10 REASONS I LOVE BELLE FRENCH

I my opinion Belle French is a really underrated character in Once Upon a Time, I am never sure whether or not she is classed as a lead or not. But I seriously think she should be! She is just as much a hero as the rest of the spectacular women on this show, so without further ado, here are 10 reason I love her!:

  1. She sacrificed herself for her family and her Kingdom without think about what might happen to her. 
  2. She always sees the best in people (and animals). Remember that time she saved Prince Phillip, yeah so do I!
  3. No matter what she has going on in her own life, she always has time to help other people. 
  4. She doesn’t complain when she doesn’t get invited to all the cool adventures they have (Neverland, New York). 
  5. She loves to read (just like me) which makes her super knowledgeable when it comes to fighting villains. 
  6. She has some of the prettiest outfits on the show (in my opinion). 
  7. She forgave Regina for locking her up for years and years and actually trusts her now. 
  8. After everything she has been through she has stayed so strong. 
  9. She follows her heart no matter where it leads her. 
  10. Her love for Rumple is more than just emotional, it is a physical pull that leads her to him no matter has happened in both of there lives, of that isn’t true love I don’t know what is. 

Four years ago, Skin Deep happened, and then rumbelle happened, and then I found life worth living and made friends I never thought I’d have and regained hope that someone might actually be able to like my fucked up self. Bless Rumple and Belle, and Bobby and Emilie for giving us a little home here on tumblr.

Happy birthday, Skin Deep.

anonymous asked:

I think you're being played by a Dumbeller. Recently Zumpie answered an UNTAGGED anon who made fun of some random lines of Dumbeller fic. Not a big deal. Now someone named runannafly and some others have been harassing people trying to make Zumpie into some EVUL person and trying to tell her what to do ON HER OWN BLOG and it's getting really ridiculous. One of the "authors" tried whining to Zumpie about getting anon hate and would she please delete a post with the Dumbellers names in it? Ugh.

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not interested in getting involved with all that. Naming names and such.

I don’t understand why anyone from any fandom would feel the need to tear apart someone’s work for their own amusement, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the ship that the fic is about.

It’s still someone’s work that they’ve put time and effort into. And I wouldn’t dream of going into another ship’s ff tag and posting about how ‘terrible’ some of the writing is. What’s the point? What does anyone gain from that?

I’d rather just enjoy the ff tag of my own ship and encourage/support our writers rather than bring some needless, toxic drama into the fandom. There’s enough of that as it is without targeting someone’s creative outlet.

It’s one thing to tear apart a CHARACTER you dislike, and list all the reasons you find them problematic or make fun of things they do or say. They’re fictional. And we all find certain characters and ships problematic. I know I do. But to target real people and their work? Not cute. You don’t know what people are going through in their real lives, and perhaps writing fics keeps them in a good place. You tear that apart and they happen to see it? Well.

I’m not going to get drawn into all the hate flying about. I’m here for supporting people in their writing, encouraging them to better their work in a constructive and positive way if I’m approached, and to channel some JMo light into the universe via my blog.

If others want to use their blogs as a platform for something else, then whatever. I’m avoiding that kind of negativity. But I don’t really see how the hell naming and shaming specific authors/fics is helping anyone.

Now, on this blog: back to your regular scheduled sunshine and rainbows.

Calling all Oncers

Hello and good day to all of my fellow fandom members! I regret to inform you there is a troll amongst our ranks. While a lot of us may not  always agree with each other, I believe that none of us act hoping to hurt someone’s feelings. fandoms and shipping aside we’re all human beings, so…


(warning: what this person says is not very nice.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Why would someone take the time to write something like this if they don’t even like the show and think it should ‘die in a hole… and burn’

It is because this…not very nice person, is running  a very unethical experiment.

Here’s their explanation for why they’re doing what they’re doing (taken from their blog):

Anyway, if you happen to have the misfortune of seeing this person’s post, know that they’re literally just bullying people and hurting their feelings in hopes of getting a response from the fandom.

so if you see it don’t touch it.

I know it’s hard to ignore, but please don’t give them the time of day.

They are not worth your time or reblog.

Skin Deep: The Visual Novel

Happy Fluffapalooza, guys! Can you believe it’s our fourth anniversary?

This fandom has brought so much joy and hope to my life. I made this game as practice with the software, but also as a thank you to the group that had this incredible impact on me. The game is absolutely, 100% free to play! <3

Click on the links below, and then click the download button that looks like this:








Fic: Blame It on the Gin

@shipperqueen93 prompted: “Rumbelle: wake up in bed together after a long night of drinking. They have no idea who the other person is.”

I know this scenario has been done before so I’ve put a slightly different spin on it.

Rated: T


Blame It on the Gin

When Belle woke, she was aware of two things, and these two things blocked out any other kind of coherent thought from her head.

Firstly, her head felt like it was going to explode.

Secondly, her bladder felt like it was going to explode.

Stumbling out of bed and making her way in the direction of the bathroom, Belle became vaguely aware of a third thing, which was that she was fully dressed apart from conspicuously absent panties and tights, which she came across on the floor beside the bed. Not bothering to pick them up, she attended to far more pressing matters, still wondering why she would remove her underwear and not any of the rest of her clothing before collapsing into bed.

It had been an interesting day. Weddings always had a tendency to be interesting events for Belle, especially when they weren’t weddings in which she had to play an important part. Belle had been a bridesmaid so many times that she was beginning to think that perhaps the old adage of ‘always the bridesmaid and never the bride’ actually rang true, and she had bitterly given up all hope of her ever finding someone to actually walk down the aisle with herself.

Still, at this particular wedding, she had not been a bridesmaid, so she had been free to indulge in as much of the open bar as she liked. In fact, she had not even been technically invited to this wedding. She had been dragged along by Ariel as a plus one, because Ariel, having recently come out of a relationship, couldn’t bear the thought of turning up to her Aunt Ursula’s wedding without some kind of moral support to get her through all the questions from nosy relatives. As it had turned out, after Ursula and Ella had gone off to enjoy wedded bliss in private, Ariel had spent the majority of the evening party with her face firmly attached to one of Ella’s godsons. (Belle thought his name was Eric but she couldn’t be sure. All she knew was that he was wearing a navy uniform, and Ariel was a sucker for a man in uniform.) Thus, Belle was left to muddle through the rest of the evening alone.

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Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Are you ready?

Fluffapalooza 2016 is tomorrow! :D


I’m not sure how it’s already upon us, but I for one, am excited to bask in the fluff!

Anyone can participate in Fluffapalooza! Simply post your super fluffy art/fic/gif/soundtrack and tag it #fluffapalooza2016 Easy!

I’ll hopefully have a masterlist up by the end of this weekend!

It’s been another great year of Rumbelle! <3

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Here is my little Valentine’s gift for all you beautiful Rumbelle shippers out there. Okay, so anyone that knows me knows that I consider Skin Deep to be one of the greatest episodes of the entire show and the best Rumbelle-centric episode. So I’ve decided to combine my love for Skin Depp with my love for the recently departed David Bowie and created this little tribute.

Dedicated to all the wonderful shippers out there including @missielynne @im-2-old-4-this @dr-rushs-glasses and the most diehard Rumbelle shipper I know @eevylynn

Enjoy and… I hope this doesn’t make anyone wanna kill me if it makes you sad XD