For Georgina

When we first heard of the attack in Manchester, as it broke across social media and across the news channels none of us even imagined that it would have such a close and personal effect on us.

There are no words that properly express the loss we are feeling within the fandom, to know that you will never again get to watch the show, go to conventions, meet new friends or old ones or even get to live the rest of the life your had a right too.

I didn’t know your personally but I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you a couple of times, although briefly, at Storybrooke 3 in Blackpool whilst I was working in one of the photo studios.

I have never been prouder than I have over the last couple of days of our fandom. Oncers from all countries, different ages and different ships have come together to remember you. They have posted amazing stories, messages, pictures, songs and artwork all dedicated in your memory. They have been there to support each other through the first few days of grief and disbelief and from this new friendships, lasting friendships have probably been made.

That is a wonderful legacy to leave behind even if she should never have happened.

We are sending all of our collective love to your family and friends who must be going through an absolutely horrific time, bit we are thinking of them and hopefully know how loved and remembered you are will help, even if it’s a tiny amount.

We will never forget you Georgina, you shall forever be rememberd by those that knew you, or even briefly met you. You will live on through pictures, stories, memories, artwork and the lasting love people will always hold for you.

You will forever be a part of the Oncer family.

Rest in Peace.


The Way Forward

Movie night prompt for @a-monthly-rumbelling. Adult!Gideon fluff, and a way to fix the fact that (in this ‘verse) Rumbelle never got a chance to raise their own baby. Rated G, 3085 words.

“Gideon, this is your nephew Henry.”

They’d run into each other after leaving Granny’s for their first meal out with Gideon. It had been an uncomfortable hour, as Gideon was subject to the stares of everyone who had been in the diner – some merely curious, but others openly suspicious or even hostile. Gideon had alternately tried to hunch himself into invisibility or met the stares with a look of cold aloofness on his face that Gold had found eerily similar to the one that he knew he wore on his own face sometimes. It was meant to convey that you didn’t care in the least what the other person was thinking of you, when in fact you felt completely differently inside. Belle had kept up a steady stream of chatter, trying to distract Gideon, but Gold knew that if Gideon were to be accepted by Storybrooke, and hopefully find some friends, then he needed to be seen in the company of someone other than the Dark One and his wife. Seeing Henry coming towards them on the sidewalk had seemed too fortuitous an opportunity to pass up. 

Henry, bless his soul, smiled and stuck his hand out. “Nice to meet you.”

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Gold Twins Polyamory Rumbelle AU

When Belle French moved to the little town of Storybrooke, Maine, she was immediately taken by Mr Gold… both of them. The local pawnbroker and antiques dealer, Rumford Gold, who is sweet and kind and incredibly shy, and the feared landowner and lawyer Royce Gold, prickly and witty and darkly funny. When admiration and friendship turns into love and lust Belle is horrified. She will NOT mess with the beautiful relationship that exists between the siblings. Abandoned by both their parents the Gold twins only ever had each other, which made their bond tighter than even that of ordinary twins. 

Only once had they been apart, when Rumford Gold married and started his own family, but after the divorce and with the custody of his son he returned to his brother’s side, never to leave again. Royce is a second father to Bae (Bae literally calls both men “papa” and they both refer to him as “son”) and both siblings live together, thick as thieves.

Push eventually comes to shove and at some point Belle blurts out her shameful secret to the twins, thinking they would have nothing more to do with her. She’s surprised to learn they are… relieved. Ecstatic. After Rumford’s failed marriage both brothers understood they could never make an ordinary marriage work. When they both fell in love with Belle French they realised there could be an alternative that would allow them both to have romantic love, but thought Belle wound never go for something like that. They’re used to sharing everything, and Belle would not be the exception. After giving it much thought Belle accepts.

Cue sex at some point because duh.

So in the end Belle, the Golds and Bae all become one big happy family. People in SB talk, of course, but after a while it all dies down. Eventually Belle gives birth to a boy, Gideon. No one is sure who his father is but both Royce and Rumford consider him theirs.


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FYI, there's a gif set posted by tvtitan17 (at top of their blog, as of Fri morning) where the top gif looks like your style. Wanted you to know in case it is yours & was used without permission.

Thank you! I really appreciate. It’s always pleasant to know there’s people who could warn me if someone takes one of my gif.

The gif is indeed mine, it comes from this gifset : and yes, it was used without permission. 

To anyonme reading this, do NOT reblog this post from tvtitan17. The other gif they use is probaby not theirs as well. 

Voices In My Head

Summary: Fifteen years after the Final Battle, Rumple and Belle struggle to understand why Gideon made a poor choice involving magic at school.
Featuring Soccer Mom!Belle, Papa!Rumple, and Gideon being his sweet self. Also on Archive of Our Own.

He adjusted the price tag on the shelf, brushing off some dust as he turned back to the counter. It wasn’t that he expected anybody to come into the pawn shop right before close to purchase the antique telephone, but he preferred the shop to be spick and span. While Rumple could snap his fingers and have everything in order, there was something satisfying about keeping the place tidy himself.

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The Question Falls - Chapter 8

Fandom: OUAT

Pairing: Rumbelle

Rating: E (this chapter specifically)

Summary: Divorce attorney Gold knows better than to fall in love with a client. Really he does.


Chapter 8: After the auction, Belle and Gold have a discussion.

Neal seemed to realize suddenly that he was still holding Belle’s hand; he dropped it as if it had burned him.

“You’re Rum’s son?” Belle said. On closer inspection, she could see that he had his father’s eyes. “I thought…”

He raised his eyebrows, and yes, that expression was definitely something he’d inherited from his father.

“I just expected you to be…younger.”

Neal’s lips twitched. “I expected you to be -” He cut off abruptly, met Emma’s eyes, and cleared his throat. “Uh. Taller.”

Belle felt an arm slip around her waist and turned to see that Rum had found her again. “Neal, Emma,” he said, “I see you’ve met Belle.”

“Yeah.” Neal’s face was still carefully blank. “Can I talk to you for a minute, Papa?”

Rum looked confused, but he followed his son away from the women, and Belle met Emma’s eyes nervously.

“Neal’s pretty protective. He’s worried,” Emma said frankly as soon as Neal and Rum were out of earshot.

“And…you’re not?”

“Oh, I’m worse. Gold represented my dad in his divorce from his first wife, and then he helped him and my mom when they wanted to adopt me. It wasn’t easy, because I was kind of a problem kid and they’d never even fostered before - and he did that after his son and I were caught stealing a car. That man is the reason I have a family. So, yeah, I’m pretty much the last person who’d let him get hurt.”

“I see.”

“Here’s the thing, Belle. I’m not good at much, but I have one skill. Call it a superpower. I can tell when anyone is lying. So.” She crossed her arms. “Why are you dating Gold?”

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my body decided 2:30 AM was the best time to be awake for work (at 6) so I’ve had about three and a half hours to delve into the Rumple/Rumbelle tag on here just to take a look and god I’m

I’m glad I am part of the majority of people who finished this series seeing so much Wrong because jfc do I have a lot to say

also if anyone can direct me towards fic that take place in the EF, preferably centered around “what if true love’s kiss worked the first time,” I’d be super grateful

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I have 2 exams next Monday (just crying), please give me some Neverland!

Good luck Nonny!  I’ll try to finish the chapter by then, but I haven’t written much yet.  Have a snippet :)

There was silence for a moment, and she could feel a tension in the air, a hum of electricity, as though her hair could crackle with it.  Her heart thumped, her breath quickening a little, and she licked her lips.  Gold was watching her, the warm light from the lamps picking out strands of silver in his hair and the faint sheen of silk.  She flicked her gaze to his chest, watched the gentle rise and fall as he breathed, her eyes travelling upwards to where his collar was open, where his skin was visible.  His throat bobbed as he swallowed, and she wanted to kiss it, to run her tongue up the length of his throat and slip it into his mouth to taste the familiar sweetness of him.  He was running a finger across his upper lip, and she remembered how it felt to have him touch her.  His eyes had darkened, a gleam of desire shining in their depths, and she felt her abdomen tighten, a pulling and tugging low-down in her belly, her lips parting as she held his gaze.  Gold let his hand drop, the tip of his tongue briefly moistening his lips and leaving them wet.

“I want to take you to bed,” he said quietly.  “Is that alright?”

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.