Super cute commissions from @majorpiece <3

The first one is Nightangel of course, and the second one is Ghatz and Rumm, a gift from @awesome-reading-bitch :’

Thank you both so much for making my day!!<3
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ART by @majorpiece

GHATZ the GOAT © me
RUMM the HYENA © @awesome-reading-bitch


Triff Willy unten dran am Bach!

I bought this amazing Kurt by @saberghatz in a stream. I first couldn’t decide between Rumm (my sona if you guys are a bit behind~) and Kurt and finally decided on Kurt in a collar being pulled by you-know-who >:D I just HAD to write something on it~


Kurt was in a mood. He was unable to sit still, his tail constantly twitching, his eyes always running over Warren’s strong body when he was around. Warren knew why Kurt was feeling agitated, Kurt had taken a week long pledge of no sex and yesterday had been the last day. Warren made sure to twitch his feathers slightly and puff out his chest when he knew Kurt was looking. Warren loved to tease his little blue elf. Kurt couldn’t wait till that night, he kept staring at the clock during class, keeping his legs tightly crossed, hardly paying attention in class.

That night Kurt bamfed instantly into Warren’s room to find him laying lazily on his bed, a sly grin on his face and something odd laying beside him. Kurt bit his lip, letting his golden eyes adjust to the low light to finally see a spiked collar with a short leash attached to it. Kurt glanced back up to Warren who slowly sat up, his wings half spread and shivering already with anticipation. Kurt’s tail curled tightly and he reached up and touched his neck. “Ahh Varren vhat is that?” Warren stood, scooping but the collar and leash as he went and walked over to Kurt. “Turn around and close your eyes” he simply said. Kurt’s tail found itself around Warren’s thigh as he turned and closed his eyes. Warren gently put the collar on, tightening it just enough, making Kurt’s ears burn and his face turn a deep shade of purple. Warren turned him around, using another hand to unwind Kurt’s tail from his leg as he went so it wrapped around his arm. Kurt opened his eyes and somehow blushed even harder. He touched his neck again, feeling the thick collar press against his fur, feeling the cool heavy metal of the spikes. Warren let Kurt’s tail go and took up the leash, giving it a small tug. Kurt squeaked and fell into Warren. Warren smiled and kissed him gently. Kurt gasped, pressing into the kiss with hunger, his hands slipping up Warren’s shirt, feeling his tight muscles. Warren grinned into the kiss, feeling Kurt’s need. “Umm that week wasn’t a good idea now was it” he chuckled. Kurt pulled back and gave a small pout, “Varren it vas for my god, plus, it made me realize hov much I love you” Warren’s face flushed a soft pink and he kissed Kurt again, pulling him back into him with the leash.

The two helped each other pull of their cloths, Kurt’s was a little more difficult than normal with the spikes catching on his sweater and white under shirt. Warren of course had his shirts made to either be zippered or velcroed to make it easy to take off because of his huge white wings. Kurt’s tail lashed behind him as they kissed, pressing themselves together in hungry desperation. Kurt pulled away and lowered himself, eyes glued to Warren’s. He lowered his eyes to Warren’s quivering erection, his own two dicks somehow growing harder than they already were at just the sight of it. Kurt lifted his eyes back to Warren’s before slowly taking Warren’s penis in slowly, keeping his golden eyes on Warren’s blue ones. Kurt let his teeth graze the soft skin and Warren gasped, his wings snapping out further and knocking over his stack of records. “Fuck” he gasped, his eyes flickering close as he sucked in a deep breath, pulling on the leash to make Kurt take in more. Kurt resisted just to tease Warren before letting him pull him closer. Warren loosened the pull and Kurt pulled back, his hand slipping between his legs to work his two stiff dicks. Kurt let Warren’s dick slip from his mouth, pre-cum dripping down his bottom lip. He pulled his eyes away from Warren’s face to look at what he was doing as he licked Warren’s dick with his rough, cat like tongue. Warren moaned, his mouth hanging open, his tongue licking his suddenly dry lips. Kurt took just the tip into his mouth and stopped there. Warren’s eyes fluttered open and met Kurt’s eyes, seeing a playful and mischievous look there. Warren grinned and tugged on the leash and Kurt let him, taking him in again. “Shit” Warren gasped as Kurt sucked and moved his mouth and tongue. Kurt tried to concentrate on Warren and himself as he pumped one of his dicks and then the other, pre-cum covering his hand. Kurt’s tail snaked behind himself and touched his soft entrance as he look Warren in again, his eyes fluttering close finally as he moaned with his mouth full. Warren slipped his hand without the leash into Kurt’s curly hair and gently pulled. Kurt gasped, his tail slipping into himself, his teeth grazing a little rougher on Warren’s dick.

Kurt was a bit busy now. His tail was inside himself, one hand worked on his dicks, and his mouth was full of Warren. Kurt knew Warren was already close by his moans and shaking body. His wings were stretched as far as they could go and making flapping motions, stirring the air. Kurt welcomed the soft buffets of cooler wind, his whole body felt on fire. Kurt tail twitched madly inside himself as Kurt suddenly pulled away from Warren as Warren released himself. Kurt pumped himself twice more before coming undone himself and pulled his tail out. Warren grinned down at him, still pulling on the leash, and pulled his hand from Kurt’s hair and give himself a few pumps, getting his seed all over Kurt’s mouth and chest. Kurt gave a grin that surprised Warren a bit, it was a wicked grin, as Kurt licked at the cum.

Warren let the leash slip from his hand and lowered himself to the ground and suddenly hugged Kurt tightly. Kurt blinked  few times in surprise before hugging him back. Warren suddenly felt tears gathering in his eyes and he suck in a deep breath. He didn’t deserve this, didn’t deserve such a wonderfully kind human being as a boyfriend, much less one what was as special as Kurt. Kurt was confused as he felt tears hit his back but hugged him tighter. “I love you Kurt, so much, thank you” Warren simply whispered and Kurt broke down into silent sobs of pure love.