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You know when you have found the perfect Fanfiction; when you have to put down your phone or look away from your computer at one part of the story, just to stop reading it for a few seconds so you can react to it…because oh my gods did that really just happen? Then when you have done all the reacting you go back to reading it like nothing happened.

The Unresolved: Chapter 29

Everything Belle read recently about depression and PTSD stressed the importance of support. People who had those conditions were going to have slip-ups, they were going to stumble, it was just natural. And loved ones needed to be understanding of that, to give them a boost when they fell down. To see that printed on paper over ten years after the fact had made Belle slap the book shut and shove it aside.

Part of her wanted to call Rumple, but she didn’t know what to say. Maybe she could ask if he’d want to have lunch again now that he’d gotten over that cold. She could ask if he’d like to help with the bake sale she ran during the Heritage Day Festival on the second Friday of March. They used to be good at working on that together, whether they were together or not. Maybe she should talk to Henry and see what he thought Rumple was up for, since she had no idea anymore…and no small amount of regret for that.

Saturday morning, Belle got up and got dressed. Her plan for the day was to eat breakfast at Granny’s and then try to screw up the courage to get in touch with her estranged husband. At least that was the plan before their son called just as Belle was sliding on her shoes. Then the plan changed to: Get to the hospital.

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woodelf68  asked:

Prompt: Gold is a kindergarten teacher, beloved by his students.

OUaT: Anniversary Fic the 3rd

Belle spins around the front room of Game of Thorns, eyes darting over everything to ensure all is ready. The cacti are on a high shelf, a mesh net covers the water lilies’ tank, the little vase on the counter is stuffed with yellow daisies- check, check, check.  Belle then looks down at herself, scrubbing at faint dirt stains that will never quite come out of her apron before tugging her ponytail tight.  She’s as ready as she can be.

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Some of my favorite OUaT (Rumbelle) Fanfics and authors

This list is not all inclusive and not in any particular order (and mostly all Rumbelle). I’m pretty sure a few of the below authors have Tumblrs too that I did not link.

(Freeze on the Stones), (Original Powers), (Ruins of Camelot), (Remember) and the various fics and ficlets by @toseehowthestoryends

(A Bed of Thorns) by Nym.

All of @spottytonguedog stuff. I love to read (Alone in my Tower) and (Well, That Was Awkward) over and over and over…

(Penance) and the hard-to-put-down (The Long Game) and its remixes by @emospritelet

(On a Knife-Edge) by Laikin394

(The Valley), (Long Live the Queen), (GlassVial) and (Incentive) by @woubazoid

Many from @standbyyourmantis like (From Shattered Places) and (Silence is Golden)

@charlotteashmore13 wrote many of my fixes

@cartoonjessie with (Heart of the Ship)

(The Tale of Brave Sir Belle) and others by @thescholarlystrumpet

I really loved a few fics written by @clockwork-mockingbird

(Mr. and Mrs. Gold) by ShakespeareanHoneyBadgers

The (Moments) series by Montreat11.

(Dealing in Arrangements) and (Faith in Fiction) by FeistyFox

(A Tale as Old as Time) by PirateNinjaCJS

Author TriplePirouette

(Skin Deep) by DD Agent

Many and (A Price to be Paid) by Sparks

(Viper) and (Where the Heart Is) by griseldalafey

(Spin Me a Tale) by @writingwolfwithin

(To Catch a Swan), (On the Shores of Loch Katrine), and (Song of the Siren) by Phoenix-Talon

(Danse Macabre) by @snafu-moofins

(Better to Face the Bullets) by @ishtarelisheba

(Covered in Bees) by @suchadearie and her various fics!

Author @rumples-leather-emporium

Author @mariequitecontrarie (Meet me at Stardusk co-authored with above)

And more…

  • Me: *scrolls through Tumblr in public* *comes across smut*
  • Friend: oh my gods that is so gross!!!
  • Me: I know right! I always come across this gross stuff on my blog. Like ew, I don't want to see that. *scrolls away from smut*
  • Friend: that is exactly why I don't have Tumblr *walks away*
  • Me: *scrolls back to the smut and favourites it while fangirling about my Otp*

quinninthenorth  asked:

"This was the biggest mistake of her life."

This was the biggest mistake of her life.

But when Mr Gold - (her) powerful, intimidating, (broken, lonely, beautiful), landlord Mr Gold - had arrived on her doorstep dripping wet and seeking shelter from the storm, Belle had let him inside. When he had stumbled, soaked to the skin and frozen, his ankle failing him, she had helped him into a chair and out of his soaked jacket, waistcoat and tie, then eased his shoes and socks from his feet and massaged warmth and soothing balm into his swollen, twisted foot.

She was kind and empathetic by nature, but what she had felt looking up at him then, his weakness in her hands and his eyes so rich, deep, dark and more open than she’d ever seen them hadn’t felt like simple kindness or empathy.

It was a moment of weakness, kissing the broken joint, murmuring her sympathy into his skin; it was madness itself to allow his shaking hands to draw her up and into his lap; It was unthinkable to kiss his trembling mouth, this man who could destroy her with a snap of his fingers.

His mouth tasted like rainwater and whiskey, and if it was wrong to kiss him then Belle never wanted to be right again.

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Gold’s Kitchen: See Men Taste (prompt)

Summary: Belle French discovers semen as a food and reads a cookbook that features this substance as an ingredient. She spends a day harvesting this ingredient from Chef Gold and uses it to give him a taste test to see if his experienced palette can identify it.

Rating: NC-17 (smut, blowjob extravaganza, semen cooking and eating)

Note: The fandom has ripperblackstaff to thank for this. She showed me the way to the semen cookbook. [ao3 link]

Link to the full Gold’s Kitchen series

It’s been a year since the winner of Hell’s Kitchen was announced. Mulan Fa was named the victor and started her new life as Chef Gold’s head chef. Belle French stood second in the cooking competition but that doesn’t mean her life didn’t change as well. Belle has worked hard on her cooking career, learning everything her loving boyfriend has to teach her. She moved from the small town of Storybrooke, Maine and now lives with Chef Gold in his pink Victorian in LA.

Living in a bigger city has not only sparked Belle’s creativity, but also her curiosity. She has been exploring new cooking styles and techniques, trying things she never thought she would. With her new knowledge and wider range of food experiences, this little cookbook author has turned into an adventurous chef.  

There’s a buzz around the food industry about a new ingredient (Well… It isn’t really new). With an ability to add amazing texture, praised for it’s natural properties and cooking versatility; semen has become very popular with the more fearless chef.

Ever since she’s heard of the many dishes it can be used, Belle has been curious about cooking with semen. She has tasted it before and has always loved The Chef’s pastry cream, but Belle never thought of it as a food until recently. Being the cookbook enthusiast that she is, Belle ordered a book which features this exotic, but not so exotic ingredient, in every recipe.

Today, this book arrived on her door step.

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Talk to Me, a Rumbelle Fic

Summary: A radio talk show seemed like the perfect way for Rumford Gold to occupy his time without interacting too deeply with people. After all, who can really make a connection over the phone?

Rating: NC-17. It’s phone sex. It was… quite an experience to write. I still don’t know how I feel about it.

Dedication: To Woodelf68 for giving me an idea for the radio frequency, to whoever gave me the idea for the name of the radio (I’m sorry! I can’t recall) and to whatever idiot thought it’d be funny to suggest the idea of radio host!Gold. I will hunt you down, Liam Neeson-style.

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Rumbelle Fanfiction: Indecent Proposal

RATING: Explicit

SUMMARY: After running into Mr Gold, Isabelle French tries to explain why her father hasn’t repaid his loan. True to his reputation, Mr Gold is having none of the excuses and suggests an alternate payment: one night with her.

NOTES: This is for foreveronelittlewish who prompted this story with one of her amazing gif-sets and she created the summary for this story as well! Isn’t she amazing? Yes, she is!


“My price is one night,” Gold said calmly as if he just asked for a cup of tea.

“With my dad?” Belle asked, giggling. “I didn’t know you roll that way …”

“Hilarious.” He didn’t even bother to glare at her. “And you know I’m talking about a night with you.”

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Fic: Liminal Space
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Liminal Space
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Outside a bar in the middle of nowhere, Mr Gold finds an angry young woman named Lacey beating up her cheating boyfriend’s car. When he discovers that the boyfriend is Killian Jones, the man he knows is sleeping with his wife, he sees fit to join in. What follows is a long, strange night of diner coffee, personal revelations, and criminality, which leaves neither one of them the same person they were when they met.

A/N: This is heavily anti-Milah and anti-Hook. As in: both are presented as emotional abusers. There’s also infidelity, although considering the situation your mileage may vary on that. Finally, while it starts out looking like Golden Lace, I promise this is a Rumbelle fic.

Also: yes, I decided to drop this 17,000 word monster like a fucking Beyonce album. This is how I roll now.

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Always Here

Summary:Anonymous Prompted- Belle is able to saves Rumple from Zelena and gets his dagger back. But he’s in terrible state physically and mentally. But with strenght of their love and her patience she takes care for him and finally is able to makes him whole again. 

Notes:so it’s a little different to the prompt, hope you don’t mind nonny! enjoy!

Rumple clang tightly onto Belle’s arm for support as his legs rattled and shake with every step he took. Belle could feel her grip tighten on his body as she felt the weight in her arms intensify. He had only said four words since they had freed him from Zelena. 
“Yes Rumple! It’s me!” 
“Am I free.” 
“Yes you’re free.”

She kissed him and she felt the warm passionate kiss being returned, but apart from that; nothing. It was as if his mind was traveling back and forth between sanity and madness. One moment he looked at her with full recognition, she could see in his eyes that his mind was present. She could see his old face creeping back, and his body urging itself to reach out and grab her. But before he could even place a loving hand to her cheek, he would vanish and instead would be a damaged scare man who would cower and return to his silence.

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Haven’t been in the OUAT fandom for awhile, but I hear that they are continuing to destroy Emma Swan for her toxic relationship with Hook. She’s beating up abuse victims, letting children suffer, and almost abandoning her family for that piece of drunken leather scum?

Rumbelle has always been my big thing in the OUAT fandom, I quit because I was tired of how much the writers were abusing them, but I’m so sorry to all of you SQ shippers. Half of your ship has been irrevocably destroyed for the sake of a shitty ship. CS is like a plague that has spread its toxicity all over every character/ship on OUAT.

Again, I’m sorry for every SQ shipper. I’m sorry for my fellow Rumbelle shippers. I’m sorry to every OQ shipper. I’m sorry for every Snowing shipper. Hook/CS was spilt upon this show like toxic sludge, and it’s pretty much been spread out to everyone else’s favorite beautiful compelling characters/ships on this show, and/or they have been sidelined. Sadly, CS are the only ones immune to its negative consequences, and they are the source of all that toxicity because it’s done to make their shitty behavior look better by comparison.

But hey, that’s what fanfiction is for, am I right? Screw what Adam and Eddy wrote because that’s bullshit that doesn’t deserve to be canon, anyway! That’s what watching OUAT has taught me! The best part about OUAT is that we acknowledge that the writers have made stupid ass decisions by vomiting on our beautiful favorite characters/OTPs with their gross and toxic self-insert ship, laugh at canon OUAT failures ever since they stuck Crapstain Swan into the picture, and also acknowledge that we can make it better/pretend that bullshit doesn’t exist with fanfiction.