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WO Gold and Belle: What was your first meeting like?

SO I DID THIS THING. I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry.), Rated very G

Intervals - Part 13


Belle took a breath and pushed open the door to the pawn shop. The bell jingled loudly, startling her, but it was such an old fashioned thing that she looked up at it and smiled.

“Something I can help you with Miss -?”

Belle blinked and looked at the man standing behind the back counter. He wasn’t very tall, not much taller than she was in heels, and older, with gray streaked hair that hung to his shoulders. She thought it looked very soft, which was an odd thing to think about someone she hadn’t even really met yet.

He tilted his head and gave her a strange look, and she realized she was still standing awkwardly by the door and hadn’t answered him.

“Oh!” She gasped, her fingers squeezing the book she’d brought with her. “Uh, it’s French. Belle French. And you’re -? Mr. Gold?”

The man inclined his head slightly and then stepped out from behind the counter, coming towards her at a slow but steady pace. “Well, that’s the name on the sign, dearie.”

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AOM!Gold - can you imagine the smile on Henry's face were he to find out that Belle and his grandpa had a sleepover? ;)

*Wry smile* He’ll probably want to join us next time, sweet lad. But make no mistake: Henry, adorable as he is, is not sharing the bed with Belle and me. He’s not. No. *ponders* Do you think I could convince her to stay again soon if he did? 

(OOC: Now the author wants to do this thing!)

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FrenchInquisition!Gold- Being the concerned father that you are, do you think that you'll ever do some spying of your own on Bae when he starts dating?

“Rum, you are not going out there.” 

Belle was standing in front of the door with her arms folded and a formidable expression on her face. 

“But!” Gold protested, gesturing towards the door. 

“Rum Gold, this is your son’s first date and I am not having you potentially ruin it by sneaking out and tailing him.”

“I just want to make sure he’s all right!”

“He’s a sensible lad, he’ll be perfectly fine. You’re his father, you brought him up, so surely you have faith in yourself that you brought him up correctly?”

“That’s not the point!”

“Then what is?” Belle’s eyebrow was raised in a challenge and Gold knew that he wasn’t going to get out of this one lightly. 

“He did it to us!” Gold exclaimed. 

“Then you can take the moral high ground.” Belle wasn’t going to budge, and Gold gave a long sigh. 

“All right, all right,” he grumbled, but he did not miss the small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. Finally, Belle moved away from the door.

“Come on,” she said, slipping her hand into his and leading him up the stairs. “I can think of something that will occupy my your mind for an hour or two and stop you fretting…”

Tmi Tuesday!

Hello everyone and HAPPY TUESDAY! I hope everyone’s been having a good couple weeks.

I’m actually off today so I’m going to be opening the floor for questions for me and my characters while I work on a few prompts and an update for SotR,FitH. Lord I need to get back to updating everything properly…

Shoot me a question or a prompt you wanna see! I’m doing the February Prompt Challenge and I’m a few days behind on that so you can send me a prompt between days 1 and 5 or you can shoot over to my prompt list tag and send me stuff from there!

Have a good day everyone and I’ll see you guys around~!

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Random question - what is your favorite Belle outfit from the show? I know she has different looks for different occasions. I'm pretty partial to the green Camelot dress and wow a LOT of season two heh :) You probably have a better memory of her wardrobe than me thanks to your awesome graphics so I thought it would make for a good question :)

Good thing I have a whole tag about Belle ruining my life with her pretty, huh? ;)

I cannot pick one, so in no particular order:

  • The traditional blue Belle dress from the EF Dark Castle flashbacks
  • The blue lace dress and red pumps from 2x04 The Crocodile (the one she’s wearing when she peeks into the library and then gets kidnapped by Smee)
  • The green Camelot dress from S5
  • The pretty flower sundress from 6x07 Heartless
  • The black lace blouse, cardigan, and skirt from The Outsider
  • The Adventurer!Belle outfit from The Outsider
  • The blouse, jacket, skirt, adorable beret combo from the end of The New Neverland (when she and Rumple are strutting up to the town line like a couple GQ motherfuckers) - this is probably my favorite outfit ever if I have to pick one. I want it in my closet.
  • The leather scalloped skirt and blouse from 3x07 Think Lovely Thoughts
  • The yellow lace dress from the famous hamburger date in 2x08 Into the Deep
  • The green shirt dress from 5x05 Dreamcatcher

And I better stop now. I’m trash for Belle’s wardrobe.

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Fic writing questions: 6 and 13. Asks for fanfic writers: 1

Thanks for asking!

6. Idea that you always wanted to write but could never make work? Not yet. Normally if an idea is burning in my brain, the how and the why eventually crop up as well. For months, I’ve been toying with the idea of Rumple and Belle having a baby girl they call Missy, but I haven’t decided which verse. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I haven’t given up on her. My philosophy is that if a character or a story is meant to be, it will happen–sometimes when we least expect it.

13. Are there any things that might have happened in any of your stories, but you changed them at the last minute? Gold was supposed to die at the end of Midnight in the Parlour, but I am a wimp who cannot handle major character death. I ended up writing an entire Enchanted Forest sequence with Regina manipulating events as an “out” to show that Gold’s Storybrooke fate was only a possible future that he and Belle could change.

1. Things that inspire you. Music, food, movies, everyday life with my children and husband, random useless factoids.

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What is Valentine's Day like for Superheroes!Rumbelle? Do they have time between fighting crime and being romantic?

: Who the hell does she think she is? It’s Valentine’s Day for crying out loud!

Gold: *sighs* I’m sure Mayor Mills wouldn’t have called upon us if it hadn’t been absolutely necessary.

Belle: Oh, right, just for her crazy cakes half sister. Again.  *flicks a bit of plaster off her skirt and sighs heavily* And now everything’s ruined!

Gold: I know it’s not a fancy French restaurant, but you know I’m reasonably good at cooking. And I have been known to whip up a passable alfredo sauce at a moment’s notice.

Belle: *grins* Yes, you have. I think placating me with food is your real super power.

Gold: *laughs* Hardly. But you know, I think we have a bit of Dr. Whale’s special serum left…

Belle: *lifts an eyebrow* Oh really? But last time we kinda, um, broke the bed…

Gold: *smirks* I might have had Dove replace the slats with steel and reinforce the posts.

Belle: So… what you’re saying is, it’s my turn to be on top? *starts stripping as she goes up the stairs*

Gold: *blinks and then hurries after her*

TMI Tuesday

Hi there! Hope everyone’s having a great week! You’re welcome to ask me or my characters anything.

What I’m working on: a Fourteen Days one-shot, part 3 of Passing Inspection, a little fluff piece, and chapter 11 of All of Me. Yes, all at the same time. Don’t judge me.

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Working Out Belle: You know what I hate? When they take down the restroom signs. What if I walk into the wrong one?

Belle: Uh, yeah… *turns bright red and runs away*

Ruby: Belles? Um, guys what’s up with her?

Gold: *trying not to laugh* Nothing. She, uh, just had to use the restroom. *snorts and laughs anyway*

David: You are all terrible.

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The Best Seat in the House!Lacey: How did you and Gold meet and start whatever it is that has happening between you? How long has it been going on for now? (OOC: Is this part of your Truth and Consequences verse?)

(OOC: Hmm this sounds like another fic that needs to happen, but this is now a series called As Far As Love Goes that currently has 2 fics in it. In the Moment and The Best Seat in the House. So how they started is with what happens in In the Moment (car sex). How they met is a longer story because they’ve both lived in Storybrooke for a while. It is not part of Truth and Consequences. I feel like that’s gonna be really confusing now…)

Lacey: How we met? *snort* Well that’s a long story, but I think the first time we actually spoke to each other was when I was 17 and my idiot boyfriend was trying to break into his shop. Gold was decent about it, since I very much did not want to commit a felony that night. *sighs* It hasn’t been that long, like two months? And look it’s not a regular thing okay? It’s just - it’s just a thing or whatever. It’s good sex. Okay, fucking great sex, but it’s not some kind of relationship.

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For Rent Belle: Have you thought about dropping by Gold's for tea? You know, just inviting yourself in?

Belle: No! I mean yes. But I would never impose on Mr. Gold like that. I can’t just invite myself over. That would be - I mean he’d think I was crazy or something barging into his house and demanding tea. *sigh* Okay, yes. I’ve thought about having a nice afternoon tea with him, of course I have, he’s lovely. Or lunch. Lunch at Granny’s would be nice, we both love a good burger. Or a romantic dinner. Maybe some wine… 

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I have my request! Belle reacts to Rumpel's phone speech, she doesn't necessarily remember (that's ok if you want though) but he sparks something in her, you come up with WHAT :)

Okay… Let’s see what can I do with this! 

I’ve given this a name (Nuvole Bianche/White Clouds), and has been inspired by this.


I’m glad I can see the white clouds again. Being in that awful hospital room was killing me.

I’m glad you accepted to give me a second chance.” He smiled.

It was the least I could do, before that call.” She rose from the grass. “Something you told me sparked me, and I had to do something. I didn’t care if the nurse was going to punish me later for escaping from the hospital, but I had to see you. I had to do something.“ 

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Tuesdays at the French Theater

Summary: Gold takes his young son Bae to the movies every Tuesday. But this time, it isn’t the show that’s caught Gold’s eye. Rumbelle Floof Family AU

There wasn’t a lot to do in Storybrooke most week nights. In Mr. Gold’s opinion, there probably wouldn’t have been anything worth doing if not for the local movie theater. 

The French Theater was a tiny brick building that had stood on the corner of Main Street for fifty years. Despite changing in both name and ownership earlier that year, it had remained one of the few kid-friendly venues in town. Each Tuesday, the theater had a kids’ night, showing films ranging from current releases to classics. He and his five-year-old son, Bae, went every Tuesday without fail. 

Tonight was no exception. The theater was showing a Disney film that Bae was anxious to see. 

Gold was anxious as well, but not for the same reason. He scanned the now empty lobby once again, his foot tapping impatiently. Cora Mills had promised to meet him and Bae for the movie, yet it was nearly showtime and she was nowhere to be seen. He had called her twice already, but she hadn’t answered. 

He knew she had been less than thrilled with the idea of going to a kid’s movie, but he had thought it would be a nice, non-confrontational way for Cora and Bae to finally meet. However, he now wondered if it was less about the film than the three and a half foot chaperone that would be accompanying them. 

Unless there were some extenuating circumstances, Gold realized this was probably the end of his new relationship. He didn’t have time for someone who didn’t have time for his son.  

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Ok, this is it, my Rumple/Gold drawing I told you guys about yesterday. I know it’s not perfect and it has a lot of mistakes but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Let’s ignore the part where I had some problems with my scanner and had to take a picture, lol. 

This is my first Rumbelle Tuesday in the OUAT fandom and I wanted to participate so I created this. Hope you guys like it!

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Do DSMN Belle, Wilbur and Bae celebrate Christmas?

Ahahahahahaha yes. But not together. Oh wow, and now I have a sad. Also, this is where the angst finally comes around whoops…

It was almost midnight when Gold’s phone rang. It startled him so much that he spilled his whiskey down the front of his shirt, and he was glad that Bae had left him hours before, after unwrapping his Barnes and Noble giftcard without the least hint of even fake enthusiasm - he didn’t even smile, in fact, and Gold was unable to hold back his tears when he unwrapped his own present, a mug formed like a pug, with its tail forming the handle. It was the ugliest mug he had ever seen, but it matched the bowl of dog treats Bae had gotten for Schnitzel. Gold cursed, licking some of his spilled drink from the back of his hand, and stared at the blinking display. At last, he flipped his phone open and answered it.

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I want to make a happy Rumbelle graphic with a song but I can’t decide, so Serena, it’s your turn to choose.

  • Echo - Jason Walker
  • Savin’ Me - Nickelback
  • Show me what I’m looking for - Carolina Liar
  • A thousand years - Christina Perri
  • Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey
  • Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars
  • Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
  • She is the sunshine - Trading Yesterday