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There is a sky that is full of love in this blog ;A;

Her anger, her sadness, and her broken mental T.T


Takayanagi Akane*I also want to get angry.

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Today, there were double stages of KII.

Recently when I looked at
the growth of juniors

I saw a hidden fighting spirit which was burning

“I can’t lose too~!”

When colliding with each other in the performance
on stage.

I want this team to encourage
each other to grow up.

I’m very happy
to have a lot reliable juniors.

Today in the evening performance
Furukawa Airi-chan
announced her graduation in March.

I heard about it around the time of Kouhaku.

But Airi
didn’t told me from the beginning.

When 2 of us were in the same room in hotel
We did a lot of talks
Such as graduation announcement of Miepi and Nakanishi-san…

Casually I asked
“Airi, what are you thinking?”
When she answered my unconcerned words
I knew it was coming.

It seems she couldn’t find the timing to tell me
before I asked.

If I hadn’t asked
Wouldn’t she have intended to tell me?


She already decided that
she would say it after 3 months.


So that’s she wouldn’t do it
at the same time with Miepi and Nakanishi-san. Mou.

Mou. Mou. Mou!!

If she announced
Time would start counting down.

Because she hated sad face
So she wanted to announce with a smiling face


Mou. Mou. Mou

(T/N: In these sentences, Churi used words that explained her dissatisfaction exasperation)

I don’t want to get angry.

I exposed my anger
in the kage anna video. (laughs)

I hadn’t burst into crying for a long time
So my eyes were swollen.

2 gen members
start becoming fewer right?

After that there are
Makiko, Kyon-chan, Rumi left.

Let’s cherish the time that we’re together
so that I will regret nothing.

I’m also
worried about the fans

Because there are many times left
I think they felt surely relief (that’s she won’t leave).

Are they alright?

Although I can’t say
anything nice

But fighting, okay?

In the time like this
It’s good if we can support each other.

I’m sorry that
I can only say such things.

Right, I’ll also do my best.

Takayanagi Akane


My life is now complete.

My Exclusive Noitamina Gino Big Bath Towel came in yesterday, just two days before my birthday. I need to thank my friend for this awesome present, thank you, dear! <B It came just in time and now I can finally drive straight home with no regrets and celebrate with my family. <3

Even though Noitamina called it a “bath towel”, it doesn’t look like one you can use for that purpose to me, not that I was going to in the first place. A gigantic microfiber cloth would be more suitable for cleaning gigantic megane, lol, rather than used as a bath towel to dry one’s body off. Whatever. It’s Gino, it’s sexy Gino, and it’s 150cm x 75cm… and because of that his face seems so close and real and OMG! The fabric has some luster that’s why it may seem weird in the picture. I don’t have time to do more decent pics, sorry, I need to go pack my things before I go for a 4-hours night drive home. XDD

The package is great though. I need to think of a way to put it to good use.

I saw third parties sell it for the price of 85 dollars. What the fuck. But yeah, considering it’s Noitamina we’re talking about… still, it’s really overpriced. I think the original price on the Noitamina Shoppu site is fucking expensive as well. I wouldn’t probably have indulged myself in this guilty pleasure so thank you, Rumi-chan, this is a fucking awesome present! <3 Gino is almost life-sized and ohhhh… If I wanna put it on the wall, I will need some space for that…