rumi tattoo

As many of you know. I got a tattoo a month into my first semester in college. Two months later my boyfriend had to deal with my mental breakdown after being bombarded with calls from my father about how ashamed he was of me. Due to the stress and my over sensitivity to my father opinion, I ended up dealing with many issues regarding accepting myself.

I just finished the semester. And here are my thoughts. 

After tearing myself apart over this permanence on my body - I sucked it up and accepted that I made this decision. The quote I decided to place on my back is one from Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a well known Persian poet. The original quote is “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”. Previous to getting this permanence on my back - I wanted to get something that reminded me of my childhood. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a fascination with the stars. But due to my personal decision, and many problems with myself I never concluded to study Astrophysics. While it was a love of mine, the art and design industry called to me. I took time to decode this quote in my own way; So many of us act small and limit ourselves. In my case I wanted to do one thing in life, but that decision changed as a grew older and wiser. The natural way of life is to let it flourish. Don’t limit yourself, because you are the stars themselves. You yourself make up the universe, and you motions are the universe moving itself. - What I took from this was a growing acceptance of myself and the ability to push myself further in life. To become what I want to become, more than anything I dreamed of. We are so tempted to control every single moment, but it’s more exciting to live in the moment - Something I am incredibly bad at. 

So here’s my conclusion. I love this tattoo. And I do not regret it. While it’s pulled more struggles into my life. It’s a very hidden and small piece of art on my body. It’s a very quiet reminder to live my life with the acknowledgement that I’m not small -