rumours of course

“If you are very quiet and do not look away, you may see the brightest star in the constellation glow steadily brighter. It brightens until it overwhelms every other star in the sky, brightens until it almost seems to touch the ground, and then the glow is gone, and in its place is a girl.

Some say that, once upon a time, she had a prince, a father, a society of friends. Others say that she was once a wicked queen, a worker of illusions, a girl who brought darkness across the lands. Still others say that she once had a sister, and that she loved her dearly. 

Perhaps all of these are true. 

She walks to the boy, tilts her head up at him, and smiles. He bends down to kiss her. Then he helps her onto the horse, and she rides away with him to a faraway place, until they can no longer be seen.

These are only rumours, of course, and make little more than a tale to tell around the fire. But it is told.

And thus they live on.


Fem!Moriarty with Natalie Dormer requested by archaeologistseleneblack

He’d heard rumours of course, whispers in the dark criminal abyss about the power of one man, Moriarty. Of course he was surprised to find the person who broke into his apartment lacking certain.. masculine qualities, but he knew with just one look into her cold calculating eyes, that she was the one in control.

You and Harry both hated rumours. Of course, who didn’t hate rumours? Now, the paps would always come up with the most ridiculous lies surrounding you and Harry. It didn’t bother you as much as it bothered Harry, and he would always get upset when a new rumour was made up about you. 

Is Y/N cheating on Harry?

Looks like Harry’s gonna be a dad!’ 

Y/N Y/L/N : “I’m only dating Harry for his money!”’ 

Now, you never really liked to accuse people or call them out, but this time, you had to say something about the issue. Harry had been on tour for the entire year, and yes, you trusted him with all your heart – but when you caught sight of Harry on Georgia Fowler’s snapchat account, Harry being dressed in nothing but a robe, you couldn’t help but suspect a little something. The conversation started off simple, really. But now, you were pissed, Harry was pissed, and emotions were just flying all over the place. 

“I thought you trusted me! Do you honestly think I would cheat on you?” 

“I do trust you, Harry! Dammit, I do! But what do you want me to think when you’re staying in a little cabin with a Victoria’s Secret model, dressed in a robe?!” You snapped, your grip on the coffee mug tightening as Harry looked at you from the couch. 

“Wha- I just took a shower! You already know I usually wear only boxers after my showers, but I had a robe on! Which means I wanted nothing to do with her! Y/N, it’s just a rumour!” Harry said sternly, fiddling with his rings.  

“Do you even know what I’ve been hearing from everybody? They’re telling me you took her back to the cabin, you had sex with her, and that you’re only dating me to protect her from hate!” You whimpered, angry tears beginning to blur your vision. 

“Baby, I – oh, Y/N.” Harry stood up from the couch and walked over to you, immediately wrapping you up in a hug. He waited until you stopped struggling in his grip to press a kiss to your hair. “I love you. Okay? I love you. Only you.” He said gently as you continued to sob into his chest, fisting the material of his shirt. “You’re smart enough to know that it’s just a rumour. I would never ever cheat on you, in a million years.” 

“Y-Yeah, but, like, she’s a model, Harry! And I’m just Y/N, who goes to university, and gets average marks, and-” 

“And I’m just Harry. Just Harry and just Y/N.” Harry interrupted you, tilting your head up with a finger as he pressed a kiss to your lips. “Just us.”


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