I think we’re going to see a version of Spinner!Rumple again

The new Merida poster sort of confirmed it in my mind:

This is from a recent spoiler:

While the powers that be have already debunked the initial report that Merida is Rumple’s (Robert Carlyle) mother — they wanted to keep the announcement of Merida’s introduction a surprise for Comic-Con so they released false casting sides — the fact that they’re somewhat polar opposites may come into play. “Her bravery and his cowardice, that certainly fits into the story that we’re telling with him and her and all of our characters,” Horowitz says.

I don’t think Adam is saying that Rumple is a coward, but (though not so well put, possibly because he doesn’t want to give anything away) he thinks of himself as one. Since we know that Rumple and Merida were together in the scene filmed yesterday (and Amy Manson was practicing sword fighting before the filming), I’m guessing that nuRumple is very much like Spinner Rumple and, being fearful because he’s without power, looks to her to help him shoot a bow and arrow, sword fight, etc…. Maybe he thinks she can help him be brave, certainly protect himself.  DO Rumple knew these skills, but Spinner Rumple did not.

This sounds an awful lot like us seeing Rumple in a new light and seeing new and different sides of him

A World Alone

Golden Lace One-Shot. Fair warning: I’ve never written Lacey before so hopefully I did her justice. Rated: T for situations/a bit of language. 3800 words. Cursed Storybrooke AU where Lacey French is a barfly at night and a reporter by day. Adam Gold can’t recall how long he’s been married to her, but he knows it’s time for it to be over. This one-shot runs through the big moments in their relationship, ending with Lacey remembering who she really is. Under the cut, or on AO3

“All the double-edged people and schemes, they make a mess then go home and get clean, you’re my best friend, and we’re dancing in a world alone” - Lorde, A World Alone 

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