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Mulan isn’t down for a Tinder date, so Belle swoops in and claims it as her own.

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Belle was more than a little tipsy, but it was fun as hell. Her friend Ariel had thrown a party at her apartment, and Belle was sitting on the sofa with her friend Mulan flipping through guys on Tinder for her. They were drunk and giggling, and it was going to be a good time.

“What about this one?” Belle asked, flashing the phone to her friend. “He’s cute.”

Mulan wrinkled her nose and tilted her head to the side as she considered the man on the screen.

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Only A Rose Chapter 23: To Right a Wrong

I DID IT!!!! It’s finally here! So sorry this took so long guys, but here is the long awaited chapter to Only a Rose. I hope everyone likes it.

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           There were only three days out of the year where Rumplestiltskin was closed to visitors. The first was Bae’s birthday. On those days he always found a little gift for his missing son and lit candles in the hope that he would one day find him.

           The second was the day he lost his son. On that day he shut himself away, tormenting himself with all of the memories he had of his precious buy, cursing himself for his failings as a father.

           The third was the day he lost Belle.

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So I read the spoilers of the new season of OUAT alongside Rumple’s new name… And I did not think I could be more turned off from the show than I was before.

Then my brain was like-‘Crocker’ is clearly a joke at his nickname ‘Crocodile’ so imagine a Rumbelle AU with Rumple being Detective Crocker by day and a scaly imp criminal by night-him unknowing of this, with his partner in training Miss. Belle French trying to figure out the mystery.

Which that… I would watch even after all the baloney of S4-6.


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#6 A Meeting of the Hearts

In which there’s much to be discussed

Just two days ago they were saving the world together and all she knew now was that she couldn’t get a hold of a man and that all his staff she could reach were extremely dodgy with her. Belle hoped it was just a rich person thing. It was.

He was going to tell Belle the truth.
He didn’t need to.

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Special thanks to @little-inkstone for helping me figure this story out:)

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#you can’t close a chapter on this show without one last hope speech from Snow White

“This isn’t the end. I mean, maybe of this book, but it isn’t ‘the end’ end. Now we get to see what’s next. 

Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing, but living with that kind of belief? That’s the most powerful thing of all. That’s hope.

So you ask, what now? Now we get to keep going on. We get to keep doing what we love. With the people we love. An ending isn’t happiness. Being together is.”