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So im gonna give scene analysis a go because i havent loved an episode this much all season.

So here it goes.

  • Killian quite literally running down hill. Such a good representation of his arc. We got so much angst and this episode is going to be the come down to all of it. The settling. 
  • And just like his past created the the beginning of the climb to this story/arc, it’s interesting that in the scene where he is going downhill it is literally because he’s being chased by what could be seen as symbols of his past. Who he was in the past. (Referring to the lost boys).
  • Lol I love the whole buried Rum line. Very Captain Jack Sparrow-esque
  • I got someone waiting for me at home. The show IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY THROWING OUT THIS TERM A LOT. It’s done with absolute intention. 
  • I don’t know if we will ever get real backstory on Killian and Tiger Lily but his little smirk he has upon saying her name and the era of confidence has me thinking it isn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone speculated.
  • Ah and there’s Captain Floor again. I gotta say they really do love messing with this man’s neck.
  • Nice reference to the fact that Hook is family.
  • I also dig Charming saying that this is REGINA’S curse. He didn’t differentiate in this moment.
  • Ugh the Snowing theme song always chokes me up. I love that there Love is enough to snap her out of this. Always a sucker for TL moments.
  • IT still makes me so giddy that these are real life husband and wife being all romantic on my screen.
  • Okay BF is stunning. Like damn.
  • I laugh at the idea that had Charming not said Emma’s name Rumple could still be living mindlessly in the 21st century Storybrooke Regina made. 
  • Ahh Charms saying “I know Hook is out there doing the same for you,” is so important because she needed to hear it and I think Charms knew that. You can see the instant relief in her face as she embraces him. I think it both calmed her and it also solidified that he wasn’t as mad anymore as maybe she was worried he was.
  • “Skull Rock” nice throw back to the animated version!
  • Killian’s anger and desperate need at having to get back to Emma, the woman he loves, will always get me in the feels.
  • I love that fate comes into play when it means creating the chance to save someone you love. There is so many great moments around this idea, this episode. We have Snowing later sacrificing themselves so Emma can get Killian. Which by fates hands will connect her with the weapon she needs to stop the BF. We also see this same fate come into play when Killian ends up in Neverland with the woman (tiger lily) who has the needed weapon. It’s all connected my friends. 
  • 20:1, “well I feel sorry for those lads, they don’t stand a chance.” Ah that pirate swag. 
  • I love that the FB all share some significance to season 1. I mean the scene where Regina sends Archie and Pongo to the mines is very reminiscent of season 1. It makes you wonder how much of these moments influenced those moments.
  • The field of flowers. Hmm well if Regina’s curse and season 1 evilness = 1 found pink flower. And now we’re seeing hundreds. She must really be a big big bad huh?
  • “NO mother should have to watch their child die,” hmm me thinks someone with a mom on the show might experience just that. SPOILER: my thoughts are Emma but I think she’ll be brought back. 
  • Killian Jones the host of all current hope speeches.
  • And there he goes again, risking himself to ensure his TL get’s what she needs to live. 
  • A single flower. A symbol that there is always hope. There is always something there that will get you through.
  • Okay so the scene with Snowing and young emma is really heart breaking. To me it’s not just a conversation of right vs. wrong. But a moment of just decision making. A hard one. And that’s why it was so important to have both sides of it. One side represented by Charms the other by Snow. It was the same conversation the audience would be having. So it fit well. But this scene was also meant to contrast what is coming next. It was also really nice to see that second chances run in romances. Ayyyee. That rhymed. But seriously Snowing and Captain Swan really do parallel the crap out of each other. The second good byes, the second reunions. Sometimes things happen more than once before they stick. 
  • And his fricken shadow caressed her face and im dead on the floor. I love that it kind of parallels the scene where Charms touched Snows hand and it was enough to just catapult a shift in emotion. 
  • And here we have the scene the FB’s were built for. One of them at least. Snow giving Emma the potion to bring back her love. TO have that happiness. To not have to wait. To do something for herself. EVERYTHING in contrast to what was done when they saw her through that door earlier, comes down to this moment. Snow is making the other choice. And it will pay off.
  • My understanding of that potion by the way, is that the one seeking their true love has to use it. So Im under the impression that everyone who will be mad at Emma for using it cant really be mad anyways? Because Snow has already passed out before she has a chance to use it. 
  • Also can we talk about how Snow knows that to win this battle. To fight this big fight, Killian has to be there. He’s part of what matters most to her and without that she wont be at her strongest. In a way Snow is once again doing what’s right by the people. She’s not only giving her daughter a chance but by letting her get Killian back and allowing her to have that person by her side for that fight, she is also potentially saving the town. 
  • Everything was just so perfect in that second that he saw her face. He was both scared and surprised and relieved at the same time that he saw her. And then not a second later he is warning Tiger Lily to run and again thinking about those other than himself. Here comes the full circle arc guys. I can feel it. 
  • Tiger Lily’s little happy smirk makes me happy. 
  • ALSO can we talk about how the last time they were in Neverland together everything was different. He felt like an orphan and had no family. Emma felt like an orphan. She was running away from him. He was declaring that he would one day win her heart because she’d WANT HIM. And now we have them both, with their families and each other, no where near alone and he has won her heart and she is running towards him and not only does she WANT HIM SHE AGREES TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE NEEDS HIM. THEY NEED EACH OTHER!! *loud screaching*
  • .2 seconds. Count with me. .2 seconds until Killian apologizes and gets right back to where he left off. This is so vital. So important. He’s tired of waiting. He wants to be different and he knows he is. He doesn’t want to waste time thinking about himself. He wants to get that truth of his and that apology out there because that’s what he’s been dying to say to her this entire time. Redemption arc! Redemption arc! You can even see Emma in my mind, taken a bit by surprise. He’s hurting and he doesn’t care. He needs to talk to her and clear the air. This is a clear showcasing of what he’s learned and what he finds important and Emma sees that.
  • He also owns up to the fact that he considered running away. He owns it. He didn’t have to but he did.
  •  The change off is so so good here. Emma’s line of “lets go get you cleaned off” showing where her concern in this moment lies. On his wellbeing. On his feeling whole. And his reluctance because he needs her to know that he loves her. That he wants to marry her. That she will never ever ever be alone and need to worry about him leaving ever again because he will always be with her by her side. (His concerns lying on her wellbeing, and her feeling whole).
  • Second proposal. SECOND FRICKING PROPOSAL. AND IM UGLY CRYING. DEAD AND ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME. My god. The single tear. The fact that they both had a chance to now ask each other. 
  • They’re both so vulnerable and delicate and AWARE of the stakes of life here. And it just guts me in the best kind of way. 
  • And again .2 seconds later he wants to know where her parents are because homeboy is not playing. He’s not messing things up this time. He knows who is important to him and how keeping them means being honest with them and he needs to talk to his bro before anything else. And make sure that the full truth is out there and that he is 100 percent the man he needs and wants and knows he can be and REDEMPTION ARC! REDEMPTION ARC!
  • Ah holding hands while walking to Emma’s parents. 
  • .2 seconds my friends. This is what i’m talking about the closing of a redemption arc. He is wasting no time owning up to everything, making amends for everything. Not only is Killian a vital part in breaking the curse. But he is the first step in making it happen. He is using his ACTIONS in CURRENT TIME to make amends for his ACTIONS of the PAST. All this is on purpose and it’s what makes this such a good redemption arc. I mean seriously who does a redemption arc better than Killian mother f’n Jones. 
  • I loved Killian and Emma’s little smile at Leroy. Especially sense they have a spotted past with him haha.
  • Idk why that little look on Emma and Killian’s face gets me. The one right after Granny takes a sip. It’s like Emma is seeing what he waiting until she was 28 to find her parents really did. It brought these people together. It made this group. These friendships. It was worth something. And Killian is just looking like he is desperately waiting for his bro to resurface. He needs the chance to Look David in the face and own what he did and make sure he knows that he is sorry. 
  • ^^ Point: Colin and Jen are fantastic fricken actors. I will follow their careers until i’m probs dead.
  • I love the whole Season 1 feeling of Snow waking up, only now they are next to each other. Im a sucka for some parallels. 
  • And here’s another contrast point to the FB. This moment. Where they wake up and see what everyone has done for them is to show Snowing and the audience that when you help others they will return the favor. It won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Emma and Killian look so regal laying there haha.
  • Also David rushing to his daughter has my eyes rushing with tears ya feel.
  • Anyone else get a little father daughter feeling when Emma woke up at Charms touch. I could imagine him waking her up for school in the morning as a little girl when I watched this.
  • And CHARMS HAND REACHES TO HELP KILLIAN UP AND IM DEAD. IM ABSOLUTELY DEAD. Like the symbolism. Killian is still down because Charming needs to know how he feels. How he’s sorry. And now Charming is lifting him up and they are eye to eye and here it comes. The man who he inadvertently hurt is the man helping him to his feet. Coming to his hand and his rescue. And Killian is given the chance to finally say what needs to be said and HE TAKES IT. OF COURSE HE DOES. 
  • Can I also holla at the parallel shot (like literally parallel) of Emma and Snow looking at each other right next to Killian and David looking at each other. The newly engaged and the parents. In an actual parallel. I mean can you scream symbolism because I can “SYMBOLISMMM!”
  • Can I also point out that Killian is still scared. It’s not going to hinder him from being the good man we know he is. But he is scared. He tells David that he guesses “Emma didn’t tell [him his] secret.” And this line doesn’t have anything to do with Emma it has to do with Killian thinking there is no way Charms would help him to his feet and ensure his safety if he knew. Because how could he be forgiven so fast. How could something he was so ashamed of and so terrified of acknowledging and scared of knowing yet alone saying be forgiven. This is the bow on the top of a very important package. 
  • I love everything about this scene. Charming saying that Hook is a changed man. Ensuring not only him but the audience. Charming had a lesson this episode about the past. He knows that once was is far away from what now is. And the way he looks at Emma as he says Hook has changed. Ensuring his daughter that all is well. That he is still supporting their marriage and love and happiness and Emma’s knowing look. That look that says “these are my parents and I love them. I love who they are.” Is the best. And i’m in tears again.
  • “No matter what she does you will not face her alone.” This is so important. Because let’s be honest. Of course Emma is scared of the battle. But what has always scared her more than some big bad has been who will be there by her side when this darkness comes (Whether its the darkness of being an orphan or a literal dark one). Emma has her family. She has come full circle too. She isn’t alone and never will be again. 
  • AH Gideon kept a flower alive. You go my dude.
  • Can we also talk about the contrast in family dynamics. Rumples whole family is a mixture of people chosing to love each other and being forced to obey each other in some weird representation of false love. Meanwhile the charms-mills-swan-jones/town is having one big huge family moment. In which people are actively choosing, with their hearts, to be a part of this family that was built out of love and respect and forgiveness and sacrifice. They contrasts are on purpose. And it’s glorious.

Honestly this episode was so good. This is long because I had many feelings. Sorry not sorry. haha. 

Im ded.

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Edward Kenway doesn’t realise that @afterglowingassassin has a crush on him. She knows the way to get his attention is to hide his rum.


Stole the rum line from Jack Sparrow but I can see the similarities with him and pre-Assassin Edward :)


The colors of the world are shaded in an entirely new direction 

Each border is more distinct and suddenly i am in a coloring book world

Bottles of ciroc and rum line the industrial walls and i can perfectly read the toxic ink on each one 

Each moment needs getting used to, each second must stretch and settle into my vision 

Is it a new way that my minds eye is shaded or is the light bringing forward the shapes and sizes and colors so that i must inspect every inch 

Although i miss the comforting messy blur that was my old world, my eyes are now opened for real and the sharpness sweeps me off my feet.

Anonymous prompted: “Kangaroo! Gold and Belle’s honeymoon”

Pairing: Rumbelle

Rated: M - no actual sex but references and general naughtiness.


Belle Gold had been married for nine and a half hours and she could honestly say, as her husband kissed his way up her body from where he had been previously occupied between her thighs, that she was very much enjoying married life, and if it continued the way that it had started then she was going to be a very happy wife.

Rum finally made it to her lips and kissed her deeply; she could taste herself on him and licked her lips after he had pulled away and collapsed onto the pillows beside her. She rolled over to face him and smiled, looking up at him demurely through pleasure-narrowed eyes.

“I love you,” she whispered. Gold just chuckled and ran a warm hand down her side to rest on her hip, pressing up against her.

“I love you too.”

Whilst planning their wedding, Belle had not given much thought to a honeymoon, working on the principle that with their four-year-old son to think about, a romantic break for just the two of them would be out of the question. So when Rum had asked her if she’d like a couple of days away after the wedding, she’d had to admit her surprise. She’d had to admit even more surprise when she learned that her dad had offered to care for Bae whilst they were away. Well, she wasn’t too shocked by it. Moe had fallen head over heels for his adopted grandson from the moment he met him; when it was clear that Belle was a part of Rum and Bae’s family for good, Belle had made sure that Bae met the rest of his new family, namely Moe. She thought back to a couple of hours prior, when they had been making ready to leave the reception and begin their honeymoon.

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The Unexpected Event - Snake and Badger

Vladimir strutted back to his room, feeling on top of the world- a girl, no less a Weasley was going on a date with him, Vladimir Kronamic. He knew the dress code was meant to be casual, but as he opened his cupboard a problem soon arose. The only thing he had worn for the past 3 years was uniform or formal apparel, nothing he owned was ‘casual’. 

Looking in the mirror, he donned the suit, shirt then tie, and finishing it with a fantastic black blazer, lined with orange- the Kronamic colours. He buttoned the single buttoned blazer and turned to his hair, he focus on it and slicked it back to a perfect modern stylish fashion and made it shine dark brown almost black, he didn’t want his skin to be icey ice for his date he knew she loved it when it shone, so then turned to his skin, making it a light tan, so too not look undead.

His heart was racing, and in the corner of the room a bottle of dark fire rum and small bag of white power smiled at him. He walked to it and spoke aloud to himself, ’one for luck can’t hurt’ after this he swigged one massive gulp of rum and sniffed a line, his heart steadied and he became relaxed in an excited way, the cocaine seeping through his vein’s filling him with energy.

He left the room almost marching, making his way to the meeting place already prepared, he got their early- 5:45, he was always early to meetings, never to lessons but, it was rude to make a women wait. He stood in the door way, and pressed down his clothing and waited for his beautiful date too arrive, he only wished he had done one more line to make his confidence rise.

Pushing Emma’s Buttons

A/N: Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest and most adorable people I have gotten to know on Tumblr, emmaslovebug. Rain, I do hope you like what I whipped up for you ;)

There’s also a little shout-out to some of Vicky’s ( captaainswaan‘s) funny stuff. 

Also, tags will be at the end of the story. If I tag you and you aren’t and smut fan, feel free to ignore. 

Pushing Emma’s Buttons

For Rain

           It was 6pm on a cloudy Wednesday evening. Of course Emma wouldn’t have known what it looked like outside then, since she had been stuck in the office by herself. David had gone home earlier than usual, because Mary-Margaret had called and said Neil was running a fever. He explained the situation to Emma, feeling guilty that he had to leave her at the office with so much unfinished paper work, but she understood that the health of her baby brother came first. He thanked Emma by placing a soft kiss on the top of her head, and then threw on his jacket as he rushed out of the office. Emma simply smiled as she watched her father scurry home to her mother and her brother.

           As her focus shifted back to the mounds of paperwork in front of her, her cell phone chimed. She knew who it was immediately, because he was the only person who had the Jack Sparrow “But why is the rum gone?” line as his text alert. Smiling, Emma reached into the pocket of her red leather jacket and swiped the screen of her phone to view his message.

K: How is it going, love?

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I think what pisses me off about killing off Bae/Neil is the was so much potential there to explore him.

If they wanted to make CS canon, they could have even with Neal alive, why did they have to kill everyone she’s ever been with? Do the writers not believe that people can be friendly with their ex?

I would have really loved to explore the relationship between Neal and his step mum, and how he would react to everything Rum has done this season. Would he comfort her after she sent Rum over the town line or would he have tried to go after his dad leaving Henry behind?

The relationship between Henry and Neal would have been something to explore too.

It sucks that killing him was the only way the writers saw to put CS together, and it cheapens it further for me.