Liam Payne’s new direction is rapping and the word on the street is the 1Der is really good at it too.

Liam’s hard at work on his solo debut and had a session over the weekend in Malibu with producers TM 808 from 808 Mafia and Juicy J.

We’re told he laid down 5 tracks during the sesh and there’s a few where he both sings and raps.

Here’s the kicker … everyone who’s heard the material says Liam’s an unbelievable rapper. He’s already got one up on a lot of MCs because he didn’t need a pen or pad to write down his verses – he opted for freestyle.

Liam’s formula of singing the hook and rapping the verse sounds a lot like some guy named Drake.

No pressure.


Lana Del Rey to release New Album this 2016.

It was just September last year when Lana Del Rey released her third album ‘Honeymoon’, and just recently rumors start to circulate that she is currently working on a new album she will be releasing in (by the fourth quarter) 2016.

In a report by NME, Lana has shared her initial ideas of what her next album, which would be the fifth of her career, would be like. Lana also took this moment to thank her record label, Interscope Records, for the unconditional support they have for her and them not pressuring her to meet any deadline, album releases-wise.

How long do you think you’ll wait until the next record? Any early thoughts on where you’d like to go with it? “I do have early thoughts about what I’d like to do with it. My label, Interscope, is pretty flexible and open to my records coming out at any time, so I don’t have that pressure. I’m just happy to be able to keep on making music I can stand behind. That’s enough for me.”

With respect to the theme and sound of her next album, although Lana hasn’t really confirmed anything yet, what you will read below might shed some light to what we can expect from the upcoming album:

Your three Lana Del Rey albums have been very Californian in sound and imagery. But Lizzy Grant is from New York. Will you ever make a New York record? “I feel like ‘Born To Die’ had a lot of New York in it because I was in New York leading up to the time that the record came out, except for the time I was in London while I was working on it. I find it very easy to go back and forth between a New York state of mind and a California way of being, so I could see me making another New York record. I think it would be different just because it would be a little harder, faster, more upbeat and less dreamy.”

In a recent report by Media Mass, Lana Del Rey’s new album is said to be in its early stages and that she has been keeping its music a secret by putting security on doors to ensure nobody is able to hear even a whisper.

GDA Black Ocean

Aight I dont want to be the one spreading unnecessary rumors but this is something that’s important to fandoms so I’ll share what I’ve accumulated this far

Apparently (Korean) EXO L and ARMY got into an argument over the interwebs. it’s been going on for days, and K ARMY wanted to take some ~action~ and give EXO a black ocean during their performance at the GDA. However, I’ve heard it wasn’t just ARMY either; multiple fandoms attempted this. Edit: apparently there is confusing over whether it was attempted just for My Answer or not but:

Unfortunately, BTS performed immediately after EXO’s short performance, so this effort spilled over to BTS’s performance and thus backfired. Apparently you can tell this is true by how fans noticed a lack of ARMY lightsticks during BTS’s performance.

SO yeah this is a mess. I hear EXO L tried to retaliate as well by adding more black to the ocean, and the fact that some fans didn’t have light sticks at all only added to the effect.

Ok Fandom Detectives...

What exactly is going on here? I’m not a twitter expert, so I need your help.

This fella apparently says he isn’t very familiar with 1D.

His girlfriend is the one who positively ID’d Zayn, right? Ok.

But when he responded to a fan in Brit-speak (ending with “yeah” as a interrogative), my antennae went up.

So I scrolled his follows. He’s following a bunch of 1D related accounts, including parents, siblings and ex “girlfriends”. That’s odd for someone who doesn’t even recognize all the members of 1D. But maybe he got a crash course in 1D today.

What was strange to me is that Zayn was his 26th of 257 follows. He followed Zayn prior to following the other 1D accounts.

So what’s the deal? Is there any way to tell how long he’s been following Zayn? Also, his account is only a month old, which also pings as shady. We’ve seen other stuff planted in the fandom by new accounts before. Soooo, if he intentionally planted a Ziam rumor, why? Is this a troll? Is this someone’s response to Payneton rumors? Is this general Ziam seeding? If it is, why now? 

Please feel free to hop on this post. :)
Billboard's 2016 Power 100 List Revealed
There’s a point in the process of ranking the Power 100 list, usually after the third meeting -- sometime in late September -- when an editor complains that his or her candidates are not being held in the proper regard and all the candy and caffeine in the world (and in my office) can’t save the mood. But it is also how it should be.



Co-Founder, Modest! Management
Last Year’s Rank: 39


Co-Founder, Modest! Management
Last Year’s Rank: 39

The U.K.-based Griffiths and Magee oversaw global tours from two of 2015’s biggest ticket-movers – One Direction and5 Seconds of Summer – that grossed more than $208 million and $38.5 million, respectively. 1D’s indefinite hiatus has spurred breakup talk, and though Modest! no longer represents Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, Magee says his firm will “definitely” ­manage other members in their forthcoming solo careers.

RUMOUR: Daisy in the new Paper Mario game!

This could actually be a thing…​

A leaker who correctly predicted that Dragon Quest 7 is coming to the west posted new details about the upcoming rumoured Paper Mario game for Wii U, and he apparently has interesting information about a certain yellow tomboy princess making a major appearance.

A few asked about Wario, Waluigi, Daisy and Rosalina. Wario and Waluigi will make very small appearances. I’ve seen no hint of Rosalina at least from what I’ve seen, Daisy is definitely in this game though. She and her kingdom are a major part of the storyline behind the game actually.

When asked about partners, he said that Daisy would be joining Paper Mario and the crew as a partner, along with a few others.

You asked about partners, yes they’re in this time. Not generic Goombas or Koopa Troopas. Yoshi is one, Luigi is another-but they’re doing something neat with him this time. Daisy is another. There’s several more, at least a few are original new characters being introduced here for the first time.

When asked about why Daisy is making an appearance, he said this.

Daisy sure does seem like an odd choice to include and build this game’s story around eh? There’s two reasons for having her in this. One, to get more recognition and awareness for her. It has been years outside cameos and sports games but they’d like to use her more and develop a personality for her.
The second reason is to address the while “It’s always Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser! Not again!” complaint. This one’s got a bizarre storyline and they’re sure as hell trying something a little different from the typical kidnapping.

That’s the long and short on why she’s a huge part of this game. Wario and Waluigi are more “cameo” appearances in a few backgrounds-no speaking lines from what I’ve seen. Clarification was needed there. I’ll see what I can do about one screenshot. It’s going to be tough though and I don’t want to make promises but I’ll see if I can scrounge something up for everyone.


This user has been around since 2005, and does post rumours with a sort of hit and miss accuracy in many other websites too. Is this true? Will Daisy and Sarasaland finally get some proper love from Nintendo, or is this user messing with us….

Honestly. Management is horrible for this. It’s gone far enough. Do they even consider the fans with depression/anxiety/both?? People are seriously upset over this and they don’t care. The truth. That’s all fans want. It doesn’t matter if Larry is real or not, or if the baby is his or not. This fandom deserves the truth by now. Regardless.

PSA!!!!! Don’t get so offended if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. This in no way is about Larry or baby gate or anything. It’s about management. Take this as you want, but don’t get upset when I defend myself and others. Edit again: For the five hundredth time the post was not about Larry. Stop bringing up Larry in arguments because it was never about that or the bears or anything Larry related. It was about how management treats all of the fans. Not just larries. All. Get offended all you want but I will NOT apologize for defending fans. If there is a problem, I’ll simply fix it. Okay? There. Everyone happy now?

agnes-wonka asked:

Hola hola Sasha! what is this thing about Jordan Peyton? Do you think he's just a friend or a beard?

Hey honey. I think it’s a red herring, tbh. It’s really looking more and more like Xarry 2.0. And I always say you’ve gotta pay attention to the patterns.

So let’s flashback for a bit of context. You may remember Xander’s initial introduction to the fandom:

  • Harry and Xander are tagged in a pic on Instagram by an actress November 2014
  • Harry and Xander follow each other on Instagram December 2014
  • Xander attends Harry’s b-day party February 2015
  • Xander, Harry and Jeff Azoff hang out June 2015

Then, in July 2015, there was a flurry of Xarry in quick succession.

July 4th:

July 5th:

July 7th (there were so many photos of this day, it was obviously a staged pap outing):

July 8th:

July 9th (OTRA San Diego):


And after babygate dropped, the fandom was encouraged to keep gossiping about Xarry.

You may also remember by around August/September 2015 people were legit discussing the possibility of Xarry coming out together or Xander being used to “out” Harry. I even got asks about it.

But here’s what it seems all of that was really about: When one half of a couple has big things poppin’, the other half must be disassociated with them. Imo, it seems this is another joint new team/old team stunt. The old team demands public separation. The new team negotiates the who and where. On the eve of babygate, Harry was papped multiple times with Xander. So you’ve got your public separation with a twist. Harry being spotted with another man gives the fandom the opportunity to discuss the possibility of queer Harry outside the context of Larry, which is a controversial topic within the fandom. The public separation of Larry satisfies the old team. The downplaying of Larry by inserting another player satisfies the old team. The discussion of queer Harry satisfies the new team. The status of his queerness will probably become relevant again later once the old team is totally out of the picture. Ultimately, Xarry is just a means to an end. They were never a real couple, so both the old and new team knew it was “safe” to bait the fandom with them.

Now, apply all we learned from Xarry to Payneton. It looks like a recycled stunt. Zayn has big things poppin’ in the US rn. The old team is still very much involved with Zayn, as Syco is involved with his solo project. Therefore, as per 1DHQ tradition, the real couple has to be downplayed. That’s an old team demand. The downplaying of Ziam by inserting another player satisfies the old team.The new team chose the who and where. It seems Jordan has Azoffian connections via the Kardashians/Hadids. And the fandom is being encouraged to gossip about Payneton. People are legit discussing the possibility of Payneton coming out together or Jordan being used to “out” Liam. So now Liam’s potential queerness is being discussed outside the context of Ziam, which is a controversial topic within the fandom. The status of his queerness will probably be relevant again later once the old team is totally out of the picture. Ultimately, Payneton is just a means to an end. They aren’t a real couple. Both the old and new team know it’s “safe” to bait the fandom with them.

Beyond that, other potential layers here may be business thingies we don’t know anything about, rebranding Liam with a cool, African-American jock pal on the eve of his Juicy J track(s) being released–stuff like that. But what this isn’t is a real relationship, imo. I’m confident a little time (I know 1D fans hate waiting) will bear that out.

One Direction's Liam Payne Hits Studio With Juicy J, TM 88

By Luis Polanco 

Former One Direction member Liam Payne was in the studio over the weekend presumably working on new material for himself as a solo artist – and it may sound much different from his 1D stuff.

Payne was seen in the studio with Juicy J and producer TM 88 of 808 Mafia, recording a few things and trying different beats out . Early in 2015, Juicy J had Instagrammed a photo with Payne with the caption, “We working!” According to TMZ, in the new session Payne’s not only been singing but rapping as well.

A source close to the situation told Billboard that the recording session did take place, and they recorded a bunch of things over a variety of different beats, with Payne using a rapping/singing style. The same source also shared that there were no discussed plans to release anything in the near future.

Just going to have to wait to hear what Liam has in store for 2016.
Even More Confirmation That a Big Time Rush Reunion is Happening! -
It’s happening, you guys. A Big Time Rush reunion is freakin’ happening! Okay…so mayyyyybe we don’t have all the details on the band reconvening for the first time in years, but after talking to Kendall Schmidt, we think it’s safe to say it’s definitely in the works. As many of you Rushers remember, James Maslow …