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Knock Before You Enter {Remus Lupin x Reader} *SMUT*

Oh God, this was so hot to write ;) I haven’t written smut in a while so here you go, lovelies! Hope you like it

Reader needed help from the Marauders, only to walk in on Remus.

Enjoy! @allertonn


History classes sucked and that was the truth. It wasn’t just the numerous wars and revolutions, in fact, they were quite interesting but the drawling, ghastly voice of Professor Binns made everyone sleepy and bored. This would often result to students waking up by the end of the class, only to find out there was a homework about the earlier discussion and you should consider yourself lucky if someone was even awake enough to listen.

As was the case of (Y/n).

And no, she was not awake that time.

She was half-asleep when the professor announced a group homework and her group mates were none other than the four, troublesome Gryffindors. To be quite honest, they were not as laid back as she thought they’d be. They would help one another when it comes to studies and rumour has it, they would even stay up all night to review. No one has confirmed this rumour, of course, but she was quite confident in their abilities since their high grades were enough evidence especially her long time crush, Remus Lupin.

She was on her way to their dorm, carrying with her her school books to get started on the homework, when Peter Pettigrew came running down the stairs.

“Pettigrew! Where are you going? We’re supposed to start on the homework, remember?” She said.

“Sorry, (L/n). James and Sirius has detention the whole day today.”

“What?” She frowned, “But the deadline’s tomorrow! I can’t do this by myself!”

“Yeah, sorry. I wish I can help you but…uh, Remus is upstairs. He can certainly help you out. Anyway, I gotta go. See you around!” Peter said before scurrying away quickly.

(Y/n) did not know why he was in such a hurry or what could be more important than their homework but her heart jumped at the mention of her crush’s name.

She wanted to get this homework over and done with. She had put too much faith on James and Sirius and now that they were in detention (no doubt another prank), she had to make do with what she have; not that she didn’t mind studying with Lupin. It was because she couldn’t focus on anything when she’s alone with him. It had happened before and she did not understand a single lesson.

She marched upstairs while mumbling furiously, planning out how she will done the two in and bury their bodies next to each other. She had not noticed their door slightly ajar and so when she opened it, her eyes saw the most unexpected scene that made her regret ever coming in. Remus Lupin was standing with his back turned to her, slowly pulling his shirt over his head. His back was littered with long, red scratches and scars but the arch of his spine made her blush, his shoulder blades made her heart pound, and the tiny dimples on his back made her wet.

(Y/n) was immediately frozen on the spot. She did not know if she should leave or shout at him for not locking his door. Either way, she had to decide quick because time was running out and Remus was already turning around.

His eyes fell on her immediately but he did not seem taken aback by her presence. Instead, he smirked and watched her eyes widen in surprise.

“Can I help you?” He asked casually.

It made her melt, her mouth hung slightly open and all the air from her lungs felt like they have been sucked out by a vacuum. She bit her lip to try and swallow her words but her heart was beating so loud that she became unaware of what came out of her mouth.

“I, uh, need some help with something,” she said with a smile which Remus interpreted as a positive response. He walked towards her and every step that he took, made her walk backwards nervously until she was pressed against the door, closing it with a soft thud. He reached towards her face and gently brushed the back of his finger on her cheek, trailing down to her chin to meet his eyes.

“And what is that?”

(Y/n) looked at him with wide eyes before looking down at his lips. She was so tempted to know how they taste like, how they feel like. She wanted him badly but she decided to play along. Her awkward self was now long gone.

“Homework. I can’t do it by myself, you know.” She said with a smirk. She did not know where this sudden burst of confidence came from but it was leading her to get where she wanted to be.

“Well, good thing I’m here for you, aren’t I? None of my friends are here too so we have the room all to ourselves.” He said, twirling a piece of her hair before tucking it behind her ear.

“Don’t you think I should come by some other time?” She said, “You’re not fully dressed.”

Remus looked down at himself and chuckled, “I would be if you knocked on the door.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” She teased, making Remus growl and grab her face, kissing her lips passionately.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, her tongue trailing along his lips while he firmly kept his hands on her hips. Both of them have wanted this for so long but they never had the chance to know about how they felt towards each another since his friends were always teasing him. He did not ever want this moment to pass and so he moved his hands up and down on her body, feeling every inch of her skin, memorizing it in his mind. Hearing her moan softly was like music to him, knowing that he was making her feel good. He licked her neck and softly nibbled her ear before whispering.

“Do you want me?” He asked and although they haven’t gotten very far, he wanted her to assure him that she wanted him as much as he did. She slipped her fingers through his soft, brown hair and gave him his answer after a quick kiss on the lips.

“I do. I’ve always do.” She replied, making Remus smile excitedly like a little school boy who had just received his candy.

He carried her in both of his arms and laid her down on his bed before crouching towards her like a hungry wolf. She bit her lip and watched him hover above her, her eyes set on his. He leaned in and began to kiss her once more while she pulled him close with her legs. She felt his hard on press against her clothed heat, making him moan back. He continued to grind against her in a rhythm so pleasurable that made her sure her underwear was soaking wet by now. He pulled apart from her mouth and trailed kisses from her neck to her collarbone, lowering the top of her shirt to reveal more skin.

Watching him taste her and lick her was once a dream she would fantasize about at night while playing with herself but now that it was happening, she wanted more than just this. Remus stopped and pulled the top of her shirt once more, peaking down at her bra with a smirk.

“Take this off for me, darling, would you?” He asked in a polite yet lustful manner.

(Y/n) did not hesitate and sat up to remove her shirt, revealing to him her black laced bra with a tiny white bow between her breasts. She bit her lip and beckoned him with a finger.

“Remus…” She moaned, driving him mad.

He leaned in to her hungrily and cupped her breast in his hand, “ ‘This for me, darling?”

He fondled her and massaged her as she continued to moan his name in his ear. He pinched her nipple through her bra while she reached behind her back to unclasp it. Remus pulled it by the straps before tearing it from her body, throwing it on the other side of the room. She laid back down once more as he kissed her, his hands now reaching through her underwear to feel her wet womanhood. He pressed his thumb on her clit like a button, his other finger teasing her soaked entrance.

His lips went down to her breasts and closed around her nipple while he kept his fingers busy, rubbing up and down her slit. He pushed two fingers in and as she moaned, he began to move them, her wetness making it easier for him to slide in and out.

“A-ahh, Remus…”

“Feels good?” He asked but he did need to hear her answer.

The way she writhed at the mercy of his fingers was enough evidence. He continued fingering her until she was about to reach her climax, pulling it out before she could release. She glared at him for delaying her but he did not say anything. He tugged down her shorts and tossed it by the bed before removing her underwear that matched her bra. He placed it in his pocket and started to unbuckle his belt.

“You’ll have it back tomorrow.” He said. The thought of her going back to her room with no knickers under her clothes aroused him.

He pulled down his boxers next and (Y/n) licked her lips at the size of his impressive length. He was already hard and the tip was leaking pre-cum. She spread her legs in front of him, showing him how wet she was. Remus’s eyes darkened with lust at the sight, capturing it like a picture to wank himself to. He crawled back on top of her and held his cock before running the head up and down her soaking slit, teasing her.

“Remus, no…I-I want you,” she said, desperation in her voice.

He leaned in to her and kissed her softly before slowly easing himself inside, pushing his thick manhood in her wet cavern. Inch by inch, he filled her pleasurably, making her moan into his kiss. He pressed his forehead against her and pulled out gently before pushing back in one thrust.

“Oh, love…You are so tight. Feels so good for me, darling.”

He praised, his elbows planted on the mattress as he began to move in a slow, teasing rhythm. (Y/n) moaned at every hard and slow thrust he gave. Soon enough, he increased his speed with an even harder impact than before. Her walls clamped tightly around his length at every push and pull, his lips capturing hers.

His hands both gripped on the headboard as he roughened his thrusts, his nails scratching the wood. He was hitting her g-spot now and he was going fast and hard, making the headboard slam against the wall. He moaned at how wet she was becoming, whispering to her praises like how good she made him feel. He could tell she was close and so he carried her by her waist and sat up, allowing her to move up and down on his thick length.

“Oh my God, Lupin! I’m so close…”

“Go on, love. Come for me,” he encouraged, pressing his lips on her skin. He was getting close as well and with one last thrust and a hard slam of her bum on his thighs, the two finally reached their climax.

“A-Ahh!” Remus moaned as he started to cum inside her, thick spurts of his seed marking her walls as his. He groaned in immense pleasure while she soaked him with her juices, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. He kept his arms around her, her hands on his shoulders as his cock began to soften. He laid her back down and pulled out, his cum trickling down from her slit. (Y/n) smiled and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Wow…That was splendid.”

Remus panted and smiled before cleaning her up. He laid back down by her side and tucked her in with his blanket, pulling her to his chest.

“So are we dating?” He tried to asked confidently but his fear of just being a one-night stand made him worry. He wanted to start a relationship with her and not just a physical relationship to help him let out his frustrations. He loved her deeply and if she did not want him, it would surely break his heart.

However, (Y/n) smiled and nodded, “Of course!”

Remus gave a breath of relief and returned the smile, “Hogsmeade on Saturday, then?”

“I’d love to, Remus.”

She kissed his lips softly before resting her head on his shoulder, falling asleep by his side.

Just A Small Crush. (Drabble)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Since you’ve been new to the team in stark towers for a few months, you couldn’t help but feel attracted and attached to the handsome Bucky Barnes. But as the team already know you like him including Nat, you question yourself if the man himself has found out or if he’s just being damn oblivious.

Warnings: fluff, swearing and just shit writing haha. This is my first fan fic as @gaybybirth and @lancefuckrr inspired me to write as their so bloody talented, so I thought I’d give it a go seeing as I also Roleplay too. So here it goes! Tell me if you like it or would like a second part!


You paced around in your room after leaving the team that had been indulging theirselves by throwing remarks at you all evening about your ‘crush’ for Bucky. Luckily he was out of that particular situation and were training with Steve, you were glad and very lucky he hadn’t been in range as you wouldn’t of been happy with anyone at all, despite them making you feel giddy from time to time.

“Y/N?….hun?” A familiar voice mumbled through the wood of the door. It was the beautiful yet wicked Natasha, who was cooing you all day. “Can I come in?” She asked before turning the door handle anyway. You let out a small sigh and planted yourself on your bed before Natasha made herself welcomed and sat on the edge beside you.

“Sorry…we pushed too far didn’t we?” She spoke, her brows furrowed.

“No…well, it was alittle..” You struggled to get your words out before inhaling deeply “-I just feel so humiliated sometimes as the comments go a little too far, especially with Sam, fuck sake” You continued before carding strands of hair behind your ears.

“I know. I’m sorry Y/N I just thought it be fun to perhaps get you in the mood…” Natasha responded, her fingers reaching to touch your skin, rubbing circles on your arm.

“For what!?” You scoffed, raising your brow at her.

“You know, confidence…be brave woman” Nat let out a devious chuckled before nudging into you.

“Right…I’m just gonna fuck up the moment I see him”

“Yeah…because he isn’t going to do the same!?” Nat rolled her eyes and made her way up towards your closet. “Do me a favour, get dressed into something nice and join us, Bucky and Steve will be there anytime soon, and this time ‘communicate’” She spoke sternly, wavering her hand in your face as you just glared back at her.

Your mouth was slightly parted and your eyes just blank, processing what dress or comfort wear you would put on for Bucky to see or admire you in, hoping he would do just that anyway. Natasha shook her head at your expression and move in to pat your shoulder lightly.

“You’ll be fine Hun, just be with us and try to have fun. We may tease but we all love you like family and we think it’s really adorable, honestly. He will too” Her eyebrows wriggled as you shrugged off her hand, laughing at her expression.

“I’ll join you. But NO teasing” you answered her in a more softer tone, gracing her with a smile before standing up to sort out your attire for the evening.


Time seemed to go by quickly as you sorted out your entire wardrobe. Sighing at the thought of not finding anytime, until, your eyes glanced upon a black laced dress that you recalled to of worn on a date years ago. Your lips curled up into a smile as you grabbed the coat hanger down and started to get changed.

Smoothing down your dress you admired yourself in the mirror, your Y/C/H in long curls and your make up only applied lightly, you were ready to have some fun with the team. You knew Tony was going to turn the evening into a party so this made you excited already. You heard the low thumping of the music start already, sending chills down your spine at the thought of encountering the team, you wasn’t really amazing with crowds even though they were family.

You made your way out the door, the hallway reflecting light from one of Tony’s strobe lights. He was way too extreme sometimes. You entered the living room where they all were, Nat was with Sam and Wanda, Clint with Tony and Vision who seemed to be content with Wanda now…according to the rumours, and of course Steve and Bucky leaning against the table near the kitchen island. Your eyes fixated on Bucky who was dressed in a black tight fitted shirt and dark jeans, along with his hair being slicked back just a little, Steve obviously made him put more effort into his appearance even though he was fucking attractive either way. His eyes, his jaw line, his body…

“Well look at you!” A voice snapped you out of your drooling thoughts as you turned to face Sam, grinning at you.

“Oh hey” you stammered, back to reality now you focused onto his brown wandering eyes.

“Damn Y/N, your lookin so good” he exclaimed before being slapped on the shoulder by Wanda, who followed by his side.

“You look lovely Y/N” She spoke, narrowing her eyes at Sam before giving you a small nod.

“Thank you…to both of you, I’m happy I look ok” you let out a faint chuckle as they both just agreed in unison.

You started to open your mouth to converse once more before you were stopped mid track with the familiar eyes that lingered on you from afar. Bucky Barnes were eyeing you over from over where he stood with Steve, you luckily managed to catch it before he took a small swig of his beer, nodding to whatever Steve was telling him whilst still keeping his eyes fixed on you….well, your body anyway.

Wanda and Sam obviously got the hint and let out a laugh before trailing back to the others, leaving you standing, gawking at your crush. Your eyes fluttered as you tried to remain calm and content, not flustered. But his stare just made you wobble, almost lose your balance.

Natasha, the saviour of literally everything began to signal you over, mouthing for a drink with her, you gave her a nod, sauntering over to the red head whilst you still felt the familiar eyes on you.

“So, need a drink?” She asked as you moved onto the bar stool beside her.

“Fucking hell yes please” you hissed as you tried to catch your breath, your heart pounding at the feeling of attracting his attention. You grew a frown as you suddenly saw Nat stand up off her stool, making her way around you.

“Well that’s a good thing I got you prepared sweetie. Looks like lover boy is coming over so you better get ready” She flashed you a wink as she slid your drink towards you and peered over your shoulder at the man who was making his way over, she turned on her heels and sauntered off in her red dress and black stilettos. Fucking idiot.

“Hey” a low gruff voice startled you from behind, sending another shiver down your heated body. You froze for at least a few seconds before turning yourself around to make eye contact with Bucky, and God did he look even better close up as he always fucking did.

“Hi Buck…you okay?” You maintained calm and confident enough to answer which made his lips twitch into a soft smile.

“I’m good doll, and you?” His eyes still fixated on yours.

“Yeah, just enjoying some time finally with the team”

“Nice to see, I didn’t see you around today so it’s nice to catch up with you whilst I could” He spoke whilst raising his brow.

“Yeah just been caught up really…but I’m here now so, it’s nice” your words were dumb, you didn’t even have a good answer but your expression didn’t show it, you just carried on giving him a content smile.

“You look lovely by the way, it’s been a long time since you’ve…dressed up” His words making your temperature rise even more. You were on a high from this moment.

“Really? Well…t-Thankyou Bucky, yeah I” you paused, fidgeting with the hem of your dress as you tried to cool yourself down “I just wanted to make some effort tonight, you know”

“That’s what I told Steve” Bucky let out a chuckle before sipping more of his beer he still held, signalling towards your drink too. You picked up your martini Nat ordered and raised it against his.

“Well we always think alike don’t we” you mused, taking a sip from your drink.

Bucky hummed as he moved in closer, his eyes wandering over your body as you tried to avoid your gaze from him being so close. You gave yourself a smile before he spoke once more.

“Especially when the other doesn’t confess” His words hit you hard, sending your eyes to widen and glare up at him.

“You…w-what?” You stuttered, words not processing at all to escape your lips, which sent him to let out a laugh.

“Doll…it’s fine.” He grinned, his flesh hand reaching to stroke your bare shoulder. “How long?…”

“How long what” you exclaimed, your heart in your mouth as you couldn’t control your body beating like it was right now.

“How long have you liked me” he asked, still in contact with your skin.


“Cause sweetheart…it’s not only obvious but” his eyes bored into yours as his fingers trailed down to lift your chin to give him your full attention.

“I like you too….ever since you joined. And all this time it’s fucking killed me to not make a move” he whispered, his breath hitting your lips as they gave him the brightest smile ever. You were obviously both idiots who had the same feelings. And that was the evening your crush not only confessed too! but finally kissed you.


ah! Was a bit shit but I hope you liked it. My tags go out to @mokacoconut @sebastiandamn @frenchtherainbow @gaybybirth @lancefuckrr @peggy-carterx @dianelogan @glcnnwood @plumfondler and all my other friends and followers. You’re all amazing and some are tagged on here cause your an inspiration, just Incase you think “why you tagged me” hehe. Love you all.

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All I can think abt right now is the first graduating class, (there had to be a first), and some of the fair folk being more or less attached to a few students in their own special way- only to find out they're leaving now forever. How would THAT blow over?

Okay yeah that was a rough few years - The fairy hill appeared over a summer break (popular rumour says over the course of one Midsummer’s Eve) and when the classes resumed in the fall, suddenly the University was Strange. And that went both ways - students kept getting caught in the weird time and space distortions that the campus was suddenly rife with. And the Gentry were realising after over a century of absence in this part of the world that things had changed dramatically.

The first class to graduate - seniors when the Hill appeared - walked away with about three quarters of the student body and the vague sense they’d dodged a bullet. For their part, the Gentry see human lives as so terribly mayfly short anyway that graduation wasn’t terribly far from a human’s natural death, in their eyes. The exception is when the Gentry had, like you said, become attached - in that case they either mourned, if they knew how to let go, or stole away the respective students, if they didn’t. Charms of protection weren’t so wide-spread yet.

Missing Parts - 1.

A/N: You liked the idea, so there is the first part! Hope you like it! :)

Summary: Y/N is the daughter of Sirius Black. She had to grew up without her father, listening as everybody around her saying he’s a murderer, still, she never truly believed he could really betray his friends. The problems starts when Sirius escapes from Azkaban, and slowly her friends will learn the truth too.

Part 2 
Missing Parts Masterlist

Originally posted by ohmoveoveralohomora

The memory is still vivid in your mind as you first walked through the big oak doors of Hogwarts. Excited, full of expectation and hope, but also, you were afraid. Black. Your name carried a lot of weight, and you knew it’s just a matter of time before everybody will figure out whose daughter you are. 

Happiness waved through you when you got sorted into Gryffindor – as both of your parents were there once.

When Harry Potter took his seat near to you, without hesitation, you stood up and sat next to him. Of course he had no idea who you were, even if you spent a lot of time together, you were to young to remember. You wanted to talk to him. You wanted to be his friend. You wanted to know him. Maybe because your parents were best of friends, maybe because your mother told you so much about his parents aswell, but you felt like you want to sit next to him, so you did. He looked so lost and modest, you almost felt sorry for him. From the pictures you saw about James Potter, you could tell his son looks exactly like him – and you knew if you mother see him, she’d probably cry.

Because she still cried a lot. There were things that you didn’t know, and not because she didn’t want to tell, but she simply couldn’t. Sometimes, in the middle of the sentence she stopped, unable the continue. Your father and his friends memory left a deep wound on her heart.  

The time passed, and you really became best friends with Harry. Soon enough all of your friends knew about your father – well, mostly just his name and that he’s in Azkaban. When they asked why, you said you don’t want to talk about it, so they didn’t ask anymore again. There were rumours of course, and they heard those, but never cared, and you were thankful for that.

Everything went well and nice, until your third year. Everywhere you go, you had to face with those posters with you father’s picture on it. „Sirius Black escaped, the murderer!” – you heard constantly at Diagon Alley. It was scary to even thought about what will you have to listening at Hogwarts every day soon, and in the first time, you didn’t want to go back. Your always cheerful mood was noticeably gone.

Even you were surprised how happy you were as Harry, Ron and Hermione appeared at the King’s Cross. With them, maybe it won’t be so miserable, you thought as you walked slowly, searching for an empty compartment. Only one left – a man in shabby clothes slept next to the window.

„Who do you reckon he is?” – Ron asked after you all sat down and shut the door after yourself.

„Professor R. J. Lupin. It’s on his suitcase.” Hermione whispered. The name sounded so familiar to you, and tried really hard to searching in your memory for it, but Harry’s voice interrupted you.

„Well, it’s about Y/N’s father.”

„What?” – you asked, eyes widened. You never talked about him.

„You know, the thing that I wanted to tell you…” And he explained what he was overheard between Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Your heartbeat was so fast you almost got sick as you listened what he said and how Hermione and Ron reacted. At least he didn’t know everything, you thought, but still…

„My dad don’t want to kill you.” They heard your firm voice suddenly, causing all of your friends to looking at you in a smaller shock. Ron broke the silence.

„But… how could you know? You never knew him.”

„Ron!” – Hermione hissed at him, but he went on.

„What? She was like one year old when he get arrested. And you never told us why. How could you be so sure that he don’t want to kill Harry?”

It was a deep silence again, only the rattle of the train could be hear. Your eyes were in tears, but you didn’t cry. „Thanks for reminding me, Ron. But I know a lot of things from my mother. He… he didn’t do that.”

„Did what exactly?” Harry asked this time.

„It doesn’t matter.” – you said quickly, hoping he won’t pushing you further.

„Y/N, sorry, but if he’s really after me, I think I deserve to know what did he commit!”

Angry waves washed over you again as you jumped up from your seat. „I don’t care what everybody say, he is innocent! And I won’t tell those lies to you or anyone else.” – with that, you rushed out. You were more afraid than furious – what if Harry will know what was the reason of your father imprisonment? He will know it – sooner or later – but he will. Will he believe you, then?

Few tears rolled down on your cheeks from these thoughts, but you quickly wipe them off, searching for Fred and George. Beside Harry, Ron and Hermione, you spent most of your free time with the twins, and you knew now only they can cheer you up.

You only returned after the dementors gone.

„Harry?!” – you shouted, burst into the compartment, seeing the professor is finally awake, Hermione and Ron both looked worried, whilst Harry’s face was pale, confused and maybe even scared. You sat down close next to him. „Are you alright? I heard you fainted.”

Suddenly, he looked angrier. „Who told that to you?”

„Nevermind that now.” – you shook your head. „What happened?”

„I need to speak to the driver.” – Professor Lupin spoke up suddenly, giving you a piece of chocolate. You frowned, but took it from him. „Eat, it’ll help.”

You turned back to Harry, touching his cold but sweaty cheeks and forehead. A light red colour appeared on his face, making you smile – it was so cute that how nervous he could get sometimes in your presence.

Soon enough, the professor came back, looking at you with an amused face as none of you eat the chocolate and asking Harry if he was okay. The rest of your journey spent in a gloomy mood, until Harry turned to you. „Y/N, I’m sorry for what I said earlier… I… I didn’t want to hurt you.”

„It’s okay.” You smiled at him kindly, ruffling up his already disheveled hair. „Look, we started planning a great prank with Fred and George, and…” – you started to cheer the others up a little, but then you remembered there’s a teacher there too. „I mean, we’re not.” You looked at Lupin with widened eyes, but he just smiled.

„I couldn’t hear you, the noise of the train is too loud.” And he looked through the window. You exchanged a surprising, but glad glance with the others, before Ron commented your plan.

„I hope it’s including Snape. I’m so not ready for him.”

You glanced at Lupin who clearly smiled under his palm. „Oh, you don’t say.” – you started, looking at Ron. „At least you don’t have to hear constantly that „You’re just like your father.” Am I right, Mr. Potter?” – you imitated Snape’s monotone, reproachful voice, looking at Harry, since both of you got enough from Snape’s „love”.

Harry finally smiled again. „Right, Miss Black, my partner in crime.” You all laughed, and then you saw as Lupin now looked at you in a little shock – he probably heard your name, you thought, but then, suddenly, you realized why he was so familiar to you. He was much younger on those pictures, but it was him. You looked away quickly.

„Maybe next time you shouldn’t say him things like „Thanks for the compliment, professor”, so you could avoid detentions.” – Hermione suggested.

You shrugged. „I got used to it.” And it was true – spending so much time with Fred and George has its benefits and drawbacks too, but at least you never get bored.

The train arrived, and your stomach cramped. You knew this year will be hard for you.

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I heard Eli and Nozomi got married recently, congratulations you two! :D Where did you go on your honeymoon?

You did!?

You did?

Did you…?

…It’s news to me. Nozomi?

Hmm… You must be talking about this picture, right?

Oh! But that was-

Yep! It’s true!

A traditional Shinto wedding, held in my shrine, on a beautiful sunny day… I’m truly blessed. I felt like a princess- and my prince was so handsome! It was a perfect day that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Ehh… you shouldn’t lie about things like that…

Yup, you’re right! Our picture got out, so we should stop lying about it!

Heh… This is how rumours start, you know. Of course the ceremony wasn’t a real-

…You didn’t think it was a real ceremony?

Oops. Well, our marriage certificate is real, one way or the other.

What!? Nozomi, please tell me you’re joking-

Kashikoi kawaii!


Hey, come back here! Nozomi!!!

…So, wait, did they really get married or not?

Of course they didn’t really get married!… I think…

I don’t think they would get married without inviting us to the ceremony…♪

That’s the only reason you doubt it…?

All the Fics I read in...March!

I read a lot this month…what’s new. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Happy reading!~~ -a

bend me, shape me by Awriterwrites (a-writerwritesJackstylinson (dimpled-halo), & lululawrence (lululawrence)

“You forgot something, didn’t you, darling?” Louis didn’t bother to look at Harry, but his voice said everything Harry was sure he’d see in his eyes if he did. There was an undercurrent of teasing, but a sort of condescending agitation that Harry was, unfortunately, very familiar with.

Shit. He’d forgotten something.

“Were we supposed to go somewhere?”

Louis didn’t answer — he just ran his thumb over the head of his fully hard cock and groaned, the sound of it going straight to Harry’s groin.
“Um. It’s not your birthday…” Harry was wracking his brain. “Our anniversary is May 10th. Um…”

“Our marriage anniversary is May 10th. Husband.” Louis was staring at him vehemently now. And, of course. Of course that was what it was. An anniversary.


Harry forgets an anniversary. Louis helps him remember.

Crying lightning

by frenchkiss 

Louis doesn’t remember the accident, and when he wakes up he finds that he doesn’t remember any of the last ten years of his life either. All he knows is there’s some curly-haired bloke by his bed claiming to be the husband he shares a house, a dog, and a life with, two siblings he’s never met before waiting for him in the waiting room, and more niggling questions at the back of his head than anyone can physically answer.

This really isn’t how he planned to spend his Wednesday.

His. by SS98

Louis jabbed the button on a steel panel until it lit up. “How do you always know?”

“I’m your Alpha.” The doors parted smoothly on its ageing rails and there Harry stood in all his brooding glory, smirking knowingly at Louis. He hangs up and extends his arm so Louis can accept, the most profound characteristic of an Alpha – shockingly pointed canines – coming into view. “It’s my duty and pleasure to know everything about you.”

Just the Two of Us by phdmama (phd-mama)

“Louis,” Harry said slowly, “I don’t understand. This is a love story. This is the first kiss, the first sexually intimate moment between these two men. This is what Alex has been longing for since he started this journey, and it’s the foundation of their relationship. What the hell do you mean, that you can’t draw on your own experience?”

Exasperated, Louis glared back at Harry. “C’mon, Harry, I don’t think you’re that dense.”

Harry stared and then comprehension flooded his face. “Are you saying you’ve never…

Louis, a Method actor to the core, experiences a block in his acting. Harry helps him out.

La Petale Soyeux & La Petite Souris by Angkeats

“What did the Prince have in mind?”

“Gaudy,” the man recited confidently. “With baubles and sequins.”

“Baubles!” Kenneth spluttered into a hearty laugh.

Louis himself let a smile curl over his small lips. He pushed his long fringe away from his eyes as though seeing better would help him hear better. He knew of the rumours of course. He had heard the Prince liked pretty boys. Louis had accepted long ago that he himself was a catamite, a man who wished to sodomise other men. He was excited at the thought of Royal blood exposing themselves in such a blatant flaunted way.

Louis began to imagine the baubles he might use to decorate such a pair of shoes.

permanent fixtures by thefray

Louis is different. And, if you ask Harry, every subtle change in the energy of the neighborhood can be tied back to Louis.

or, neighbors au

Strong in the Broken Places by phdmama (phd-mama)

A chance encounter leads Louis to a new job opportunity, and new relationships that will change his entire life.

TW: PTSD, mentions of past sexual & physical abuse

‘Til I Tasted You by kiwikero (icanhazzalou)

Louis is Harry Styles’ biggest fan. It doesn’t matter that Harry is famous for being a food blogger and Louis can’t cook to save his life.

At least, until Harry offers to give Louis a cooking lesson. Then it matters just a teensy bit.

Twist of Fate by phdmama (phd-mama)

A chance encounter with an opinionated cat seems likely to change Louis’s life.

You Say You a Gangsta (that don’t impress me none) by seducedbycurls

“I knew you were too perfect, of course you had to be the leader of a Mafia… Of all things, the leader of a Mafia!”

the problem with being the hero...

and banging the bad guy.

This was supposed to be some angsty smut, but it turned into Link having something of an existential crisis. Whatever. 

Uh, have some Link struggling with existentialism and trying to reconcile being the Hero of Courage and having a relationship with Power below the cut!

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The Shinsenlosers - I

Chapter one: A start with broken things

Okita Sougo threw the green-coloured bills on the table in front of the woman. They were in the Snack Smile cabaret, liked for being one of the rare neutral club where you could have fun without being part of the Yakuzas, and without being led to unfortunate accidents. The Shinsengumi took up after the feudal wolves for their name, their ways could be compared to their precursors: they roamed through the streets of Roponggi and Kabuki districts, and kept them relatively calm from other gangs.

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“If you are very quiet and do not look away, you may see the brightest star in the constellation glow steadily brighter. It brightens until it overwhelms every other star in the sky, brightens until it almost seems to touch the ground, and then the glow is gone, and in its place is a girl.

Some say that, once upon a time, she had a prince, a father, a society of friends. Others say that she was once a wicked queen, a worker of illusions, a girl who brought darkness across the lands. Still others say that she once had a sister, and that she loved her dearly. 

Perhaps all of these are true. 

She walks to the boy, tilts her head up at him, and smiles. He bends down to kiss her. Then he helps her onto the horse, and she rides away with him to a faraway place, until they can no longer be seen.

These are only rumours, of course, and make little more than a tale to tell around the fire. But it is told.

And thus they live on.

“I miss your smile”

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Featuring: Steven (I made him up)

Words: 2154

Warning: swearing, angst, cheating, mention of sex, slightly fluff

Taggs: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by @vashanatasha (sorry it took me so long! Uni really got me busy)

Notes: I really want to apologise for being so slow at the writing stuff lately. As I said before, Uni is so absorbing and this is my last year so I’m really busy. I try to write every time I can but I don’t find much time. Thank you for your patient really!

Originally posted by little--batman

Once again, you were at your best friend’s apartment. Sebastian was working, apparently he had a casting to go to for a new series. He had asked you to go with him but you just wasn’t in the mood. How could you be? You had given absolutely everything for him, for that bastard. Steven. You had left your life back in Dallas, you had left your family, friends, job, home, and you had come to New York to live with him.

You found a new job, new friends and you found Sebastian. He was your absolute best friend almost since the moment you two met at the supermarket queue. He was an actor, not a famous one, at least not yet, but you knew he would be. You had seen him in his auditions and he wasn’t even aware of how good he actually was.

You thought you had a perfect life. But you found out it was just an illusion the moment you stepped into the apartment you and Steven shared and found him fucking a red-haired girl on the counter of the kitchen. You literally felt how your whole world collapsed around you, how your heart broke in a million pieces and how your life just disappeared after almost three years.

That same night you packed all your stuff, ignoring Steven’s begs, and left without looking back. There had been rumours, of course, but you trusted Steven and you actually believed him all those times he said he loved you. Bullshit. You had been so stupid. How couldn’t you see he was just playing with you?

So there you were, at Seb’s couch, hiding your face crying while he prepared chocolate for you. You had nowhere to go, you were alone in that city. All the friends you had, except Sebastian’s, were friends with Steven as well so you didn’t want to see them since they probably knew about his little affair.

“Here I am”, Sebastian said coming back from the kitchen.

He set a mug of chocolate in front of you and then sat next to you. He took the blanket that was always hanging from the arm of the couch and wrapped it around you before hugging you tight and kissed your head.

“Calm down, please”, he whispered in your ear as he rubbed your back.

“I’m such an idiot, Seb…” you mumbled looking at your friend. With a sigh he whipped away your tears. “I gave everything for that relationship, for him and he just…” You looked down at your hands.

“You’re not an idiot. You were just too in love to see what was in front of you”, he sighed. “He had been an asshole and once day he will regret what he’s done”, he added. “You’re amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise”

As much as he was trying to help you, there was nothing he could do at that moment. You were completely broken and needed to cry. But didn’t want to do it in front of him you needed to be alone with your pain and suffering.

“Can I stay here? It would be just today, I can go to a hotel tomorrow”, you asked him.

“Don’t even think about hotels, ok? You can stay here as long as you want”, he said kissing your head. “You can take the guests room, I’ll get it ready for you”, he added as he got up.

One day maybe you would understand what you had done to deserve such an amazing person in your life.

It had been two weeks since you had left Steven. All that time, Sebastian had stopped you a thousand times from going to a hotel. He kept on saying you could stay there as long as you needed to. He had room for you, a bathroom to share, a kitchen and a living room big enough for you two. And he needed someone who helped him to memorize his lines.

But the truth was that he didn’t want you to be alone. He could see the sadness, the pain, in your eyes and he wanted to make you forget. He just couldn’t see you like that. It was too painful for him to see the girl he had loved for the last two years suffering like that. He wanted to make you laugh, to make you forget him. He also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. You really had given everything for a relationship that had gone to hell to fast to even process it.

“I made pasta!” He exclaimed one day when you walked in the apartment after your morning shift.

“Nice”, you said quietly as you had some water.

“How was work?” He asked smiling at you.

“Fine I guess”, you sighed putting the glass in the sink before you started taking the plates to set the table. “People keep on sending me those pity glares every time I leave my office. It’s horrible”, you whispered. “And Steve came by today”, you added.

Oh yeah, one important detail: you and Steven worked together. He had been the one getting you the job so now you were stuck with him and his friends. Of course everyone in the office knew what had happened and it wasn’t helpful at all.

“How was it?” Seb asked carefully. You didn’t talk about him much, but when you did you used to end up being a crying mess in your room. So he was always very careful when it came to that topic.

“Painful”, you mumbled. “He came to my office. Apologising all over again”, you told him trying to hold back your tears. “I can’t believe he still dares to say he loves me, Sebastian. You don’t do what he did to someone you love”


He walked towards you and hugged you tight against him, stroking your hair slowly and kissing your forehead. He didn’t want to see you cry, it was also painful for him, but he didn’t know how to help you.

“Some people just don’t know how to love”, he whispered.

“Are you justifying what he did?” You asked looking up at him.

“No. There’s no possible justification” he sighed. “All I’m saying is that I don’t want you to believe that he didn’t love you. He did.”

“How do you know?”

How did he know? Because he had seen the way Steven looked at you and it was the same look on Sebastian’s face when you walked in the room. But it wasn’t the moment to say that so he just shrugged and smiled a little.

“Because it’s impossible not to love you”, he smiled a little.

You sighed and looked away. He had told you that a million times and after what you were going through you found it hard to believe. But you didn’t want to upset him, since he was doing his best to cheer you up so you just nodded and pulled away from his hug to go to the kitchen and the bowl with the pasta for both of us.

You just couldn’t take it anymore. Going to work was a living hell. People just kept on gossiping about Steven and you, he was still going to your office day after day, begging you to go back to him. A part of you wanted that more than anything else, but you couldn’t. No one had ever hurt you the way he had done, and you couldn’t forgive that.

“I’m quitting”, you said when you were helping Sebastian with his lines.

“That’s not on the script” he laughed looking at you. When he saw your face, he understood what you were talking about. “What? Job?”

“Yeah. I can’t move on if I stay there”, you said taking a seat on the couch.

“I understand”, said sitting next to you. “If you think that’s the best…I’m with you”, he said.

You looked at him biting your lip. You were amazed by this guy. It didn’t matter all the stupid things you said, or the stupid plans you came up with. He always had your back.

“Thank you, Seb”, you mumbled. “For always being there, for having my back and…staying with me through everything”

“And I will be here until the end, ok? Until you get better and I hear your real laugh again”, he stroked your hand softly.

“Why are you doing this? You could just…tell me to go to hell and keep on going with your life”, you said shaking your head.

“Because I miss you” he shrugged. “I miss your happy-self, I miss you being carefree, I miss you laughing… I miss your smile”, he took a deep breath and looked down. “I’m talking too much”, he chuckled.

“No. Not at all…” You whispered.

He looked at you and bite his lip before taking your hand in his, feeling how his heart speeded up against his chest. He had to say it and it was the moment. He just couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

“I’m doing all of this because I’m desperately in love with you”, he said not looking away from you. “And all I want for you is to be happy and I would love to make you happy again. I don’t care if I do it as a friend or something more, if I can get to make you smile again…It will be worth it”

You looked at him completely speechless. How could you have been so blind? Of course he loved you. It had always been there. In every day you spent together, in every laugh and every plan. He had been the one who had really been there for you no matter what and you had been too blind to see it.

“I don’t know what to say”, you whispered.

“It’s ok”, he smiled at you. “I know it’s too soon, you’re healing and I’m going to help you. All I can. I’m here, and I’m not going to force you into anything. All I ask is for you to let me know it if someday your feelings toward me…change”

You nodded as he said that, still in shock by his declaration. He kissed your forehead softly and took the script from the table before getting up and walking to his room, leaving you dealing with the mess you had in your head at that moment.

Sebastian and you didn’t talk about his feelings during the next days, but a part of you had started to look at him differently. You blushed when he complimented you, you bite your lip when he kissed your head or your forehead, and found you wishing he kissed you somewhere else. You also found yourself laughing at his silly joked, even smiling for no reason and after some weeks, you couldn’t find that pain in your chest anymore. It was surprising, it was amazing and you knew it was thank to Sebastian.

“Seb?” You said knocking on his door.

“Come in!” You heard him.

You opened the door to find him on his bed, reading through a new script. You walked in and closed the door silently before going to sit next to him.

“Something wrong?” He asked putting the script down next to him.

“No. I… I wanted to talk to you”, you shrugged.

“Oh. Em…tell me”, he shrugged sitting up properly.

“I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me during these weeks, Seb. You have been my stone, I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for you”, you said.

“You know you don’t have to thank me”, he smiled at you. “I…well, I already told you. I’m here”, he added.

“I know. And you also told me to talk to you if my feelings…ever change”, you said. He literally stared at you when you said that. “And…these last two weeks since you told me how you felt I… I think I have started to…develop those feelings towards you. But… I’m scared”, you said always looking down at your hands.

“I’m not going to hurt you. Ever”, he said moving closer to you. “Let me…please, let me heal you. Let me take care of those scars and let me prove you how much I really love you”, he said making you look up.

“What if this goes wrong? What about our friendship? It’s…all I’ve got”, you whispered.

“I guess we will have to take that risk”, he shrugged.

“Are you sure?” You asked.

“I’ve been sure since the moment you fell of the couch while you danced to Grease songs”, he said making you laugh. “I love you”, he whispered.

Before you had the chance to say anything else, he pulled you closer by placed a hand on your neck and kissed you, making you feel like Steven never did: like home.  

anonymous asked:

ever notice how nobody in yge or bb congratulates or promotes ri for his record label, monkey museum, club cubic or anything at all but everyone in yg congratulate and promote gd on everything he does including selling a 30 dollar bulldog clip? even ri promotes peaceminusone but nobody supports ri at all?

because yg has heavily marketed seungri as the second chance

because fans have taken the second chance image and ran with it

because no matter how close bigbang is they still tease him on stage

beacuse them teasing him on stage in front of thousands of fans makes fans believe he’s not worth it

because all the members are more popular than seungri by a long shot and fans will always believe what their bias says

because fans believing their bias making of fun him will result in them once again thinking they have a free pass to mock seungri

because gd has always been the golden boy in which his name is stuck to it, it’ll automatically sell even if it’s selling a $30 clip made out of 100% iron and we all know 100% iron rusts

because despite all the members working hard, seungri will have to work twice as hard because hes the “second chance”, the “annoying one”, the “good for nothing brat”

because at the end of the day him having any type of success is seen as a threat to the fans of other members. because god forbid that seungri does better than them

because honestly my fave thing is how seungri perhaps realises this too and deletes anything to do with promoting anyone from yg, the hello bitches teasers were deleted within a day, same with top’s art thing and gd’s pmo stuff.

because any type of support for seungri is seen as “undeserving” or “too much” and the fans of the other members just see us as complaining and overreacting because they too have put seungri stans on the same level as him aka they don’t care for him so our opinions are disregarded

anonymous asked:

Phasma pulling off a kylo ren with her helmet and everyone just going "oh god she's hot"

There are rumours, of course. 

“She’s horribly scarred.” GN-7486 says in the canteen, piling his plate with nutrient sludge. “Tibanna gas accident. Very tragic.”

“I heard she’s actually a twi’lek who amputated her lekku.” Whispers one comms officer to another. “And she got into the First Order by strangling a krayt dragon with her bare hands.”

“Phasma is actually three ewoks in a suit of armour.” This is said with confidence by a techie, down on the server level. “I saw it on a security feed once. General Hux himself swore me to secrecy, but I can’t live the lie any more.”

The truth? There’s but one person who knows. 

“She was… hot.” Rey says, helplessly, as General Organa writes down the briefing and nods sympathetically. “Really, really hot.”

Rey leans forward.

“But, like, in a scary way.” She frowns and Leia’s writing. “Make sure you underline that. Scary hot.”


Fem!Moriarty with Natalie Dormer requested by archaeologistseleneblack

He’d heard rumours of course, whispers in the dark criminal abyss about the power of one man, Moriarty. Of course he was surprised to find the person who broke into his apartment lacking certain.. masculine qualities, but he knew with just one look into her cold calculating eyes, that she was the one in control.

“Watch me give a fuck” Mark Tuan scenario

Requested by anon; Hello 😊  I’d like to request an angst scenario with an happy ending involving GOT7’s Mark + nr. 20 🙈  Sth. like a fight happens because of Mark’s busy schedule so he’s  never at home & there are rumors that he’s dating Irene from RV. Thank u 💕

A/N: 20 “Watch me give a fuck”

Send me a number and the member you want :)

The gif is not mine, credits to the owner!

Hope you like it!           

Originally posted by yugyeom

You were sitting at your dinner table, sipping slowly on some wine. You had made dinner for yourself and Mark, who had promised to come home in time. He said he’d be home by 7, it was 8:45. You sighed as you waited for him. Yes, you supported his career and you understood the work behind being a kpop star. You just wanted one dinner together, since you hadn’t had one in a while. It upset you even more because he promised to make it.

At 9 pm you heard the door open and close, signalling that Mark was home. You sat still, slouching on your chair with the wine glass in your hand, staring at the wall. Mark walked into the kitchen and a apologetic frown rose on his face as he saw you. He came over to you and kissed your head before starting to apologize. You sat still.

“I know I promised but, Jaebum made us stay longer to practise this one move everyone kept failing at, I’m so sorry baby….” He rambled. You sighed and stood up, shaking off his hands. You had been piling up everything and couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“I understand it’s your job and all but can’t you guys just take a little break, I’m sure that I’m not the only one suffering here. I haven’t talked to you all week! What if someone close to me died for example? You wouldn’t even know cause you’re so busy that you don’t have the time to talk! I know you haven’t been coming home most of the nights! You can’t sleep at the dance studio or music studio every night! Or maybe you’re busy spending time with Irene and that’s why you dont have time for me!” You raised your voice with every sentence. Tears slowly starting to run fown your cheeks.

In your sane mind you never would’ve brought up the Irene thing. You knew it was a rumour. But you were so tired of everything, not seeing your boyfriend for weeks, the rumours of him and Irene. Of course rumours like that would surface easier since you hadn’t actually come public yet, despite the 2 year relationship. You and Mark had decided it would be calmer without all the hate and fuss. 

“You know the Irene thing is just a rumour! If you want the rumours to stop, I’ll tell the world that your mine and my heart belongs to you, if that’s what you want” Mark said with a loud voice. You looked at him in shock. Wouldn’t you both get a lot of hate?

“But what about the fans?” You asked in a small, quiet voice. Mark smiled at you as he walked closer and wiped your tears away.

Watch me give a fuck” He said before closing the gap between you two, pulling you into a passionate kiss.

Missing Month Plots Points:

Missing Month draws ever closer, we promise! But while you guys think up whatever scandalous affairs your characters might be having, we’d just like to throw a couple of plot points out there on behalf of ourselves and our players.

Tripp Vanderbilt’s House Warming Party

During Missing Month, Tripp Vanderbilt decided to throw a party at the start of MM (before the truth about Isobel and Oliver came out, if this affects your character) to try and uh, lighten the Upper East Side mood after all the on-going rumours. So of course, if your character attended, they could have gotten into some party-related shenanigans. If you need to run anything by Kayleigh (who plays Tripp) you’re probably best to catch her on Isobel’s account! If, for example, you wanted your character to have stolen Tripp’s fave blender.

That One Night

So one night…a bunch of the gals were partying it up when Meredith Park decided to lift the keys of That Guy she was making out with and propose a little joy ride. All the details aren’t ironed out yet but essentially, a few of our Upper East Siders piled into whatever car/limo/party bus and crashed it (possibly into a store front). Either way, they were definitely intoxicated and in possession of things they ought not to be in possession of. The police were called but of course it was brushed under the rug, no harm done, slap on the wrists —- but Gossip Girl will certainly be all over it.

So if you’d like your character to have been a part of that — as in, they were there and arrested,or got away before that or almost went etc. just shoot us a message!!

Finally, if once we have kicked off the mini-time jump you think of something else you’d like to have happened during MM —- don’t worry! You can still add to your MM headcanons and message us whenever you like.

XOXO —Gossip Mods 

anonymous asked:

if you're takng those arranged marriage requests, "i have been eagerly awaiting the day i could finally meet you... and i have not been disappointed. you are beautiful." for oikawa and/or bokuto & a shy & short fem s/o?

I went with Oikawa on this one and this kind of turned into a Mafia Au! Oops! I hope you don’t mind the creative liberties I took. ;) -Admin Lana
Oikawa Tooru:

This was it. Today was the day that you’d finally meet the man that you have been betrothed to since you were a young girl. The concept had been foreign to you; marrying a man that you have never met prior to the engagement. Of course, you’ve had your qualms over the matter, arguing that you’d like a choice in whom you have to spend the rest of your life with. But that was a luxury you didn’t possess, not when your family was in such a predicament. With your father out of job, he couldn’t pay back the debt he owed. Perhaps he would have been fine if he was in debt to an ordinary man, not a mafia leader. Your father was presented with two choices: Pay the $10 thousand dollars or marry of you off to his son. It’s obvious now what choice your father made, much to his own resentment. It wasn’t fair to you, but it was the only way to dig the people you loved out of their graves.

There were many rumours circulating about him. Some were pleasant, and others were…gruesome. It was said that he possessed the wit and charm of a prince, but underneath the mask was a manipulative demon. But they were only rumours of course, nothing to speculate about until you’ve actually met Oikawa Tooru in person. However, this wasn’t all you’ve heard. The man is supposed to have a fan club of girls who bend to his every whim and where even heard to become violent against any women who warned up to him. The thought in itself was scary.

The sound of the doorbell broke the transitive state you were in, jolting the nerves in your body. To say that you weren’t nervous was an outright lie, your eyes gave it away. A figure moved to the door, casting a glance to you as if asking, ‘Are you ready?’

You cast your eyes downward, fidgeting with your dress, it was the nicest one you owned.

“It’s not like I have much of a choice.” You murmured, eyes fixated on his own. He didn’t respond, instead moving to open the door, pushing closer to your fate.

When the man first stepped through the threshold, the breath caught in your throat, unable to comprehend the essence of the being before you. He was handsome, you had to admit, alluring brown eyes, creamy skin, and the most dazzling smile, one perfect for being presented on tv. If you didn’t know any better, he could be mistaken for a model. You just hoped his personality matched his ethereal appearance.

Your father greeted both your fiancé and his father, an unreadable look crossing his features. You didn’t linger to long, instead focusing back on the man towering over you. He definitely exceeded your expectations, especially in height.

With graceful movements he picked up your hand, gently placing a kiss on the back of it as if you were a princess. “My name is Oikawa Tooru. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss ______.”

You were unable to reply verbally, instead going for a vigorous head nod, cheeks aflame with embarrassment. You’ve never been in such close proximity with a man until now.

“I have been eagerly awaiting the day I could finally meet you, and I have it been disappointed. You are beautiful.” The words were smooth, each syllable puncturing the cracks in your mind, an unfamiliar warmth spreading throughout your body. Not only was he polite, but he knew exactly what to say to make a woman weak in the knees, not that you’d be able to admit without being transformed into a blushing and stuttering mess.

“Likewise. I-I look forward to getting to know you better.”

Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad as long as he was who he seemed to be.

You and Harry both hated rumours. Of course, who didn’t hate rumours? Now, the paps would always come up with the most ridiculous lies surrounding you and Harry. It didn’t bother you as much as it bothered Harry, and he would always get upset when a new rumour was made up about you. 

Is Y/N cheating on Harry?

Looks like Harry’s gonna be a dad!’ 

Y/N Y/L/N : “I’m only dating Harry for his money!”’ 

Now, you never really liked to accuse people or call them out, but this time, you had to say something about the issue. Harry had been on tour for the entire year, and yes, you trusted him with all your heart – but when you caught sight of Harry on Georgia Fowler’s snapchat account, Harry being dressed in nothing but a robe, you couldn’t help but suspect a little something. The conversation started off simple, really. But now, you were pissed, Harry was pissed, and emotions were just flying all over the place. 

“I thought you trusted me! Do you honestly think I would cheat on you?” 

“I do trust you, Harry! Dammit, I do! But what do you want me to think when you’re staying in a little cabin with a Victoria’s Secret model, dressed in a robe?!” You snapped, your grip on the coffee mug tightening as Harry looked at you from the couch. 

“Wha- I just took a shower! You already know I usually wear only boxers after my showers, but I had a robe on! Which means I wanted nothing to do with her! Y/N, it’s just a rumour!” Harry said sternly, fiddling with his rings.  

“Do you even know what I’ve been hearing from everybody? They’re telling me you took her back to the cabin, you had sex with her, and that you’re only dating me to protect her from hate!” You whimpered, angry tears beginning to blur your vision. 

“Baby, I – oh, Y/N.” Harry stood up from the couch and walked over to you, immediately wrapping you up in a hug. He waited until you stopped struggling in his grip to press a kiss to your hair. “I love you. Okay? I love you. Only you.” He said gently as you continued to sob into his chest, fisting the material of his shirt. “You’re smart enough to know that it’s just a rumour. I would never ever cheat on you, in a million years.” 

“Y-Yeah, but, like, she’s a model, Harry! And I’m just Y/N, who goes to university, and gets average marks, and-” 

“And I’m just Harry. Just Harry and just Y/N.” Harry interrupted you, tilting your head up with a finger as he pressed a kiss to your lips. “Just us.”


gif isn’t mine!

"Goodbye My Lover" - A Gotzeus Fanfic

Title: “Goodbye My Lover”

Pairing: Mario Gotze/Marco Reus

Disclaimer: This is true. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. (I don’t know these guys though or like own anything, but still)

Rating: 16+

Word Count: 4731

Summary: So I’m finally writing what happened when Mario left Marco Dortmund like an asshole. I imagine this is pretty close to how Marco really reacted. 

Comments: I enjoy hearing what you guys think so much. You really have no idea how happy it makes me. Please feel free to leave comments in my ask box or fan mail. :’)

Notes: This is for neuersnutella because she NEEDED some Gotzeus. ;) Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: This is not beta’d. I am sorry. Also, it’s heartbreaking.

Don’t link this story to any other social networking site or copy and paste it anywhere, especially livejournal or It’s my original story. Have some respect. Read it and leave it here. Thank you.

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