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Late Night Chronicle: Sunday Funday
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11 with charles pleeeaaase:)) the "things you said when you thought I was asleep" was super adorable

Thank you so much!

Charles Xavier + Things you said when you were drunk 

A/N: College!AU

“I’m pretty sure that turning studying into a drinking game was the worst idea you’ve ever had,” you say, slurring your words a little and examining the now only half full bottle of rum on the table next to a large stack of political science notes.

“Incorrect. The worst idea I’ve ever had was,” Charles doesn’t finish his sentence, instead leaning heavily back in his chair, apparently staring intently at the ceiling

“Was?” You prompt him, staying on track through some goddamn miracle of drunken concentration

“Was sitting next to you in class.” He finishes triumphantly, then frowns, thinking over his sentence. “Best idea. Worst idea.” He waves his hands dismissively. “Both.”

You bolt abruptly upright in your chair, ignoring the way it makes the room spin slightly.

“That” You point accusingly at him, “Is rude, Xavier. I even brought you my notes.” You say, somehow managing to sound offended and surprised and tipsy at the same time. Charles scowls again, clearly thinking much harder than someone with his current blood alcohol level really wanted to be thinking.

“It’s not-It was a genius idea because you’re fucking awesome, but it was a really bad idea because you’re really pretty and really distracting and really smart and I can’t concentrate and so ’m probably going to need to strategically confiscate your notes to pass the exam, ‘cause ‘m not learning anything when you’re in class.” He protests, and all you can do is giggle, because Charles has to be the most articulate drunk you’ve ever encountered, and he thinks you’re pretty and smart and distracting. In the morning, when you’ve both sobered up and consumed large stacks of pancakes from the shitty diner across campus, you’ll talk about it, but for now, you just want to laugh at your best friend for using phrases like ‘strategically confiscate’ while he’s shitfaced.


You heard someone pull up at a seat at the bar behind you as you made someone’s drink.  You already know who it is, and you knew what he wanted to drink.

After handing one of the waitresses the last of a table’s drinks, you grabbed a bottle of rum from one of many bottles of alcohol, and a glass.  You turned to face the man, whose blue eyes danced with amusement at the sight of the rum bottle in your hands.

He winked, and stated, “Thank you, milady.”  You rolled your eyes, setting the glass down on the bar top, and poured the first of many of his glasses of rum.

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After about more than fifty bottles of rum and many more alcoholic drinks later, Raifer was beyond sober. Looking around to see another guest that was alien to him, strange looking, he pointed to them. "Hey, someone cue the X-files theme over here! We got me an extraterresticle!" He laughed an began whistling the X-files theme to them.

*Natoma gasped and quickly moved between Raifer and the other guest* Raifer what are doing?!

Edna has an alcohol tolerance that must be seen to be believed. In the span of four hours she has consumed at least half a bottle of vodka, five shots of rum, and three bottles of beer and by some miracle is still not dead. Meanwhile, seated beside Sorey was Mikleo, who has only taken a sip of some fruit juice spiked with a little bit of whatever was within Lailah’s reach at the time, and was now flushed to high heavens and swaying dangerously on his seat.

Sorey watched in amusement as Mikleo brought the martini glass to his lips with both hands, like a chipmunk. “You okay there, Mikleo?” he called out.

“M’ good,” Mikleo said.

“You sure?” Sorey placed a hand on Mikleo’s lower back to steady his swaying, eyes dancing. “You should drink some water.”

“I think I should.” Across the room Zaveid was climbing on top of a table, shirt nowhere to be seen, with Edna, Lailah and Rose cheering him on. Beside them, Alisha’s shoulders were shaking in laughter. Mikleo couldn’t help a small chuckle. So he isn’t drunk quite yet. That’s good. “I should at least be sober for that scene to make sense.”

“Yeah, you do have a low tolerance for alcohol, unsurprisingly. Come on,” Before Mikleo could react in offense Sorey slid his arm around Mikleo’s shoulders and dragged him off the stool. “A little bit of fresh air will do you good. Someone gorgeous like you shouldn’t be cooped up here all night.”

“You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re flirting with me.”

Sorey grinned. “Don’t need to. You already know how much I love you. Here, try not to fall down while I open the door.”

The night was cool; at this height there were no buildings to break the wind, and this close to autumn the wind felt like ice against their skin. Alisha’s penthouse offered an amazing view of the city, and lights dazzled beneath them.

Country bumpkins Mikleo and Sorey could only gape the first time they saw this, all those years ago. Mikleo still does, sometimes, when caught off guard. He was more rooted amongst the foliage and clear streams of Elysium than Sorey is.

Mikleo was facing ahead, away from Sorey’s view, but his ears are burning red. “I love you too, you know,” he said. His pale hair danced with the breeze, catching moonlight like an angel’s halo. “I love you very much.”

Sorey felt like his heart could erupt from how much he adores this person. He could feel it tearing apart his insides, filling him with joy and so much affection he thinks his soul might overflow.

There’s a small box sitting in Sorey’s right pocket.

Sorey took Mikleo’s left hand. “How drunk are you right now?” he asked.

“Uhm? A little tipsy, I guess? I mean, I’m aware of what I’m saying right now, so if you think I’m lying-”


Sorey dropped on one knee, and Mikleo closed his mouth so fast Sorey heard his teeth chatter.

“Luzrov Rulay, my beloved Mikleo-”

Sorey took out a velvet-lined box from his pocket. Mikleo covered his mouth with his right hand. His eyes were bright. Faintly they could hear Zaveid’s atrocious singing voice from inside:

Even today we hear Love’s song of yore,
Deep in our hearts it dwells forevermore.
Footsteps may falter, weary grow the way,
Still we can hear it at the close of day.

Beneath them the city lights dazzled.

The Rum Girl

Character: Alexander
Author: the-inkpen
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2076
Warnings: drinking, one night stands, drunk peoples, everyone is pretty bi, mentions of sex and butt touching, alex has a cute butt and you can fight me on that fact. 

Kinda loosely inpsired by Girls Talk Boys by 5SOS. Fun fact, thats the first song i’ve ever heard by them. not too bad.

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"Well, I'm alone on a sunday night, have the day off tomorrow, got nothin' to do and a bottle of rum... wanna hang out?"

“Darlin’ you had me at rum. Oh yes hanging out with you sounds perfect. ”

my house is low key haunted

In the past few days:
-My brother got this flashy ring that you can turn on and off and it constantly turns out at night for no apparent reason
-I’ve picked up multiple phone calls that have just been static
-I found five different bottles of rum in the same spot, each one thoroughly coated in dust
So I’m kinda glad I’ll be out of town for the weekend

Disneyland’s Missing 1/2 Canoe

The Rivers of America get periodically drained for refurbishment, during which objects are found at the bottom of the river. 

It was drained in 2003, where reports of a bowling ball (false) and a bottle of rum and a toaster (true).

It was drained again in 2010, where a computer tower, countless cell phones, swords and mardi gras beads were found. But among the strangest, to me, was a half a canoe.

Why was it down there? Where did it come from? Why had I not heard this before? I had to find it.

After sifting through numerous reports and grainy videos, I think I found it.

Most newspapers and forums repeat this fact as it being a canoe from the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoe ride in Frontierland. But, I thought, this couldn’t be right. How could something like that go previously unreported? How could they just lose half of a canoe? And where did the other half go?

I did find reports of a canoe capsizing in the Rivers of America, but the report was from 1990. There was no way that the canoe would have stayed down there after the 2003 draining of the river. They would have retrieved it then, not waited until the 2010 draining.

This meant that the canoe had to have gone missing between 2003-2010. 

So I began my search to find out where on earth the canoe could have come from.

There are 3 canoes present in the Indian Settlement, just past the old burning cabin, visible only from the 3 attractions that circumnavigate the river; the Mark Twain, the Sailing Ship Columbia, and of course, the canoes.

In this video from 2001, you can clearly see all 3 canoes. Theres one just out of range of the settlement, one on the west side of the bank, and one upside down next to some building supplies. This is also the first glimpse we have of this ½ a canoe.

The other 3 canoes are present in both 2007 and 2012, which rules them out as candidates for Sunken Canoe. (The first canoe isn’t visible, but it is in ride throughs from the times.)

So I set my sights on this ½ canoe.

Here it is in 2007. Still within the 2003-2010 range, and still clearly visible next to the indian chief.

So, simple enough, I just had to find a ride through from post-2010 that showed the canoe missing to confim my suspicions that this was the canoe that sank and was retrieved from the bottom of the river in 2010.

In this ride through from 2016, the half canoe is missing.

tl;dr, the half canoe from the indian settlement is the canoe i was looking for.

Danger Zone

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If Starscream’s previous idea had been terrible, this one was beyond terrible. Awful? Horrendous? 4am-after-half-a-bottle-of-rum-and-your-ex’s-number? 

He’d berate himself for thinking that creating a second combiner to stop the first was a good idea, except he hadn’t really been thinking when the Protectobots had shown up. There was a Combiner, there was an Enigma, and there was a loose group of stooges. 

Of course, if one Combiner was causing widespread destruction, a second Combiner (that Starscream had very little chance of being able to control after all of this) was just overkill. Forget Devestator; Starscream was going to need the Constructicons back just to get his city fixed. 

He’d been following the pair as they fought and shouted their way out of the city, loosely heading towards the Lost Light and into the wastelands. The action shouldn’t be mistaken for bravery; it was better for him to keep an eye on the destruction where he could immediately swoop in to take advantage if needed, and a jet had more options when it came to retreat. 

A jet also had an easier time in spotting what the populace was doing on the streets. Such as the tank and not-quite tank heading towards the destruction rather than going in the opposite direction. 

Not that it was too unusual that some of the citizens might have decided to fight back rather than passively hide from the destruction, but two citizens with Autobot insignia-  abandoning his pursuit for the moment, Starscream will let out an enraged screech before landing right in the vehicles’ path.

What the hell do you think you’re doing here?!”