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Important note to fandoms

I’ve recently seen a lot of dumpster fires going around in a few fandoms I am in, mainly related to shipping. Star Wars and Once are the worst offenders right now. I wanted to write a post about my feelings on harmful Antis (People who actively attack others in a fandom who do not ship what they ship) and this is what I have to say to them:

Don’t ever think yourself so important that you alone have to protect people from their own imaginations. That is arrogance at it’s best, and dangerous at it’s worst. You do not own art, it’s interpretation, or value to other people. YOU DO NOT GET TO DECIDE WHAT IS OR IS NOT ‘RIGHT’ FOR ANOTHER PERSON. ESPECIALLY PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER MET!

If you are triggered by certain interpretations of art, you need to work to create a safe space, NOT the other people in a fandom. It is up to you, to take considerations to your mental and emotional health, not other fans.


If you are triggered by even the mention of something, then you have a serious condition and need to seek professional assistance because actively coming into a public space where your triggers are, is unhealthy as fuck behavior.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone has a right to their opinion. You can believe someone’s ship or interpretation of a thing is fucked up, and have discussions but you do not own the right to say they cannot interpret a thing that way. You do not own fandom. No one does. Hell, as a writer I don’t get any say in how my work is seen. That is completely out of my hands. As it should be! My intention to the work can be considered by those who wish to consider it but it is not my job, even as the creator and author of the work, to determine how it is seen. It is up to the viewer and them alone because art is a personal experience. Every person has their own life, with wildly different experiences, and telling someone their interpretation of a piece of art is wrong, is telling that person their experiences are wrong.

Sure, they could be factually incorrect. Like if someone looked at a painting of a dog and said “That’s a duck”, that is not interpretation. Now, someone looking at the painting and believing the dog looks sad, or happy, is an interpretation. Or thinking the painting of a lone dog is a commentary on how loyalty is rewarded with loneliness, and despair, is an interpretation.

Just wanted to be clear before all of you bust into my post like the koolaid man with a clever retort that any comment on art is correct. Y'all are grown enough to know what I’m talking about.

TL:DR Mind your own fucking business.


HAUNTED (Rumbelle comic, PART 1)


What does it mean to be cursed as the Dark One? Something started to change a while back in the Dark Castle. And all because of Belle, the Dark One´s maid. All changed, but in a way that Rumplestiltskin could not have imagined.


This is a gift to @natashavonlecter for the Rumbelle Christmas in July. Hope ypu like it, Dearie! You must expected some fanfiction, but instead I made a comic. It´s my first time using MangaStudio and it took me a while to get used to it. Hope you like it anyway! I enjoyed a lot making it :)

Thank you a lot @victorylilygreen for the help to correct this work, my friend!! Your help is always invaluable!

Extras notes:

I´m having trouble uploading the comic in AO3 and wattpad (even tumblr). When I have had uploaded sucefully the comic in others places, I´ll update the post to give you guys the links. 
(PD: I know my english sucks, sorry for the grammar mistakes…)

…quick, someone change him back, this is freaking me out. 


I’ve talked with a few people about how concerned I am for what ‘Pure Heart Rumple’ is gonna be like. xD The rainbow bunny kitty flower monstrosity above is the worst case scenario. He’s so nice … it’s gross. Let Rumple still be Rumple pls. Also, thank you for the 600 (+22) followers! 

Truth & Dagger Plotholes

While I like the artwork in the Rumbelle comic, Truth and Daggers that appears in Out of the Past, and the fact that it even EXISTS in the first place, I don’t like to consider it canon because there are just too many inconsistencies that appear it in.

First off, there’s Belle leaving the Dark Castle to go to the market.

Actually, Rumple CAN magically conjure up food. and the simply action of Rumple suggesting that Belle go into town in Skin Deep was treated as a big deal.

But within this storyline, it’s just something she does all the time. To the point where she knows a local merchant’s name. They attempt hand wave this away with the:

Magic fastener. Only problem is, it looks like the fastener Belle is always wearing it in the flashbacks, including when Belle is leaving in Skin Deep.

So again, takes away some of the meaning of Belle being freed if she’s wearing a magic object to let Rumple know of her whereabouts. 

Then there’s the matter of the magic dagger.

Belle knows about it within the comic, but when Hook asks about it:

She doesn’t. Or she’s lying to someone who obviously is intend on killing Rumple. I can believe that too, but I’ll still list this detail.

And finally, Pandora’s Box, aka Belle’s future home.

Rumple acquires it because Belle’s assassin friend happened to be carrying it. But in the season 3 episode, Dark Hollow, it’s something Belle has never seen or known to have existed:


Hello @chocolate-mintdromeda, it is I, your santa! I made the mistake of thinking that the giveaway was tomorrow instead of today so you can maybe see where I started panicking in this. But nevertheless it was fun being your santa and this was a fun challenge to do. Hope you like it. 

So the story is practically this: Belle is a ballet dancer wanting to help others and she meets Neal who is impressed by her and brings her to Gold who agrees to train her to be a superhero. Feelings develop and when Gold finally gives her her superhero costume she gives him a big smooch before going to do some heroing with Neal. 


So today my Belle cosplay dress for Cleveland Comic Con came in! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to wear it out! If you’re anywhere around the Cleveland area you should be sure to check out Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con (it’s happening in February). It’s going to be amazing! I also had some help taking pictures from my little friend Scout :) 

Mister blue sky please tell us why you had to hide away for so long… Where did we go wrong?

this comic is the cutest thing I have ever seen.. how bad is it to draw fanart of other people’s fanarts?

Don’t. You. Buy. That. Book. Rumple.

Belles gonna be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad >:3


The further FURTHER Adventures of Ikkle Wumplykins (Part Two)

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