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Rumbelle acting normal and like talking and hearing to each other this episode just highlights how bad and ooc character the writing for them in the early episodes was. And I still do not get why they did GQ at all.

EXACTLY. This whole season has been an OOC fest purely to get us grown-up Gideon and that’s disgusting. This is why I’m going with a) the Dark Seed has been exerting an evil, paranoid influence on Belle (tell me she WASN’T overreacting in the same way that Dark Ones do), and b) Rumple took out his heart as part of the haircut makeover, and put it back in after the elevator incident when he realized just how far he had nearly gone.

And GQ was literally to give Zelena something to do other than sit at her kitchen table and pout for ten episodes.

Ouat: There’s always been chemistry between the Evil queen and Gold. 

Ouat: *shows Golden Queen making out*

Archie, pointing at Henry, Emma, Snow, Charming, Belle, Zelena, Hook, Pongo, the Blue fairy, some random citizen of Storybrooke, and the whole Ouat fandom: