Ayano, after befriending her rivals

“Osana don’t talk to your kohai like that! Watch your language!”

“Amai! Wear oven mitts while handling that stove! What if you get burned?!”

“Kizana no running with knives! I don’t care if it’s a prop or not, you need to stay safe!”

“Oka put down that book and do your homework, you can’t let your grades slip!”

“Asu don’t over exercise! Drink water, you look dehydrated! And don’t hurt yourself!”

“Muja please you twisted your ankle yesterday, let me grab that for you! Now don’t hurt yourself please!”

“Mida if I see you flirt with one more student I swear to god I’m throwing you out the window.

“Osoro let me bandage your arm- don’t push me away young lady!”

“Hanako stop eating candy for lunch! Here, I packed you an apple and a juice box. See it even has a bendy straw! Cool right?”

“Megami please go home! You can’t stay afterschool again, I don’t care how much work you have left you barely slept last night!”

Ayano: the ultimate nagging mom figure