Fic: Inheritance (Chapter 12)

Title: Inheritance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Five years after leaving town to see the world, a death in the family forces Belle French back to Storybrooke to deal with the estate. Never intending to stay very long, she nevertheless soon finds herself drawn back into old friendships, old dreams, and an old love that’s not as finished as once she had hoped. Belle might be back in her hometown, but after five years away from the wreckage she left behind, is it possible to ever really come home?

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A/N 2: Also, trigger warning for mild symptoms/discussion of depression. And no, before anyone asks, Belle is not pregnant. Belle’s issues are emotional, not obstetric. 

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Chapter 12

Belle was dozing.

She was warm, comfortable, held in strong arms and pleasantly sore, and for a moment she was just asleep enough to lose all context. She shifted, curled up around the body wrapped around her, and closed her eyes against intruding reality. If she kept her eyes closed she didn’t have to face the fallout. If she kept her eyes closed, she could ignore whatever momentary madness had led her here in the first place.

So she dozed; exhaustion washing over her as if she’d been tired for weeks, and this was her first chance to relax. She slipped into sleep without even realising it, and she could have sworn as she did that she felt a pair of soft lips pressed against her crown.

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So I don’t know how I feel about Morpheus, or if I believe he’s rumbelle’s baby.  But if he is A&E have lucked into something pretty clever with him having fully formed thoughts and opinions; even though he’s a collection of cells at best at this point.

During one of my folklore/story/myth classes we talked about a belief that some in the Jewish community still hold to be true.  In the womb an angel teaches the child everything there is to know about the Torah. (Later versions include that the angel also teaches the baby everything about the world.)  But all this knowledge is lost at the moment of birth when the angel touches (sometimes slaps) the place between the nose and mouth, creating the indent we all have.

So this idea could explain why Morpheus is swanning around in his mother’s dreams, causing trouble and being a jerk to Rumple.  He has all the knowledge of a full grown adult (and more).  It fits with the story motif of the show and explains away the oddness of him being well him at this point in time.

Do I think this is what A&E was going for?  No, probably not, but it’s something to think about.

(Please keep in mind I’m not an expert in this, and I mean no offense bringing a religious belief into a discussion about OUaT!)