Rumor: Mr. Robot Creator May Write Star Wars Anthology Film
Is Sam Esmail in the running to pen an Obi Wan Kenobi story for the third "Star Wars" anthology movie?

Although there’s still little solid evidence, rumors continue to swirl about a “Star Wars” anthology film centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

The latest wrinkle, reported by Omegaunderground.com, is that two sources claim “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail has attended a number of pitch meetings with Lucasfilm over the past two years. The sources apparently believe Esmail wants to write the script for the fabled Obi-Wan spinoff.


anonymous asked:

You can believe this or not....but I don't work where I used to work and I am not privy to current developments but I can tell you without a single doubt that whatever Louis Tomlinson has done & whoever he has signed with, it will be a shrewd move. It doesn't surprise me that it's Sony. Sony really really really wanted Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson. Both. They would have made it very hard to get away. In addition, Syco was determined to hang on to Louis. .../2

2. I was in the room once when Louis out-negotiated a bunch of much older, far more experienced industry types. He was representing the boys. He came in prepared (turns out he’d been canvassing advice for weeks), it wasn’t confrontational, it was quiet, controlled (he is v v controlled), it was “this is what we want, how do we make this happen? thank you.” He wasn’t even 20 at the time. It was shocking. And brilliant. I became a fan that day & have been here ever since. …/3

Yeah, they’ve been through bullshit but they’ve been through a lot less than a lot of other artists. Whoever he signed with. I don’t know this new deal, I don’t know his plans but he is good at this. He considers everything. Last year, he bought them time. This year, I’m sure he didn’t get everything he wanted but, for certain, he got enough. Enough to put his name on it. Which is important to note. As roomfuls of people continually learn, do not under-estimate Louis Tomlinson.

Thank you anon. I have no idea how legit you are, but your message is a bit of balm to the soul. 😘

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I'm not a 1D fan but I just needed to share this little story. My boss Greg, 51 year old dad and happily married to Christine, met Louis a few weeks back. It had something to do with the charity that he's is involved in. Believe in magic, I think it's called. Anyway, Greg hasn't been the same since. I hear him almost everyday mutter something to himself about Louis. It's always very fondly. Today, at lunch, I heard him say "and he's pretty too! He's a pretty boy" to my co-worker. Honestly.

The Louis Tomlinson Effect. :)

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Calvin's been doing an Insta live stream and he said it's obvious who his fave boy band is (aka 1D) and that his fave 1D song is No Control. He also said Just Hold On, Strip That Down, and Slow Hands are all bangers and that he likes Harry's album :)

Anonymous said: Calvin ended his livestream, started another one where he had his guitar, started singing Sign of the times and then ended it again.

That’s nice. :)

Game of Thrones Season 7 “Leaks”

Episode 1

  • Arya kills the rest of the Freys using Walder Frey’s face
  • Bran arrives at the Wall
  • Jon forgives the Karstarks and the Umbers
  • Brienne arrives at Winterfell
  • Dany arrives at Dragonstone
  • Arya frees Edmure
  • Jamie obtains Widow’s Wail
  • Jorah arrives at Oldtown

Episode 2

  • Arya goes to an inn where she finds Hot Pie as well as a singer singing about Jon Snow’s victory over Ramsay
  • Melisandre is also at the inn, but remains hidden from Arya disguised as an old lady
  • The Hound and the other members of the Brotherhood Without Banners arrive at Winterfell
  • Jon hands leadership over to Sansa and heads to Dragonstone
  • Gendry steals Robert’s Warhammer
  • Dany sends out half her fleet to take Casterly Rock from the sea as well as Grey Worm and the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock from the land 
  • Euron uses a pincer tactic and attacks half of Dany’s fleet at night, while Yara and Ellaria are fucking
  • Euron kills Obara and Tyrene; captures Nym, Yara and Ellaria
  • Theon escapes

Episode 3

  • Jon arrives at Dragonstone
  • Jamie conquers Dorne and Highgarden around this time, getting Olenna killed
  • Randyll Tarly becomes the new Warden of the South
  • Theon is left by his men and gets his ass kicked
  • Jorah gets his arm healed via burning
  • Arya reunites with Nymeria in the woods
  • Jon and Dany create an alliance 
  • Euron arrives at King’s Landing and parades Yara, Ellaria and Nym through the streets

Episode 4

  • Bran and Arya arrive at Winterfell
  • Cersei tortures Ellaria by using The Mountain
  • Jamie and Randyll are ambushed by a Dothraki Horde, return to King’s Landing defeated
  • Theon and Jorah arrive at Dragonstone
  • Jamie and Bronn discuss terms with Davos and Tyrion
  • Davos finds Gendry and they leave via Gendry’s old rowboat
  • Jon forgives Theon
  • Melisandre arrives at Dragonstone

Episode 5

  • Grey Worm and the Unsullied take Casterly Rock by going through the sewage, thanks to Tyrion
  • Sam leaves Oldtown
  • Theon leads the rest of Dany’s fleet against Euron’s fleet
  • Jamie and Randyll lead the Westerland and Reach armies against Dany’s khalasar and Drogon
  • Randyll and Dickon die

Episode 6

  • Jon takes a small group of people beyond the wall: Gendry, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, The Hound, etc. to capture a wight
  • Jon and his group are ambushed by wights
  • Thoros dies
  • Dany comes with her 3 dragons and saves everyone except for Jon who is separated 
  • The Night King kills Viserion
  • Benjen saves Jon, but gets killed
  • The Night King resurrects Viserion

Episode 7

  • A Grand Council is created and takes place at the Dragonpit (most of the main cast is there)
  • Jon shows everyone the wight 
  • Cersei and Dany agree on a ceasefire
  • Euron however does not take part in the ceasefire, claiming that dead men cannot swim
  • Littlefinger is killed by Arya
  • Jamie sends the Lannister army north with Jon’s and Dany’s armies against Cersei’s wishes
  • Jon and Dany have sex
  • The Night King mounts Viserion and the Wall falls

Source LOL

Hey, who knows, right? 😛