The sexism in part of this fandom makes me extremely sad. It’s as if Rumple can make all the mistakes in the world, and people will be falling at his feet, and making excuses. The moment Belle defends herself though? People rip her apart acting as if her actions are worse than Rumple’s. I love Rumple, and Rumbelle, but I want to see him work hard to earn Belle’s trust back after everything that happened in 4A. The fact that people can excuse Rumple’s actions though, while making Belle the bad guy is really unsettling and gross.

Friendly reminder that:

  • Snowing are getting an actual story arc this season. Even if you don’t like where the story is going with them, we’re going to see more of Josh & Ginny’s cuteness.
  • Belle is getting screentime in 4B *aggressively performs an overjoyed musical number whilst rolling around on the floor surrounded by puppies and kittens*.
  • Emma has a big arc again yay more of JMo’s beautiful face and incredible talent.
  • Regina is learning to find happiness within herself rather than depending on others to provide it.
  • Rumple may need a good smack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, but we’re either going to get adorable woobie Rumple pining over Belle or the Dark One fucking up some serious shit like a badass.
  • Killian is going to start making real connections with people in Storybrooke and become a part of the town.
  • Robin may be gone for now but Will Scarlet isn’t going anywhere and lbr, even when he’s miserable about Ana he’s up for a good laugh. We’ll be getting more of his humor AND more of his story. YAY.
  • Robin is coming back which means we get to see more of this little munchkin:

(if those dimples don’t cheer you up even a little bit, idk what will)

So even if you’re down about your ships, at least 4b looks promising for individual character arcs (well Snowing will probably share an arc bc it’s Snowing). It’s time to get excited, folks! We’ve more or less survived the hiatus.

The midseason finale involved Belle discovering all the evil acts Rumple was doing behind her back and Horowitz remarked, “Belle has to be strong and I think one of the things that happened in that relationship with Rumple is, as his lies grew and his betrayals grew, the audience was seeing that Belle was unaware of all of this and we really wanted to build in the first half of the season to her discovery and letting her act out of strength. Now, if they are to have any chance to be together, she has to be a strong person and what he has to do is probably pretty difficult.”

Kitsis added, “What we also like is how many people were so upset by his behavior. Yet, he warned us in ‘Skin Deep’ – ‘I’m a difficult man to love.’ We just don’t want to believe it. So what we love is even the fans are like, ‘No! That’s not [him]! Yeah, he’s killed a lot of people and he’s been horrible, yeah he told us he’s a liar and he always chooses power over love, but that was different!’ It’s not.”

betsypaige22 asked:

it's hardly healthy for her to sit around, depressed, for weeks. They keep talking about Belle's strength; we've seen that SOO often on this show. Now she's going to become a clingy woman who needs a man? They've never done a triangle with TL, not really (David/Katherine was a different setory); no way is that happening now.

To answer all your asks, we just have to wait and see what’s going to happen. This seems to happen every time OUAT returns. The whole fandom is sent into a whirlwind frenzy that won’t stop until we see it. Remember the spoilers that Rumple may not come back last spring? or how the media was running with Zelena being Rumple’s daughter? I hate hearing things like this. I especially hate hearing things like my OTP being called toxic because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. He lied to her. It was terrible of him, but they act like lying is some rare unforgivable phenomenon that only the most doomed relationships experience. Couples lie to each other nearly every day, and they get through it. It’s normal. Couples that don’t lie to each other are either extremely lucky or ignoring each other. It’s funny that Rumbelle is the focus of lying, when Hook is still lying to Emma about punching Will and the media hasn’t brought it up once. Now josh is saying that Hook and Charming have things in common. WTF? The only thing they have in common are neglectful fathers. Their personalities are completely different. The point is, this show has gone to shit. Gold should have never relapsed because the had nothing else better to do, they shouldn’t make it so everyone likes Hook, that is so stupid, and they should stop allowing Regina to blame everyone else for her being miserable. I have not hid my dislike of Belle kicking Rumple over the line. I disagree that he was a threat to the town. He was a threat to Hook. He could care less about the town. This is where sloppy writing comes in. How else were they going to get the QOD into Storybrooke? And this Supposed love triangle makes it so much worse. Again, we have to wait and see. I’m glad they’re talking about Belle’s strength. The sad truth is, she is not needed with Rumple around, because he knows everything. Belle has to research, so they’ve written her so that when he is around she is sidelined. The thing is Hook is not needed either, but they still manage to fit him in every bloody scene. So why can’t they do that with Belle? Belle should not be friends with Hook at all. That’s like Rumple becoming friends with Zelena if she had lived. it’s unrealistic. This show needs to get better and quick, and like I tell the fans who bully anti hookers, not everyone needs to like Hook, even the characters. So the woman who told Hook that his heart was rotten has now suddenly seen the light? It’s stupid and sloppy. They don’t have time to work out those issues, and apparently her not liking Hook makes her a bitch so, they’re just going to go ahead have her randomly just become friends with him. Fuck that. I cannot believe that they brought Will in for a plot device. Why? I love Will. He was my favorite character in OUATiW, but he is useless on this show. There’s no time to fit him into the story, which gives Belle something to do off camera. So the writer’s claim they’re going to touch n Belle’s strength, than give her the same amount of screen time she gets all the time. I’m not trying to be negative and tell people not to hope, but this tends to be the pattern. *END RANT*

Help me pick my next plot...

Just finished Ten Days of Misery on AO3, and have two ideas for new fanfics… Without trying to spoil anything, here’s a short teaser for each fic. Which one do you think I should write?

Idea 1: Due to circumstances, young princess Belle and Dark!One-Rumplestiltskin share a prison cell for many many years, growing closer to one another over time. While their captor originally thinks Rumplestiltskin will eat the child, he is surprised to learn that in his imprisonment, the Dark One actually starts to care for her instead.

Idea 2: Desperate for affection, Dark!One Rumplestiltskin decides to bring a doll to life. And so he deals for Grace Hatter’s doll named Belle and brings her to life, hoping to find a companion for the night. Instead, he gets the company of a naive and innocent princess - one he feels he can’t exploit like that.

So yeah…. Idea 1 or idea 2, guys?