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I know how to fight human trafficking and help kidnapped girls who are ignored by the cops because the victims are poor/woc–let’s spread a bunch of mindless panic and bullshit internet rumors while completely ignoring the real factors that lead to victims getting caught up in human trafficking!

  • Hajime: Would you shoot your best friend in the leg for ten million dollars?
  • Uno: [To Jyugo] Dude shoot me, and then when my leg heals we can buy a huge ass house and range rovers.
  • Jyugo: Hey you can shoot me too and then we'll have twenty million dollars.
  • Uno: Good thinking. Fuck the system.
PSA about Beauty and the Beast

PSA about Beauty and the Beast:

Recently I have seen some strange posts along the lines of “Why can’t they follow the original dark ending?  Why does Disney have to give it a Happy ending?” in regard to Beauty and the Beast.

I decided to get to the bottom of this and found there is an old Internet rumor that the original Beauty and the Beast ended with either the death of The Beast or The Beast eating Belle.  Whoever started this rumor is confusing Beauty and the Beast for the oldest version of Little Red Riding Hood also known as Little Red Riding Cap (from 1693).

The version of Beauty and the Beast that is the popular fairy tale is an abridged and revised version of the surprisingly feminist 1740 French novel La Belle et la Bête by Madame  Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.  (It talks about a woman’s right to choose a husband, and The Prince’s mother was a Queen who lead an army to defend her kingdom).

No version of Beauty and the Beast exists in which The Beast eats Belle (Beauty) or where The Beast dies and stays dead.  There are versions where the evil faery haunts Belle with dreams that The Beast will bring her ruin if not kill her and there are versions where Belle’s sisters conspire to try to get the Beast to eat her but it never happens.  The Beast comes close to death or briefly dies but he never once stays dead. That version simply does not exist.   This Internet rumor needs to stop.

If you doubt me you can buy the original novel on Amazon translated by Rachel Louise Lawrence, completely unabridged or you can check out the book The Classic Fairy Tales by Iona and Peter Opie which gives the full history of many of the classic fairy tales and their various alternate versions.

The darkest thing about the original Beauty and the Beast novel is that the faery who raised The Prince (because his mother was off fighting a war) tried to seduce him as soon as he was of age and Belle (who discovers her mother was actually a faery and father was actually a king, she had only believed the merchant to be her father) and the Beast turned out to be cousins.   And yes, they marry.

The faery tale that originally ended in the death of the protagonist was Little Red Riding Cap.   The Little mermaid ended in death too but that was Hans Christian Anderson, not Madame de Villeneuve.

Also just because we are used to things ending tragically doesn’t mean it should.  Think how cynical the world has become where enchanted castles and faeries aren’t what we consider far fetched but simply the idea of things ending well and yet things sometimes do end well in the real world.  It’s not actually realistic to expect everything to always end poorly.   Sometimes things really do end happily.

Friends of Friends

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Summary: As Wonho’s longtime friend, you’ve been invited to spend some time with him at the dorm, where you meet his fellow group members and become close to all of them, especially Jooheon. However, things go awry when internet rumors and gossip blogs threaten to break apart not only your friendship with Wonho, but your budding relationship with Jooheon.

Word count: 20,294

POV: First Person

Excerpt:  I loved the way he kissed me; it was like he could never get enough of it.  His eyes would be heavy with desire and the way he looked at me sent chills down my spine, and we’d consume each other like we would die if we didn’t. It was the kind of passionate yet just slightly taboo romantic tryst I’d only ever day-dreamed about, and I was caught between never wanting it to end, but knowing it had to.


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There have been some nasty rumors circulating around the internet that the Long Lines Building – the tall, completely windowless concrete building located at 33 Thomas St. in Manhattan – contains a secret NSA spying facility. Well I, reliable writing person Aaron Kheifets, am here to tell you 1) that is most certainly not the case, and 2) this is definitely me writing this.

Many of you have probably never even noticed the giant nuclear-warhead-proof concrete obelisk that looms over downtown Manhattan – it’s easy to miss.

It’s even easier to miss at night, because there are no lights on it, so it is like a giant black shadow in the sky.

In fact, The New York Times once said that it “blends into its surroundings more gracefully than does any other skyscraper in this area.” Does that sound like a top-secret spying facility to you? Certainly not! Where would James Bond park his Aston Martin? That’s what spies are like, and that isn’t what this place is.

There has been some speculation about what goes on inside the building, which I think is silly, because it’s just a normal building where normal things happen. But you can’t stop people from wondering! (Both in the legal and logistical senses.) There are a lot of perfectly reasonable uses for this enormous tower that have nothing to do with spying. For example …

No, Spies Aren’t Using That Windowless Tower In New York

I’m lifting the ban for artists submit to Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen. Mostly because a known Tolkien artist is interested in me using their work (gee, asking me if I would do it–knows I use film stills–how unusual for some to do research rather than accuse). I’m doing that because now I’m going to have to move the books eventually to a website (and several designers have come up along with, interestingly, cover artists wanting me to use their work). Not anytime soon, so I wouldn’t worry. Moving 10 blogs to a website is time consuming and somewhat expensive and everything is revolving around Thranduil at the moment–reason for the move. I see “official” blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages soon. Seems the “accusations” about me had the opposite effect. On the contrary. It actually helped. The downside is now everyone wants the book published–including those close to Tolkien’s children and the Estate. I think some of that is excitement over Haldir’s recent return and the return of The King.

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I’ve never written a post like this before, but this requires my immediate attention. I know it isn’t Fallout 4 related, but it’s for the sake of keeping others safe. 

Hours ago, I got a call from a company claiming that an old friend of mine referred me to work for their company. I had never applied for any job with them before. This was my first red flag. 

They claimed they had a scholarship program and paid a handsome salary. All they wanted from me was to come in for an interview. I told them I would come in (stupidly). I was suspicious, so I did my homework. I looked up the address, and it’s some old looking building in the middle of nowhere. Red flag number two. 

At this point I was extremely nervous. I’ve heard rumors on and off the internet about companies like this being a front for human trafficking. While I can’t confirm anything like this, it’s still unnerving. 

I contacted my friend they claimed who referred me. Not only does he not work for the company, he’s never even heard of them. 

Needless to say, I’ve blocked their number. 

If something like this happens to you, DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT. They’ll lure you in with promises of good pay and flexible schedules. And while I’m unsure of their intentions, the fact they lied to me does not bode well with me. 

Any ‘company’ that feels the need to call people who’ve never applied cannot be a safe situation. Block their number. Be an asshole if you need to. No matter your gender, age, race, or any other label, you can still fall victim to scams like these. 

Listen to your gut. Keep yourself safe. Please spread the word to keep others out of danger’s path. 

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I like your Personal Time segments about politics. Can you do one on the whole Russia thing? I keep hearing "Russia interfered in our election!" But what is it Russia DID? Did they rig voting machines? All I can figure out on my own in that they released a bunch of info about the DNC. But if the info was true isn't that just journalism? Biased maybe but still journalism? I haven't seen anyone saying Russia made up lies, just that they leaked things the DNC did't want leaked.

As far as I know, they helped produce info that hurt Clinton’s campaign and then farted around the internet spreading memes and rumors to make Clinton look bad. Which, you know, is not a bullet proof plan except I think a lot of people were willing to mock, distrust, and sabotage Clinton in the first place. Other than that, there have been concerns that Russia has some sort of blackmail or otherwise compelling leverage over Trump, which is why he’s so sympathetic to Russian politics even though the US has taken up an opposed stance to them on various platforms.
It’s less than the left wing makes it sound. If a US corporation did a similar type of thing - and they do, frankly, often - then it wouldn’t be a big deal and I’m not sure if there’s even a law against it. Trump being blackmailed is the major kicker, but that’s based on hearsay; there is currently no publicly-known evidence of that. There’s also the issue of whether the Trump campaign directly coordinated with Russia, which is illegal, but he seems to be ducking around that and there’s no proof. Other than endorsing Putin verbally, there’s also not a lot of clear evidence Trump is doing anything to help Russia.
I’ve been following Trump as much as I can, and you know, the guy has been an international PR disaster, a complete child on Twitter, and he’s obviously cashing in on the presidency with his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida and other little “legally forgivable” things, but so far I don’t think anyone has anything they can really nail him on. A shocking amount of corruption control in US politics works on the honor system, and Trump has sharply highlighted why it’s so easy for a successful politician to get rich here. His most bombastic plans fell through in the first week, preventing the sky from falling, and other than trying to shamble his team together it’s not clear what his broad strategy is or if he even has one.

Today, I fucked up by accidentally downloading Ransomware at work.

I just started working nights at this hospital and had enjoyed it so far. I was on my break this morning and printed off an application for my local volunteer rescue squad. When I came back to my computer a notepad file opened up that basically said all my data was now encrypted and I would have to pay to get it back. (Ransomware, it’s been on the news)

So, I email the IT guy thinking this is no big deal and that shit like this happens all the time. NOPE. Apparently I awoke some super mutant virus that deleted all of my departments folders and fucked everything up.

Now I have administrative people blowing up my cell phone, my boss is “unsure” if I’ll keep my job, and my co workers have started a rumor that I watch porn at work.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


hallo my babis, Gariyo here. I would just like to say…

Rumors. Are. Not. Okay.
Do. Not. Spread. Them.
Never. Make. False. Accusations.

Not only are you hurting the person that you are spreading rumors about, you are also damaging their reputation/face. It is incredibly disrespectful to that person and totally not okay. If the rumor comes to you, confront that person in that said rumor. DO NOT SPREAD IT. People are very fragile things. No body, yes that counts you, likes being called something(s) they know they aren’t. so why would you do that to a person? Rumors suck, especially on the Internet. That’s how cyber bullying can start. Please realize that behind the screen there is someone who is already broken enough, is tired and is just using the Internet to escape the world. Watch what you write, it does just as much damage as saying it out loud.

Thank you.


I don’t know who the fuck decided to spread this rumor around, but suddenly pics like these are showing up all over the Internet and I need to say something about this:


There’s no way I can be any clearer about this. For the first pic, if anyone even tried to click on the link or look up the website, they would have learned that IT’S A FUCKING TROLLING WEBSITE FULL OF FAKE ARTICLES. And even if you didn’t look it up, the fact that they even give a WAY-TOO-SPECIFIC DATE is an obvious clue that it’s not real. If there really was a season 2 in production, they might give an estimated year, but they’d never give a full air date two years in advance. Come on, think people. They don’t even do that for movies.

As for the second pic, just fucking look up the damn website, Shareonfb. Right on the front it says “Create fake stories and prank your friends!” You can’t get any more obvious than that people.

Unless you see an article posted by Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, Kotaku, and other reliable anime news sites, DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD YOU HEAR OR READ. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION THAT OURAN WILL GET A SEASON 2 IN THE NEAR FUTURE OR AT ALL. This goes for any other anime continuations. Of course we want a season 2! It would be great if they continued to follow Bisco Hatori’s beloved story until the end! But if you see something like this pop up, YOU NEED TO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE SPREADING IT AROUND. ALL IT DOES IS CAUSE CONFUSION, FALSE HOPE, AND MAKE PEOPLE VERY ANGRY.


Thank you and have a good day.

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i think it's about his ex Bree, especially with all rumors on internet about him being an abuser

Yeah I mean we honestly have no idea

My Rant: Don’t Believe Every Rumor You Hear! (Hey Violet)

Alright, so I’m going to rant now. I’ve been seeing some really crazy and immature stuff going around, and this rant is calling all of it out. This is a very unpopular thought, and people are probably going to hate on my for this, but this has to be said. People hate Hey Violet because they don’t like their music. That’s fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. You dislike Rena’s dreads? That’s fine too, because it’s what she likes and she doesn’t wear them to impress. What isn’t okay is people hating on them because of rumors that they are hearing over the internet. Everything I am writing isn’t in any defense, as I am saying this as someone looking at this from a different perspective.

I’ll start off with the most important subject: Hey Violet bullying Julia out of Cherri Bomb (past band name). For starters, one person wanted the band off of the tour so badly, that they put together these master posts which claimed to have “reliable sources,” that don’t actually exist. The people who put these posts together twisted everything around to make Hey Violet sound like the bad guys. According to the posts, Hey Violet bullied Julia. Let’s be real here, nothing in the posts really show that they had done so. No one really knows what happened, besides Julia and the current members of Hey Violet. Next, how do we even know they were ALL okay with parting ways? What if Julia wanted to go solo? What if she was okay with the decision? After all, JULIA IS PROUD OF HEY VIOLET. Would someone be proud of their bullies? I think not. I’ve searched for this on Twitter, but below is a photo of a fan asking Julia if she was proud of her ex-band members. To which she responded, “Extremely!” You wouldn’t say that to your bullies. I know I wouldn’t.

Now, can we all keep in mind that this happened YEARS ago. They were all what? 14? 15? When I was that age, I wasn’t a perfect little angel. Who was actually all nice and sweet 100% of the time as you pushed on through to adulthood? Exactly. To make my point, Julia is going solo and is happy with what she does. She is working on a debut album. Hey Violet is touring with 5SOS, and [even thought most don’t like it] they are happy about that too! Going separate ways was good for all of them when it all comes down to it. All of this drama is behind all of them, but was resurfaced when someone became desperate to get them off of the tour. Unfortunately for these people, they are going on the ROWYSO tour no matter what they do. And you know, I think 5SOS would have talked over all of this stuff with Hey Violet already. 

Finally, here’s another thing that I am against. There is a new rumor surfacing that Hey Violet bullied Ashton Irwin (5SOS drummer). This one is just silly, and this is what I’m talking about. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET. DON’T BELIEVE RUMORS UNTIL THEY ARE PROVEN. Why would Hey Violet bully someone who has given them the chance of a lifetime? Why would they bully people at all? If this had happened, we would have heard from Ashton, 5SOS, or Hi or Hey Records? I’m 99.9% sure that they’d kick them off of the tour if this happened. Were they kicked off? Nope.

So really, it’s silly to hate someone because of things you hear or see on the internet. Because for all you know, what happened behind the scenes could be entirely different. What matters now, is that everyone is older, maturer, and has moved on. I really hope that this post has enlightened some people, because it’s just so sad to see people calling them bullies when people have no actual proof that they had done so. Do they really seem like bullies to you?

I know the photos don’t prove anything much in my argument, but they do show how kind they are to their fans. Like most bands, they save lives every day, and they will continue to do so. But the way many are hating on Hey Violet is very rude. Most people are actually bullying THEM. That’s never okay. Even if they had bullied, bullying the bully is never okay. Fighting fire with fire just makes a bigger fire. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


Fights were always a big thing in relationships. No relationship was perfect without them. Rumors about Cameron cheating on you erupted throughout the internet, which made your heart drop. Cameron was off on tour, and seeing pictures with him and another girl wasn’t what really made you happy. After confronting him about the horrible situation, a fight was blooming, but it was over text.

“Cameron, I’m not kidding. If this girl is someone that you have feelings for, tell me because I’ll pack my stuff and go.” You texted the brunette. Seeing the three bubbles of dots pop up, your heart sank. As his text came, tears welded up in your eyes. “Damn it, Y/N! I’ve told you a million of times this girl isn’t who people are making her out to believe. Now it’s pretty sad that YOU of all people won’t believe me.” Frustration began to build up inside you. Taking the nearest item to your side, you threw it at the wall, watching it shatter into pieces. 

As the time progressed, the fight grew more and more as fuel was added to the fire from outside sources. After you had enough, you left his text at read. Cameron was out and about for tour a town over. After an hour of not talking, his harsh words started to get the best of him. Over thinking the situation made him feel even worse about himself. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m leaving early.” Cameron said to his manger, patting him on the back in a hurry and grabbing his jacket, and making his way out the door.

Cameron sat on the apartment steps, waiting for you to reply to his text of spam he sent to you. Peering out the window, you saw his fingers run through his hair. Seeing the love of your life in distress, on the edge of tears, it killed you. Cracking open the door, you stepped out and Cameron hopped up, running up the steps into your embrace. He wrapped his strong arms around you and squeezed you tightly. “I’m so sorry Y/N. The stress from the tour, from this rumor, from everyone is getting to me, and I exploded. I didn’t mean it baby. I love you.” He apologized, his tears setting in onto your shirt. You rubbed his back and smiled softly, lifting up his head and looking into his brown hues. “It’s okay. I forgive you, and I love you.” You said before planting a soft kiss on his lips.