A new wind is blowing throughout Hyrule, carrying with it seditious rumors.

“I heard that Princess Zelda was going to marry the leader of the shadows so she could be the Queen of the shadows and the light." 

"Well, I heard she fought the Hero of Twilight himself because she didn’t want him to save Hyrule!" 

There is always little truth in every lie. 


A/N: So, I made a fan fiction cover with permission from the lovely Laura Maetz to use her absolutely gorgeous Link and Zelda. ZOMG isn’t she talented? Be sure to check out her tumblr for more of her amazing art. 

Now I just have to hope my fan fiction will live up to it’s cover. 0_0

Check it out here: Rumors

A while ago on the blog it was mentioned there was a Studio C Chuck with “optical sensors in his eyes”. I never believed it, but it wasn’t important enough to me to look it up haha.

Welp, I’ve figured out where that came from- it’s from Big Cheese [the closeups video guy], who is notorious for spreading false rumors and blatantly false and purposeful misinformation to fans who know no better than to believe him.

So uh, I’d disregard that. His claim that the animatronics have optical sensors is just another turd on a mountain of shit, if you’ll pardon my french.

- mod lion

I believe Big Cheese, while a very important member of the CEC fandom video-wise, made a few mistakes with his information, which he gets mainly from employees. I doubt he was doing it out of malicious intent.

- Mod Rat

anonymous asked:

So I was in a wedding this past weekend, and the makeup artist did the boys' makeup a few years ago. I talked to him about them for a couple hours, and he said he remembers the "curly-headed one" was incredibly respectful, and they were a really fun group to work with. He said he remembers Louis being the life of the party, and that Harry and Louis were very occupied with one another while he was with them. He said he remembers there being many hugs and affectionate touches between them as well.

Thank you for sharing, anon. <3

I woke up this morning thinking it was a beautiful day , that is, until I got online. As soon as I logged into twitter, I saw rumors spewing everywhere that Lauren might be dating a guy named Noah just because she was seen walking into a resturaunt with him by some paparazzi. (Reminder: she was with the girls too) The paps asked what was their “relationship status” and L said “What? We’re just friends dude” . Instead of leaving it as just that, some “Harmonizers” started bashing both L and Noah. Like really? It got to a point where she had to tweet about the incident. I find it so sad that she even HAD to. Even if she IS dating him, THAT IS NONE OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS

Just a couple hours after that happened, more drama entered the fandom. An account on IG: @secret5H, which is currently suspended, hacked into Camila’s icloud and started leaking personal pictures and information. They also posted Lauren’s home address, home number, & Papa J’s cell number. Clara (Laur’s mom) tweeted to have it reported. Before you know it, Lauren is going to get fed with everything so don’t act surprised if one day she deactivates every social media she has.

Please, Please, PLEASE respect their privacy and let them live their lives while we live ours. If you are a harmonizer who has disrespected them in any way, im asking you to kindly leave the fandom because you are making ALL of us look bad.  You are ruining the reputation of people who actually love the girls. Help yourself to the exit. #RespectFifthHarmony #PrivacyFor5H

The lead girl in the video was inspired by Taylor, and Gigi is playing the lead.”

Plot: “The video follows the lead girl around as she goes in and out of different realms—a tripped-out lair with mushrooms on the wall, a posh Miami pool party, and a yacht party. There was a lab set up in a garage yesterday where they filmed Gigi lying down on the table like Frankenstein. It was sort of a mad scientist laboratory, with beakers set up with different potions.”

—  How Deep Is Your Love music video (PerezHilton)