rummaging through purses

  • professor: your project is to come up with a way to improve lgbt lives
  • me: *gets excited, starts rummaging through my purse*
  • professor: it has to be legal
  • me: *dejectedly puts back a gun and a single bullet with the name Mike Pence carved into it*
Hello Again

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[Part 1]

Requested by friceaurelia07: Hi!! Could you make a part 2 to good bye? Like maybe where they find each other again and she remembers and all that stuff?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts

You were late for work that day and you were incredibly flustered as you walked through the streets of New York.

“For heavens sake” you said rummaging through your purse. You weren’t paying attention at the moment and this caused you to walk right into someone.
“Oh I’m terribly sorry” you said looking up at the man.

To your surprise the man’s eyes went wide when he saw you. It was as if he had seen a ghost from his past. You didn’t recognize him at all however.

“Excuse me miss” the man said avoiding meeting your eyes. With that he walked past you. Strange…

As you watched the man walk away you spotted something on his shoulder. A slim green creature that resembled a piece of grass. You swore you were imaging things until it waved at you. You blinked in surprise.

“Pickett?” You whispered under your breath. You weren’t sure where the name came from but it sort of just forced itself out of your mouth. Something was familiar about it though.

“Wait Mr!” You called to the man but he kept walking.
“Hmm guess he’s in a hurry too” you shrugged turning away about to walk off yourself but you noticed something on the ground.

A suit case? Oh goodness the man must have dropped it when you bumped into him and since he was in such a hurry he forgot to pick it up again. Grabbing the suit case you ran after the man completely forgetting about how you were late for work.

“Sir! Sir!” You called as you chased after him. He seemed to pick up his pace with every call but finally you cornered him down an alley.
“Mr your forgot your suit case” you said approving him.

He seemed surprised “so I have. Thank you-”.

“[Y/N], [Y/L/N]” you greeted with a smile.

“Yes” the man replied quickly as if this wasn’t a new piece of information.

“… and you are?”.
You didn’t have to ask the man’s name but the way he looked at you… it was like he knew you already. Perhaps you’ve met before.

“Erm my name is Newt Scamander miss”.

“Newt Scamander” you repeated. That name gave you a warm fuzzy feeling as if it was related to a good time in your life.

“I’m sorry but may I have my suit case please?” Newt requested.

“Oh of course” you said about to hand it to him but all of a suddenyou spotted something sticking out of the case that made you freeze. It was a tiny animal’s hand. What was this?

“Miss [Y/L/N]?”.

Placing the suit case on the ground you flipped it open. Newt stuck out his hand trying to stop you but it was already too late. The creature had jumped out of the case and attached itself to your jacket as if attempting to hug you. You gasped and examined the creature. It had dark fur and looked similar to an Echidna.

“Niffler?” You said taking the beast in in your hands.

“You know what it is?” Newt asked in amazement.

You looked up and met his eyes. A wave of memories hit you all at once. Images flashed in your mind as if a movie was playing inside your head.

“You’re a wizard Newt”.

“I’m a what?”.

“You Newt Scamander are a wizard” you said again tears filling your eyes “a…and I was in love with you”.
Along with those good memories that your cherished so much came a few sad memories that made you want to start sobbing.

“That’s impossible” Newt said softly taking out his wand “I took away your memories”.

“You what?!” You demanded “how could you?”.

“I was leaving” Newt explained his eyes full of sadness “I didn’t want you to feel hurt, especially over me. Besides it’s the law in America…”.

“What if I didn’t want to forget you” you yelled hitting him with your purse “you are brilliant when I comes to beasts but you’re a fool when it comes to love. I would have waited for you”.
Newt was silent then you added.
“Why are you back?”.

“Research…” Newt answered “… [Y/N] I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I hurt you. My intention was to do the opposite. I can’t lie and say I’m not happy to see you now however”.

You wiped your tears from your eyes then tackled the man in a hug.
“Me too. I’m never losing you again”.

“I promise this time you won’t”.



A well-kept road full of wealthy homes, green, sweeping lots, old wealth. ABBY’S car pulls into the circular drive of a large modern home, set back against a cloak of trees - the residence of HARGE’S boss, CY HARRISON. There’s clearly a party going on: music, laughter, well-dressed GUESTS arriving, valets opening doors, taking keys, etc. ABBY shuts off the engine and turns to CAROL, who begins rummaging through her purse in sudden agitation.

Carol (2015)
tina n queenie's shenanigans
  • queenie: come on! getting ready is half the fun of going out.
  • queenie: like, what've you got in your purse?
  • tina: purse?
  • queenie: a girl needs the essentials
  • queenie: *rummages through purse*
  • queenie: cab fare, lip balm
  • queenie: *brings out picture of jacob and shoves it back in*
  • queenie: picture of a platonic friend you have no romantic interest in
What a Night

Requested (female!reader x Jimmy Darling (NSFW))

The Freak Show ends. I’m still seated - I’m not sure why - so I pretend to rummage through my purse in case someone is watching me. As if on cue, Jimmy Darling, the lobster boy strides out from behind the stage. He looks at me, perplexed.
“Can I help you?” He asks, walking over to me. I shrug.
“I don’t know, can you?"He offers me his deformed hand, and I take it, intrigued as to where we might be going.

"So what’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” He asks in an almost sultry voice.

We’re outside now, and the slight breeze in the air is pleasant as it sails past my cheeks, cooling them after the sweaty heat of the Freak Show tent. We walk quickly past the fairground and stalls selling any number of treats, from cotton candy to teddy bears or trinkets.

I follow Jimmy up to his caravan, the door of which he pushes open and walks inside, turning to look expectantly at me. I walk in as well, and pull the door closed.
“What are you doing?” I finally inquire. He smirks.
“Well, I figured since you came here alone, someone should treat you. What’s your name?”
“U-uh, Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, why don’t you sit on the bed for me.” I sit with my shoulder blades against the wall, and my legs extended, hands - and thighs - trembling.
“Are you okay with this?” He asks me, concerned for a second. I nod, and his smirk returns.
“Alright then. Spread your legs.” He says abruptly, and this is when I hesitate. Jimmy sighs.
“Come on, Y/N; I don’t bite.” He laughs. I smile nervously and pull my legs apart, lifting them so my knees are bent. I then pull up my skirt and petticoat ad Jimmy kneels opposite me.

His hand moves between my legs, my breath catches in my throat. He hooks a pair of his claw-like fingers around the top of my panties, and pulls them down so they’re around my ankles. Then, his hand slides back between my legs, going further and further until I feel them press inside me. I throw back my head, moaning in pleasure ad he pushes them in further and further, moving them in a ‘come hither’ motion.

He goes faster, and I feel an orgasming build in the pit of my stomach, when suddenly he goes painfully slowly, causing me to whine and him to laugh.
“Please, Jimmy; don’t stop!” I whimper, and he starts getting faster, thumb flicking over my clit causing a ripple of pleasure to shoot over me.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I moan, back arching as and orgasm explodes inside me, and I cum on Jimmy’s fingers. Slowly, he pulls out, looking over at me.
“How was that?” He asks coyly, a sudden change in character.
“It was amazing,” I admit, blushing, as I sit up. He smiles - not a smirk, but a genuine grin - and watches me as I stand and pull up my panties.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” I say eventually. He cocks an eyebrow.
“Will that be the last I hear of you?” He asks as I begin to leave.
“Somehow I doubt that…”

Bus Rides (m)

Word count: 5,081

Warning: Namjoon smut

“Ticket, please.”
You drag out your purse, smiling apologetically at the bus driver. This isn’t the first time you had to rummage through your purse in search for the ticket, finally pulling a bus card with your name on it out between two fingers after what seems like several minutes. He glances over it, then grunts in approval so you can make place for the next passenger that looks at you with annoyance. Why is it so hard to prepare your ticket in advance, you ask yourself, feeling the need to slap yourself hard. This way, you only seem like a nuisance. Not that you don’t feel like a nuisance anyways.
But soon you are distracted, because your eyes find the seat you always choose to sit in - and right next to it, a familiar golden haze. Your fixed company, with his blonde hair and full lips that turn into a cute smile sometimes. Right now he is looking through the window, studying the to you boring scenery, yet to have noticed your arrival. You can’t help but smile every time you see him again, as if it’s an instinct that hadn’t occurred to you before. Quickly, you throw your bag over your shoulder and approach him.

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Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian:
“Percy,” my mom said. “One last thing. If you … if you survive this fight with Kronos, send me a sign.” She rummaged through her purse and handed me her cell phone.

“Mom,” I said, “you know demigods and phones—”

“I know,” she said. “But just in case. If you’re not able to call … maybe a sign that I could see from anywhere in Manhattan. To let me know you’re okay.”

“Like Theseus,” Paul suggested. “He was supposed to raise white sails when he came home to Athens.”

“Except he forgot,” Nico muttered. “And his father jumped off the palace roof in despair. But other than that, it was a great idea.”

“What about a flag or a flare?” my mom said. “From Olympus—the Empire State Building.”

Something blue,” I said.

Seokjin Scenario: Cozy Smile.

In which just a little smile can brighten up your day.

Genre: Fluff.

- No…- You whispered under your breath. The day wasn’t really being what you expected in the first place. You woke up late, had to get ready in the middle of a rush, lost your transportation card and the bus. But not happy with only that, the weather was cold and dull, with deep gray clouds outlining against an equally gray sky.

Great, just great. You pulled firmly at the thin burgundy jacket, dragging closer the fabric towards your body for some heat. The frosting wind made you shudder and was moving your hair in all directions. You knew you should look all disheveled and messy while you rushed your pace down the street. You were only two blocks away from your destination when the first drop fell on your right cheek.

Rummaging through your big purse you pulled out your phone but it didn’t have any battery and you didn’t really have much time to mourn about that because a thick curtain of rain started to fall hard on you. This time your ran, there was no way you could get to the coffee shop without getting wet and by now the only thing in your mind was Seokjin and that most probably he was already done waiting for you.

The black boots you wore were clicking on the wet pavement with each step made and you were already running out of breath when you stopped at the shop’s entrance, hands on your hips and breathing heavily. Your eyes searched desperately for him amongst the customers through the big windows but you couldn’t see him, so you sighed exhausted and listless, and irremediably, you focused on your reflection. You were a mess of flushed cheeks, wet clothes with half of your hair sticking to it, agitated breaths and teeth chattering with the cold. It was Jin’s only day off for the week and you lost the chance to see him, so you buried your face on your palms, trying to calm yourself, though not for long.

A warm and thick jacket was placed around your shoulders and when you raised your view to the windows again, you saw him reflected there, standing behind you with his hands on your shoulders. You turned around surprised and Jin took the chance to coil his scarf around your neck, covering part of your chin with it. Your lips were parted in surprise while he busied himself with his task and when he was done, he looked down at your eyes.

- Oppa… I thought you were gone…- You whispered ever so low, staring back at him. Jin cleaned a little drop that was streaming down your cheek and a little side smile took place on his lips.

- I was worried for you Y/N…- his arms took you into a quick embrace, wrapping firmly around you before parting. Jin’s hand moved towards your head, fixing the beanie and your hair along with it before leaning to place a light kiss on your forehead. -I was not leaving you behind-

You looked up at him unable to stop the smile that was reaching your lips and followed him when Jin stood near the windows of the coffee shop and under the safety of the overhanging roof, placing his hands inside his jeans and looking selflessly at the rain falling down in front of you.

You tried to fix your hair a little bit and dry your face as much as you could, but suddenly, Jin took a hand out of his jeans and surrounded yours tenderly, pulling you a little bit closer to him and stopping your actions. After a second he laughed, most probably out of embarrassment, and so did you, thinking that after all, that day wasn’t really  that bad.

@dementedspeedster​ | continued from [x]

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” She smiled at his stunned response, “Somebody’s gotta be nice to strangers or we’re gonna lose all our tourist revenue.” She paused at the introduction, handing him her umbrella so she could rummage through her purse. 

“I’m Greta.” She began as she found what she was looking for and handed him an almost plain business card. Greta Walker. Freelance Journalist. 555-1235. “You never know when you’ll need a journalist, it happens a lot more often than you’d think.” She assured him, “Oh, and it’s nice to meet you Thad, what brings you to town, if you don’t mind me asking?”

  • cashier: you're short 32 cents
  • me: oh. gimme a second.
  • me: *rummages through purse*
  • me: *starts putting things on the counter to get to the bottom of the purse abyss*
  • me: *pulls out phone, keys, pencils, a tuner, two sets of rosin, the full score to mozart's symphony in g minor, a pendulum metronome, an extra violin bow, and a textbook about music history*
  • me: alright here's a quarter and a dime
I am bored and this happened.

I apologize. 

Blame this post. 

WARNING: this is not sexy. 


His hands were on her before she got the key from her purse, carefully sliding around her waist and sneaking under the hem of her shirt, fingertips dancing over the soft skin of her stomach. He inched closer, pressing closer to her as she rummaged through her purse, “hurry up princess,” he muttered, before lazily dragging his lips down the side of her neck, “I’ve missed you.”

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cloudyaosky  asked:

97 please... :)

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic
#97. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

“do you have everything?” sasuke asks as he adjusts the rearview mirror inside the car. 

sakura pokes her head through the passenger side as she nods and climbs in. “suitcase, passport, and…” she recites out loud before quickly rummaging through her pockets for the list she wrote out five weeks ago. “emergency cash, camera, … and why does it seem like i’m forgetting something?”

“plane ticket?” he raises an eyebrow at her, surely hoping she did forget the one thing that could get her on the plane. 

sakura laughs nervously as she panics a little before rummaging through her purse in search of her boarding ticket. “okay, got it!” she sighs in relief as she hugs the passport and ticket close to her heart. 

sasuke nods and starts the engine. the drive is a quiet one and sakura fidgets in the car as she tries to think of what to say to sasuke. “um, thank you for driving me to the airport. i know it was a last minute request but everyone else was busy. ino had to attend traffic school today, sai broke his leg, and naruto just had to have his ugly orange beetle break down this morning.”

sasuke nods. “it’s fine. it wasn’t like i was sleeping at 5am or anything.”

“i’m really sorry,” sakura apologizes again. “i’ll definitely make it up to you. i’ll get you the best souvenir ever! nothing lame like a mug.”

“mugs are fine.”

“o-okay, i can get you a mug too if you really want …”

and so ends the conversation with mugs. sasuke exits the freeway and follows the ramp leading to the airport. he follows behind another car as he pulls into the drop off zone for international flights. sakura quickly opens the car door as soon as it stops. she jumps out and thanks sasuke profusely before hurrying to the trunk to get her suitcase. 

“do you need help…” sasuke begins to ask as he opens his car door.

“no! it’s fine! this is drop off zone so you can’t park here! i’ll be fine! thanks!!” she rushes as she waves goodbye to him and almost stumbles in her attempt to rush through the airport doors. another moment of awkwardness was too much for her to handle. on the bright side, at least she wouldn’t have to ride in the car with him a second time when she returns.

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So today I was really excited to watch the first episode of Stevenbomb, and came home from work early just so that I would be on time. I got to my house and my brother came to me and begged me for a ride to his cross country practice. Sure, no big deal, I drove him to the high school and dropped him off.

But when I got back in the car and put the key in the ignition it wouldn’t start. I rummaged through my purse and I couldn’t find my phone. By this time it was 5:45, and SU would start in 15 min. It was also raining.

So guess who ran home in the rain in flip flops just to see “Sworn to the Sword”? This fuckin’ nerd. And what did I have to gain from it? HUGE FUCKING TEARS OHMYGOD PEARL MY BABY

earth-shines asked for Baisemain - A kiss on the hand.

I’m a mess and fucked it up. But here.


His lips were chapped.

Winter did that to a person. She could feel the texture of his lips, so clear and slightly cracked and rugged and part of her wanted to dig out her cherry lip balm and smear some of it onto his mouth, but she knew he’d pout and whine about no, ew, he didn’t need red lips and rummaging through her purse meant breaking eye contact with him, and his eyes were lighting her ablaze.

His lips were chapped, but they were pressed against the back of her palm so tenderly that it didn’t even matter. His hand was cradling hers so delicately, as if he were holding precious metals or porcelain and not the hand of the woman who wielded him in battle on a semi daily basis. His mouth was chaste, tender, and when she swallowed thickly, his eyes traced her throat. 

She felt very, very naked in her dress, in the v-neck little black dress and his eyes were scraping over her bare collarbones, mouth still pressed to the back of her hand. He mumbled something against her skin – her name? A compliment? – and kissed her again, just as tender and lingering as the last.

Maka teetered on her heels and openly stared right back. 

She was vaguely aware that he was in a suit – her favorite suit, a black suit, and he was wearing a red tie. She loved ties on him, loved the idea of being able to get a handle on him and drag him wherever she wanted. Her lips parted uselessly, desperately, and she settled for sucking in a breath as he finally straightened his spine.

His fingers laced their way into the spaces between hers. He squeezed her hand and she squeezed right back, eyes still imploring and searching, testing her reaction to his rather open display. Soul was a closed book unless you knew what to look for, and Maka was an avid bookworm at heart. 

She licked her own lips (not dry at all, marinated in the very cherry lip balm that she was considering for him earlier; one of his favorite flavors) and brushed her thumb along the back of his hand, in the place of where her mouth wanted to be.

He grinned raffishly, sharp teeth glinting, and she knew that even though something had just changed between them wordlessly, he was still Soul. And as she pinched his side and hissed that he needed to behave, his parents were going to assume things! that she was still Maka, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Ya’ll wana bring up shit from like 3-4 years ago about 5sos trying to justify your ‘homophobic’ and 'racist’ argument. Hate to tell you but I can go rummage through the purse of the Internet and find receipts about your faves and when they fucked up. So before you try comin’ at this fandom just know yours isn’t any better. Yours aren’t any more innocent. And you’re a fucking soft cock. G'Day.

Mile High Club-Michael Smut

Word count:1278


Warnings: Smut, Language

Pairing: Michael/Reader

Requested: Yes

It was only the fourth month that you and Michael had been together when he decided to treat you and take you on a holiday, just the two of you. The idea of being alone with him without the other boys, the busy scheduling, early rising, and constant chatter and zero privacy was incredible to you. You boarded the plane at 2:30 for your 3:00 flight and was happy to find that the passenger on the other side of Michael was a feeble, quiet, elderly woman. You’d settled into your window seat and rummaged through your purse and found everything you’d need for the fight and were all ready to go. “You ready, babe?” Michael took your hand, causing you to look over and flash him a smile. “Yeah, are you?” He scoffed and waved a hand in front of his face. “Pshh, yeah. Piece of cake.” He said, a chuckle following his words. A sudden activation of the loudspeaker startled you. “Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff, please. Cabin crew, please take your seats for takeoff.” The captain’s voice rang loud throughout the crowded cabin. Michael smiled at you. “Why so jumpy?” He asked, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. “This is only my second flight, Mikey, you know that.” You said, gripping his hand a little tighter and sitting back properly in your seat. “Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff.” You heard the familiar voice of the captain again. You let go of your boyfriend’s hand and reached down, grabbing the seatbelt and stretching it across your body, fastening it on your other side. You looked up and saw that Michael’s was already on. “Safety first, yeah?” He said with a smile as you heard the plane engine rev in what seemed to be the distance. You soon felt the plane start moving and you wrapped your hand around Michael’s arm. “Hey, it’s okay.” He said, bringing his other hand over and rubbing your hand. The plane sped up and descended into the air as your flight finally started and you relaxed back into your chair, lightening your grip on his arm. “You know what would make things better?” He said to you, questioningly. “What’s that?” You answered him. “Meet me in the bathroom in a few minutes and I’ll show you.” He said, a sly smirk forming on his face as he unbuckled his seatbelt. “Michael what do you—“ Is all you could manage to say before he stood. “I’ll show you.” He said, excusing himself and stepping past the little old lady who probably didn’t hear what he said anyway. You sank in your seat. ‘Please don’t tell me this is gonna be what I think it is.’ You thought to yourself before finally unbuckling your seatbelt as well and inching past the lady, making your way back to the airplane bathroom. You opened the door to find Michael leaned coolly, arms crossed, against the wall. “What took you so long?” He joked, standing up straight as you squeezed into the small space and closed the door. “Just doing as you asked.” You shrugged. “Lock the door.” He said, voice darker than than when he’d spoken before. You reached back and turned the lock on the door and looked back at him, barely turning around before being grabbed up in his strong arms into a full-on,proper kiss. You were tense but soon relaxed in his arms and wrapped yours around his broad shoulders. You felt his hands trailing down to the hem of your skirt as you kissed him, they found their way to your ass to grab it tightly in his hands, a quiet moan escaping your lips onto his. You felt his mouth turn into a smile as he slipped his fingers into your lacy underwear, dipping a finger into your heat and letting it graze over your clit. You let your lips rest against his without kissing him. He began rubbing slow circles around it, pecking your lips as you moaned again, biting your lip to muffle it. You didn’t want everyone in the plane to know what was going on in here. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back, trying to control yourself from the pulsating sensation of pleasure Michael was causing you. He then leaned in and latched his lips to your neck, sucking and nipping at the skin, you had almost no self-control left at this point. This caused a loud moan into his ear, causing him to suddenly pull his face away and look at you. “Shhh, baby girl. You wouldn’t want anyone to hear, would you?” He said, pulling his hand out of your underwear and yanking them down, then bringing his hands back up to lift you and sit you back down on the small sink. He then reached down and unbuckled his belt, then undid his pants. “Michael…” You murmured. “Hmmm?” He answered as he unzipped and then yanked his pants and boxers down all in one swift motion then stood back up. “I don’t know about this.” You said, you were a bit uneasy about having sex in a grungy airplane bathroom. “Just trust me.” He said, stepping close to you again, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you against the wall, reattaching his lips to your neck. A soft hum escaped your lips as you snaked your arms around his neck and ran one hand up through his hair. He entered you suddenly, biting down on your neck to muffle his low moan. “Fuck” you muttered out under your breath, gripping a tuft of his hair tight in your hand. “You ready, princess?” He whispered into your ear, you nodded eagerly and braced yourself, you knew this one would be quick, which meant it would be hard. He began thrusting at a steady but fast pace, moving his face to your still clothed shoulder, letting the occasional moan slip. You threw your hand over your mouth to keep yours from escaping into the small, not-so-soundproofed bathroom. He slowed down to press you harder against the wall, adjusting quickly and pulling his body away from yours just enough to let one of the hands that was supporting him fall to your clit, rubbing his finger in quick circles around it. “Shit!” You moaned again before biting your bottom lip tightly between your teeth and screwing your eyes shut. He bit your shoulder, you could tell he was close by his struggled sounds and quickening movements and you weren’t far behind. His chest was heaving against yours and he pressed his finger hard against your clit, thrusting into you with what seemed like all the strength he could muster at the position you were in, he then let out a hard breath followed by a long, low groan as he hit his high and you felt his hot juices inside of you. The knot in your stomach was growing as he began to rub you furiously trying to help you cum, and it was no time before you arched your back against the wall, pulled his hair tight in your hand and again, threw your hand over your mouth and clenched around him, finally reaching your climax. You let your body relax and opened your eyes to look at him, to find a smug look on his face. “What?” You said breathlessly. “Welcome to the mile high club, baby.” He said, then chuckled before pulling out of you and helping you stand normally again. There was no way you were going to have a flight as interesting as this one again, that was for sure.

“Denny’s isn’t even that good!”

I made a comic about Clef and Rights. For u, scp-l4-clef-alto-001

I don’t know what possessed them to go to Denny’s (nobody wants to go to Denny’s. You wind up in Denny’s through a series of terrible events and get sick shortly afterwards) but it surely ends with Clef throwing up in the parking lot of Denny’s while Rights rummages through her purse for some TUMs and wet-wipes.