rum tattoo

Jaw Breaker

Pairing: Scabior x Hermione Granger

AU: Modern, non-magical, tattoo artist!Sabior, drunk!Hermione

Word Count: 1086

Written For: muclbloods + minet-noir

It’s a slow night.

Scabior’s had one walk-in—a giggly eighteen year-old girl who’d wanted a cartoon Jessica Rabbit and some Taylor Swift lyrics tattooed on the middle of her lower back, to match her boyfriend’s, she’d said, which, what—and one appointment with Dolohov, who had a shit-load of terrifying disposable-pen prison ink to cover up.

And since Dolohov had left a little after nine to go get drunk with his shady stoner parole officer at a fancy interdepartmental softball game—and again, like, what—Scabior had been all by his lonesome for almost three goddamn hours.

And he’s fucking bored, right?

He’s bored, and he’s antsy, and he’s super tempted to just close early and go get hammered with the cooler half of the glorified Justice League—

Until he isn’t.

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