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The same, yes! It was a true shitshow, I don't know why people think Louis is the one that's bad with jealousy, Harry was the possessive as hell? Anytime L danced with someone else, which I don't think was intentional? He was with everyone, like a free spirit, having a good time, H was very annoyed by it. This was such a long time ago, though I do distinctly remember L only stopped being all over the place with everyone when H was grinding on a topless, much older man. They left shortly after.



We all wondered so so so publicly why Louis would head back to LA and around the globe to see about a monkey for Pete’s sakes. And furthermore why he’d draw such public attention to it. In hindsight that is glaringly obvious now. Everything about this “relationship” and subsequent “baby bombshell” has been for public fodder speculation and in some cases ridicule. Why? The only plausible reason I can come up with is because THEY have wanted it to be so. And then the question is why they would want that. It’s not until hindsight that vision becomes clear. There is clearly a reason, and as with all the other things they have pulled in the cover of the night, this won’t won’t be made clear to us until they want it so.

This. This chatter we all have going….it’s exactly what they want. They leave breadcrumbs and like a starving person we just eat up whatever scraps are thrown in our general direction. They hold the power and they know it.

Be aware that you are a mouse in a lab maze and you can be swayed if you allow yourself to be however the person conducting the lab experiment wants you to be.

So you can’t really control the lab experiment, but you can control wether you will be a test subject.

Will you be the mouse?


“In Brightest Day…” (via Lance Gross  instagram)

John Stewart, is that you?

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I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Someone connected to the White Sox/major leagues had met the boys and that's why they got invited. My friend's mom was in and out of the box with Niall so she had details about him being nice and drunk. As for the other boys, there wasn't much to say except for one gem. Harry called my friend's mom's partner to thank them for the invite and Louis was with Harry on the line! That's all I've got for you. I'll let you know if I hear anything else from my friend.

Me again. I see those other pictures that came out after of Niall with the other boys jerseys. Hope that helps verify my story a little bit. Sorry I don’t have any “proof” or “receipts” other than my word. :)

AAAHHHH THIS IS VERY NICE. Thank you for sharing! (Also to everyone else, they had sent me another message well before the picture of the jerseys even came out saying that they might be back with a follow-up later, so this isn’t even coming out of the blue.)