Milah could have forgiven Rumple, except…

One of the most important things Milah and Rumple ever said to each other was this:

Milah: Why can’t we just leave?

Rumple: We’ve talked about that.

Rumple shoots down her pleas, dismissing them. It’s something she brought up to him before, and it would have been the thing to save their marriage. If they had left that village, and Rumplestiltskin had chosen a new name so no one would have ever heard of him, they could have fixed their marriage. But he was too afraid of change that he wouldn’t leave. So far, his cowardice is the canon reason we’ve been given as to why they couldn’t leave.

Milah had faith in Rumple not to be a coward, at first. What’s sad is that his reasoning for coming home wasn’t pure cowardice, though most saw it that way. He wanted to be there for his son. Her faith in him was shattered because of his father’s actions and she saw him as no different than his father.

I think over time she could have forgiven him, except it’s hard to do that when everyone in your small village is shunning you and whispering behind your back (or to your face) like ‘how could you marry and love such a coward, snicker snicker snicker’. In medieval times women were usually seen as extensions of their husbands, especially if you’re a peasant woman. She would have bared the same shame that Rumple did. So instead of seeing his actions as dedication to fatherhood, she ended up hating him for his cowardice. If they’d done from the start what she suggested and left town, they could have salvaged their marriage. But he was too cowardly to leave his little town [and change his name], where everyone knew what he’d done, so they suffered.

I don’t think you guys understand how much I love Milah. Like, I seriously love that woman.

She and Rumplestiltskin were so in love before he went to war, it was so freaking cute. And yeah, they were horrible to each other, but their relationship is so complex and interesting. Even until the very end, Rumplestiltskin loved her terribly. I just.. I love Milah and Rumplestiltskin. So damn much.


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What were you like when you were a teenager/very young man (early twenties)? If your young self would meet Belle, what would he do?

I spent most of my time spinning so that we could survive. But I was quiet.. Milah changed that for me.

He would likely have run away and avoided eye contact. A noble lady in my small village was unheard of.

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((You are making me like Hook!! I can't like Hook!!! He sunk my ship!!!))

ooc - I must be doing my job right.

I’m not sure which ship you’re talking about… If it’s a literal ship, then I have to say that Hook clearly has done his job as a pirate right. If it’s Rumbelle, that ship hasn’t actually sunk (if you’ve been following the spoiler filming pictures and the like, Rumbelle is still sailing, just in a slightly different way). If it’s Rumplah, that ship sunk before Hook docked in port. If it’s Swan Thief or Swanfire, Neal sunk that ship eleven years ago (though it might have a life preserver or two out there). I can’t think of any other ships that he might be accused of sinking.

Still two weeks out, but this is what I need from you:

Rumplah Moments!

Favorite lines, or just scenes you liked in particular.

drabbles or videos or whatever you might like to see. Next week I’ll open it up for Bae related things so be prepared for that.

This month will need your help to thrive, and I’d reaaaaallly like it to do well. My beloved pirate queen deserves it as much as anyone else. Lets show the fandom that an under rated character can be fleshed out and shown love too.

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I want the k. --humblespinner (Maybe it's one of his previous fantasies before his wife rips his heart out?)

8:Eyelid kiss (let’s say prego Milah everyone was happy)

She smiled when his hand grazed across her belly, curled up on their small bed. It wasn’t much, but it was home, and soon one to house a family. She closed her eyes and kissed the tip of his nose and then his eyes, pulling his head to her shoulder and pressing a final one to his hair.