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Last chance to vote Rumbelle for ‘The Best Couples on American Tv Series 2016’! Poll closes 31st May! Thebestpoll(.)com/the-best-couples-on-american-tv-series-2016/

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The 4 power couples in Once Upon A Time

Rumbelle Power Hour

12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST 

convert for the time it is where you are! :) 

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We did well last night everyone, so let’s see if we can make some ground or at least maintain our position. :) If you can’t participate at this time, it’s totally cool to set some time aside for when you can vote. It all helps. :) Let’s see if we can get Rumbelle into the next round! Current Rumbelle position is: 49.2% Well it was as I typed. It is now 49.0% So put out the word please. 

So yes, yesterday @OnceABC tweeted a really stupid tweet. It was not just a stupid tweet it was a proof that they’re biased when it come to shipps and characters. A proof that a large part of the fandom doesn’t matter to them.

And some Swan Queen seem to be sure that no one stand beside them. That everyone was agree with ABC. It’s not true. I’m a Rumbelle fan, I do not ship Swan Queen (I actually ship Swan Fire but that’s not the point) and I find it scandalous that ABC ignored you like this.

And I know I’m not the only one.

If you don’t believe me dearies, just look at this screenshots from Twitter, all from Rumbelle shippers not shipping Swan Queen and yet standing at your side. 

And you can find more if you look on Twitter, this was just from peoples I follow there :) 

Swan Queen, some of you might think you’re alone and not a part of this fandom, but it’s not true, Rumbelle fandom stand by your side. 

So now, it doesn’t matter if you choose to help us win this tour, I would like you do help us yes, but we didn’t support you for that.

But if you’re not shipping Caskett, it would be cool if could think about vote for Rumbelle in your next Power Hour, ‘cause we sure as hell gonna vote for Swan Queen during our, let’s bring Swan Queen and Rumbelle in final, like it’s always is in a OUAT poll. 

Adam trying to placate RumBelle fans

I vote that we all refuse to watch live. But if it is positive we watch the next day. That way he can see the ratings power of RumBelle fans by how much it goes up with the +3 numbers.

And if negative we don’t watch at all.
Go Vote for Rumbelle to keep trying!!!

I’m so upset that we are at this point. Go vote for Rumbelle to keep trying rather than call it quits please. Really I would just like to vote for WRITING THAT MAKE SENSE. I just can’t believe that we are getting articles like this. Just go vote please. Please. I’m begging you. This site does a lot of coverage for the show and I don’t want to lose this one to the haters. I’m just. I’m begging you. Honestly. Vote for them to keep trying. And pray for writing that does them justice.

Please vote for rumbelle!

Jared Gilmore started a poll in his twitter about our favorite ship. I generally don’t care about polls but this one is posted by a cast member and its gonna be seen by other cast members as well. Currently rumbelle is in last place. After such a wonderful episode as “Her Handsome Hero” we need to change that!. We have only one day before its over. Please go and vote in his twitter page: