Rumbelle Rules

1.  February 12th shall always and forever be a High Holy Day. 

2. TMI Tuesdays and Floof Fridays shall also be honored.

3. The Thing shall be given to any newbie who asks for it. 

4.  Any fic set in the Enchanted Forest MUST include at least one mention of Rumple’s leather pants.

5. We will forever be amused that the only thing shorter than Belle, are her skirts. (Her shoes, however, are taller.) 

We need more rules…..Rumbellers, go!

Another hug!

Zelena centric or not, this episode got a lot better with that Rumbelle hug.  Even if we did have to stomach Belle and Zelena in a scene together afterwards.

I don’t care what canon implies, as far as I”m concerned, it’s only Belle’s love for children and her friendship with Robin that makes her watch Zelena’s kid.  She is not Zelena’s friend.

How to Finish a Fanart - Episode 8/8 (HTFAF) OUAT

The end ! I finally finished it ! 

It’s been a long ride but I am happy that I found the time and the courage to do all the characters. I kept all the steps so I will post a step by step too. If you want a pairing, ask me !

 The poster HD : tuesday ! 

Pairings :

Captain Swan / Snowing / Rumbelle / Outlaw Queen

Swan Queen / Captain Charming / Golden Queen

Hooked Queen / Snow Queen / Golden Hook

Swan Believer / Regal Believer

Characters :

Emma Swan / Killian Jones / Regina Mills

Snow White / David Nolan / Rumplestilskin

Belle French / Robin Hood / Henry Mills

You can see all episodes here !

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.

Not enough positive things are being said about the way therapy is being portrayed on Once Upon A Time. Literally almost every single character, every single strong hero, has gone to see Archie at some point to talk through some of their feelings. And then when a character tells another character they went to a therapy session, there’s usually nothing but support, love, and concern from that other character. That’s what real life should be like. Say what you want about my favourite show, but if there’s something it’s getting right, it’s this.