So, Sydnova was fun! On Saturday I went as Rumminov’s fancytier Jade, modifying the design a bit to make the hood and skirt grey like it is in the comic. The shoes were bought from Bodyline, no. 284. On that note, if you decide to buy these shoes for general use or cosplay, I’d advise ordering the next size up because they pinch around the toes and at the ankle straps.


Anonymous asked:

Hi Hhhhammy and Gothichamlet! I just started sewing, and am attempting Rumminov’s fancystuck Jade design (with some changes, of course) and wondering if you could help me with some minor pattern changes. I’m working with Simplicity Costume Pattern 2827 design C. I bought sizes 6-12, but the bodice seems a little snug on 12. I was hoping you had some tips on adding fabric for larger arm-holes and more fabric around the upper chest. Thank you!!

Slash and Spread is a great technique to use any time you need to selectively increase/decrease the volume in a commercial pattern!  Traditionally it’s used for adding gathers and changing the silhouette, but it can also be used to tailor standard patterns to better fit your body.  As always, be sure to experiment with muslin first before cutting into your nice fabric, in order to determine how deep and wide to spread your new pattern piece.

ETA: Updated a lot of the images to reflect a full bust adjustment!