Unpopular opinion : I LOVE Bobby with short hair and I hope they keep it....

He looks so young, and you can see his entire beautiful face…and his PIXIE ears !!!

I also think it makes Rumple look even more confident and powerful - more charismatic. Don’t get me wrong - I adored and adore the floof, and Rumple had these qualities in spades before - but there’s something different now. His short hair, to ME anyway- just adds a seriousness and maturity to Rumple’s demeanor - not that, again, it wasn’t there already, but it’s …MORE of the same.

I’m not sure if they just didn’t like the wig or if Rumple cut his hair to make a spell or whatever, but the new hair cut also speaks to a new start for Rumple (even if they didn’t mean it) ….. It’s almost like a total break from his past, as the spinner and the Dark One….

Lastly, it seems impossible, but he’s even MORE of a sex god now - all that masculine sexuality is overwhelming….,

Day 22-- Belle French Positivity

Part of the OUaT Positivity Project, in which I’m choosing to focus on Belle. The prompt for Day 22 was redemption.

When I think of Belle and redemption, my mind immediately jumps to how she’s such a large part of Rumplestiltskin’s redemption journey. I don’t think that Belle herself has done that much that she needs redeeming for. I’m not saying she hasn’t made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. But redemption in the Once universe usually refers to something bigger, like a long-time villain trying to do a U-turn into heroism. 

I’m not sure that Rumplestiltskin will ever be a permanent hero. (Incidents like those in The Bear and the Bow aside.) I’m not sure he wants to be. In 5B he declared that he was both man and beast, light and darkness, and asked Belle to accept him as such. He seems to be trying for a compromise between the two sides of himself, a balance. 

Gif credit: @wicked-chocolatine

Rumplestiltskin’s redemption journey has been long, winding, inconsistent in its progress, and is far from over. But would he be on the path to redemption–or at least compromise–without Belle’s influence? I really don’t think he would. Without Belle, and her love and faith in him, he’d have no reason to not be an outright villain. Well….Baelfire could have had the same effect on him, had he lived. But we all know what happened to Bae and there’s really no telling how Rumple’s quest to reunite with his son might have played out differently, had Belle not returned at the end of s1. 

In s2, there were exactly two people in all the realms who could have given Rumplestiltskin motivation to change his Dark One ways–his son, and his True Love. Baelfire is gone, but we’re approaching s6 now and the impending birth of Rumple’s second child with Belle. 

I can’t imagine that the new baby will be anything other than a good influence on Rumple, and help for his redemption journey. With both Belle–his confirmed True Love–by his side, and their baby to love and remind him of all the good in his life, I believe Rumplestiltskin will find his redemption in the end.