Every day ferrets lose their homes, because their humans didn’t think well before buying them. Ferrets are a very serious commitment. They take a lot of time, money and effort. Make sure you are able to give it to them. With good care your ferret will live up to 10 years. A lot of things can change during this time. You may need to move, go to college, start a family of your own or take a demanding job. Being rehomed is very stressful for a ferret. Even though they do not appear to be as affectionate as cats or dogs, they get attached to their people and their homes. Also, you never know how the next family will treat him. My ferret Rumpel is 100% litter trained, very friendly, obedient and very well trained in all sorts of ways, which means that the family who brought him up, loved him and took good care of him. Unfortunately, for some reason they had to rehome him. His next owner has had him for a year before she decided to get rid of him. When I first saw Rumpel, he had very little hair, was starving, had fleas, ear mites, wasn’t able to walk normally and it wasn’t clear if he was going to make it. If they had put him to a shelter, he would have been put down as “not adoptable”. My other ferret Charlotte was surrendered when she got a bladder problem. I am at least her 4th owner and she is only 4 years old. Which means she had to get used to new homes her whole life. If you are thinking about getting a ferret and want to ask a question, there is a question box (top right corner) on my blog (the link is in my bio) by @ferret-farm

Episode Analysis: We Are Both- Did Rumpel Try to Steal Regina?

So I was rewatching 2.2 and something that Rumpel says to Regina in the flashback really stood out to me:

‘I held you in my arms.
You were younger,

I actually have two theories with this one. The first Being Cora could have just let Rumpel hold baby Regina and he had the thought to kidnap her.


Rumpel attempted to steal Regina regardless.

To me, the second idea seems to work more. Rumpel uses ‘portable’, there’s actually a pause before the word showing that he was trying to think of the right word to use. So portable obviously means to move something.

Wait! Why would Rumpel need to ‘move’ Regina?

So obviously we know that Rumpel made a deal with Cora to give him her first born child. Similarly like he did with Cinderella. We didn’t know why until 5.14, Rumpel needed a child to fulfil the deal he made with the healer.

Now we have to match the timeline up.

This healer waited a long time for Rumpel to finish his end of the bargain.

Anyway, Rumpel is a man when he makes the deal.
A Dark One when he kills the healer.
The baby events we know of happened when Rumpel was a DO.
He is locked in a cell at the en of 1.4.

A long time has passed between 1.4 and 5.14 in real life. This is Adam & Eddie were dealing with. This theory could still hold up.

For Rumpel to be obsessed with babies still the healer has to still be alive, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. Between the encounter with Cinderella and getting caught, Rumpel had to go back to the healer and kill him.

“But he’s caught right after his meeting with Cinderella.”

Goes back to the long time between seasons 1 and 5. It does take recounting to make this theory work but really, this is the only valid reason Rumpel would have to wanting a child.

Unless he was missing Bae that much that he wanted someone else child but even that wouldn’t make sense since by the time Rumpel’s imprisonment, Regina is already practically casting the curse.

So this was just a little theory that I’ve had since the first time I watched the episode. Feel free to tell me what you think about the whole thing. And yeah, hope you liked it.


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Forbidden Love - Killian Jones

Warnings: This is somewhere before Neal came back to Storybrooke, Fluff

Summary: Being Mr. Gold’s daughter wasn’t quit easy. You lost your big brother, your father was practically a monster. You didn’t want to be with him but you had no place to got to. Nobody really liked you because they were afraid of your father. So the only thing you could do was work in his shop, not that people really visit the shop. But it was time killing so you didn’t mind.

Pairing: Killian Jones (Hook) x Reader

Requested: Yes,

Omg I love your icon so much xD I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you’re Rumplestiltskin’s daughter but you’re in love with Killian and at first Rumpel doesn’t like it but he realizes that you’re happy with Killian. Thanks ily 😍😍 -


Notes: Y/n = your name


I was sitting on a chair when the bell of the shop rang. “I’ll get it!” I shouted. I got up and made my way to the shop. “How can I help you?” I look up at the man standing in front of me. “Well, you’re clearly not mister crocodile so no you can’t help me.” The man said. He was tall and had black hair. And a hook. Of course I should’ve known. The bloody pirate. “Look Hook, I don’t have any troubles with you so I suggest you should go before he comes to see who’s here.” “And leave such a pretty gi-” “Y/n who’s our visitor?” My dad appeared at the door. “Excuse me pirate, but what do you even think you’re doing here?” My dad looked at him with confusion.

But that was only an act. Deep down he’s already preparing to murder him. “Mister Jones was just about to leave.” I smiled at my father and grabbed Killian at his arm. I dragged him over to the exit of the shop and practically threw him outside. “You’re lucky this time, don’t come back.” I whispered to him before I went inside again. “Why did you let him go?” “Because he is stupid and probably drunk, Papa.” He nodded and went back to the living part.

“Hey Papa, I’m going for a walk okay?!” I shouted. “Sure princess, just be back before it’s dark.” I cringed at the word princess and went outside. I walked a few blocks before I felt something bad. I looked over my shoulder to see a shadow standing against the wall. “You sure have the senses of your father, dear.” “Are you saying I look like my father?” I said with a disgusted voice. “I did.” “You should take that back.” “Don’t you like to be like your father?” “What a monster? No.”

Ten minutes later we were drinking coffee at Granny’s. “So tell me more about your past.” Killian asked with curiosity. I sighed. “Okay, so before the curse we lived in a small house because he kept us hidden for his enemies. My brother and I were friends because we only had each other. But the fact that he was two years older disturbed our friendship. He was older and liked different things. I was practically on my own. Nobody wanted to be friends with me because of the danger that came with being friends with me. But strange enough I said no when Bae asked me to go with him to a world without magic. I guess I loved my father to much.” “You actually loved that man?” Killian said with a bit of laughter. I laughed with him and shrugged. “I guess.”

After two hours of talking it started to become darker. “Look Killian, I really have to go or he’s gonna kill me. Thanks for this, you’re really funny.” He gave me a nervous smile before he openend his mouth again. “Hey y/n, I really like you. Could there be any change that you would go on a date with me?” I smiled at him. “Yeah, I would go on a date with you, Killian.” After that we quickly exchanged numbers and then I took off to go home.

“So where did you go?” My father said while dinner. “Oh uhm just walking a bit here and there. Got me some coffee at Granny’s.” “Did you see the pirate anywhere? Because I don’t want him in your surroundings.” I almost choked on my food when he asked me that. “Uhm no, no I didn’t. Besides I don’t think he’s that stupid to come near me.” “Hmm you’re underestimating that pirate, Y/n. He has some courage.” “Oh well, I look out for him. Good night, Papa.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight, princess.” I made my way over to my room when my phone went off.

It was Killian, he asked me to be at Granny’s around two. I quickly replied that I would be there before I drifted to sleep.

The next morning I almost spent twenty minutes in front of my mirror, deciding if my outfit was okay or not. When I finally choose the outfit I made my way downstairs for some breakfast. “Good morning,  princess. How was your sleep?” I walked up to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning, Papa. It was okay. How was yours?” “I slept very well. Y/N, I got to go somewhere in the afternoon. Could you watch the shop for me?” “Uhm, I actually already have plans.” “Oh that’s okay, you just cancel them.” He said with his not so infamous smirk. That’s not going to happen. “Fine.” I made my way upstairs and slammed my door. How dare he? It’s not like his shop is so populair. I’m going to my date and theres nothing he can do about that.
He went out at half past one. I just had the time to grab my purse and head out. I closed the shop and made my way over to Granny’s. I walked in and saw him sitting in the corner. I smiled at him and walked to his table. He smiled back, looking me up and down. “Excuse me sir, but is this seat taken?” “Actually it is taken by some beautiful women, but since you could be her twin, I wouldn’t mind.” He smirked after he said that. “Oh Killian, that was an extremely bad attempt to flirt.” He cocked an eyebrow. “Could you do better then?”

“Way better, but that’s for another time.” I laughed at him and he laughed back. We talked for over three hours before I saw his expression slightly change to a worried one. “What’s wrong Killian?” “Don’t look back but I think we might have a problem.” I looked back and saw my dad and Belle standing there. Shit. “I said don’t look back.” He tugged on my arm and I looked him back in his eyes. “We have to go.” I pulled him up and I straightly went for the back exit. I feel Killian behind me, making himself bigger so he could hide me.

We ran outside in the direction of the shop. After a while we bursted out in laughter. “You are going to get me killed!” “Am I not worth it then?” I asked with big eyes. He stepped closer to me and laid his hand on my left cheek. “You actually are.” He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss quickly escalated to a make out session.

After we broke apart he smiled at me. “So is there any change you would go ou-” “Yes I will go out with you for a second time, that you even had to ask that.” I laughed slightly before I openend the shop again and walked in with a smile on my face. 

One month had passed and me and Killian were dating now. My father did not know of course, it would drive him crazy. I was at his place. We were just cuddling and watching a movie. “I think it’s time to tell your father because we’re getting quit serious.” He suddenly said. I looked at him with fear in my eyes. “Aren’t you afraid of getting killed?” “He would never kill me, because he knows that he would rip you away from his life if he did so.” Killian rubbed my back. “Okay let’s do it then.”
Not more then five minutes later we were standing outside of my house. I sighed nervously. Killian grabbed my hand and made soft circles all over it with his thumb. “We can do this.” I nodded and walked in. “Hey Papa, I’m home!” I shouted nervously. I heard him walk over to the shop. “Y/n, what is he doing here?” “I, I mean we, have to tell you something, Papa.” “Oh please don’t say what I’m thinking you’re about to say.” “We’re dating. For over a month now.” He stayed calm, what truly scared me. “Pirate, get out of my house and never ever look at her anymore!” He angrily shouted.

Killian looked at me with fear in his eyes. A nodded and he place a small kiss on the top of my head. “Come to my place when you can.” He whispered in my ear. “Out!!” A tear fell down my cheek. Why is he like this? “Y/n you’re grounded and I don’t want to see you anymore today.” I made my way upstairs and cried myself to sleep.
The next morning my eyes were still puffy from crying. I ate my breakfast, opened the shop and went to bed again. I didn’t see my dad the whole day and I also didn’t reply on Killian’s texts. But I should’ve though. At ten o’clock my mind exploded. I had to see him. I dressed myself and opened my window. I climbed trough it and ran to his house. When he openend his front door I smashed my lips onto his. “Wow dear, everything alright?” I shook my head and embraced him in a hug. I needed him right now. “I-I just don’t understand why he gotta be like this.” “It’s gonna be alright. Just talk to him. You’re his little girl, he will accept it sooner or later.” “Can I stay here?” Of course you can.
The night ended with a lot of cuddling and kisses. He carried me to his bed and I fell asleep in his arms.

A loud noise caused me to wake up. It was coming from downstairs. I turned around to see where Killian was, only to see an empty spot. “Where is she Hook?!” I heard my dad yelling from downstairs. My eyes widened in shock when I heard glass shatter. I quickly got up and ran down the stairs. I ran into the kitchen to see my boyfriend being strangled by my dad.
“No Papa! I-I love him!” The eyes of the men widened. “You do?” They both asked. “Yes, I honestly love him so much that it is killing me, it’s killing met to know I love someone that my father will never accept, that I love someone that I can never be with.” I dropped down on my knees and started crying. Killian freed himself and embraced me in a hug. “Shh, it’s alright, babygirl don’t cry. I love you okay, that’s all that matter. Please don’t cry.” I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.

“You really love him, don’t you?” The voice of my father disturbed my loud sobs. “Yes Papa, I love him.” He looked over to Killian. “You have my blessing, this one time pirate. But I swear to god if you hurt her you will be dead before you can say another word.” “Oh my god.” I looked at Killian and he smashed his lips onto mine. I looked at my father who stood there with a little smile on his face. It’s was going to be okay.

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TheDarkCouple!Rumple- You deal with some very dangerous beings, many of whom come to your castle. Does Stephen ever charm them like he did you and Belle?

Rumpel: I am sure that if we gave him the opportunity, he could charm the socks off the most fearful sorcerers who come to see us, but his safety is our first priority and we have made sure that he is safely out of sight every time we get a volatile visitor. 

Maybe if we could somehow bottle that charm…

Belle: Rumpel! No experimental potions on our son!

my coworker is a dearie!

we were talking about ouat and she said her fave character is rumpel.

“i like how BAD he is and that 9 times out of 10 he’ll get away with it! he’s so awful, i love him!”

i cracked up and said “yeah, he’s pretty bad.”

she said he makes her enjoy the show the most and makes her want to watch. :)

we also both watch supernatural and started talking about that! good to know i work w/ someone down here who has good taste in tv! i was starting to miss my old coworkers! ;p

I was watching 1.12 and when Rumpel says to Regina that she’ll never have more power than him, and it made me think of the Frankenstein storyline in season 2. Rumpel wanted to make a ‘monster’ just as Frankenstein did, and just like Frankenstein’s monster, Regina got out of control too.

Rumpel only wanted Regina to cast his curse for him. He wasn’t bothered who got hurt in the process until it hurt him (Regina taking Belle captive/telling Rumpel she’d died).

And similarly like Frankenstein’s monster killing Frankenstein’s loved one, they were both left feeling guilty because they had inadvertently put them in harms way.

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Bean verse- so what does the EF have to say about the sudden disappearance of the Dark One? Does Rumple still have his dagger?

To be honest, I have no idea what’s happening in the EF now. Everything’s probably gone completely to pieces without Rumpel to intercede in all the proceedings to make sure they’re going in the right direction.

*proceeds to think up an entire alternate OUAT in which Rumpel was never there to fix things*

Rumpel’s dagger has come through to Storybrooke with him; even if it had been left behind it would have been rendered useless.

OUADT writing is going pretty well. I’m almost halfway through the episode. 

Emma is trying to have a meaningful conversation with a shadow, Belle is trying to be a good hostess, Rumpel is not trying to be a good host, and in the past, Regina and Gold are having a sass off and itty-bitty!Henry is bonding with his grandpa…