rum rum rum rum rum rum rum rum

Holy shit, I forgot how much I loved Sunless Sea.

To my immense surprise, my first captain in the iPad version is still kicking. I’d fully expected them to bite it after I ran low on supplies and went FUCK IT TIME TO EAT THE CREW!!!! pretty early on, but somehow they rallied and now I’m sitting pretty with a scion, a townhouse, some heirlooms, a fancy gun and an even fancier engine, and I’m about halfway to being able to afford a ship with a bigger cargo hold. Not too shabby for a former natural philosopher with an apparent predilection for cannibalism!


(Not pictured: The four king sized candy bars, two packs of Cadbury chocolate eggs I bought at the store, and the triple chocolate Devil’s Food Cake with cream cheese icing I made earlier today)

…I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.