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Petition for Jefferson to be the godfather of the Rumbelle baby

Let’s look at his qualifications, 

-Was the one to free Belle from the asylum 

-Rumple trusts him 

-Has a daughter of his own so he obviously cares about children

-Makes great tea

-Knows his way around the Dark Castle for when they get back to the Enchanted Forest 

-Smart enough to not get involved in anything 

If Jefferson comes back can this be the reason? Please???

Mad Hatter headcanon (Once Upon a Time related)

So here’s a headcanon I have for Jefferson, The Mad Hatter of Once Upon a Time.

1.   Jefferson has been trapped in Storybrooke with his false and true memories because his madness made him resist the mind altering magick.

2.  At some point Regina must have gotten wind that Jefferson knew the truth.  Maybe he tried to confront her.  Either way he ended up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  He must have been deemed harmless and released or escaped.  That’s the only way he could know Belle was there and that is how he knew how to get down there when he freed Belle.

3.   Jefferson waited to free Belle from the psychiatric ward because he knew Mr. Gold had false memories.  He did not know Rumplestiltskin’s memories were restored when he heard Emma’s name.   Jefferson waited until he was fairly certain the curse was about to be lifted before he freed Belle because then Rumplestiltskin would recognize her and protect her.  He did not do it sooner for fear that Gold would not know who she is and therefor would not protect her.  Until the curse started to lift, until he knew Mr. Gold would know who he and Belle are, he probably figured it was safer for Belle to stay put.

4.     Jefferson obviously has a close friendship with Rumplestiltskin.  He’s the only one who knew about Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s feeling for her.  That’s why he released her after all.  This means Rumplestiltskin trusts Jefferson as he does few others. Perhaps as his only friend.  (MadGold bromance?)

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Rumple with anyone other than Belle? Why or Why not? Thanks.

Okay when the show started in S1, I shipped Gold/Rumple with like everyone. Since Skin Deep it’s basically only with Belle. I can OT3 Rumbelle with Ruby and Jefferson though, and in that context I can ship Rumple with Ruby and Rumple with Jefferson, so long as Belle is part of the overall relationship. Without Belle I can’t see Rumple in a relationship.

G O L D  H A T T E R

He doesn’t remember. Unlike Jefferson, Rumplestiltskin is blissfully unaware of his life in the Forest, and though he knows the merciful thing would be to leave Rumple to the ignorance, Jefferson has worked far too hard to find him. If anyone can fix the hat, it’s Rumplestiltskin. If anyone can sate the gnawing hunger he’s felt since arriving, it’s Rumplestiltskin.

Scared, confused, he looks so delectable curled up in Jefferson’s bed. The tea he’s prepared his old friend does its trick - he’s awake, if disoriented, but there’s recognition in his eyes. He knows Jefferson, and that’s all the invitation he needs.

The hat can wait. Tonight, Jefferson won’t be alone. Tonight, it’ll be like they never left the Forest, like they never parted ways.

They deserve this.


Hijinks emerge on the Rumbelle sitcom when freespirited maid, Belle (who gets to sit around and read a lot for a domesticated servant) decides to free the man her boss was repeatedly skinning alive.

Although in Rumple’s defense, Robin Hood did just try to kill him.

So, although torturing the man is a bit harsh, defending himself does seem to be within his rights.

And had Robin actually come to Rumple, (since they later retconned established that he was once employed by him) and tried to strike a fair deal: ‘Hey, my pregnant wife is dying, can you save her..ummm..without taking our firstborn, that is?’ Maybe they could have avoided the whole issue.

It’s not like Rumple can’t play fair with thieves if given a chance..

Regina Mills has never had a healthy adult relationship.

Think about this.  Everyone in her life has only tried to control and use her for their own purpose.  Her own mother used her to gain power and station.  Her father was too afraid of her mother to protect her and be a real parent.  Rumple used her, Jefferson and Whale used her.  King Leo used her as a replacement wife and mother.  Regina took control of her own life, because she had no choice and once she became Queen she treated others the way she had always been treated.  All of her relationships were about control. She cannot and does not trust anyone, she can’t afford to for her own protection.

She thinks this is normal.  She is only now starting to realize this is wrong…thanks to Henry and Emma.  There has been no such thing as unconditional love in Regina’s life…until now with Emma.  I think it will be revelation for both of them when Regina stands by Dark Emma unconditionally. 

Inductive Reasoning, Baby Seal Edition

I think it’s time I re-explain how I analyze fiction. I’m a fan of inductive reasoning– that is, arguing from the specific to the general. For fictional TV shows, this means I look at the specific actions of characters in the context of the episode and ONLY the context of the episodes to make generalizations.


  • Rumple, Charming, Jefferson, and Hook wear leather pants in FTL
  • Conclusion: Leather pants were the fashion in the Enchanted Forest

The converse of this is that if you DON’T see something in an episode, I argue that it doesn’t exist– or rather, we don’t have evidence of it at this time.


  • We’ve never seen a Japanese character
  • Conclusion: There are no Japanese princesses in OUAT

Just wait till S8!

The thing about inductive reasoning is that it’s only true as of the last episode– the second new information appears, your prior conclusions can be wrong, wrong, wrong, and have to be changed (e.g., Lancelot is dead until he isn’t). Read the entire essay on this here! So when I say “we didn’t see something, therefore it doesn’t exist” I am ONLY talking about the context of the episodes to date– not future episodes or medieval society or real-life society or anything else.

Let’s take a silly question:  Has Zelena killed a baby seal?

I’m wearing baby seal underwear right now!

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