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An Eye for an Eye (Part 1)

Okay, so here is the first chapter of that Jefferson x Reader story that I was telling y’all about earlier. The first chapter isn’t very long, but I really think it could turn into something further. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Electric Pulse. I’m going to try my hardest to work on both stories at the same time. But without further ado, here is the first part of An Eye for an Eye. 

Word Count: 1,139

Warnings: None

Summary: When Belle is returned to Mr. Gold, she tells him who it is that let her go. He instantly knows who it is that returned her and decides to give him his thanks in the best way he can think of.

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Gold paced the length of the backroom in his shop several times, and it was honestly making Belle a little dizzy. Of course, she didn’t know that she was Belle. Not yet, anyway. She had just walked in and told Gold that Regina had kept her locked away. This didn’t really surprise Gold, even though he was furious about it. No, what kept him pacing was the who. Who knew where Belle was? Who in town would free her? Gold stopped his pacing and turned to Belle, who stood there, quietly shaking.

“Now, Belle, I need you to tell me, who let you out. I need to know,” he stated, walking up to her. Belle’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Who’s Belle? You keep calling me this name, but I don’t know who you’re talking about.” Gold sighed in frustration. “You. You’re Belle. You just don’t remember yet. But you will. Now, please, who let you out.”

Belle shrugged. “I didn’t know him. He was wearing a hospital uniform, but I hadn’t met him yet. He was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. Oh, and he had a scar that circled around his neck. He was weird.” Gold had resumed pacing again but stopped with that last sentence. “Repeat that last part again,” he instructed, his mind racing. “He had a scar on his neck,” Belle reiterated, her face still scrunched in confusion.

Gold grinned as the answer hit him. He knew exactly who Belle was talking about it. And he knew the perfect way to repay him. After all, Gold always repaid his debts. “Come with me,” he told Belle, holding out his hand. Belle wearily took it, not 100% sure if she trusted this man yet. “I’m taking you somewhere safe, Belle,” he promised as he led her out the back of the shop and to his car.

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Handprints - Part 9

Mr. Gold/Belle,  G

Summary: Gold, Belle, and Bae go on their little “date,” and Gold acquires a new accessory.

Notes: Enjoy some Gold family feels and bonus Jefferson! We are in the home stretch now folks!


Gold’s smile was so wide he felt like his face would split in two.

If there had been any doubts in his mind about Belle and Bae meeting, they had been thoroughly quashed. Bae wasn’t a shy boy, but he was unsure of Belle at first, staying on the other side of Gold and holding tight to his hand until they reached the first stall in the market. Belle was her usual patient, kind self, coaxing the boy to tell her what things he noticed, what he liked or found interesting about all the little trinkets in the boxes and set around the stalls.

Twenty minutes later, Bae was holding Belle’s hand as they walked through the flea market, smiling up at her as he asked if there were any toys for sale. Gold’s chest ached as he watched them from a few steps behind. He knew Belle was different than Milah, very different in fact, but it was hard to shake the old demons.

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Petition for Jefferson to be the godfather of the Rumbelle baby

Let’s look at his qualifications, 

-Was the one to free Belle from the asylum 

-Rumple trusts him 

-Has a daughter of his own so he obviously cares about children

-Makes great tea

-Knows his way around the Dark Castle for when they get back to the Enchanted Forest 

-Smart enough to not get involved in anything 

If Jefferson comes back can this be the reason? Please???


Hijinks emerge on the Rumbelle sitcom when freespirited maid, Belle (who gets to sit around and read a lot for a domesticated servant) decides to free the man her boss was repeatedly skinning alive.

Although in Rumple’s defense, Robin Hood did just try to kill him.

So, although torturing the man is a bit harsh, defending himself does seem to be within his rights.

And had Robin actually come to Rumple, (since they later retconned established that he was once employed by him) and tried to strike a fair deal: ‘Hey, my pregnant wife is dying, can you save her..ummm..without taking our firstborn, that is?’ Maybe they could have avoided the whole issue.

It’s not like Rumple can’t play fair with thieves if given a chance..

OUAT. Jefferson + Belle/Rumpelstiltskin

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Jefferson took a careful step back, making sure to head in the direction of the working spinning wheel. To those untutored in life at the Dark Castle, it would seem folly to seek refuge next to Rumpelstiltskin, but when Belle gathered her child closer against her chest and glared with such disgust, making it clear that only the dozing child was saving Jefferson from a sharp tongue-lashing, a smart man looked for the one who might soothe her temper.

“Eh, Rumple?” Jefferson asked, coughing a little when he realized his throat had gone dry. “Please tell your beautiful companion that I meant you no insult?”

The wheel kept turning, with nothing more than a soft giggle for an answer.

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Mad Hatter headcanon (Once Upon a Time related)

So here’s a headcanon I have for Jefferson, The Mad Hatter of Once Upon a Time.

1.   Jefferson has been trapped in Storybrooke with his false and true memories because his madness made him resist the mind altering magick.

2.  At some point Regina must have gotten wind that Jefferson knew the truth.  Maybe he tried to confront her.  Either way he ended up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  He must have been deemed harmless and released or escaped.  That’s the only way he could know Belle was there and that is how he knew how to get down there when he freed Belle.

3.   Jefferson waited to free Belle from the psychiatric ward because he knew Mr. Gold had false memories.  He did not know Rumplestiltskin’s memories were restored when he heard Emma’s name.   Jefferson waited until he was fairly certain the curse was about to be lifted before he freed Belle because then Rumplestiltskin would recognize her and protect her.  He did not do it sooner for fear that Gold would not know who she is and therefor would not protect her.  Until the curse started to lift, until he knew Mr. Gold would know who he and Belle are, he probably figured it was safer for Belle to stay put.

4.     Jefferson obviously has a close friendship with Rumplestiltskin.  He’s the only one who knew about Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s feeling for her.  That’s why he released her after all.  This means Rumplestiltskin trusts Jefferson as he does few others. Perhaps as his only friend.  (MadGold bromance?)

The Wedding Planner - Chapter 12

Fandom: OUAT

Pairing: Rumbelle, side of Swanfire

Rating: T

Summary: Wedding planner Alan Gold doesn’t have much faith in romance, and little to none in marriage. A chance encounter with sweet librarian Belle French has him almost reconsidering his beliefs until he receives a nasty shock: she’s the bride in the most important wedding of his career.


Chapter 12 - Belle’s done the brave thing, and now it’s Gold’s turn. What will happen when these two crazy kids see each other again?

Gold stared up at the stone facade of the library, trying to muster the courage to enter. Once everyone in the shop had understood who Belle was, there had been no quelling their excitement. In vain had he pointed out that the flowers could simply be a gesture of goodwill.

“Camellias, Rumple,” Jefferson had said flatly.

Perhaps, he’d suggested, Belle had meant to order white camellias and the shop had been out. White camellias symbolize luck, and that would have made perfect sense…

“The daughter of a florist accidentally sent the wrong flowers?” Neal had interrupted, his eyebrows raised. “I wouldn’t make that mistake, and I’m just the son of a wedding planner.”

Alright, but they hadn’t parted on the best of terms. There was no reason to think…

Camellias,” Neal had insisted.

Jefferson repeated the word, and then so did Emma, then Henry and Grace, until it seemed that the five of them were competing to see who could say it loudest. It was impossible to get a word in edgewise, and in the end Gold had given up and walked into the back room, ignoring the fact that Henry and Grace were improvising a song consisting entirely of the word “camellias” sung at different octaves, egged on by Jefferson.

Emma followed him, her eyes bright with sympathy, and he pretended not to notice her until she refused to move out of his path. “So that’s the big secret,” she said. “The movie girl was the bride.”


“But she’s not a bride anymore.”


Emma pursed her lips and tilted her head to one side, studying him. “So…what now?”

“Now I get back to work,” he said. “Or I would, if there wasn’t a bloody concert being held on my salesfloor.”

“So you don’t love her anymore. I guess she wasn’t that special after all…probably just looking for a good time, anyway.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gold stared at his daughter-in-law, his jaw dropping open.

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G O L D  H A T T E R

He doesn’t remember. Unlike Jefferson, Rumplestiltskin is blissfully unaware of his life in the Forest, and though he knows the merciful thing would be to leave Rumple to the ignorance, Jefferson has worked far too hard to find him. If anyone can fix the hat, it’s Rumplestiltskin. If anyone can sate the gnawing hunger he’s felt since arriving, it’s Rumplestiltskin.

Scared, confused, he looks so delectable curled up in Jefferson’s bed. The tea he’s prepared his old friend does its trick - he’s awake, if disoriented, but there’s recognition in his eyes. He knows Jefferson, and that’s all the invitation he needs.

The hat can wait. Tonight, Jefferson won’t be alone. Tonight, it’ll be like they never left the Forest, like they never parted ways.

They deserve this.

Regina Mills has never had a healthy adult relationship.

Think about this.  Everyone in her life has only tried to control and use her for their own purpose.  Her own mother used her to gain power and station.  Her father was too afraid of her mother to protect her and be a real parent.  Rumple used her, Jefferson and Whale used her.  King Leo used her as a replacement wife and mother.  Regina took control of her own life, because she had no choice and once she became Queen she treated others the way she had always been treated.  All of her relationships were about control. She cannot and does not trust anyone, she can’t afford to for her own protection.

She thinks this is normal.  She is only now starting to realize this is wrong…thanks to Henry and Emma.  There has been no such thing as unconditional love in Regina’s life…until now with Emma.  I think it will be revelation for both of them when Regina stands by Dark Emma unconditionally.