but if I had some random character in a dream break the world of the dream to tell me it wasn’t real and say… what? “You’re cursed and I’m really your husband and you’re dreaming and you hate me but I need to kiss you because I need you to wake ‘up?” Like A) No that doesn’t go with the dream. And B) I’d tell them they were nuts. 

Also his actions were essentially “I will do anything to save her” She was going to die. He was put on a clock, wake her up now or she and her child sleep forever. So he behaved true to his heart. He behaved the way he always wants to with Belle, he treated her the way he did when they were married. He honestly spoke to her telling her what she needed  to hear. Yes it was in the realm of the dream so he lied about like…. not traveling or anything. But that’s not really a lie so much as playing the part assigned. I literally see NO lie during the entire exchange and I call bullshit to the existence of one. I mean really……….. How is that a lie?  He didn’t say or do anything false.

Rumbelle support to everyone

Only one episode in and we’re already falling apart as a fandom.

I long for the days where it was the Rumbelle fandom as a united front against the haters and at times the showrunners.

 I miss too the days when almost the entire OUAT fandom was a group that supported each other, but those days are long long gone. 

We’ve split into so many factions it seems. Those that support Belle at all costs and come across hostile towards Rumple. Those that support Rumple at all costs and are hostile towards Belle.

Those that try to stay neutral but even the slightest move in either direction with criticisms gets jumped on. 

Those that are trying their damnedest to support each viewpoint because in the end we all really just love Rumbelle and know that the writers ruined things when the decided Rumple wanted to rule the world in s4. and now he’s a gangster that makes deals with everyone and cheats them.. 

Then there’s the few that are so positive that they see all this as a necessary storyline that will pay off big. That’s where I want to be, but I am not. I don’t trust we’re going to get the payoff people are hoping for. That won’t be Bold Storytelling. 

I’m not sure where I fall because i have friends in all the categories and I understand each of them. And I feel like I’m going to cry out of frustration because I want to let all of you know that I agree, but then I get worried that if I agree and discuss one person pov then others will assume that I’m being a hater..

I really wish we could come together as a fandom and do something. At first I was thinking of getting the attention of ABC , OUAT, and Adam by trying to start an event that will trend of Twitter. It seems that Adam gives people what they want if they annoy him enough, or he quits Twitter for an hour.

So at first I was thinking of suggesting we start a trend about Eddy’s constant hostility towards us with (I can’t recall waht Violet and I said) But we could show all the quotes, etc that were positive and how wrong Eddy was/is. Because at the moment I am salty about Eddy’s comments regarding us as a fandom. He says the same f*ing thing every year but only this year he took it even farther. And then Adam tweets about how grateful he was to the Oncers that watched on Sunday and I just felt livid. Why would I support you when Eddy just slapped me in the face?

But that may be too negative for us to get enough Rumbelle fans and supporters to join us.  What about something positive? Something to remind them that we love Rumbelle and why. Post quotes, moments, that contradict what they say in interviews. That they can’t deter our love and hope for Rumbelle?

Think something like that will get noticed and may unite us? We’re so splintered that at times I don’t think fics and beautiful art will sustain us when the canon is so depressing.

When I can’t stop thinking about AU’s I’ll never write or do anything with… I gotta doodle them at least. Belle manages to get her strange reclusive employer to leave the confines of his house and sit with her in the garden-even he’s still being as mysterious always dressing from head to tow. But company is company, and Mr. Gold doesn’t seem to mind her reading out loud to the two of them.

Rumple Angst-Fest 2016

We have a great fandom here. We’ve got so many events throughout the year producing a ton of fic and art. But something’s missing.

Practically all of our events focus on Rumbelle. That’s great, nothing wrong with that at all. I love reading Rumbelle fics. Except I have a hard time writing Belle, so I tend towards Papafire and Grandpastiltskin.

Several of our events focus on fluff, and a few focus on smut. Excellent, stay sexy and positive. Except my stories tend to drift towards angst.

Tonight, I discovered the hidden existence of a Rumbelle War from a few years ago, before I was on tumblr. At first glance, it sounded just like what I was looking for. Except that it has pretty much faded from existence. Oh, and it was hellbent on making everyone cry. Which isn’t a bad thing. I always dare my secret Santas to make me cry, which can be hard to do (but not impossible). But the general format and tone of the War wasn’t what I was looking for.

What I would like to do (and if anyone wants to help organize this thing, let me know!) is provide an outlet specifically for Rumple angst where:

  • Happy endings are not mandatory, but welcome.
  • Rumbelle is not mandatory, but welcome.
  • All Rumple ships are welcome, from familial to platonic to romantic to antagonistic.
  • Gifts can be exchanged, prompted or not.
  • Prompts can be filled, gifted or not.
  • Awards can be won (perhaps categorized by character featured alongside Rumple) or recognition given.
  • Could possibly be year-round (in phases?)
  • We’re all just here to revel in Robert Carlyle’s amazing talent to bewitch us into sharing Rumple’s pain and wishing we could give him a big hug.

I know Rumbelle Is Hope is just getting started now, and NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, so this is just to judge interest in a recurring Rumple Angst-Fest.

Please Reblog if you would be interested in participating (creating), now or at another time (I hear April is pretty open).

If anyone isn’t participating in another gifting event (or has enough time and interest to pull double duty), and would like to do a test run, we can use @rum-belle-fics as a base of operations for now. It was originally set up to highlight lesser-known fics for both Belle and Rumple that weren’t necessarily Rumbelle, but it hasn’t seen much use.

Just submit a standard prompt (what you would like to get / what you would like to give), and I’ll try to match you up with someone. If there’s enough interest, we can set up a dedicated event blog.

Could someone please explain this to me?

Belle keeps complaining that Rumple won’t give up his power for her, but three times on screen he’s tried to use True Love’s kiss.

1) When he tries to break the memory wipe curse courtesy of Hook, and Belle wakes up screaming. We assume this one didn’t work because Belle didn’t remember him. At this point, we weren’t really sure whether the kiss would break both curses, but it was obviously a possibility that Rumple’s would break. Rumple still goes unforced into this kiss.

2) In the Underworld, Rumple attempts to wake Belle from her sleeping curse with TLK. Now just before this, Rumple asks Belle if she’s putting herself under the curse, just to force Rumple to use TLK and break his own curse (”to go back to the light). This suggests that Rumple again believes it to be a possibility that his curse will break when he attempts to use TLK to wake her up. Even with that, he still attempts to use TLK to wake her up in the Underworld.

3) Finally, in the dream sequence, Rumple again attempts TLK. This time we see his curse lifting and after the attempt in Skin Deep, we know Rumple can tell when its being lifted and pull back. Again, Rumple is happy to sacrifice his power.

All this really confuses me, because A&E seem determined to push that Rumple is determined to stay the Dark One, over his relationship with Belle, yet he keeps obviously sacrificing that power to save Belle (and the child). Also, Belle said at the end of the last episode “If you ever let true love wake you up, maybe you’ll stop losing” and I was really confused, because Rumple had just tried to use TLK to wake himself up (break his curse) as well as her, earlier.

I’m guessing these are just more plotholes, but I really wish A&E would address this.