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If you don’t know this react series, Classical Musicians React, you should acquaint yourself with it because it is FANTASTIC. I don’t typically watch reaction videos, but I actually learn so much from these because the reactors know what they’re talking about and notice things that I don’t pick up on.

Anyways, they FINALLY reacted to f(x) today and what a time to be alive! I am living for Gwen’s love for them! 

One comment that Kevin and Fiona both made was that they weren’t huge fans of the chorus (several times for Kevin). Kevin also commented that the song felt disjointed at times.

I think it’s super interesting that they didn’t really like the chorus, especially considering that f(x) added the chorus in. If you listen to the original English demo, they add in an extra 2 bars for the build after the pre-chorus (0:38 = start of pre-chorus) and then after the drop it goes to a chorus/alternate verse (which is the verse again, but it ends in the same way that f(x)’s chorus ends). 

Personally, I’ve always liked that f(x) added the chorus (especially for those killer harmonies!) but Kevin is right in saying that it is a little disjointed. Even so, f(x)’s style is to be unpredictable and unexpected so I think it works for them. I would be interested to know what he thinks about the English demo compared to f(x)’s version!

Can we talk about how the Danvers sisters are junk food trash babies and their gfs keep trying to force them, kicking and screaming, into making healthier decisions?

I saw this short film this morning and it gave me ideas for a Merman!Fael AU 8D He basically convinces Dorian to carry him around. 

featuring younger-moustache-less Dorian. 


I’ve been ready to return Flint to the sea for a long time.