Beware of fake news

There are a lot of fake news sites on the internet. They make up fake stories that people will want to share and click on, then make money from advertising. They don’t care whether a story is true or not, and sometimes the lies they make up have serious consequences. 

Given how many fake stories are around, it’s important to learn how to be skeptical of fake stories so you don’t get tricked. 

One way to tell whether news is fake or real is to look at where it’s coming from. If you don’t know the source for something, try googling it before you share it. If you can’t find a source that looks credible, it’s likely made up.

Similarly, if you see a link to an article and you don’t recognize the domain name, it might be from a fake news website. Before you decide whether to believe the story or not, click through to the website and see what else is there. If the other things on the site look fake, the story you clicked is likely fake too.

(Some sites contain both real and fake news. But if a story *only* appears on a fake news website, it’s almost certainly fake. So if you can’t find the story anywhere else, err on the side of assuming it’s fake.)

There are a lot of different indications that a story is fake — I don’t know all of them, but I do know a good way to learn them:

If you read and regularly, it can help you to learn how to recognize fake stories and unfounded rumors. Those two sites examine a lot of rumors. Then they say which ones are true, which ones aren’t, which are partly true, and how they know. They also say which ones they’re not sure about, and why they’re not sure. They explain a lot about how rumors spread, and what the signs are that something is made up. 

The more examples you’re familiar with, the harder it is to trick you into believing fake stories. Both because you won’t believe the stories that you already know are fake — and because seeing a lot of examples analyzed makes it easier to spot the signs of a made up story. 

tl;dr Fake news is a big problem right now. One way to increase your immunity to fake news is to read and regularly. Scroll up for a couple more suggestions on how to detect fake news.


“I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug”

Talking about Dunkirk, Harry Styles, stormtroopers and dogs in a new interview with Vanity Fair ~

… Dunkirk, which stars Hardy as a spitfire pilot, also stars young One Direction singer Harry Styles in his first film role. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t really work together on the set. “I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug,” Hardy says. “He’s very polite and just a sweet guy.” Nolan, however, was “very effusive” about Styles, 

Hardy continues. “And that’s not easy, to come in from a very specific department in the industry, and cross over. So poor guy is gonna be judged. I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes, but from what I hear is that, actually, it’s gonna be a very comfortable transition for him, because he’s done such great work—which is really a testament, not only to his skill as an artist, [but] also Christopher’s part in that as well… . One Direction aside, do you know what I mean? Which I can’t say I know an awful lot about.” 

After working with Nolan on three films now, Hardy is an expert at handling secretive sets and rumors—like one whisper campaign claiming he’s set to appear in the next Star Wars film as a stormtrooper. “That’s like Nolan territory. I can’t tell you anything. And it’d be good to know myself,” he says with a laugh, denying the gossip.

Read the article ~ “Professional Liar” Tom Hardy Knows How to Handle Hollywood’s Shit Sandwiches ~ at @vanityfair

#TabooFX Premieres TOMORROW in the US/Ca at 10/9c ! 

So Holy shit? Apperently Roboute Gulliman, the grand papa smurf himself is coming back ??? Why the hell wasn’t I notified of this!??! Seriously, a legit Primarch is actually coming back from (semi) death ?? Good lord I’m both terrified and ecstatic about this. This could be a wonderful step forward, or a complete cluster fuck. I REALLY hope they start posting some books explaining this stuff is greater detail . Would love to see how they explain his return . And his reaction to the increasingly decrepit imperium. Cause , let’s face it, the fall of Cadia was rushed as hell and could have (should have) been it’s own book series itself . But I digress. ROBOUTE GULLIMAN ! THE MAN HIMSELF ! Never was much of an ultramarine fan but still! One primarchs better than no primarchs.