You are a father, who’s torn the world apart for your son. You are a very powerful man, who loved a peculiar bookish girl. Really, really loved me. You had a thousand treasures but a chipped cup was the only thing you truly cherished. You treated me like a princess, but saw me for so much more than a beauty, and that never happened before. So when you look into the mirror, and you don’t know who you are.. that’s who you are. Thank you, Rumple.
—  I know that you’re.. confused about who you are; so I’m gonna tell you. 

She is a hero, a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man, and always finds goodness.

“I know that you’re confused about who you are, so I’m going to tell you. You are a hero who helped your people. You are a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man. Really, really loved me. You find goodness in others and when it’s not there you create it. You make me want to go back, back to the best version of me. And that’s never happened before. So when you look in the mirror and you don’t know who you are, that’s who you are.”

Black Pearls and Glass Walls

repeatinglitanies Prompt: In a world where people are aware of the existence of mermaids, Belle is a mermaid who lives in the world’s largest aquarium along with other sea creatures. She enjoys looking at the little humans who come to visit, especially a floofy haired boy who comes every week with his father….

I couldn’t resist, and since I haven’t written anything in weeks, I thought I would just let the muse win this round.

           The newest attraction at The Enchanted Forest: A World of Mystical Creatures was a massive hit. The hydra had been quite a draw and had audiences dying to see more rare and aquatic creatures, previously believed to have been myth. Now the theme park had a new, more peculiar site for the public to feast their eyes on: mermaids.

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Zodiac Signs as Once Upon A Time characters.
  • Aries:Captain Hook
  • Taurus:Zelena
  • Gemini:Peter Pan
  • Cancer:Ruby
  • Leo:David Nolan
  • Virgo:Belle
  • Libra:Emma Swan
  • Scorpio:Regina Mills
  • Sagittarius:Robin Hood
  • Capricorn:Rumplestilskin
  • Aquarius:Henry Mills
  • Pieces:Mary Margret
Mr Sprite (doesn't) read Rumbelle smut - part 7

Him: I opened up the chapter and read some of the comments, so I ran away from it.
Me: Wuss.
Him: When do they get back together?
Me: I don’t know. Not yet. I have angry not-quite make-up sex to write.
Him: oh, right! Has the string finally snapped for him, then?
Me: Did I say he was the angry one?
Him: …
Him: I think she should tie him down and punish him for being a wanker.
Me: …
Him: at least give his nipples a bloody good twist, the idiot.
Me: …
Me: Yeah, okay.

Fic: Shine With All The Untold (5/?)

Title: Shine With All The Untold (5/?)
Rating: (T for now, NC-17 later)
Summary: Belle’s father invites Sir Rumpelstiltskin, the ogreslayer, to lodge in their manor during his journey home. Belle expects yet another dull, self-impressed brute with a sword: the man she discovers is something else entirely. Set in the Author’s AU at the end of season 4. 

A/N: As previously stated, fuck any and all Sir Rumple characterisation from the finale episodes: this is my attempt to write Rumpelstiltskin as a knight, not whatever OOC nightmare they created. So yeah, consider this an AU of the season 4 finale.

Previous instalments

“Not going in, my Lady?” Rumpelstiltskin appeared at her side, and Belle stiffened, screwing her courage and bracing her shoulders.

“You carry the money, Sir Knight,” she replied, with equal formality and dignity. “I would not presume to make arrangements without you.”

“Very wise,” he nodded, and he could have sounded snide but somehow it came out thoughtful, even approving instead. It was so much at odds with the unpleasantness he’d shown mere minutes ago, and Belle wondered if she would ever be able to anticipate his moods. Never the less, her hand itched to bridge the gaping space between them, and to touch his hand.

“Sometimes,” she agreed, and tried not to notice the odd sidelong look he shot her.

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Recently added to my Redbubble Shop are these three shirts in my new Once Upon a Time Collection.

I’m actually working on others at the moment as well.

Currently in the works:

  • Snowing
  • Swanfire
  • SwanQueen

Yes, I am willing to make a shirt for any pairing you wish. I’m also planning on more quote shirts like the Rumplestiltskin one at the top. If there is a specific quote you’d like be sure to message me. If there is a specific outfit you’d rather your favorite characters in, again just let me know.

My husband and I are currently going through some financial difficulties, so every little bit helps!


The Babysitter
Rated Mature

Mr. Gold forgets something at his house & goes back to go get it. When he arrives he hears his son’s babysitter moaning & thinks she has a boy over. When he goes into his bedroom he finds her touching herself on his bed alone moaning his name.

Now a multi-chap WIP

Chapter Nine

Oh, how things can change in an evening. Randall sets the record straight. Belle isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants most. 


Belle and Bae were doing homework at the kitchen table when Randall came home. Belle looked up as he entered the room but quickly looked back down at her schoolbook. Bae, happy for the distraction, leapt from his chair and embraced his father.

“You’re home early!”

Randall hugged his boy. “That I am. I, uh, had a hankering for chicken parmigiana. How does that sound for dinner, eh?”

Bae nodded enthusiastically, bouncing on his toes. “Oh cool. I could eat a whole chicken by myself. Belle said that’s ‘cause I’m having another growth spurt. She says I’m gonna be taller than you, soon. Whaddaya think, Papa?”

The skinny, dark haired boy’s head came almost to Randall’s chest, already. Randall ruffled Bae’s curls. “I think she may be right.” He turned his attention to Belle, who had not read a word on the page in front of her since she heard the door open. “Hey, Belle.”

Every part of her body felt tense. Thinking about seeing Randall again was very, very different from actually seeing Randall again. He looked so happy, hugging his son, and she wanted to feel that kind of warmth again. It had once felt like the most natural thing in the world for them to exchange easy conversation at the end of the day. The hardest part back then was packing up her books to leave when all she wanted to stay in the Golds’ Pink house and be part of their little family. She realized she had waited too long to respond and that both Golds were looking at her expectantly.

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