unprince asked:

h-hi! just passing by to say that your art is really lovely and your blog is cool too (ó㉨ò)

!!! aaa!! hello! oh gosh that means a lot woah!!! i really love your art aah ;o;; and very retrouvaille was a very well made game and i enjoyed it a lot n wn !!

thank you so much!! 

rumikosan replied to your photo: I cannot wait for Tuesday goooooooooodddammit also…

ugheugheu; this is really rad, you should try painting?? or like those one layer speedpaints or w/evs it looks realy cool :00

aah thank you// I never got what one layer speedpaints were, is it like you have one layer just for coloring and one with lineart or just one layer period, no separate layers for lineart/colors?? if the former that’s all I can do (I can barely handle two layers CRIES) and if the latter I think I’ll give it a go someday! I just am no good at painting ahahahahah…a..