rum and coca cola


Fitzroy  Navy Rhum brand, ‘From Waste to Wasted,’

Washed-up Coca-Cola labels Used for Sustainable Rum Labels !

During January of 2017 the Dutch beaches of the North Sea Islands were being polluted with red Coca-Cola wrappers.

Fitzroy decided to recycle and reuse them to create their own special blend. By melting and pressing waste from the North Sea, they produced bottle caps.

Together with the new flasks which are made of recycled glass from the same watery expanse, Fitzroy created world’s first sustainable liquor packaging.

With the first sustainable rum label, Fitzroy wants to inspire others to think of new options to reuse waste, so we can all contribute in our own way to restoring our environment.

Rum And Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix)
Andrew Sisters
Rum And Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix)

Rum & Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix) - The Andrews Sisters -

Much thanks goes out to 8tracks internet radio for this one. I was just minding my own business and investing time in video games when this jam inspired me to dance in my seat. It’s a large slice of classic sound mixed in a fresh new fashion. Summer is dying on us, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get it back by enjoying this tune in the company of sunshine.

With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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Writing Research - World War Two

World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war. It is generally considered to have lasted from 1939 to 1945, although some conflicts in Asia that are commonly viewed as becoming part of the world war had begun earlier than 1939. It involved the vast majority of the world’s nations —including all of the great powers —eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

It was the most widespread war in history, with more than 100 million people, from more than 30 different countries. In a state of “total war”, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by mass deaths of civilians, including the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons in combat, it resulted in an estimated 50 million to 85 million fatalities. These made World War II the deadliest conflict in human history. [1]


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Society & Life

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Entertainment & Food

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Law Enforcement & Crimes

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They gave you anything your heart desired. Who wants oranges, who wants fries, who wants ice cream? They asked me what I wanted and I told them, ‘I’m just happy to be alive, happy to be home, I don’t need anything.’ Everybody’s eating ice cream, steaks, hoagies. The Andrews Sisters were on the radio singing 'Rum and Coca-Cola,’ and I’m lying there, and I said, 'What the hell, give me some rum and Coca-Cola.’ They brought me six of them. I drank two or three and poured the rest all over my body, and passed out.
—  Bill Guarnere on being in a holding place before being sent home, Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends
Serenade Me

Summary: Reader is a singer that works in Ruby’s nightclub. Ruthless gangster John Winchester comes into the club one night and takes an interest in her.
Characters in this chapter: Female Reader, John Winchester, Ruby, Benny Lafitte, Ash, Rufus Turner
Word Count: Around 1.6K
Warnings: Not really any that I can think of right now….
Author’s Note: Good or bad, please let me know what you think. Rum and Coca Cola by The Andrews Sisters.You Had Plenty Money 1922 by Peggy Lee video is Jessica Rabbit singing.

It was another late night with the usual crowd at Ruby’s. While Ash plucked the guitar and Rufus worked the drums, you took your place behind the microphone. More than several men gave excited shouts; some of which were quickly shushed by their dates.

The women were there to hear you sing. The men, on the other hand, were there to watch you sing.

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anonymous asked:

Solangelo: one is on holidays in the other's country and doesn't speak the country's language

  • Will was excited. Over his vacation he was going to go to Italy with some of his friends.
  • He couldn’t wait for the plane to land so he could experience the country’s culture. He was practically bouncing in his seat with excitement.
  • Him and his three friends got off the plane and went to get their luggage before going to the hotel. 
  • Due to time difference, it was night time in Italy. 
  • “So what shall we do tonight?” Annabeth asked. 
  • “We can find a club.” Percy suggested. 
  • “Yeah, you two go into a club and disappear on us.” Reyna rolled her eyes. 
  • “I saw we go. Might as well meet some hot Italian guys or girls Reyna.” Will nudged her. 
  • She rolled her eyes. “Fine, lets go.”
  • The four friends let the hotel, once they got changed and went to a near by club. Of course Reyna was right about Percy and Annabeth. Her and Will hung around. Eventually some hot guy asked Reyna to dance and she said yes. 
  • Will sat by himself at the bar, drinking his beer. 
  • A guy sat next to him and looked over at him. “Ciao.” 
  • Will looked over at the stranger. He had dark hair and dark clothes on. He wasn’t dressed to go to the club. “Ciao.” 
  • The bar tender went over to Will. “Vuoi qualcosa da bere?”
  • “Um, I’m sorry, what?”
  • “Vuoi qualcosa da bere?” The bar tender repeated.
  • “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian.” Will told him.
  • The guy next to him looked over at him. “He’s asking if you wanted something else to drink.” 
  • “Oh, no I’m fine, thanks.”
  • “Sta bene.” The guy told the bar tender.
  • “You speak Italian.” Will said, dumbly.
  • “And you don’t.” The guy smiled. “Nico Di Angelo.” 
  • “Will Solace.” Will shook his hand.
  • “What are you doing here in Italy?” 
  • “Vacation with some of my friends.” Will told him. “I’m guessing you live here?”
  • “Born and raised.” Nico smiled. “Let me buy you a drink. What are you drinking?”
  • “I’ll just have a beer.”
  • Nico got the attention of the bar tender. “Una birra e un rum e coca cola.”
  • The bar tender nodded and got them their drinks. 
  • “Thanks.” Will smiled before taking a sip. 
  • “It’s no problem.” Nico smiled as he paid for the drinks. 
  • The night went on and Nico and Will talked to each other the whole night. After a couple of hours, Will’s friends were beat and ready to leave. 
  • “Maybe I can be your tour guide. Most of them don’t show the tourist the cool places to hang out.” Nico told Will. 
  • “Really? That would be cool.” Will smiled. 
  • “Tomorrow at noon. We’ll meet in front of this club.”
  • Will nodded. 
  • Nico took his hand and kissed it. “Buonanotte, Will.” 
  • Will was turning pink as Nico left the club.
Pass the joint (Michael Clifford)

Requested : Yes

Aye request (it’s a bit long :/ ): Boy of your choice (whichever you think would work for) takes y/n to a party. There’s like drinks and stuff and yn wants to try like coke or something but doesn’t know how. But the boy teaches her and they get really high and have sexymexy that night. Haha sorry it’s wierd. I got really turned on at the thought of one of the boys showing you how to smoke or snort or something

Rating : No smut

Word count : 1 590

Story line : Bad boy Michael teaches you how to smoke

I had no idea what I was doing here. I felt stupid for thinking, even just for a second that I could fit in here and actually have a good time. I was standing in the middle of a crowded room and all I could think about was how much I wish I had stayed in my room and just watched TV all night. 

Michael Clifford, ultimate bad boy, had personally invited me to his party. I wouldn’t have agreed if he hadn’t looked at me the way he had when he asked me. But here I was; and deciding to wear a flower dress was my biggest mistake. Everyone was dressed in black and not a single girl was wearing a skirt. I felt so out of place I just wanted to run and cry. 

I turned around; biting on my lower lip to prevent the tears from escaping my eyes and started making my way over to the front door; swimming my way through the crowd of intoxicated bodies.

“There you are!” a voice murmured behind me as a hand grabbed my elbow and made me turn around. Michael Clifford was standing right in front of me, a wicked grin on his face as he slowly leaned in and pressed a small kiss to my cheek. I was too stunned to even react and he seemed to like the effect he had on me as he laced our fingers together and started pulling me through the house. 

We arrived in what seemed to be the living room and it was a lot less crowded here; it seemed like a VIP area that not everybody could enter. And then again, I had no idea what I was doing there. Michael made his way to the only empty sit and sat in the corner of the couch before tugging on my hands so that I fell onto his laps.

“Well, isn’t she cute!” I heard as I tried to get comfortable by leaning against the armrest. I looked up and they were all looking at me; eight boys staring at me with unreadable smirks on their faces. I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked down at my laps; I wanted to bury my face in Michael’s neck but I knew it would have just made things worse. 

“She is” Michael confirmed before lightly pecking my cheek and smirking at me. He had one arm around my waist and a hand on my thigh, just above my knee.

I knew he wasn’t interested in me; I knew he was probably just playing with me; making fun of me in front of all of his friends. But I couldn’t help but hope; hope that maybe if he just let me in enough for me to have a glimpse at the real him; I’d get to discover the man under the armor.

But the man I was sitting on in this moment was the popular bad boy we all knew and feared, in a way. Michael handed me two cups and grabbed a bottle from the small table in front of us before pouring liquid in both the recipients in my hands.

“What’s that?” I asked as he took one of the cups out of my hand and brought it to his pink lips. 

“Rum and Coca-Cola; drink up” he smiled; nodding his head as he took another sip. 

He looked at me intently as I hesitantly lifted my cup to my mouth and let the liquid flow down my throat. It wasn’t the best thing I’d tasted but it contained alcohol and I needed it that night so I smiled at him and kept on drinking until there wasn’t a droplet left in the cup.

“Good girl” Michael murmured before placing his hand on the back of my head and slowly leaning in.

“Wha-what are you doing?” I asked panicked as his eyes traveled to my lips. I wanted to kiss him. No, I wanted him to kiss me; I wanted to feel those damn lips against mine; and I wanted to become someone to all of those people who didn’t yet know I existed. And making out with Michael Clifford would surely give them something to remember me by. 

Oh and I also had a soft spot for this boy.

He closed the gap and crashed his lips on mine; his hands pulling me closer as he took my bottom lip in-between his teeth and gently tugged on it; making me let out the slightest moan. He pulled away and looked at me in the eye; he seemed really proud of himself and I turned my head to the side as I heard a little chuckled come from behind me.

“Must’ve been a hell of a first kiss for her if she’s already moaning” one of the boys said and I turned myself completely so that I was facing him before giving him a nasty look.

“It wasn’t my first kiss” I dryly corrected and he held his hands up in defense before chuckling. I was about to add something when two hands cupped my face and forced my head around. Next thing I knew; Michael’s lips were on mine again and I brought my hands to his forearms as he put his on my hips and lifted me up so that I was straddling his thighs.

“Don’t pay attention to him, baby” he murmured before trailing his lips down my jaw and he started sucking a spot on the side of my neck. “But you’re a virgin, right?” he asked, his breath fanning over my wet skin as he remained his relentless attack. I threw my head back and my lips parted as the feelings of his plump ones pressed against my sensitive neck echoed in my body and went straight to my groin. “Right?” he asked again; biting on the mark he’d just made as I let out a small cry.

“Yes” I breathed out and I felt him smile. He pulled away and looked to the side; one of his friends was handing him a joint and he took it before bringing it to his lips. I watched him intently as he took a long drag; tilted his head back and then exhaled the smoke in the air. 

“Have you ever tried hash?” he casually asked and my eyes widened as I shook my head vigorously; “wanna try it?” he asked with a smirk and I shrugged before biting on my lip; I wanted to but I was scared I was going to make a fool of myself. 

He smiled and placed the joint in-between his lips; his eyes were on me as he inhaled, took the joint away from his lips and slowly leaned in. He placed his lips on mine and slowly opened his mouth, forcing my lips open; he then blew the smoke in my mouth and pulled away. 

“Inhale and then blow it all out” he instructed and I did just that. It didn’t feel too strong and I thought if that’s what smoking pot is about then everybody surely is making a big deal out of nothing.

“How did that feel?” he asked as he took another drag.

“Okay” I shrugged and he raised his eyebrows before turning the joint around so that it was just in front of my lips.

“Okay then, just put your lips around the tip; inhale deeply…” he started and I followed his instruction, putting my hands on his forearms and taking the joint in-between my swollen lips; “now breathe in some air so that it all goes in your lungs… you’ll feel it” he added and he was right; I felt it all inside myself; I then blew the smoke out, turning my head to the side so that it wouldn’t go in his face. 

My whole body suddenly fell really heavy; like I was going to sink through Michael’s laps and in the floor; my head was spinning lightly but it all disappeared a few seconds later. I realized I was holding onto Michael like a child and I loosened my grip as he passed the joint around and placed both his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

“You’ve smoked cigarettes before” he stated and I frowned at his affirmation.

“How’d you know?” I asked and he leaned in and placed his lips near my ear. 

“You’d have cough to death otherwise” he indicated and I let out a little giggle as I remembered the first time I’d ever tried cigarette; I was with my best friend and if it wasn’t for her telling me I was going to be okay; I would’ve probably thought I was dying. 

“You’re a lot naughtier than you actually let on” he added as one of his hands started travelling from my knee to higher up my thigh; “is that okay?” he asked; his thumb brushing against my skin and I nodded. He slipped his fingers under the hem of my dress and I stopped breathing as he took my ear lobe in-between his teeth. 

“I like that a lot” he whispered before placing his other hand on the small of my back and pulling my centre against his. My head was in the crook of his neck and I was happy he couldn’t see me as my eyes widened; I could feel his arousal through his jeans. I moved my hips and noticed the slightest change in his breathing. Holy fuck; I’d made Michael Clifford hard.

but when she’s drunk she’ll spill her heart out to you and tell you how you shouldn’t of kissed him, how your lips still belonged on hers even though you broke up months ago and never had the chance to hold her, she’ll cry and she’ll tell you she loves you just like she did the night you told her she meant everything to you, she likes to mix rum and Coca-Cola and along with her throw up comes everything she didn’t tell you when you loved her and all you can do is watch her throw up her heart and it hurts it really does, you hurt for her because she’s so stuck in the past and you hurt because deep down you know you don’t love her anymore.
—  baby, you have an alcohol problem (basedxbri)