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How do you think Rumple could earn back Belle's trust and forgiveness?

Belle’s requirements for a relationship are fairly simple:

  1. No murder
  2. Tell her what’s going on, especially as relates to #1

This, basically

Not so hard, right? RIGHT, RUMPLE?


Rumple done screwed up in S4A, what with the whole fake dagger proposal and selling out the whole town and the attempted nun-i-cide and treating Hook how Zelena treated him and attempting to take Belle across the town line separating her from everyone she knows without her permission and attempting to kill Hook. Even more damningly from Belle’s perspective, she feels like he never chose her and always picks power over her love.

So to get back in Belle’s good graces, Rumple has to do all of the following:

1. Stop killing people (except in direct self-defense or in defense of Belle and/or innocents a la Peter Pan).

No, this one’s kind of a deal-breaker, Rumple

2. Be honest about his magical machinations in advance.

Dear Belle, I’m about to shiv the Author for giving me insufficient soliloquies about my motivations in the Frozen arc. What are you wearing? XOXO, Rumple

3. Tell her what he’s feeling.

Dear Belle, I miss you. You know what else I miss? My cufflinks because I had to sell them for food when you threw me out of town with nothing but the clothes on my back. They were in the shape of tiny daggers. I named them “Stabby” and “Grabby” and now they’re gone forever. I hope you’re happy. TAKE ME BACK BABY I LOVE YOU.

4. CHOOSE HER OVER POWER in some capacity

I spent an inordinate amount of time tracking down the Author but I’m going to save your life instead of caning him to smithereens because that’s how much I love you— oh, TLK is working now? What do you know?

Let’s see what S4B has in store! I’m optimistic about those two sparkly lovebirds.

The Good, The Bad, and the Frozen Character Development of S4A

I liked S4A but I was happy with letting it, well, you know. But the Frozen arc had two main interesting points:

  1. The Good: It fixed serious issues with “Frozen”’s underlying premise
  2. The Bad: OUAT Disneyfied itself– because the Frozen characters couldn’t change, the OUAT characters were also stuck with their tongues frozen to the pole, of, um, samey-ness?

Compact, compact, in my hand/ Who’ll fix plotholes across Arendelle’s land?

And there amid the snow and ice was a banner with a strange device: Read More!

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