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dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

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Maybe I'm too sensitive but I'm a bit angry that when Zayn talked about how they didn't have freedom he was labeled as an ungrateful traitor but now that Liam and Harry are also saying similar things everyone one is proud that they are brave to expose Simon and Modest. It must be nice to be white. I'm glad they are speaking up about and they have every right to I just hate this fandom more and more everyday!

You’re definitely not too sensitive, nonnie! Zayn has always been and continues to this day to be the fandom’s favorite target. Nothing new there.

Just add it to the list of the fandom’s shitty behavior when it comes to Zayn:

  • All of Zayn’s SM shadiness gets taken at face value but not the other boys;
  • Every negative online rumor or tabloid story about him being a cheater, traitor, hardcore drug addict is readily accepted and disseminated throughout the fandom;
  • His music is deemed gross and try-hard for being too sexual but Niall’s isn’t;
  • All of his shady, narrative-filled print interviews are taken as a 100% accurate representation of Zayn’s views but not Harry’s;
  • His penchant for smoking weed is treated as shameful but not Louis’;
  • He gets slammed for not funding his mom’s friend’s fundraising efforts but neither Harry or Louis get the same backlash when their families do the same;
  • Hypocrites stalk and take pictures with him pretending that they admire and respect him but proceed to call him a terrorist and trash when he’s not within earshot;
  • Evidence of career sabotage against him is brushed aside and blamed on his shortcomings but the boys are treated as victims who must be protected and defended at all cost;

It goes on and on, nonnie. This fandom is a representation of the world at large. We share this fandom with the same type of trash that elected that orange turd to the highest office of the land, racist assholes who enjoy keeping POC down in order to elevate their white counterparts. 

However, Zayn is and shall continue to be successful in spite of their bullshit and double standards. For my part, I shall continue to take great joy in how much that must burn their collective asses. 

Honoring Hermes: A Personal Technique

If you’re anything like me you live in your car. From work to school to various other obligations, life eats away at my time. As I have lost time to worship more formally, I found ways to honor Hermes that fits very easily in my day to day life.

  • Singing songs with verses and lyrics in another language. Singing it passionately and as horribly as I am wont to do. Laughing at myself and having fun doing it.
  • When driving, singing with gusto and gestures to music. Not caring about other’s seeing my fun concert in my car. You will be surprised how many people actually smile and laugh seeing such a silly thing.
  • Taking a different route to my destination if I have the time.
  • Shamelessly sending funny memes and pictures to my friends in our conversations. If it only amuses me and Hermes it is worth it.
  • Star gazing and finding constellations I know as I am walking under the night sky.
  • Starting a change jar and tossing in coins and even dollar bills periodically, offerings made in gratitude for safe travels and financial gains. Bonus points for any foreign money.
  • Participating in creepypasta and/or perpetuating harmless online rumors and conspiracy memes, #tedcruzzodiac style. Also starting chain mail full of false facts and threats of a ghost murdering them if they don’t forward it to 10 people.
  • Raising a Hand to Hermes when I have a convincing lie that someone believes. (Hey, we all lie, don’t judge.)
  • Learning to spot a red-tailed Hawks and saying a small prayer to Hermes when they cross my path.
  • On a safe and open road, accelerating my car rapidly. Feeling the power of the speed and a small bit of adrenaline. Understanding this small burst of speed is nothing compared to the power in the divine speed of Hermes.  

Apparently Gosh has been quoted while signing autographs at the airport that they are in fact not returning next season as regulars, but would be happy to come back as guest stars if invited?

I’m treading very lightly on this until I hear “official” confirmation. It’s so easy to spread rumors online so I try not to assume anything is “official” until I see the people in question say it themselves, or an official announcement or something.

Still, will be very sad to see them go if this is true…

EDIT: Apparently the source who claimed this is pretty reliable. So it’s seeming more and more true. Still waiting for official word, but it’s looking probable that this is true.

“Before A Fall” - sneak peak

A/N - Something new I’m working on that’ll be up after I’m done with “Spin.”  The premise is the seven deadly sins imagined as people.  This part is when Pride meets Greed and Anger.  (Or: when Roman meets Seth and Roman meets Dean.)

People get it wrong.

There are no seven deadly sins mentioned in the Bible.

It’s something that theologians and scholars have come up with over the years, an easily digestible and easily understood list of things that God deemed abomination:  Pride.  Anger.  Greed.  Envy.  Sloth.  Gluttony.  Lust.  But nowhere are these deemed deadly.

The truth, as is often the case,  is something far murkier and much harder to believe.

It’s not a list.

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Word count: 770

Genre: Angsty(kinda, maybe)

Anon:  Hello omg I just found out that you write for Yelows Mob, God bless you 🙏 Could I possible request for a Lee Gwangmin angst/smut? Maybe when it’s your first time with him? Thank you 😭💗💗💗

Lee Gwangmin; My troublesome boyfriend who I can’t get enough of. People classify him as a bad boy, stoner etc. but the truth was that he is the most  sweetest and kindest person I knew. At least towards me.

It was a Saturday night, or Sunday morning. It was past midnight and I’ve been sitting on my couch cuddling to my gray blanket I brought with me, while watching on of my favorite movies on Netflix, waiting for Gwangmin to come back. All of a sudden I got multiple picture messages from his friend Minsik, also known as Sik-k. Me and Minsik never really got along, well he never really tried to anyways. I saw the messages and didn’t like them at all, it had the caption “I think you’ve been replaced” said the text with two pictures of Gwangmin back hugging a girl I have never seen before and kissing her on the cheek. “He wouldn’t do that” I said to myself while gripping the phone to my chest. All of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted by the front door opening and closing. I stood up once I saw Gwangmin walk in with his hair all messy and tired eyes and damn did he still look sexy, but I quickly shook my head and looked at Gwangmin with sad eyes. “Who is she and where have you been?” It sounds like two simple question that I asked, but both me and him know that I’ll need a full explanation.  

He sighed and took off his jacket and frowned a bit. He moved towards me and raised his eyebrow. “I was at the club and who her? (Y/N) you know I would never-”

I cut him off by pushing him away from me slightly, try to keep a fair distance between the two of us.

“Your friend Minsik? Yeah, he send me this picture of you and some random chick, so who is she?” I said trying to sound calm and showing him the pictures with the little text. His face went from serious to a huge smile as he started laughing and taking off his shoes. “(Y/N) do you really believe what he say? It’s all lies.” I frowned and threw my phone on the couch and pushed him passed him and walking into the kitchen. “Do you think that I’m stupid? That I don’t know what everyone says about you, “He’s a player, stay away” but I ignored everyone thinking that you were different but these pictures and the rumors online are just too much!” I yelled and moved a bit back once I noticed Gwangmins facial expressions changing. He was mad. He straightened his back and scoffed.  "Wow (Y/N)…” He breaths out.

‘’I didn’t know that you caught me. Is hugging my cousin a sin? Cheating? Or that other girl that you say are rumors, my cousin? Don’t you trust me? Huh (Y/N)? Really… I didn’t expect this… don’t you know how much I love you? and you’d really think I’d cheat on you? How low do you think I am?“

My jealousy has brought me to the level of disappointment. I felt relieved that he’s not cheating, but still had some doubts, but I called him a liar and hurt him. It’s not that I didn’t trust him, I do trust him, I just don’t trust the alcohol…. And his friends. I loved his friends, their like my brothers, really but they sometimes are a bit daring when drunk.

I looked down and whispered a weak "I’m sorry Gwangmin…” but then suddenly I felt warm, rough hands on my cheek, bringing my head up to his. He kissed me softly and moved his hands to my neck. “I know you didn’t mean it. You’re not that type of person.” He said quietly and kept on giving my lips little pecks, he then moved down to my chin, down my neck. “And I want to prove something to you.” He said quietly against my neck as I bit my lip and looked at him. “Prove what?”

He picked me up, making me wrap my legs around his waist. He walks both of us to our shared bedroom while still kissing my neck. I moaned softly once I felt him bite my neck, it all felt so good until I feel him laying me down our bed, he hovering over me and kissed my lips ever so softly. “I want to prove that I love you (Y/N). And I want to prove that I’m yours and that you can trust me.” He whispered before kissing my lips….

A/N: sorry that there isn’t smut like you wanted, i just suck at writing smut in so many levels.

Dating Tao would include

- every morning when u wake up, Tao won’t even kiss u until you’ve brushed your teeth, he don’t play that fictional good morning kiss lmao

- feeding him breakfast but then having to rub his belly for like 30 minutes after because he thought that he could eat 5 pancakes

- him dragging you to the mall, like you’re the one standing off to the side holding like 4 bags on each arm like Tao can we go please but he doesn’t even hear you, he’s in the other aisle trying to find his size in some sneakers

- he the type to take you to buy lingerie but then get all blushy when you come out in it, looking away like omg ur half naked in front of everyone what, he didn’t think it through

- having a group chat that consists of you, him, and Sehun. But you don’t go on it because every time you do they just start roasting you for no reason

- him giving you little kisses behind your ear while he brushed your hair back, playing with it while he just laid with you, telling you he loves you every 5 minutes

- the type to buy matching rings or watches for you both, he gets mad whenever u don’t wear it like how will ppl know u r my gf /:< and ur like Tao,….literally no one can know

- when he has to leave really early in the mornings he doesn’t want to wake you so he just tucks you in, makes sure you’re warm, and leaves you a letter and kisses you on the cheek (◕‿◕✿)

- he has this little weak spot behind his ear and you reach so you can bite at it whenever you’re feeling needy, but Tao probably already knows because he’s in tune to your body so well already

- secret dinners together at restaurants, using the menus to create a fort around your faces and Tao probably tries to pick off ur plate but u let him because he’s the love of ur life

- his dog liking you more than him probably, and he doesn’t get mad he kind of nods like “yeah, I like more than me too”

- his mom always asking for you whenever she calls Tao, always tells him to tell you that she loves you, probably doesn’t even say it to Tao and he’s like mom…wth

- dealing with him blasting his music in the car, he probably rolls the windows down while he’s going 90 mph and when you guys get to your destination he’s like woah, what happened to ur hair?

- trying to fix ur hair in the bathroom and then Tao sneaks in like “hey ;-)” and starts feeling you up and pressing you against the mirror and u push him back like not today, not now, I’m hideous

- him trying to teach you some martial arts just in case you ever need it, but you probably end up nailing him in the crotch with some nunchucks

- Tao trying to take a selfie with you literally like every half hour and you’re like Tao we look the same, wyd

- pet names left and right, one day you’re his honey bunny and the next day you’re his angel but here for it

- smacking your hand on his butt whenever he pulls an attitude with you, which is like a lot cause he always got one

- playing soft sad songs that come up on your playlist and you’re jamming but then you turn around and see Tao staring out the window wit a single tear running down his cheek

- “you ever…you ever think about how we’re all gonna die one day?”

- then you can’t handle emo Tao and put on some bops and tao’s mood did a 180 and he’s striking poses on ya bed

- wanting to hold his hand but he gets sweaty so easy and when you poke fun he won’t hold ya hand for like 15 mins but then he gives in because he loves u

- you love him too so you don’t even care that his hand sweat gets all over u

- Tao the type to see like, one rumor about himself online and call you like what! Is! This! Slander! And you’re like Tao, chill lmao

- watches videos of his own self and asks you what you think

- you’re tired of him, but you play along like, you’re like OMG who is that God of a man!!???? & he play blushes like Y/n stop it!!!!

- sometimes you catch him staring at you and he doesn’t can realize you’ve caught his ass until you’re like, hello Tao?

- “what? You had something on your face.”

- complains he always hungry n then when you try an feed him he act like he not

- doesn’t look it but is the type to eat all of your leftovers

- does this super cute thing that melts your heart, whenever he’s gone from you he’ll always take the time to find you an adorable postcard and write you a small little letter and send it to you, you collect them and look at them when you really miss him

- not giving him any wine past 8 because then he turns into drunk aunt and tries to challenge the neighbor to an arm wrestling match and you gotta shove him back inside like sorry!!! Excuse us!

- sometimes when you get sick he worries a lot, and drops everything so that he could feed you soup and assure you that you still look cute with snot crusted on your nose

- smelling like him usually because he is so goddamn extra with the cologne but you ain’t complaining cause he smells good

- when it’s cold he gives you his jackets and you’re like oh my thank u boo, but then he puts it on you and it weighs more than you and you’re struggling to stand up and when Tao looks at you you look up at him like a little ball of coat like help

- tao’s cold wandering night hands when you’re trying to sleep because you’re both cold but no one wants to get up to turn on the heater so tao’s like, hey I know another way we can keep warm

- making him lil treats that he bugs you about, like he leaves recipes around for you with smiley faces like can u please make me these

- Tao mocking you whenever you yell at him for doing some shit and when you catch him he just smiles at you like him n Chen just didn’t stick their tongues out at you

- your guys’ first date was skating together and you still don’t know why he chose it because he held onto the bar the entire time while you tried to help him up countless times from the floor

- he tried to be cute and romantic and pull you on top of him but you guys just bumped foreheads and you both had a bright ass red bump lmao

- swaddling him like a baby before bed and laughing at him try and get out while you take videos and he yells at you

- Tao trying to send you sexy pictures but you look closely and Sehun in the background grabbing his own ass in the mirror, kyungsoo lookin like the grudge sitting in the corner, why he send u this

- Christmas pictures with the puppy that Tao sets as his wallpaper lock screen frames it sends 8 copies to his mom

- letting him know how much he means to you and he he’s all sentimental because he loves you so much he didn’t think it was possible and everyday even if y'all annoy eachother there can be literally nothing that can separate you both because y'all are so heart eyes and it makes everyone else sick

Like a Dream(P.2)

Title: Like a Dream(P.2)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: N/A for this chapter.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

“What do we do with the girl?” Parker smirked, kneeling in front of me, a toothpick sticking from his mouth. I wasn’t the dark, scary ‘queen’ in this scene, so I put on my best look of fear and turned my wide eyes from Parker to Robbie. My hair was styled to look wet, slightly dirty and they added extensions to make it look even longer. 

My hands and feet were bound together and I was propped up against the front of Robbie’s legs as he stared down at me in his Peter Pan outfit. An evil grin spread across his face as he ran his tongue over his lips. 

“Bring her along. She could be of some use, I’m sure.” Robbie said darkly, helping Parker lift me up. Parker turned me to where I was facing Robbie and the Brit tugged the bound from my mouth and stepped closer, his face inches from mine. “Welcome to Neverland, Lost Girl.”

He kept his eyes on me as the camera zoomed in on the two of us before the director yelled cut. Robbie moved quick to step back from me and then leaned down to help undo the binds on my legs. Parker reached around to untie my hands. “That was bloody good.” Robbie said with a smile, his eyes completely skipping over Parker’s arms around me untying the other binds. 

“Yeah, brilliant.” Parker replied, scruffing up my hair before heading off stage. He turned back to myself and Robbie and raised a brow. “Well, I’m starving, are you two coming?”

I chuckled, glancing over to Robbie and giving a shrug. “I could use a bite to eat.” 

“Might as well. We do have interviews tonight at the tv series new premier.” Robbie said with a smile. “Though considering none of our characters on in the tv anymore, it’s quite entertaining that they still like us to show up.” 

“Good way to promote the movie.” Parker said as he lead the way to the dressing areas. “But we should get out of costume before we leave to go eat.”

I giggled a bit. “Aww, Felix…You don’t want to be swarmed by fangirls?” 

Robbie laughed. “As much as I’d love to see Parker try to fight his way through a group of Panlix shippers, I’m more worried about the new fans.”

Parker couldn’t help the grin as he let one of the HMUA’s start removing his hair pieces and makeup. I sat beside him and Robbie sat on the other side. “Panra is the new craze. A one minute teaser trailer and everyone has already boarded your ship.” 

I tilted my head back into the sink so they could rinse the product from my hair and let out a light laugh. “They’re more interested in the ship of myself and Robbie as actors, not our characters.”

“How do you know that?” Robbie asked with a laugh. 

“I got curious and searched the Panra tag on tumblr.” I laughed. “No doubt there will be quite a bit of fanfics and pictures just from tonight’s interviews.” 

After we got our hair and makeup removed, I stayed back for a bit to restyle my look before heading to go change. The boys were already finished and waiting outside by the time I met them out there, I gave parker a sheepish grin when he turned around and caught sight of me, nudging Robbie to pay attention. “Sorry it took so long.”

Robbie glanced over his shoulder, blinking slowly before he turned around, clearing his throat. “Uh..Yeah not a problem. Are we ready?”

“Mhm!” I hummed happily, sliding into the back of Parker’s car and shutting the door. 

Parker raised a brow, looking over at Robbie with a smirk. “You’ve sure lasted longer then some of the others and myself thought.”

Robbie made his way towards the passenger side door and gave Parker a pointed look. “What are you getting at?”

“I’m just saying, you obviously like her. I’m surprised you haven’t asked her out yet.” He said as he walked around the front of the car. 

“I don’t date coworkers…And…I don’t like her.” He swallowed, running his hands through his hair. “Hurry up.” Robbie tugged the door open and slid in before Parker could say anything more. 

They drove towards the restaurant listening to music most of the way. Parker turned the music down, looking in his rearview mirror to catch Y/N’s gaze. “Are you nervous about the first publications tonight? I know we’ve been filming for a bit over two weeks, but you haven’t actually done any interviews yet, have you?”

I shook my head and gave a small smile. “Not yet, but I’m excited. Nervous for sure, but mostly excited.”

He pulled into the parking lot and grinned back at me. “Well, just stick with me and I’ll help you through it, yeah?”

“Thank you.” I smiled, not noticing the small glare Robbie had sent in Parker’s direction. “I’m gonna go in and use the restroom real fast.” 

I slid out of the car and made my way inside, leaving the two behind.

“What was that look for?” Parker asked as they made their way out of the vehicle.

“Stick with me and I’ll help you through it.” Robbie repeated with a roll of his eyes. “What’s that about?”

“What?” Parker pretended to be offended. “I’m trying to be nice. This is all new to her.”

“Tch. She can handle herself just fine.” Robbie rolled his eyes. “You’re obviously flirting with her.”

Parker laughed lightly. “Can’t I? You just said you didn’t like her.”

“I don’t.” Robbie shot back, trying to calm his attitude. “But Felix is a huge part of this production and so is Akira’s part. Any personal drama could screw that up.”

Parker shrugged. “I keep my personal drama to myself. It wouldn’t alter anything. But if you’re not gonna pursue her…”

Robbie shook his head, knowing Parker was just trying to egg a reaction out of him. “Trying to make me jealous isn’t gonna change the fact that I’m not interested.”

“Alright.” Parker chuckled, letting the hostess sit them down at a table. The two smiled when I finally came back to sit with them. 

Later that night, Robbie and Parker dropped me off at my place so I could get ready for the premier. I promised to meet up with them as soon as we got to the building.

A friend of mine came over to do my hair and makeup, I had met her on the set, she was one of the HMUA’s, but she was honestly one of the nicest there. 

“What do you wanna do?” She asked, looking at me through the mirror.

“I don’t know. Something incredibly different…stunning.” I said with a blush as I glanced down. 

She grinned. “Trying to impress someone?”

“Of course not. I just want to make a good first impression.”

With a laugh, she grabbed her tools. “Well alright, I’ll be sure to make you breathtaking.”

She didn’t disappoint. I made my way onto the red carpet with my hair and makeup done so well I barely recognized myself. It was my dress however, that I think made most people stop to get a second look. Even Josh and Ginnifer had to come up to me because they couldn’t believe it was me. 

I wore a mint green(my favorite color) ball gown dress. It was a tight corset, bright green ribbon tied it together in the back and the bottom was made out of tulle that flowed elegantly to the floor. 

I searched around after Josh and Gin walked away. Trying to find Robbie and Parker before I got pulled into an interview by myself. I caught sight of Robbie a distance away, already talking to an interviewer. 

There was no way I was going to walk in on that and possibly embarrass him or myself. I looked around some more for Parker, I swung around in my dress to keep walking towards the entrance when a hand encircled my waist and paused us for a picture. “Doesn’t this Neverland Queen look absolutely stunning tonight?” Parker grinned, turning us back to the interviewer.

The interviewer gushed about my dress before beginning a string of questions, most directed at Parker. “So what about Felix? Our ring leader is getting some romance from this stunning actress, what about Felix?”

Robbie was making his way towards us, I turned my head to give him a smile before Parker squeezed my side with a grin of his own. “Well I’m not supposed to tell, but the truth is, Y/N is actually totally into Felix, but she knows it would make Peter’s temper just go off.”

The two of us laughed a bit as Robbie slid in between us, breaking the connection from Parker to me. “Have you seen the teaser trailer?” He laughed, looking at Felix. “That scene in the rain…Do I need to say anymore?”

I blushed brightly, but the interviewer only laughed along with Robbie and Parker. “Robbie, speaking of that scene…How did it feel? You’ve been in a few shows and movies, but as far as we’ve seen, this is your first…heated scene, correct?”

“How did it feel?” Robbie snorted, his nose wrinkling. “I’m sure there are a handful of actors who would have liked to trade places with me.” He placed a hand on my back, pushing me in front of them. “Just look at this girl. What a beauty, right!?”

Another interviewer stole Robbie away while the same one continued to interview Parker, giving me a few questions about if I was nervous with this being my first movie. After a bit, I was able to steal away to watch Robbie talk to one of the girls. “Now tell us about Y/N, she’s new to the game, right? What can you say about her?”

Robbie smiled brightly, he hadn’t seen me walking towards him yet, but I stopped so he wouldn’t be interrupted. “Y/N is an amazing actress, you should have seen her audition! Complete raw talent right there, she’s bloody fantastic.”

“So I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about you two online.” The girl continued. 

The boy laughed a bit bashfully, nodding his head. “Yeah, we were just talking about that this afternoon actually. I guess people aren’t just boarding the Panra ship?”

The girl chuckled. “I guess they see the chemistry between you two isn’t just acting. Do you agree?” 

Robbie looked to the side, finally catching my gaze before smiling softly, his attention back on the camera. “I do and I don’t. I mean rumors are just rumors, there isn’t anything between my coworkers and I, but I also know that Y/N is a fantastic actress and she can make it seem incredibly real just by being around her on set. A lot of the chemistry you’re seeing is just her talent.”

“Yours included?”

He laughed. “Yeah, sure. Mine included.”

He gestured for me to join him and then pointed at the camera. “My talent aside though, this girl right here is about to completely take over the Hollywood film industry, you just wait.”

“What about you Y/N? What’s it like working with Robbie?”

I gave a smile and looked over at the boy before turning my gaze back to the camera. “It’s utterly shocking how good Robbie is at playing such a dark character, because he is literally such a bubbly person and so charming.” I laughed a bit and gave my own dark grin. “Of course, Peter Pan must be just as charming to win over Akira.” 

The rest of the night we moved rom interview to interview as Robbie kept dusting off rumors about the two of us and I tried to steer questions away from it as well. At one point during an interview with Colin, Parker snuck on screen and kissed my cheek, holding up a sign that said ‘#Felra’. 

Colin pouted and demanded a kiss of his own and then pointed at the camera. “I don’t have a fancy sign, but we’re gonna begin boarding the Captain Akira ship!”

Once the interviews and pictures settled down, I made my way over to Robbie and Parker and we made our way into the building to sit down with each other. “Golly, there’s a lot of people shipping you two, you were not lying.”

I nodded, my eyes a bit heavy. “Told you.”

“Are you falling asleep?” Robbie said with a laugh.

“Absolutely not.” I replied, forcing my eyes open to look at the screen. “I’m wide awake.”

Parker chuckled from next to me and took a bite of popcorn. “Sure looks like it.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and then the show started, with it quieting down and the room darkening, I suddenly realized just how tired I was. After a few moments, I dosed off and my head slumped over, right onto Robbie’s shoulder.

Parker looked over and raised a brow, smirking when Robbie caught his gaze. “Shut up.” He whispered, looking back at the screen.

“I didn’t say anything.” He laughed. 

“You don’t need to either. It’s not a big deal.”

“Of course not.” Parker replied, grabbing his phone to snap a picture before Robbie could stop him. “Instagram fans are gonna get a kick outta this.”

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Coloring Preview for Next American Assassin video

The Red Band trailer for American Assassin is rumored to drop online any day now. I wanted to give a preview of what I’m working on because I’m so excited for you guys to see it. I also wanted to share that there is a STRONG possibility the trailer will NOT BE IN THEATERS. It’s restricted and is not approved for all audiences like a green screen trailer. Red Band Trailers are always released online. Please share this info! It will save lives.

The Gangsey playing Pokemon GO

  • Henry Cheng is determined to be the very best. like no one ever was.
    • he has like a 2000 CP beedril that he has raised from but a tiny weedle and loves it like his own son
  • one time henry tackled gansey to the ground “WATCH OUT MAN THERE’S A BEEDRILL IN HERE!”
    • “thanks henry” gansey says muffled from the ground
      • blue caught the beedrill
  • all of Gansey’s pokemon are named after obscure historical figures. he names every single pokemon he catches 
  • the rule is whoever is riding shotgun in the pig is in charge of calling out pokestops or rare pokemon
  • gansey has deadass pulled over on the side of the road and the three of them have hiked 5 miles to catch a dratini
  • for some  some bullshit reason there’s always a bunch of pokemon around the barns
  • Ronan’s 2000CP Pigeot named chainsaw
  • Opal plays too and she only wants ratattas
    • she has over 100 ratattas
    • she loves them all
  • Ronan has a bunch of high CP pidgey’s that he’s named “Fuck[last name of Aglionby student he dislikes] and placed them strategically around Henrietta
  • For some reason 300 Fox Way is a PokeGym
    • Calla’s the gym leader
    • She has like a 1800 CP Clefairy that will DESTROY YOU
    • Also Opal puts her Ratattas in there
  • Gansey - Team Mystic and pretentious about it
  • Henry - Team Instinct and competitive as hell about it
  • Ronan and Blue - Team Valor aND READY TO FIGHT
  • Adam doesn’t have a smart phone and was never into Pokemon and doesn’t understand what’s going on but he’s glad his friends are having fun? 
  • Ronan has a Haunter he named Noah and he plays it off as a joke but it really means a lot to him
  • Ronan like refuses to transfer any of his pokemon because he loves them all on a personal level
    • He will deny this
  • Blue named her Beedrill “Dick” and Ronan responded by naming his Beedrill “Needle Dick” and Gansey is unamused by the entire situation 
  • Catch Henry Cheng riding around on a hoverboard catching the pokemons
  • Gansey 100% has compiled a spreadsheet of various data including catch rates, evolution stats, etc. 
  • Henry starts fake rumors online about “hacks” 
  • Adam still doesn’t get what’s going on but apparently Ronan named his Hypno after him? 
    • Adam doesn’t know what a Hypno is
  • There’s a surprising amount of pokestops along american ley lines and GANSEY IS FUCKING HYPED
  • Blue makes everyone hand-sewn team jackets and hats
  • The ridiculous pokeselfies? Like Henry’s instagram account is currently 95% pictures of the crew standing next to pokemon it’s great
Brown Eyed Girls' Gain Shuts Down Haters For Spreading Rumors About Her Recent Hospitalization

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Shuts Down Haters For Spreading Rumors About Her Recent Hospitalization

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain has sent a strong message to haters who are spreading rumors about her online.

On May 31, she announced on her Instagram that her fans could expect something to happen in two hours. Two hours later, she uploaded a series of screenshots of vicious online comments suggesting that her recent hospitalization was to cover up a pregnancy.

A post shared by @songain87on May…

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Animes To Watch in 2016

Kyoukai no Rinne Season 2 (since sentai filmworks has the rights to the first season I’m hoping they let this come out in dub too)

New D Gray Man Series (hope Funimation picks the new series up but they gotta finish dubbing the rest of the old series first)

Attack on Titan Season 2 (and dub too since Funimation has the rights to the first season)

Sword Art Online Movie (rumored next year)

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 2 and OVA (and dub version of S1 and broadcast dub for S2)

Fairy Tail Zero (broadcast dub too)

Fairy Tail after Zero the 1 year timeskip

Noragami Aragoto OVA 2

Charlotte OVA

Sky Wizards Academy OVA

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2

Fairy Tail NEW OVA (its confirmed theres an OVA but dunno when my guess next year sometime)

Fairy Tail Second Movie (confirmed but rumor it will be out next year)



Summary: Phil can’t stop listening to Fools by Troye Sivan and thinking about where it all went wrong with Dan.

Genre: angst 

Word Count: 1530 (not including lyrics)

Warnings: brief mentions of alcohol

Author’s Note: First I would like to say that I’m well aware this song was not out in 2012 but for the sake of this fic, let’s all just pretend that it was. This is my fic for day 7 of @phanweek! Today’s prompt is 2012!phan (sfw)! Shout out to @chocolatesaucelester for the feedback. And of course a huge shout out to Troye Sivan for writing the song Fools that inspired this fic! All credit goes to him! Enjoy! EDIT: This is also part of a series of oneshots based on Troye Sivan’s album Blue Neighborhood.

Blue Neighborhood Series

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anonymous asked:

Hey just wondering how Colin miller would go to the Leafs. Is there a a trade rumor? That would be exciting! Thanks for the reply 😁. I love you and your content Stevie!

Yeah there is a trade rumor that I heard online but then on TV after the draft. People seem pretty sure about it but no one has been talking about return, although the speculation is picks. It would be great i’d love to see Colin on the leafs i mean i’d rather him be on the bruins still but what can you do.

and omg thank you. i’m having. a really hard time right now. so the last part almost made me cry lol! i love you too!

From Tom - One Shot



AUTHOR: psychxdelicate

GENRE: romance
FIC SUMMARY: When Tom’s rumored number leaks online, Elle Young decides to jokingly text the number, which becomes the start of something bigger than a silly text.


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: A bit long one shot that I thought about while experiencing yet another electricity black out (Seriously, it’s 2015!). This is inspired by Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Hope you guys enjoy it :) x


“Seriously, girl! Check it out! He might respond!”

“I highly doubt that,” I chuckled, balancing the phone on my shoulder as I tried to salvage my burnt pastry. “Ah fuck, I burnt the brownies.”

“Hun, you burn everything you bake. Sometimes I wonder why you think you’re the next Martha Stewart,” my best friend of 8 years, Louise, snickered from the phone.

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