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Since most head canons seem to revolve around Rumple and baby Gideon (which is sweet, but sad), I was wondering if you had any head canons for Belle and baby Gideon. Sometimes it seems as if she's almost forgotten as a parent, which is one of my issues with 6B (she never had any real scenes with adult Gideon)

Sure; here are a few of my favorites:

Baby Gideon tugs on Belle’s hair and winds it around his wrists, so she starts wearing ponytails and casual up-dos. When he gets a little older, he teethes on her hair. 

Gideon’s first word is “book,” closely followed by “mama,” and “ummel” aka Rumple. (Rumple is still flustered because Gideon hasn’t said dada yet).

Gideon has little stashes of picture books. All. Over. The. House.

Gideon’s favorite table food is ground hamburger. He’s not ready for ketchup, yet.

Instead of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” Belle sings “Sparkly Rumple Had a Castle” to the same tune. It’s Gideon’s favorite song.

Belle dresses Gideon in blue a lot, not because it’s a “boy color” but because it’s her favorite.

Belle takes Gideon to the library and sits him in his bouncy seat to play while she works. Thanks in part to his frequent visits, he loves the smell of books.

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Did WaitingGame!Lacey ever see someone flirting with an oblivious Gold?

Lacey shoved open the door to the reception of Gold’s offices, noting that Ariel was away from her desk.  She could hear the sound of voices coming from the corridor that led to the lawyers’ offices, the low buzz of Gold’s voice and a higher, drawling tone.  A woman.  Gold had mentioned that he had to see a client before their lunch date, so that must be her.  His lip had curled when he said it, which made Lacey think that he didn’t much care for this particular client, but to his credit he rarely bad-mouthed those he didn’t like.

She sighed, rubbing her back and pacing.  At six months along, she was very visibly pregnant, her belly curving outwards in the little dress she wore.  She had swapped her usual high heels for chunky boots, and she felt the size of a whale, but Gold seemed to find the changes in her body irresistible, which had led to yet more embarrassing moments with Neal seeing something he shouldn’t.  His fault for walking into his father’s office without knocking, in Lacey’s opinion.  Ariel had learned that lesson very quickly.

She tapped her foot impatiently, willing the client to hurry the hell up and leave, so they could go to Granny’s for a burger.  The door handle turned slowly, the door opening.

“It really was an incredible performance,” the woman purred, her back to Lacey.  She had long, reddish-blonde hair and was dressed in a tight green dress with a stupid fucking hat perched on top of her head.

“It was a simple matter of a strongly-worded letter, Miss Green.”  Gold’s voice sounded bland and uninterested.  His business voice, when he didn’t give a shit about the client.  Lacey had learned to recognise it.

“Still, you got the result I wanted,” she said.  “And very quickly, too.  Are you as talented at - everything - you do?”

Now wait just a fucking minute! thought Lacey, putting her hands on her hips.

If you’re looking for legal advice, I’m the best around,” said Gold calmly.  “If you want me to hotwire a car, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.”

Miss Green let out a tinkling laugh that set Lacey’s teeth on edge.

“I was thinking of something more enjoyable, actually,” she said.  “What about lunch?  My treat?  We could celebrate the outcome.”

“I’m afraid I have a date,” said Gold, his voice still calm.  He caught Lacey’s eye over Miss Green’s shoulder, and she raised a brow, causing a slight flattening of his mouth.  Boy, did he not like that woman!  It made her grin.

“Dinner then,” suggested Miss Green, who clearly couldn’t take fucking no for an answer.  “I’m sure there’s a lot we could teach one another.”

“Hey!” snapped Lacey, and the woman turned, looking at her for the first time.

Miss Green ran her eyes slowly up and down Lacey’s form, her lip curling.

“Excuse me, dear,” she said dismissively.  “Whatever repulsive alimony case you have ongoing will have to wait.”

“Your case is completed,” said Gold stiffly.  “I’ll have my assistant send you an invoice.  Now I have to take my girlfriend to lunch.  Pregnancy makes her hungry.”

“Yeah, and for way more than food,” put in Lacey, smirking.  “You can close up this afternoon, Gold, know what I’m saying?”

Miss Green’s mouth opened and closed, no sound coming out, and Lacey smirked at her.  Bitch.  Gold was trying to hide his grin, somewhat unsuccessfully.

Would you excuse us?” he said mildly, and held out his arm to Lacey.

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Made up fic titles, whatever pairings you choose: "Knowing the starry heavens", "warp and weft" and "On Tuesday last"

Knowing the Starry Heavens - In an alternate version of Twin Destinies, it isn’t Rush who they find on the second Destiny. It’s Dr. Belle French, professor of linguistics, hoarder of books, and general all around pain in Rush’s ass the entire time they were at Icarus and at Berkeley before that. The only problem is that in the timeline they know Dr. French died shortly after they boarded Destiny. She sacrificed her own life to save Rush, and he’s never forgiven himself. A suspicious Young wants to send her back and let her fall into the star with the other Destiny, ensuring the safety of everyone the integrity of time and space. But Rush isn’t sure he can bear to send Belle to to her death again. More than that, she seems to have critical information about Destiny’s future, and the fate of her timeline’s Dr. Rush. Who also happened to be her lover.

Warp and Weft - A reluctant, and recently reclusive, Lord Gold is forced out of retirement and back into the affairs of state when the old king dies leaving his young niece as the only heir. Between trying to keep the peace among the noble houses, the clerics, and the enemy kingdoms ready to strike at a vulnerable Avonlea, the last thing he needs is to clash with a headstrong but beautiful new queen-to-be. She doesn’t want a ball, a husband, or a crown; she wants to save the world and make friends with those would just as soon stab her in the back as look at her. He admires her bravery and kindness, gets frustrated by her naivete, and is also probably hopelessly in love with her. But there is a darker, more sinister enemy lurking, one that Gold thought he’d defeated long ago, with the young queen as its next target. (this is not the least bit Vicbourne, i have no idea how i got here)

On Tuesday Last - Lucien Gold has always had to do things the hard way. From being homeless on the mean streets of Glasgow, to a million dollar brownstone Boston, he’s had to fight tooth and nail for everything. His business dealings are often less than legal, and while it’s brought him power, status, and wealth, it’s also cost him his family. His current, mostly criminal, enterprise is fronted by a restaurant in a prime location, not far from a small university. The restaurant never has any customers, except for one evening each week when a group of very well dressed men gather for a couple of hours. Everything seems to be running smoothly, some surveillance from the local police notwithstanding, until Belle French walks in and orders lunch. She’s the new research librarian at the college and Gold is so stunned he can’t thinking of anything else to do except make her what she ordered. Soon it’s routine, Belle comes for lunch every Tuesday, always ready to chat and try something new. Gold finds himself equal parts enamored and confused. But he goes along with it, falling a little bit more in love every week,  He enjoys cooking for her, their chats are the most stimulating conversation he’s had in ages, but he just can’t bring himself to tell her the reason there’s never anyone else in his restaurant. Until the FBI shows up and the facade comes crashing down. (based on this post)

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Have you ever written a Rumbelle fic where there was a love triangle but the third party wasn't awful? As in, Rumple and Belle and someone else and the someone else was a decent person and if a reader wasn't a devoted Rumbeller, they might be willing to root for that someone to end up with either Rumple or Belle?

I have actually done it three times and all three were Gaston (four if you count how in From Shattered Places Belle was originally supposed to marry Gaston but he’s never really a romantic rival so I don’t)

Most recently, in Bellissima, Gaston takes on the role of Christian in a Cyrano modernization. I also have the incomplete fic Win a Date with Sage Gaston wherein Belle wins a date with the titular Sage Gaston and has a great time before Felix Gold bothers to ask her out. Finally, in The Adoption! Verse, Gaston makes an appearance at the end of the second act to throw a wrench into Arthur’s life, and then politely steps aside once he realizes Bae has a chance at having his family become whole if he does. I loved that one the best because I was getting people wanting him to die and everything until the second he left her with Arthur at the hospital and holy shit the 180 on public opinion could give you whiplash. It was the best.

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TMI Tuesday: If you were going to add a character not already in one of your fics, which character would you want and which fic would you use?

I don’t know about existing fic, but I would like to write something where Grumpy and Belle are good friends, the way they seemed to be in canon. Grumpy is rough around the edges, but he has such a soft spot for Belle and he didn’t allow her association with Rumplestiltskin to stop their friendship. He’s not afraid of Rumple and with the exception of Belle’s nightmare in 2x04 (which doesn’t really count because dream), Grumpy never tried to tell Belle she shouldn’t be with Rumple or love him.

- Grumpy never forgot how Belle helped him with Astrid and convinced him that he could feel love even though he’s a dwarf and dwarves supposedly cannot love.

- He was the person who brought the memory potion Blue made to Rumple, urging him not to let Belle die as Lacey.

- When Rumple and the others left for Neverland and Belle was charged with protecting the town with the cloaking spell, Grumpy was fiercely supportive; and later when Belle picked at her hamburger worrying that Rumple didn’t need her, Grumpy brought Ariel to her and said “I beg to differ, Sister.” Grumpy understood how much Belle needed to be active and needed to be needed.

And I will never forget him at the ball in Camelot, when Belle was sitting there with the enchanted rose–so lonely and missing Rumple–while everyone else danced and had fun. “You know what I see when I see that rose? Hope” and “every petal still on the stem is another chance to save him.” 

Yes, Grumpy is good people and I am going to write a fic about he and Belle’s friendship.

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Shoes Gold: Have you ever gotten jealous of platonic relationship another man and Belle?

Early on in our relationship, I might have felt a little threatened by some of Belle’s friends– after all, a woman with a heart as generous as hers is bound to have many. But over the years I’ve grown quite confident in the knowledge that Belle has eyes only for me, and that there’s not another man on this earth who could serve my Belle the way I do.

I learned quickly that jealousy has no place in mine and Belle’s relationship. The only thing to come of me harboring– or heaven forbid acting on– feelings of jealousy is a strain on our relationship as well as her relationships with her friends. Jealousy is a toxic thing, and while trusting in Belle’s love didn’t come easily for me, it’s been liberating, and has allowed me to be so much happier than I ever thought I could be.

I couldn’t fathom what Belle could possibly see in me at first, but now every moment I spend with my wife, I’m reminded just how much I have to offer her as a friend, lover, and husband. Our relationship is one that continues to bolster my confidence and sense of self-worth with each passing day, and it seems I do the same for her.

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Tmi Tuesday? =D

I REALLY need to get back into the swing of writing and I haven’t done one of these in a while. So send me questions, my verses questions, prompts, etc. anything really XD

As for what I’m working on (because I’m sure everyone is wondering where the heck I’ve been since school started and my life dissolved into nothing but sleep-school-wedding-work) I’ve gotten Sexual Therapy completely outlined now and Storybrooke Soulmate’s finale is coming up XD I’m also thinking of finishing that Storybrooke remix of another. Dunno yet.

But yeah! I hope you all have been well~! Happy Tuesday and have a good week <3

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hydrangea: what inspired you to begin writing in the first place?

RUMBELLE. Honestly, I owe all my writing to Rumplestiltskin and Belle, who they are as individuals and a couple. As a reader and viewer, I’ve always loved exploring what happened after happily ever after and those moments in between–little things that television and movies and yes, even a lot of books, tend to gloss over. I used to mull over my favorite shows and construct scenes, but they never traveled beyond the safety of my brain. Fanfiction is about all that nuance, filling in all those little moments in between that are taken for granted as being understood by the audience. But Rumbelle moves me to write like nothing ever has before and I feel like I want to read and write everything and will never exhaust the possibilities.

I started reading Rumbelle fanfic about three years ago (when I started watching OUAT) and I was blown away by the talent and variety the fandom offered. I read everything I could get my hands on and found so many special stories and writers. But always in the back of my mind was this thought: “What if one day I had the guts to write a story?” In May 2015 I wrote my first fanfic ever, Matters of the Heart, and it opened the floodgates. I’ll never forget @toseehowthestoryends for being the first person in the fandom to encourage me and urge me to keep writing. Since then I have not been able to stop writing stories.

Thanks for asking me!  Flower Asks

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How many time does Penance!Rum cry before his daughter turns one? Can he keep it in his pants when it comes to Belle?

Let us count the times Penance!Rum cries before their daughter turns one…

  1. When she’s born, obviously
  2. The first time she grabs his finger
  3. The first time she looks at him
  4. The first time she yawns
  5. Whenever she falls asleep in his arms
  6. The first time she smiles at him
  7. When he wakes in the night and sees Belle feeding her and he thinks he’s the luckiest bastard ever
  8. The first time she’s crying and stops as soon as he holds her
  9. When she sits up by herself
  10. The first time she says “Papa” (I’m anticipating real bawling here)
  11. Her first steps
  12. etc…

Let’s face it, Belle’s going to have to keep tissues in every room.

And I’d like to think they don’t lose their desire for each other with a newborn in the house

TMI Tuesday

Posted For Rent - Part 8 and Part 9 and From My Drowning Heart - Chapter 2! Look at me being all productive and stuff! For Rent should wrap next week at the latest, and I have a plan and motivation to get a lot of these WIPs done, thanks to some amazing, wonderful comments I’ve received in the last couple of weeks. Proof that you should love your fanfic authors because it leads to more fic. :)



Or send me any of these!

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Hyacinth, lotus, iris

Hyacinth: Do you prefer to write angst or fluff? Fluff, for sure. Angst makes me squirm. I believe in some healthy conflict in stories and I like humorous fighting, but angst has always been a challenge for me to read and to write. Although I will say that people’s definitions of angst differ, and what is painful to me may not be for you and vice versa. Sometimes I write a thing and think it’s so angsty or not bad at all and someone will say “Marie, OMG that wasn’t angst. You are a cream puff.” Other times it’s “Holy crap, that was painful! Marie, what is wrong with you?” Fandom is an emotional place. That’s why I try to err on the side of overtagging.

Lotus: How many drafts do you currently have? I count 10. There’s the upcoming chapter of All of Me, the upcoming chapter of Love Beyond the Sea, the upcoming chapter of Meet Me in the Courtyard, Soapy Water (a new, upcoming Dark Castle story), a new Macelle fic called One Thousand Blessings, a follow-up to Death Becomes Him, a draft for my Golden Lace Fourteen Days verse I hope to get back to someday, and three more as yet unnamed Rumbelle/Beaver and original concepts/stories I am toying with.

Iris: Do you prefer writing about a man or a woman character? Why? It depends on the story. I like to write about characters I understand and can identify with. In the Morning Glory verse, I’ve written everything from Joseph’s POV. He insists on telling the story and so that’s what I go with, but in other fics, All of Me for example, Belle’s viewpoint is definitely used more often than other characters.

Thanks for asking me! Flower Asks

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Hi Sprite, I'm dying for a Pixie Dust update! Can we have a little snippet pleeeease? I would be forever grateful (and I can offer cookies or a smutty manip, your choice ^^).

I will ALWAYS choose smutty manips over cookies!

I posted a teeny snippet yesterday, but here’s another:

Neal grabbed his coat, tugging it on and hurtling out of the house, and Gold met Belle’s eyes.  She shrugged.

“At least when he goes back to college you won’t need to sneak around so much,” she said, and he sighed.

“There is that,” he admitted, and fussed with the tie pin again.  “Damn this thing!”

“Here, let me.”  She stepped up to him, adjusting the pin and straightening it up.  “There.”

Gold raised his eyes to hers, and she rested the flat of her palms on his warm chest.

“Thank you,” he said quietly.  Belle chewed her lip.

“Will you - um - stay over?” she asked.  “After, I mean.”

She could feel herself blushing, and Gold wrinkled his brow, looking confused.

“I shouldn’t think so,” he said.  “The party finishes at midnight.”

“No.”  She shook her head.  “I mean - I mean after the - rest of it.”

“Rest of it?”

“Dammit, Alistair, don’t make me say it!”

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WO Gold and Belle: What was your first meeting like?

SO I DID THIS THING. I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry.), Rated very G

Intervals - Part 13


Belle took a breath and pushed open the door to the pawn shop. The bell jingled loudly, startling her, but it was such an old fashioned thing that she looked up at it and smiled.

“Something I can help you with Miss -?”

Belle blinked and looked at the man standing behind the back counter. He wasn’t very tall, not much taller than she was in heels, and older, with gray streaked hair that hung to his shoulders. She thought it looked very soft, which was an odd thing to think about someone she hadn’t even really met yet.

He tilted his head and gave her a strange look, and she realized she was still standing awkwardly by the door and hadn’t answered him.

“Oh!” She gasped, her fingers squeezing the book she’d brought with her. “Uh, it’s French. Belle French. And you’re -? Mr. Gold?”

The man inclined his head slightly and then stepped out from behind the counter, coming towards her at a slow but steady pace. “Well, that’s the name on the sign, dearie.”

Keep reading

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AOM!Belle: What is your favorite memory of your mother?

When I was around 7 or 8, we fell into a Sunday afternoon routine of baking cookies together–chocolate chip with walnuts were my favorite. The kitchen would be warm and cozy and smell like brown sugar and chocolate. Back in those days, Daddy always smiled, and he would come into the kitchen and sample whatever we were baking. Mama would laugh and tease him and swat his hand away from the hot cookie sheets. “You’ll burn your tongue, Maurice!” she’d say. “Wait till after supper.” The best part was that Mama always used to let me lick the bowl and the spatula–she never fussed at me about raw eggs or watching calories or what size t-shirt I was wearing. 

One day I confessed I actually loved the batter better than the cookies themselves. And I announced that when I turned eighteen, I would eat cookie dough raw all the time and wouldn’t even bother baking them at all. First Mama laughed, but then I must have said something wrong because she looked at me with so much sadness, and said that when I turned eighteen, I’d be too busy worrying about being thin to enjoy cookies at all.

At the time I didn’t really know what she meant–it hadn’t occurred to me that I was chubby and if it had, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to care. It wasn’t just about the cookies, you see. It was the kind of person Mama was–someone who looked past appearances to the soul within. I’ve missed that, you know? But now with Erskine in my life and Emma…I’m finding so many reasons to smile again.

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Extra! Rush, Gold, and Belle when you three go out to eat for your weekly dinner together who decides where you eat? What type of food is your favorite?

Rush: Depends who’s paying

Gold: Yes, if it’s you it’s takeout pizza

Rush: …

Rush: Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with pizza

Belle: I like seafood and sushi, so we eat a lot of that

Gold: Or tapas.  There’s a nice little restaurant tucked away on a back street near the university.  The albondigas are delicious, and they do this dish of slow-braised pork cheeks with marsala wine…

Rush: …

Rush: Well go on, book a bloody table.

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Round 2 of Never Have I Ever - Belle giving a gift to Rumple.

Something wrapped up and tied with a ribbon? Not exactly. But if loosely interpreted, I have a few. They’re all Dark Castle, too. Because dorks.

1. Belle gives Rumple a massage in this ficlet, On My Shoulders.
2. Belle takes sexy lessons from Jefferson to try to seduce Rumple in Beguiled.
3. Belle creates a special picnic for Rumple in this thrillingly titled tale, The Picnic
4. Belle surprises Rumple with a romantic dinner (and tries to get rid of Charming) in A Table for Two.

Never Have I Ever
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Empty Corridors Gold, how did you feel when you found out you were Lacey’s first?

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I don’t think “shocked” is a strong enough word…

I felt - well, I felt awful, to be honest.  If I’d known I would never have seduced her like I did.  She put a lot of trust in me to be the one, and I basically accused her of sleeping around before she let that slip.  I feel as though I’m no better than anyone else in this town, jumping to conclusions about the kind of person she is just because of the way she looks.  I’m amazed she’s still talking to me.

I really wish she had told me.