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Why CSers have it wrong and behave badly

I didn’t want to clog Betsy’s recent post about the weekend con and fans that are terrible so I’m creating this. Half tempted to not tag this properly because I’m tired of entitled assholes that feel they can ruin an event for actors and their fans.

The CS fandom has a terrible reputation, on social media, to actors and at cons. Which is why I was so happy that Colin and Jen weren’t at the Paris con in June. All the fans that attended that event celebrated the show and the actors. I can’t stand Zelena but I never would have ruined Bex’s enjoyment of the con or her fans if I called out her characters abuses. I wouldn’t have done that to Jen or Colin about CS and Stepford Swan no matter how tempted. And if CS fans were there in droves we would have had a mob mentality.

1) We know to expect this behavior because the fact that CS fans are so notorious about how they behave and treating actors and their fans like crap and ruining events for them.

This is on them. The immaturity, selfishness and bullying behavior.

2) CSers tend to grasp a concept like Stockholm and suddenly think they are an authority on it . It’s a fucking TV show people. Every relationship on that show has problems. CS fans never acknowledge thier ship’s issues, we Rumbelle fans do. But really? Stop placing a condition if you are not a doctor and don’t even know what it means or the criteria for it to be diagnosed. Stockholm is not about falling in love with your captor. That’s really simple and a bit offensive to real life people who suffered.

The prisoner let’s go of their values and convictions and adopts the captor’s. The prisoner changes core parts of themselves in favor of their captor’s. Does that sound like Belle? No. Because she has always stood up to Rumple and wouldn’t go along with everything he did. She changed him, not the other way around.

But you know who that does sound like ? Emma. Because she changed everything about herself, put her family in harm’s way over Hook. Emma’s greatest trait was that she stood for the underdogs. She rejected that when Hook came around. She didn’t care about the children being held in the dark realm, didn’t care the methods used to get what she wanted. She acted just like Hook. She saw and knew of terrible things Hook did and ignored the problems about it.

Belle never would have agreed with Rumple’s methods if they hurt other’s. Even blackmail and bullying.

Emma adopted terrible traits from Hook plain and simple.

So why do CSers feel this need to ruin everyone else’s enjoyment, not just fans but the actors?

I can only think of 2 reasons.

They are selfish and insecure and can’t handle anyone not giving 100% attention to CS. And we just came off a glorious episode that was Beauty where on-screen they saw a couple very much in love for 50+years. On-screen we saw Rumbelle’s love transcend realms and death and become eternal. Not only did we get this confirmation on-screen but the media, cast, everyone gushed over it. Colin loved it, Andrew, Rose, etc.They all talked about it, not CS and they all shipped Rumbelle. Emilie and Robert had interviews, Rumbelle dominated the tags. These cs fans get upset apparently when the spotlight is given to any other character or ship.

Rumbelle’s love story is so great and their episode so thoughtful that CSers need to ruin it are only doing so because they are jealous. Jealous that Jen moved on and didn’t want to do anymore OUAT. That CS is done on the show.

I will never understand why these fans need to ruin events for other’s. You didn’t get any point across. It just looked like a pathetic attempt to keep Emilie and Rumbelle fans from having any happiness because you don’t have yours.

OUAT Icons

So it seemed like a popular idea and it’s a lot of fun to make all these variations. Let me know if there’s a color and little drawing combination you want, or if you want one plain, or what character you want. I saved a bunch of pics but I wasn’t sure what all to make so I just went with it. :)

(Yes I’ll be making more.)

Belle, Regina, Snow, and Rumbelle behind the cut! 

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All my Rumbelle Icons are now here, since my icons page for it went kind of wack and reuploading all of them one by one is a pain in the ass and I’m just not up for it. Doing it this way took less than a minute. I didn’t want all these icons to go to waste so enjoy :)

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