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Did WaitingGame!Lacey ever see someone flirting with an oblivious Gold?

Lacey shoved open the door to the reception of Gold’s offices, noting that Ariel was away from her desk.  She could hear the sound of voices coming from the corridor that led to the lawyers’ offices, the low buzz of Gold’s voice and a higher, drawling tone.  A woman.  Gold had mentioned that he had to see a client before their lunch date, so that must be her.  His lip had curled when he said it, which made Lacey think that he didn’t much care for this particular client, but to his credit he rarely bad-mouthed those he didn’t like.

She sighed, rubbing her back and pacing.  At six months along, she was very visibly pregnant, her belly curving outwards in the little dress she wore.  She had swapped her usual high heels for chunky boots, and she felt the size of a whale, but Gold seemed to find the changes in her body irresistible, which had led to yet more embarrassing moments with Neal seeing something he shouldn’t.  His fault for walking into his father’s office without knocking, in Lacey’s opinion.  Ariel had learned that lesson very quickly.

She tapped her foot impatiently, willing the client to hurry the hell up and leave, so they could go to Granny’s for a burger.  The door handle turned slowly, the door opening.

“It really was an incredible performance,” the woman purred, her back to Lacey.  She had long, reddish-blonde hair and was dressed in a tight green dress with a stupid fucking hat perched on top of her head.

“It was a simple matter of a strongly-worded letter, Miss Green.”  Gold’s voice sounded bland and uninterested.  His business voice, when he didn’t give a shit about the client.  Lacey had learned to recognise it.

“Still, you got the result I wanted,” she said.  “And very quickly, too.  Are you as talented at - everything - you do?”

Now wait just a fucking minute! thought Lacey, putting her hands on her hips.

If you’re looking for legal advice, I’m the best around,” said Gold calmly.  “If you want me to hotwire a car, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.”

Miss Green let out a tinkling laugh that set Lacey’s teeth on edge.

“I was thinking of something more enjoyable, actually,” she said.  “What about lunch?  My treat?  We could celebrate the outcome.”

“I’m afraid I have a date,” said Gold, his voice still calm.  He caught Lacey’s eye over Miss Green’s shoulder, and she raised a brow, causing a slight flattening of his mouth.  Boy, did he not like that woman!  It made her grin.

“Dinner then,” suggested Miss Green, who clearly couldn’t take fucking no for an answer.  “I’m sure there’s a lot we could teach one another.”

“Hey!” snapped Lacey, and the woman turned, looking at her for the first time.

Miss Green ran her eyes slowly up and down Lacey’s form, her lip curling.

“Excuse me, dear,” she said dismissively.  “Whatever repulsive alimony case you have ongoing will have to wait.”

“Your case is completed,” said Gold stiffly.  “I’ll have my assistant send you an invoice.  Now I have to take my girlfriend to lunch.  Pregnancy makes her hungry.”

“Yeah, and for way more than food,” put in Lacey, smirking.  “You can close up this afternoon, Gold, know what I’m saying?”

Miss Green’s mouth opened and closed, no sound coming out, and Lacey smirked at her.  Bitch.  Gold was trying to hide his grin, somewhat unsuccessfully.

Would you excuse us?” he said mildly, and held out his arm to Lacey.

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How are your Emma/Neal/Regina trio doing these days? Have the citizens of Storybrooke been judgmental, or are they wise enough to keep their mouths shut for the most part? Which friends and/or family members have been the most accepting of their relationship, other than Henry?

Belle was not okay with any of this.

Not necessarily the situation with Neal and Emma and Regina per se. That was really more their business than hers, and she wasn’t quite as sheltered as most people seemed to think. She’d certainly had her problems with Regina in the past, but they had (for the most part) made amends and she really didn’t mind the other woman so much anymore.

Besides, Henry seemed happy and that was the most important thing.

No, what Belle was absolutely not okay with was the fact that ever since they’d found out, Rumple and Regina had been back at each other’s throats in the most horrific of ways when they thought anyone could hear.

“Well, apparently magic isn’t all you have in common with your mother,” Rumple said to Regina as Belle cleared the table a few feet away. “She was a biter, too.”

Belle had known this was going to end poorly when Emma had shown up with a hickey barely visible on the back of her neck when her hair had fallen away and now here she was listening to…this.

Regina visibly recoiled, but caught herself before she’d gotten too far and schooled her features into her usual mask.

“How interesting,” she replied. “Tell me, Rumple, how does it feel to know that your son and grandson both call me ‘mommy’?”

Belle clamped  her eyes shut at the visual, so she missed whatever Rumple’s reaction was. No, she just had to listen to his actually response.

“Yes, Cora was into that, too. How very interesting. Tell me, did she leave you her riding crop?”

“Rumple can you help me with the dishes?” Belle blurted out before Regina could respond. There were some mental images that she didn’t need, and so far this conversation had contained approximately seven of them. She was going to have to track down her own riding crop to make him pay.

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So - we got our beautiful Rumbelle happy beginning and I see them being blissfully happy for the next 15 years. I'm still so sad about losing Belle - I can't watch as it hurts too much. On a positive note, I think Rumple will grow even stronger in the next years - it makes me feel good that he believes in himself and that knowing he was destined to be the Savior and that he was one will allow him to grow as a person. I love that Belle believed in him all along and that he knows it. So, what

Oops - I mean, of Belle returns for an episode or two, how would you like to see that play out?

I really can’t answer this since we don’t know the full setup for S7, but, assuming she can’t be part of the actual story since she’s not a regular cast member, I’d really like to see Belle in a couple Dark Castle flashbacks, and maybe a Storybrooke flashback to the years in between this happy ending and grown up Henry coming to town. I’d also like to see her and others seeing Rumple, Regina, and Hook off on this mission/adventure, so that we have some explanation for why they are all separated and what’s going on back in SB. I’d want to see her when they all return home victorious and go back to their happy lives. I want what we had when they went off to Neverland. Belle seeing Rumple off at the dock, but this time both of them insisting and believing they will see each other again, and then Belle waiting for him when they get back so we can have epic hugs and kisses. (And a teenage Gideon making gagging noises in the background.)

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Imaginary fic title: Twenty Years Gone

God, I have so many ideas for this title.

Belle and Gold were together, and she fell pregnant, but soon after discovered that his money was built on criminal dealings and ties to the mob. When Gold refused to cut ties and go to the police, for fear of being implicated himself and endangering them both, for the safety of her child Belle ran. Poor, young, alone, and terrified Gold would use his criminal contacts to find her, she gave birth to Gideon in secret. She put Gideon up for adoption, promising him as she did that she would find him, asking for an open adoption. The adoption agency mysteriously lost the files. All she ever heard is that he was taken out of the country.

Twenty years later, Belle is working at a university library. She and Gold never regained their old relationship, even though he reformed his ways and they tried to find Gideon, and they’re still in sporadic contact. A student approaches her seeking help, and they become fast friends. He came to college in the States in part to escape his abusive mother, and Belle feels oddly maternal toward him, especially since he shares the name of her lost baby. Slowly, she begins to suspect who he might really be, right as Gold contacts her, telling her he’s finally, finally found the records of the woman who adopted their baby. 

Belle is faced with a choice: to tell Gideon the truth, and risk him hating her for letting a cruel woman adopt him; to tell Gold the truth and thus bring him back into her life, something she’s both wanted and feared for years; or to keep quiet, and try and be a friend to her long lost son. 

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Hi, I left some comments and character questions for All of Me in the AO3 comment boxes under the name LadySibyl. I wanted to thank you again for the series; I'm going through a lot of the issues Belle is and your work helps me. Also, your imagery and word choices are beautiful; I can see everything happen as it happens, like a movie in my head.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your journey. I’m so happy you identify with All of Me Belle and that the story encourages you. I love what your mom said to you as well–the way she bolstered you by reminding you that you are beautiful, that you don’t have to ARRIVE anywhere…you are beautiful and worthy EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. 

That’s so much what I’m trying to create between Belle and Gold and between Belle and Emma–the feeling that Belle doesn’t have to earn their affection or love or esteem by losing weight or wearing particular clothes or drinking a kale cleanse or whatever idiocy Edith peddles on an hourly basis.

I’m going to share the poem you offered here as well, because I think it’s something others would like to read. So empowering.

“The Fat Lady Speaks” by Joanne McCarthy: 

Fat is my fortress.. It
keeps you from me. I
prize this body, its
fierce implacable strength.

For I move when I choose to.
You cannot force me.
Wherever I go I mock
weakness and famine. Stare
if you will. You
are afraid of me.

Men pale at my
hunger. They are not men
with me. And women
shrink away, scorn
in their narrow eyes
but I despise them. They
bend to the will of others.
I do not bend at all.

I am a mighty goddess
a prehistoric queen
symbol of wealth and
terrible power.
Trifle with me
and I will

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Sacrifice Belle and Gold. After Gold woke up, did Belle go back to work at the library? Did Gold watch Gideon at the pawnshop, instead of Gideon going to daycare?

I don’t imagine that Gideon ever had to go to Ashley’s daycare again.  I could see Belle and Gold taking it in turns to watch him, though.  Maybe Belle has him in the library in the morning, and Gold in the shop in the afternoon, and they eat lunch in the back room together when Belle drops him off, and then Gold goes over to the library when he closes up the shop and they all go to Granny’s for dinner.

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Do you have a headcanon for how Rumple likes his tea?

I’m of two minds about it.  On the one hand I love the headcanon that Rumple loves sweets.  So I think when he’s just having tea by itself he uses a lot of sugar and cream; but when he’s having some kind of cake or cookie with it he uses less sugar and cream so it balances out with the sweet treat he’s eating.

On the other hand I love the idea of him hiding his love of sweets, so when he’s making a deal with someone he drinks his tea without anything in it and then has to stop from grimacing. (And if Belle’s in the castle she gets a kick out of this and always serves him his sugary milky tea no matter who he’s taking tea with.)

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how do you feel about the rumbelle ending? not necessarily the end but you get what I mean :)

I loved it. It was perfect and it was basically everything I wanted. They are together, Belle is wearing her ring, Rumple has grown so much and learned a lot and been very brave, they have their baby, and we got two goobers dancing and making out in the pawn shop. IT’S JUST LIKE OUR FANFIC.

TMI Tuesday!!!

Ask me things! Ask my characters things!

Get me back into a mood to work on Blue Lines (the last Red Lights fic), or the dozens of Inheritance ficlets I meant to write, or to finish Dutch Courage?

Also, in the past week, I posted Only the Beginning, which got more notes than anything I’ve ever posted ever??? And I’m currently trying to plan the Rumbelle Summer Vacation fic-a-thon (name courtesy of @rowofstars)  I was floating yesterday

Finally, I’m trying to get my act together to finish and start submitting original/reworked pieces over the summer!


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Gold on the sole of her shoes : We know how Gold feels about Belle's shoes, (and thank you so much for all of that deliciousness), but does Belle have any similar thoughts about anything Gold wears?

Well, he always looks so yumm–handsome in his suits. You don’t often see a man take as much pride and effort in their appearance as my Rum does. :)

He likes it when I pick out his shirt, tie, and pocket square in the morning. He told me that every time he adjusts his tie throughout the day, it’s like a little reminder of me and what he’ll be coming home to at the end of the day. Isn’t that the cutest thing?

Anyway… while my love for his suits might not quite match his love of my shoes, I do love all the layers, and watching him shed them one by one. He doesn’t let anybody see him in anything other than a jacket and tie, but I get to see him like that every night and I can’t help but feel honored in a way.

But even better is taking those layers off for him. Jacket, waistcoat, tie, shirt… Mmm… I could just eat him up ;)

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Made Up fic title: Rhythm of the Rain - I put iTunes on shuffle :)

Estranged from his wife, Gold leaves Storybrooke the day before their second wedding anniversary for the solitude of his cabin with his favorite scotch in the passenger seat. But his plans for a lonely weekend spent in a drunken malaise are disrupted when Belle arrives at the cabin with a packet of divorce papers in her hand. They fight, and Belle leaves in tears just as it starts to rain. She doesn’t make it far before the rain worsens to a dangerous storm, and she finds the road to town nearly washed out. In her efforts to turn around, her car lands in a muddy ditch.

Of course Gold can’t turn away the woman he loves, no matter how much they have hurt each other, so they resolve to spend one last night together and sign the papers in the morning. As the storm rages on outside the cabin, inside something starts to thaw, and two broken lovers being to find their way back to each other. In the morning, will they leave separated forever, or reunited and stronger than they ever were?

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B&P Gold & Belle: would either of you attempt to have a real relationship with each other than just sex?

Gold: In a heartbeat, but we’d have to figure out how to pull that off. I have a son to worry about and she’s worried about her job if it comes out. It’s not going to be that easy, is it?

Belle: You know, I think I really do want to. I think I’d like the whole girlfriend thing now.

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Not a question, but I love how in every fic you never fail to show just how shady Blue is. I loved to hate her character in Morning Glory, almost as much as Edith in All of Me (and I loved Joseph and Belle as much as Gold&Belle too!) Keep up the great work!

THANK YOU. I love to loathe her as I write. It seems to be a fandom-wide agreement that Blue is shade af, and there are a plethora of qualities to loathe about her character that make her a subtle yet particularly hateful villain.

I was talking to a friend earlier about my headcanon of Bedelia in Morning Glory was that she forced other people into roles in the store that she doesn’t want to do herself–like making Jim Clark work the cash register when she could have used him to best advantage in the pharmacy and empowered him to do the work he was trained to do.

As for Edith in All of Me, sometimes as I write she makes me cry, but I can’t seem to stop her from doing and saying the vile things she does. She’s a lot like my ex-stepmom, and so those experiences tend to pour out of me when I write.

So before things get too maudlin:

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Massive hugs and plate of cookies to get you Muse writing again. Hope the rest of May behaves itself for you. What was your favourite moment of the finale?

Thank you <3 

Now, this is a really hard question. @belleecho (who watched the episode with me) can testify on HOW MUCH I screamed during the episode. 

I can’t honestly pick just one moment. I think the best moment storyline-wise was Rumple killing his mother. I didn’t quite see it coming; I mean, I wasn’t expecting him to forgive her, but at the same time he did look tempted by her offer to bring Bae back, and I can’t blame him for it. Plus, that “There’s only one way to find out” was SO BADASS. I’m also amazed by the fact that Rumple saved all of the realms. My savior <3  

Obviously, I can’t ignore Rumbelle, and I’d say that my favorite Rumbelle moment was when they found baby Gideon. They were so heartbroken because they hand’t managed to save him, and their expressions when they saw him in the bassinet totally killed me. Then there was the trademark forehead touch, and my heart kinda exploded in a billion pieces. They don’t even need to kiss to show how much they love each other. 

TMI Tuesday!

It’s that time of the week again! Ask me anything, ask the ducks anything, ask the characters anything…

This week saw a pretty vanilla roleplay in Playtime: Teatime, Zelena being a pain in the proverbial in chapter four of The Most Beautiful Mistake, and mounting tension as Gold and Belle race against time to get Regina out of the country in chapter twelve of Extraction

There were also three Monthly Rumbelling offerings: some after hours smutty fun for bouncer Gold and barmaid Belle in Bouncers and Shakers, some floof family fluff in Be our Guest, and some slightly snarky, possibly cursed frenemies-with-benefits sex in Take It All, which was also my 100TH FIC ON AO3!!!! (I knew it would be something smutty… go me…)



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Handprints!Gold - What kind of tea/coffee does Belle drink when she brings you a cup of something (what does she bring you?) and have you noticed any other details about her? (also btw the link to this one is broken on your masterlist)

Gold: I’m a simple man, just black with a little sugar. There are too many flavors and things now that I wouldn’t know what else to order. Belle said she was just playing it safe when she brought it the first time, but it was perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee that tasted so rich. Belle drinks all kinds of things. Sometimes she shows up with something in a tall cup topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate or caramel. I’m not sure how that’s coffee exactly, but she’s rather adorable when she drinks them. *blushes* They do look good though and she said it’s sort of like a coffee combined with a milkshake. Maybe - maybe she’d let me try some sometime…? No. No that’s…silly of me.