i like to think that when jane isn’t looking roxy will slip booze into the cake batter

and not a little bit

almost a whole bottle of wine just to see if jane will notice

the one time jane doesn’t notice it ends up being a disaster

not all of the alcohol cooks out of the cake so after jane eats half the cake she’s inebriated

she’s giggly and up to no good because she leaves little pranks all around the house

all of which roxy sets off

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My sweet lady Jane now up on AO3

I am finally getting more fanfic up on AO3, having finally gotten less worried about posting things. 

This is little (750+ words) but as it’s not an AU or Bloodswap, I felt a little less anxious over it. I’m going to be writing a series soon about Aradia Medigo going on adventures, but for now, have some Jane/Roxy sadstuck.